The Joanne Chronicles: The Knife


"Now Joanne, you look a bit tense, so what we're going to do to make you a bit more relaxed is make you a bit more comfortable. First I think we should loosen these clothes a little." The intruder's rasp was getting worse, but it wasn't the rasp that got Joanne's pulse racing... it was the calm matter of fact way in which he delivered the words. He might as well have been telling her that he was going out for a carton of milk.

And then he started. Gently he grasped the neckline of her sheer blouse and pulled it out making the fabric taut. Then calmly he slid the razor sharp blade of the knife under the first button and with a soft hiss as the edge sliced through the thread, it dropped free. He moved on to the next button. Joanne lay as still as a statue as the intruder cut her buttons off one by one until he reached the waistband of her skirt. Gently he tugged the rest of her blouse from where it was tucked in and cut the last button off. Then he sat back and surveyed his work. Joanne was still covered by the ruined blouse which gave her a brief illusion of security and modesty... which he shattered a few seconds later as he used the tip of the knife to flip open the sides of her blouse to expose her large firm breasts still encased in their black lace and net bra. For a few minutes he just sat there staring at the bound girl's breasts then he moved. Slowly he brought his free hand across and caressed her breasts.

Joanne's breasts had always been one of the most sensitive of her erogenous zones. At his touch her nipples erected immediately and sent a bolt of pleasure to her crotch. Frustrated, ashamed and confused she moaned around the ball gag as she saw the intruder's eyes light up as he both felt and saw the hardness of her large nipples. Seconds later she moaned again as the intruder grasped her left nipple, the one with the ring through it, and rolled it gently but firmly. The feelings were confusing. He had her tied against her will and was undoubtedly going to rape her yet she found herself yearning for the man to apply more pressure, even raising her chest to give him a better grip on the sensitive nub. The intruder put the knife down on the bedside table once more and reached for both of Joanne's breasts. This time there was no tenderness in his actions as he took a breast in each hand and squeezed... hard. The breath escaped the tied girl in a hiss as the pain mixed with bolts of pleasure and Joanne arched her back to press her tortured mounds harder into her attackers grip. As her chest rose to meet the harsh grip he changed his angle of attack, rolling her nipples hard between his index finger and thumb as he squeezed harder. The waves of pleasure washed over Joanne as this breast torture intensified. It was something she and Sean did on a regular basis and the familiarity of it was the factor that helped her to momentarily forget her circumstances. Indeed this whole situation was one that Joanne had shared with Sean on more than one occasion when they were discussing their fantasies. No matter what the reason, she felt the beginnings of arousal as a damp feeling in her panties and moaned again in frustration and desire. Her nipples were bright points of white hot arousal when the man sat back and his hands left her breasts. Her moan now was one of complaint as she arched her back once more to try to tempt him back to her hard nipples. Instead he stood and once again reached for the knife, the sight of which made Joanne sag back onto the mattress.

Her mind was in turmoil. She knew her attacker, of that she was sure, but that didn't alter the fact that he was going to fuck her against her will. He was going to rape her and here she was lying there with her panties damp from arousal, her nipples as hard as acorns and panting for more. Then there was the knife. Her fear of the knife was actually acting as a catalyst for her arousal. The sight of it both terrified her and made her crotch hotter.

"Oh my god... I'm sick... perverted." Her thoughts were flying from fear to ecstasy. She wanted him to carry on with his treatment of her. She told herself that if he hurried up it would be over and she could get on with her life while deep down she craved the release that she desperately needed. She and Sean had discussed fantasy rape in the past and it had been a major turn on for her then but this was different. This was real! And here she was acting like a bitch in heat.

"We need to get rid of this blouse now don't we?" The intruder's voice was getting more ragged with every sentence. It was obviously getting harder for him to keep it disguised and Joanne was beginning to get snatches of what he might sound like without it disguised. She was positive she knew the voice but without a frame of reference couldn't put a face to it.

The intruder bent over her left aide and slid the blade in between the sleeve of the blouse and Joanne's bare flesh. In one smooth continuous move he slit the fabric from cuff to collar, working carefully around her neck until the job was complete. One more such cut and he could pull the ruined garment from underneath her bound body in one piece. He stood and moved around the bed and made the necessary cut. His follow through was to grip the remains of the blouse and tug it away from her body. From the waist up she was now clad only in her watch, her bra and the ball gag. Her attacker obviously appreciated the view. His cock seemed to have grown in girth and length and now lay almost against his flat muscled body, bobbing slightly with a pulse of its own. As Joanne watched a pearl of precum gathered at the tip and slowly rolled down the shaft. More saliva flooded her mouth at the sight forcing her to swallow rapidly to clear it. She wanted to taste him. The thought filled her with shame and confusion again. Why did she feel like this?

Almost as if he could read her mind the intruder stepped up to the head of the bed and leaned over her face. This brought his bobbing cock within inches of her flushed face and full lips. She groaned in frustration as she strained her head upwards, hoping to feel the silky brush of his cock flesh on her skin. The sight of his rock hard shaft, glistening with precum sent a small flood of juice into her already damp panties. With that low and familiar chuckle he avoided her questing head and stood upright once again.

"You want to suck my cock honey? Even though you know what I'm going to do to you, you still want to suck my cock? What sort of slut are you Joanne?" Her mind raced as he spoke in his own voice for the first time since her ordeal had begun. At least she assumed it was his voice. It was still raspy but she was now positive she knew it. "If I took the ball gag out I'm pretty sure you'd be screaming your head off in a matter of seconds. And that would ruin the fun we're gonna have wouldn't it? I'd have to hurt you... and I don't want to hurt you Joanne. Well not badly anyway. Maybe a bit of spanking, but then spanking never hurt anyone did it?" He looked down at her as if expecting an answer. None was forthcoming. Her mind was racing.

"How the fuck does he know that I love to be spanked and slapped a bit?"

"Well? Answer me!" His demand now had a little more force in it and Joanne knew instinctively that things were moving to the next level yet she gave no indication of an answer either way.

Without warning he leaned over and slapped her on the right cheek. The slap wasn't hard yet it promised more to cum if she wasn't obedient. It also sent another small flood of juice into her panty crotch and her nipples regained some of the hardness they had lost since he had stopped playing with them. Her breathing quickened as she glared at the intruder who just laughed and looked down at her with amusement.

"Before I'm finished here today Joanne, you will learn obedience. If I ask you a question, you will give me an answer. A nod or a shake of the head will suffice since your oral ability to respond is kinda restricted shall we say. Now... I want an answer. Spanking never hurt anyone did it?" This time Joanne was quick to shake her head in the negative. She needed time to sort out her feelings and the slap had only served to turn her on more. "Good girl. And you'd love to suck my cock wouldn't you? Take your time with this answer Joanne. Think about it. Mull it over in that gorgeous head of yours for a few minutes before you give me your answer. While you're thinking I'll help you out of this skirt." He moved down the bed a little and bent over Joanne's waist. Without any hesitation he slid the blade of the knife under her waistband and slit the garment from top to bottom. Once again he used the blade of the knife to flip the two halves to the sides and fully expose the girl's crotch area to his excited gaze. It was his turn to moan as he saw how wet the delicate lace at the crotch of her g-string had become. He stood as still as a statue for a few moments while his eyes drank in the sheer eroticism of the sight before him, then with a single hard tug the remains of her skirt joined the ruined blouse on the floor.

Joanne lay there in her sexy lingerie feeling more exposed than if she had been naked. The only thought now pounding through her brain was that she wanted to be fucked. The game had changed. She still felt threatened and scared. She still felt ashamed of the way she felt and disgusted at her own weakness, but her biological urge was overpowering. She needed the release that only a crashing orgasm could bring her. And she didn't want to wait for it. She started to strain at her bonds hoping to get free so she could at least take care of her needs. It was a futile gesture. Her attacker's knots were well tied and the padded cuffs she and Sean had bought were very well made. The intruder stood and watched as she writhed on the bed, patiently waiting as her struggles grew weaker as she tired. Finally she was done.

"Feel better now?" Again that infuriatingly familiar voice. Joanne just lay there panting as she recovered her breath. Swiftly lean leaned in and... CRACK... his slap was slightly harder this time and again Joanne moaned in arousal. Slapping and spanking often featured in the BDSM games that she and Sean regularly played and they never failed to turn her on quickly and thoroughly. It was no different now although Joanne wished it was. "I'll ask again... do you feel better now?" Joanne quickly shook her head. The intruder laughed again. "Well let's see if we can change that shall we?"

Once again his gleaming knife hove into view, stopping Joanne's breath as the knife descended towards her breasts. She tried to stop the trembling in her body as the knife inched its way closer to the hard nipple of her right breast. Then it made contact. The initial feeling was one of pressure as the knife tip settled onto the engorged nub, and then Joanne felt the needle-like prick as the tip worked through the protective layer of lace. Beads of sweat broke out on her forehead as she concentrated on the sharp feeling in her nipple, while more moisture gathered in her crotch. Suddenly the knife tip was lifted only to shift position. The man in the mask lowered the knife tip to the soft flesh of Joanne's upper right breast. He gave her a few seconds to get used to the feeling then slowly started dragging the knife tip across her delicate skin towards the other breast. The blade didn't break the skin but left a red welt in its wake. The feeling was one of exquisite torture and Joanne's hips writhed sensuously in response.

"Fuck me!" she screamed into the ball gag. It came out as a muffled wordless cry which the masked intruder seemed to understand.

"You want some cock baby?" he asked softly as he lifted the knife from its bloodless track. She nodded frantically in reply which seemed to please the intruder. "We'll have to see how you behave if you want to be fucked now won't we." It was a statement rather than a question but Joanne nodded rapidly once more. This seemed to speed up the procedure. Instead of carrying on the torture the masked man slid the knife under the shoulder strap of her bra and in one smooth flick of his wrist he slit the fabric. Swiftly he repeated the procedure with the other strap then brought his knife down to the band of fabric nestled between the cups of her bra. Swiftly he sliced it and tugged the ruined garment off the excited girl.

With hardly a seconds pause, his hands were on her breasts, mauling and squeezing them before capturing her pierced nipple by the ring and steadily but firmly pulling up and away from her body. Joanne grunted deep in her throat as a mini orgasm rocked her senses with its unexpected arrival. Her eyes flew wide open and she moaned as the wave of pleasure took her by surprise. Her hips bucked once, hard, as if searching for penetration by a thick long cock. Like the one that the masked man now brought close to her face again. This time he dragged the engorged column of flesh and muscle across her cheeks and back to her lips.

"Let me suck it!" she raged deep within her mind.

Gripping his hardon by the base, the masked man slapped it hard across her cheek. It left a trail of precum where it struck her skin. She could smell the salty tang of the seminal fluid and it made her mouth water once more. When he reapplied the pressure on her nipples she cried out behind her gag and her hips began to rotate of their own volition. Now, along with the salty tang of the intruder's precum, she could smell the musky sweetness of her own juices. Despite her mixed emotions, her panties were soaked with her reluctant arousal. Or was it reluctant. The ongoing mind fuck the intruder was running on her had changed the situation markedly. As she lay there revelling in the feelings this bastard's hands were creating in her body, she realised that if she was free she would have thrown him onto his back and mounted the column of flesh growing from his loins. She would have sucked and fucked him until she couldn't cum again. As the realisation slammed through her mind he changed tack once more. He lifted his hands from her swollen breasts and stood up abruptly.

Joanne mewled deep in her throat with frustration at the cessation of the feelings. With a pleading look in her eyes she watched him walk to the foot of the bed and climb up between her widespread legs where he knelt motionless, watching her. Finally he moved; his hands reaching up to his leather clad head. Holding the hood still with one hand he gripped the tab of the zipper which held the two halves of the hood in place and slowly ran it around to the limit of his reach. Swapping hands he completed the procedure then paused with the two halves of the hood unfastened but still in place. Joanne froze. He was about to reveal more of himself to her and she wasn't sure if she wanted that. Would knowing more about him put in her more danger? The decision wasn't hers to make though. Seconds later he spun the bottom half of the hood around and unzipped one last zip turning the circular band of leather into a strip which he tossed aside. Joanne didn't see this last movement. Her eyes were locked on the lower half of the man's face.

From the nose down the man's face was fully revealed to Joanne, while the top half was still concealed. The strong jaw that had only been hinted at while he was covered by the mask was now evident. He was clean shaven and tanned with full sensual lips which parted in a grin to reveal an impossibly perfect smile full of even white teeth. Once again Joanne was hit by the frustration of knowing the facial features but not having enough to complete the identification of her assailant. For the first time since the ordeal had started Joanne looked deep into the man's eyes. They were a greyish blue and had an intensity that burned into her. Later it struck her that if she had been thinking clearly she would have been able to identify her assailant from the scraps of information she had, but at that moment she was panting with sexual frustration and need. The identity of her attacker was just tantalisingly out of reach.

"It's a pity I have to use that ball gag on you Joanne. I would love to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours baby. I've fantasised about you and me in a sixty-nine for ages now. Still, just because you can't eat me doesn't mean I can't eat you now does it?"

Joanne moaned deep in her throat as the intruder kept his gaze locked on her and slowly bent forward, bringing his face to within inches of her lace clad cunt. The moan turned into a soft mewl as she felt his breath on the moist fabric and she felt herself getting wetter. Rolling her hips she arched her groin upwards to try to press her sopping cunt against his face.

"Oh my God! I'm out of control!" she thought as she felt his hands grip her, high up on her inner thighs, pushing them wider to the limits of her bonds. She did nothing to stop him as she concentrated on the feeling of his hot breath on her wet g-string. She knew that it wasn't going to take much to shunt her over the edge into a colossal orgasm and she trembled in anticipation. It no longer mattered that all of this was against her will. She wanted her orgasm... no... she deserved her orgasm... needed her orgasm. After all he had put her through, the least he could do was make her cum. Seconds later he took the first step in making her wish come true.

Joanne's hips bucked upwards violently as he abruptly pressed his mouth hard against the wet crotch of her g-string. The pressure of his lips sent an immediate shock through her body; not quite a mini orgasm but close... very close. Her breath escaped her in an explosive grunt that was only partially muffled by the rubber ball gag in her mouth as her head whipped back; her hair flying in rolling waves. The intruder pressed harder; his nose crushed against the engorged nub of her clitoris and Joanne hovered briefly on the edge of a gigantic orgasm before he pulled away leaving her gasping and moaning in frustration. He stood up and walked around to stand at the head of the bed. His erect cock towered over her face drawing Joanne's gaze like a magnet attracts iron filings.

"Now if you promise to be a good girl, I'll take that gag out of your mouth." His voice taunted her with its familiarity even as his words turned her on with their unspoken promise. Instinctively she knew what was coming. "Nod your head if you're going to behave Joanne." Quickly she nodded and was rewarded with a low chuckle from her captor.

"Okay... let's just establish a few ground rules first. When I take this thing out you'll do exactly as I say. If you scream or shout I'll cut you and replace the gag. If you try to bite me, I'll cut you bad and replace the gag. If you do what you're told, things will go well for you and you'll be free soon. If you don't, you'll get hurt. Do you understand Joanne?" Quickly she nodded again, her senses on fire with sexual arousal. The intruder paused for a few seconds as if evaluating her responses before moving to undo the gag. In a few moments the ball gag was loosened and removed. Joanne flexed her jaw muscles a few times to work out the cramped feeling the ball gag had left her with then turned to face the intruder.

"I'll do what I'm told... just don't hurt me." Her voice was husky from the ball gag and the screaming she'd done. Her intruder grinned at her words and moved closer to the bed, dropping the gag on the floor.

"Good girl. Now I'm going to fuck your mouth until I cum... and you're going to swallow the lot." His statement was delivered in such a matter of fact tone that he might as well have been announcing that he was going to take out the garbage. The effect his words had on Joanne were profoundly different. Immediately she felt a surge of passion. Her already wet pussy seemed to get wetter and the throbbing heat in her engorged nipples grew. There was nothing she wanted more than to suck this man's cock. All reason was left far behind. She wanted to be fucked. She wanted to be used. She wanted what she had feared at the beginning of her ordeal. She found herself eagerly anticipating his cock and lifted her head to make access easier for him.

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