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The Jamie Reunion


It's Saturday night. Two of my best friends and I are passing around a flask filled with bourbon as we drive in to the historic part of Endicott. You know the exact moment that you're in the historic district because you feel the car beneath you adjust from smooth gravel to the gray cobblestone, which lines every bit of the 10 block strip of this part of town. Tonight will be the first night in 5 years that I'll step foot in this part of Maryland. The last time was the summer after my freshman year at Georgetown. After college, I found a job there along with my two best friends, and there wasn't ever really an occasion to go out and party here. We decided to come here tonight because we had been on a week-long business trip in Baltimore, just 20 minutes away. Christian and Mason were with me, my two best friends. It just so happened that Christian's younger sister had just graduated from a college nearby the day before and were all going out in Endicott tonight. We figured we'd stop by and celebrate with her for a bit and call it a night. We were all pretty excited about the whole idea because we knew we'd probably see a bunch of kids from high school who decided to stay local.

We parked and started walking towards The Phoenix, the biggest and most frequented bar in Endicott. We're not even 20 feet from our car, and already we can spot kids we went to high school with making their way into the bar.

"Hah, is that fuckin' Eric Rietzel? I love that kid."

"No shit! That kid was hilarious. I'm definitely getting him a shot."

We started talking and reminiscing about all the parties and shenanigans we got into in high school as we made our way up the street. After a few minutes, we came up to a building with a fluorescent gargoyle and a statue of a phoenix perched on the roof. We show our ID's to the bouncer and make our way in. After a few steps, we stop for a second and survey the room. Right away, we see familiar faces and we can feel the bar almost stop and take notice of us. A few surprised faces here and there, probably realizing that they hadn't seen us in half a decade. We went to the bar and order shots to kick the night off. After a few minutes, I see Christian's little sister Kirsten making her way to the bar. She's all smiles as she gives him a bear hug, almost causing him to spill his beer.

"Where have you been?? You took forever to get here!" she says.

"Relax, it's not even 10. What are you drunk already?" Christian shot back.

"Hah, whatever. I bet I could drink you under the table, grandpa."

Christian rolled his eyes and turns to the bartender to order a beer for his sister. As he's about to start ordering, Kirsten interrupts.

"Can you get a beer for my friends, too?! You all have jobs already, and we don't," she says with a grin.

That's when I noticed that Kirsten had three girls with her. One of them was her best friend from high school, who we all knew. The second girl, she introduced as her roommate from college. However, the third one, I wasn't completely sure. I felt like she looked familiar but I couldn't quite figure out who she was. I must've been staring pretty long because she shot me a confused look.

"Is something wrong?" she said, smiling wryly.

"Oh, no, sorry... It's just.."

"You don't remember me, do you?" she said, still smiling.

"No... I'm really sorry. You look so familiar, and I know I've met you before but, for the life of me, I can't remember your name."

She laughed. "It's OK. I'm a few years younger than you. I think you were a senior when I was a sophomore. I played tennis on JV.. ring a bell?"

Suddenly, it hit me. Jamie Faccini. I couldn't believe it. Little Jamie had grown up. She must've weighed 95 pounds back then, pale and pimple-faced. I vaguely remember seeing her a few times back then and it always seemed like she was afraid to look at me. I just figured it was because I was older than her, and I was usually in tennis match mode when she was around. But now... wow. She had gotten a little taller, about 5'5". She had a perfect tan and her boobs had definitely gotten bigger. She looked like she was about a C cup now and she busting out of her little black halter top. She was wearing a short little ruffle skirt than came up just below her ass, which had also developed into a perfect little pear shape.

"Jamie?" I asked, almost dumbfounded.

"Hey, you remembered." She smiled almost shyly, except she didn't avert her eyes like before. Her eyes never left mine, and I couldn't stop looking at the rest of her. At this point, Christian was busy catching up with Kirsten, and Mason was already chatting up some girl at the bar, so no one was really paying any attention to us.

"How 'bout some shots to celebrate this little reunion?" she said.

"Absolutely," I quickly responded. I turned to the bartender and got two Rocky Mountains, my go-to shot for girls since it was pretty easy to take. We toasted to the old tennis team, and took the shots.

"That was pretty good", she said, "but how 'bout something a little stronger this time?" This caught me pretty off-guard since the last time I saw this girl, she was probably 16 and still had a 10pm curfew.

"Easy, champ. You're drinking with a veteran. I don't want to have to carry you to your car when we leave tonight."

She smiled. "I'm not 16 anymore so you really don't have to worry about that", she shot back. I nodded my head and smiled. Then she said, "Plus, I probably wouldn't mind you carrying me to my car." That's when she leaned in close, her face next to mine, her warm breath on my ear, and she whispered, "I might even let you take advantage of me...."

Now in complete shock, I looked at her, trying to gauge in her eyes whether or not she was just innocently flirting. But she looked right back at me, with the smallest grin on her face, and it was clear that she was definitely up for something. Then, almost immediately, she looked around as if searching for someone. "Where did everyone go?" We both scanned the room and saw that Christian, Kirsten, and Mason were in the middle of the dance floor now with a few other people.

"What?? They're dancing! They didn't even come get us! Hurry, let's take these shots. I wanna go out there!"

So we each downed a shot of whiskey, and made our way as close to the others as we could. They saw us making our way over and nodded over to us, but we couldn't really get that close as the dance floor was pretty packed. We found a little space where we could dance, maybe about ten feet away from the rest of the group.

"This is good", Jamie said. "I don't think we can really get much closer to them."

I nodded, and we both kind of looked at each other for a second, not really knowing how to start. Then she smiled her wry smile and moved in close, putting her hands on my hips, and pulling me in to her so that her right thigh was pressed right against me in between my legs. She started rocking side to side, looking up at me while she grinded her thigh into me. I started moving with her, and after a few measures, I took her hands and put them on my shoulders so I could put my hands on her hips. She was pressing harder into me now, and I could feel my cock growing against my jeans, and I knew she could feel it too as her smile got a little bigger and she tightened her grip on my shoulders and neck. I was fully into it now, and I tightened my grip on her hips and pulled her tight against me. This caused her skirt to ride up for a quick second, and I caught a glimpse of a black thong, a perfect sight with the backdrop of her perfectly tan skin. At the same time that I pulled her into me, I heard a soft grunt escape from her lips and I felt a rush of her warm breath against my neck as she exhaled.

I looked over her shoulder to the rest of the group and saw that Kirsten was now looking at us and smiling. I completely forgot they were there and I'm sure I had a guilty look on my face as I glanced at her. Kirsten, however, had a huge grin on her face and put two thumbs up, nodding in approval. I laughed, and kept dancing. I focused back on Jamie, who was looking up at me and smiling. Her arms were positioned on my shoulders in a way that pushed her boobs together, and I couldn't help but look down and stare at her perfect cleavage, almost busting out of her black top.

"Like what you see?" she asked, smiling.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself," I said, almost shouting above the music.

She giggled. "It's cool. You can look all you want... Maybe you'll enjoy this view too.."

As she said this, in one swift motion, she spun around, looked back at me, and pushed her ass into me. She flipped her head back to look at me, licking her lips, and then proceeded to bend over all the way down to the floor, somehow still managing to maintain eye contact with me throughout the whole motion. As she bent down, her skirt rode up again, this time revealing the back part of her black lace thong. I grabbed her by the hips, unable to control myself, and thrust my crotch into her ass, my hands gripping her hips tight to keep her from falling over. She straightened up again, with her back to me, her arms reaching back and caressing the back of my neck and we swayed back and forth to the blaring bass.

My cock was rock hard now, and pressing hard into her. My hands slid onto her stomach, pulling her back into me, as she continued to grind back against me. I looked down at her from behind, and her tits were now glistening a little from a light sweat that she worked up from dancing. I swear I could almost hear her grunting each time I thrust my hips into her. Then I felt her hands release from the back of my neck and slide down to her stomach where my hands were. I panicked for a second, thinking that I may have been pulling her into me a little too hard. But to my surprise, I felt her start to push my hands lower down her stomach... and then I felt my fingers push under the top of her little black ruffle skirt.

I quickly looked around, feeling like everyone was watching this inappropriate event taking place. But to my surprise, no one was watching except for.. Kirsten. She was now dancing with a random guy, who was behind her the same way I was behind Jamie. The guy she was dancing with was engulfed in dancing with her, pretty much focused on Kirsten's ass, so he didn't notice her looking at me and Jamie, nor did he notice me looking at Kirsten at this point. But Kirsten was seeing everything that was happening with me and Jamie. As Kirsten was watching, I saw her lightly lick her lips, seeing my fingers pushing into the front of Jamie's skirt. I'm not sure what I was more in shock about. The fact that my hands were almost fully under Jamie's skirt at this point, or that Kirsten was watching every second of it, and looking like she was getting turned on by it too. Now my fingers were just at the top of Jamie's thong under her skirt, and I could start to feel the very top of her pussy against my fingers.

Jamie then looked up at me, leaned her head back and whispered, "You can take me home tonight and fuck me as hard as you want to..." She grinned as she looked up at me, waiting for my response.

"Tell me how bad you want it, and I might," I played back at her.

" Pleaaase.." she whimpered. "I wanna be your little slut tonight. You can do anything you want to me," she said as she looked up at me.

"Let's go tell the guys were leaving." And with that, we walked over to the group and started to say our goodbyes. Christian and Mason both had grins on their faces, giving me a nod of approval as Kirsten and Jamie and the other girls giggled to themselves.

I walked over to Kirsten to give her a hug goodbye, and as I leaned in to hug her, I heard her whisper in my ear.. "Make sure you guys leave the bedroom door unlocked."

I wasn't sure I heard her correctly, and I had a confused look on my face as Jamie pulled me away. Just before we left the bar, I looked back at Kirsten one last time and she was grinning directly at me.

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