tagGay MaleThe Jock and the Therapist

The Jock and the Therapist


(This story is a spin-off of "Bobby and the Cop" and "Bobby and the Jock". You don't have to read those stories first, but I recommended it.)

I stared up at the blue sky and watched the white cumulus clouds slowly drift by.

It was eerily silent.

Suddenly whistles and voices shouting assaulted my ears. The growing white noise of a crowd hissed in the background. An intense, searing pain ran through my leg.

"Bo? Can you hear me?"

I tried to focus on the voice, but the pain increased and overrode my senses. "FUCK!" I shouted as I struggled to remain conscious.

As I was carried off the field on a stretcher, I heard the crowd cheering, but I knew it was over. I heard the crack when he landed on my right leg. Even without looking down at my leg, I knew the broken bones were sticking out of my shin.

I knew I would never play again.

I went through six surgeries and spent months in the hospital. When I looked down at my right leg now, all I could see was the ugly scar that hid the titanium rod that was now my leg bone. At least the hair grew back and covered it up a little bit. At first, I had lots of visitors, both friends and teammates. As the months passed by, they came less and less and eventually stopped coming.

My little buddy Bobby surprised me and flew down to see me with his partner, Tony. I had a lot of people that I would call friends, but if I had to pick a best friend, I would have to say that it would be Bobby. He was the only person that I was ever completely honest with; the only person I could be myself with.

Tony gave me a heads up before they got there. He said they had been watching the game and when Bobby saw me get hit and saw the way my leg bent as the broken bone burst through my shin, he practically became hysterical. They replayed the clip over and over and Bobby ran out of the room in tears.

Standing beside my bed, Bobby looked the same as always. Over the seven years I've known him, he's put on a little weight, so he's not rail thin anymore. He looks good and healthy. He's still a short little guy at 5'8". He has black hair and brown eyes and still wears glasses.

His partner Tony is a big guy, tall and stocky, but muscular. Typical Italian looking dude. He wears his black hair in military style. Blue eyes. Really good looking. Insanely good looking. And a cop. Bastard. I would have hated him on principle, but he adores Bobby and treats him really good, so I just can't hate the guy.

I saw that Bobby was looking at my leg. He was looking a little pale. I put on a smile for him, but I had a feeling that he saw right through it.

"I'm okay, little buddy," I said.

I knocked on my leg and smiled again.

Bobby blinked back tears. "Okay, Bo. If you say so. We're just worried about you."

"What have the doctors said?" Tony asked me as he put his hand on Bobby's back to comfort him.

"They said with the proper physical therapy, I should make a full recovery and be able to walk and run normally. It's gonna take a lot of time and a lot of work."

"That's good, right?" Bobby asked, with a hopeful smile.

"Yeah. They also said I'd never play again." I scoffed, and then added bitterly, "Five years.... I found out I was released on TV. A god damned 'Sports Center' crawl. I got the phone call right after, but still. Five years and what do I have to show for it?"

"I'm so sorry," Bobby whispered.

I could see that Bobby was genuinely hurt because of my pain. He always wore his emotions on his sleeve and I couldn't help but love him for it.

At one time, Bobby was mine. We met in college and I was his first. He loved me and I betrayed him. It is my biggest regret in life. That day when Daniel stepped into my room, I knew what he wanted and I did nothing to stop it. But I also wondered if I had thrown Daniel out and Bobby had stayed with me, how would things have turned out? Would I have just cheated on him with someone else later? How would Bobby have handled me hiding our relationship while I played pro? Only a small handful of my teammates knew that I was gay and I didn't really advertise it.

When Bobby fell in love with Tony, I had to force myself to let him go. I think in the back of my mind, I always thought that Bobby and I would end up together. But the first time I saw Bobby and Tony together, I knew that would never happen. I don't doubt that Bobby was in love with me in college, but he never looked at me the way he looks at Tony.

I let out a sigh. "What are you gonna do, right?"

"I know a physical therapist," Tony said. "I could talk to him about you if you want."

"Nah. The doctor's hooked me up with a PT. I'll be fine."


Once I was finally out of the hospital and back home at my house in Atlanta, I started the physical therapy. It sucked.

My therapist Drew meant well, but looking back on it now, I know that I was taking out my frustrations on him because I wasn't ready to get to work. I wanted to crawl into bed and hide and wallow in self-pity. I couldn't do that with him coming over every day and wanting me to work out. I was a total bastard to him, but he just took it. He finally pissed me off enough that I smacked him upside the head with one of my crutches. He finally had enough and quit, but not before royally cussing me out.

So now I was able to wallow in self-pity until the doctors forced another therapist on me. Mindy went the opposite approach. She apparently thought she was that bitch from 'The Biggest Loser' and spent every day getting in my face screaming at me. She only lasted a couple of weeks before I called her a fucking cunt and told her to get the fuck out of my house. After she left, I regretted just for a moment for being so nasty. But I had every right to be angry. My life as I knew it was over.

I don't even remember the third guy's name. He only lasted a few days before he got sick of my shit.

The fourth was a wimp. I walked all over Russell. After almost a month of no progress, he got pulled by the doctors.

So now I was stuck with my fifth therapist in as many months. When the doorbell rang, I grabbed my crutches and made my way to the front door. I opened the door to see a compact little dude standing on the porch.

"Hi," he said with a chipper smile. "You must be Bo. I'm Darren."

Darren was a short guy with nice muscle definition. He had dark hair and brown eyes. Not bad on the eyes.

"Yeah, yeah," I grumbled. "Come on in."

Darren shut the door and followed me to my home gym. I tossed the crutches aside and stood there with my arms folded across my chest. Darren set his bag down and clapped his hands together.

"Okay, Bo. Why don't we start with some stretches so we can see what we're working with?"

I laid down on one of the mats and Darren moved between my legs. He took a hold of my bum leg and pushed it back until I grunted.

"That fucking hurts," I said through gritted teeth.

"You should be a lot further along than this, Bo. Just relax your leg for me..."

He continued to pull and push my leg. His hand was on the inside of my thigh. I looked down at him. He was kind of cute the way his face was all serious as he concentrated on his work. I've always had a weakness for little dudes. I could see his biceps flexing as he worked my leg. He looked up at me through his long lashes. I hadn't been laid in months. Not since before.... My cock started to stiffen in my shorts.

"I think with some hard work, we could really..."

His voice trailed off and I saw that he was looking up the leg of my shorts. He blushed and turned away. That only turned me on more.

"Sorry about that," I said quietly, not really sorry one bit.

I squeezed and groped my dick, kneading the thick shaft through my shorts. He struggled to look away, but he kept cutting his eyes back at me.

"It's been a while," I added. "It's got a mind of its own..."

"Bo. Stop that. It's inappropriate."

I lowered my voice to a husky growl. "Maybe I should take care of this first, then we can get to work."

I pulled the leg of my shorts up and reached in and pulled my dick out. I had over seven inches of thick uncut meat. I heard Darren's soft gasp and I knew that I had him. I gripped it with my fist and glided my skin back and forth over the head.

"How 'bout you help me out, buddy?" I husked.

"I can't," he whispered. "I'll get fired."

"No one will know."

His hand trembled as he reached for me. He stopped and looked at me like he was scared. Cute.

"Go on, buddy," I urged him, holding my dick by the base and wiggling it at him.

He took me in his hand and started stroking me. I leaned back and locked my fingers behind my head. Darren started stroking me with a purpose, sliding his hand up and down. I moved my hand behind his head and gave him a little nudge.

"Suck it for me," I whispered.

Darren bent down and took my dick into his mouth. He slobbed all over my dick. He bobbed up and down my shaft while stroking it with his hand. All of his inhibitions were gone now.

"Yeah, you like that big fat dick?" I asked.

"Mm-hmm," he moaned as he sucked me.

"A little faster... yeah, just like that... oh, fuck..."

He kept up the fast pace, stroking, bobbing and sucking. It only took a few minutes before he got me there.

"I'm getting close... don't stop... I'm gonna come in your mouth... Oh, fuck yeah..."

I thrust up into Darren's mouth and grunted. "Unh! Fuck, I'm coming now!"

Darren coughed as my first blast of come jetted with full force into his throat. He backed off, but kept sucking the head and stroking the shaft. Once I finished blowing a huge load into his mouth, he licked me all over, cleaning up every drop.

"Thanks. That was pretty good, buddy," I said.

I let out a breath and stuffed my wet dick back into my shorts.

He grabbed a towel and wiped his hands and chin.

"Okay, let's get started," he said.

"Yeah... I don't think this is gonna work out," I said.

Darren frowned. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I can't have a trainer who's a bitch."

His jaw dropped. "What?"

"You walk in here and you're sucking my cock within thirty minutes. You're a little bitch. It's not gonna work. But listen, I won't tell your boss about this little incident. Just tell them it didn't work out. No hard feelings."

Darren looked like he was pissed and about to burst into tears. He grabbed his bag and turned around. He stopped and looked back at me.

"You know what? Fuck you, Bo. I came here to help you. You're not the first person to have to go through this. You're a bitter piece of shit and if you don't stop feeling sorry for yourself, you're gonna end up in a wheelchair, living all alone and miserable, for the rest of your life."

My face went red with anger. I balled my fists, telling him through gritted teeth, "Get the fuck out of my house."


I grabbed my water bottle and threw it at him as hard as I could. He deflected it with his arm and it smacked against the wall and exploded in a shower of water. He shook his head slowly back and forth as he walked out.

"You little motherfucker!" I shouted after him. "Who the fuck do you think you are?"

The front door slammed shut. I fell back down on the mat and slammed my fists down in frustration.


The god damned phone wouldn't stop ringing. I pushed the covers off my head and grabbed the cordless handset off the nightstand and looked at the screen.


Shit. I haven't talked to him in a couple of weeks. If I don't talk to him, he'll start to get worried. I sighed and pressed the talk button. "Hello?"

"Hi, Bo! It's me. Bobby."

"Hey, Bobbo," I said, trying to sound cheery. "What's going on, little buddy?"

I grabbed the bottle of painkillers from my nightstand and popped one and chased it down with the lukewarm glass of water there. I laid back and closed my eyes, waiting for the pounding in my leg to dissipate.

"Nothing," Bobby said. "I just-- Oh, wait. I didn't even look at the time. I'm not interrupting your training session, am I? I'll call you back."

"No, you're not interrupting. I was just taking a nap."

"Oh, okay. When do you have your therapy today?"


Bobby was silent for a moment. "Bo, you fired another trainer, didn't you?"

"He wasn't working out."

"What is that, five now?"

"Yeah, I guess." I shrugged even though Bobby couldn't see it.

Bobby sighed. "I guess it won't do me any good to lecture you again, will it?"

I chuckled. "I'm fine, Bobby. I just need to rest for a few days. Then I'll start my therapy again. I promise."

Bobby was silent. He knew I was lying. I should have known better to lie to Bobby.

"You know what? Tony and I are going to his parents in New York for the Fourth of July. You should come."

"Aw, no, that's okay," I said dismissively.

"Why not? Busy with physical therapy?"

"Sarcasm doesn't really work for you, Bobby," I chuckled.

Bobby changed tactics. "I would really like to see you. It's been almost six months. Please."

"I'll think about it."

"Great! I can't wait to tell Tony when he gets home. This is gonna be great. You'll get to meet Tony's family. They're awesome. And I think you need a break with your friends. A little vacation will make you feel better, Bo."

"Bobby, I said I'd think about it."

"Okay. But don't think too long. You need to make your flight reservations right away."


"Would you like a wheelchair, sir?" the flight attendant asked.

"No, I'm fine. Just give me my crutches."

"Are you sure? It's not a bother."

"Yeah, I'm sure."

I got up from my seat and hobbled down the aisle. The flight attendant handed me the crutches. I knew the other passengers back in coach were annoyed having to wait behind me, but I didn't give a fuck. Let them wait all fucking day.

It probably would have been easier to use the cane. A couple of my teammates pitched in and bought me a "gentleman's cane", they had called it. I hated that fucking thing. It made me feel old and useless. The crutches felt temporary. The cane felt permanent.

As I made my way down the jetway, I grumbled to myself, "This was a fucking mistake."

Once I got through the gate door, I moved out of the way so that people could pass me.

One of the gate workers came up to me and put his hand on my back. "Mr. Matthews? I arranged a ride for you to baggage claim."


"No problem. I'm a really big fan. It's good to see you walking around."

I glanced at the big guy's name badge and tried to smile. "Thanks, Kurt. I appreciate that."

"You're welcome. If you don't mind my saying so, my boyfriend is going to be so jealous that I got to meet you. He's a little guy with a thing for bears. Obviously." Kurt motioned to himself with his finger and I chuckled. With his big build and bearded face, Kurt was a typical bear.

"Here. Let me see that pen," I said. "What's your boyfriend's name?"

"Oh, wow. His name is Jeffy."

I took the pen and notepad and wrote, "Jeffy- WOOF! Bo Matthews"

Kurt had a huge grin on his face as he read what I wrote. He took my hand, pumping it up and down vigorously. "Thank you so much. Jeffy's going to shit himself."

I laughed and leaned in and said quietly, "You might even get laid tonight."

"Tonight? This'll get me laid for years."

I laughed as I got on the little golf cart. It felt nice to know that I had a couple of fans out there and that I could make them happy. My mood brightened considerably for the first time in a while.

I gave Kurt a wave and was whisked off to baggage claim. I thanked the driver and slipped him a tip.


I looked up and saw Bobby grinning and waving his arm at me, followed by Tony. I waved back and smiled.

Tony shook my hand and patted my shoulder. "I thought for a minute you might not come."

Bobby shook his head. "No. I knew he'd come." Bobby gave me a quick hug and I leaned on a crutch and patted his back.

We went to the baggage carousel and when my suitcase and bag came up, Tony grabbed them.

Tony looked at me, and hesitated for a moment. "You need help, bud?" he asked me.

"No, I'm good. I got pretty good at this."

Tony and Bobby flanked me and they walked slowly with me as I crutched my way through the terminal. When we got to the curb, Tony set the suitcases down. "I'm gonna go get the truck. Wait here."

Tony hurried off towards the parking deck, leaving Bobby and me standing on the sidewalk.

Bobby smiled at me. "I'm glad you decided to come, even though I can tell you're not happy about it."

"Yeah, well... I suppose it's better than sitting at home. But it's good to see you, little dude."

I leaned on a crutch and ruffled Bobby's hair.

"Thanks," he said with a giggle and pushed my hand away. "It's good to see you, too. You look like you've lost some weight."

"A little," I said as I patted my belly.

Bobby looked up at me and smiled. "You look really good."

I'm a big guy, 6'3" tall and built wide. Before leaving, I got a hair cut, so my dark brown hair was trimmed short. My beard was also trimmed short and neatly shaped up now, not wild and scraggly like last time Bobby saw me. I got big hands, big feet, big arms, big legs, a barrel chest and a slight belly. Since my injury, I've lost some weight and some of my muscles have gone a little soft underneath my extra padding.

"Well, we're gonna have a relaxing week. It'll be fun. You'll see. It'll be good for you, Bo."

The little guy was so excited and seemed to be proud of himself. I gave Bobby a reassuring smile.

Tony pulled up in the rental SUV and jumped out and tossed my suitcase and bag into the back. I got into the back seat and we took off to his parents' house in Brooklyn.

When we pulled up in front of the house, Tony grabbed my bags and we headed up the sidewalk. Before we even got to the door, an older Italian couple rushed outside. It could only be Tony's parents. Tony's mom practically scooped Bobby up and hugged him. She then pulled Tony in and hugged them both.

"Antonio and Little Bobby!" she exclaimed. "Oh my gosh, I missed the both of you."

I couldn't help but smile at 'Little Bobby'. She gave both of them a kiss on the cheek, then smacked the back of Tony's head.

"Ow, Ma!" Tony moaned as he rubbed his head. "What was that for?"

"You not coming home to visit."

"Ma, we were just home for Christmas."

Tony's Dad then shook Tony's hand and hugged him, then pulled Bobby in for a big bear hug.

I chuckled at their interaction. I already loved both of them for the way they obviously loved Bobby. His mom and step-dad disowned him after he came out and his brother doesn't speak to him either. He doesn't talk about it because it makes him emotional, but it's nice to know that Tony's parents treat him like he was their own kid. Bobby deserved that.

Tony's mom was an attractive, curvy woman with long dark hair. His dad was a big bear of a guy. He looked a lot like Tony, but heavier. His thinning hair and his bushy beard were salt and peppered with gray.

"Ma, Dad, this is our friend Bo. Bo, these are my parents, Angelo and Maria Paolucci."

Angelo shook my hand hard. "Good to meet you, Bo. I'm glad that you could join us. It's a damn shame how they did you. You deserved better."

"Welcome," Maria said as she hugged me. "Come on in and make yourself at home."

She then turned to Tony and told him, "Antonio, put his bag in your room. You and Little Bobby can use Big Bobby's room."

I followed Maria, Angelo and Bobby into the living room. Bobby took my crutches and I plopped down onto the sofa. After Tony put my bags away, he went back to the car and brought in his and Bobby's bags and brought them upstairs. When he came in and joined us, he sat down on the couch next to Bobby. He put his arm around Bobby and Bobby automatically snuggled into him.

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