tagRomanceThe Journey Ch. 01

The Journey Ch. 01


Gyna sighed as she opened the door and walked inside, closing it behind her. She walked over to the hallway closet and hung her light brown coat before closing the door and walking over to the couch, stretching her petite frame on it.

Her long, dark brown hair spilled over one of the cushions as she laid down her 5'0 tall body, simple jeans and a black tank top enhancing her bronze colored skin, light brown eyes and those curves that made evident her Latin heritage. She was the sporty type, specially loving swimming, so she kept in shape. Today, her double work shift in the zoo and the wildlife reserve had been especially tiring, having started since 6am. After a few moments of rest she headed towards the kitchen to start making dinner.

Patrick was looking at Gyna as she entered the kitchen, with a smile on his face. He was dressed in a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt. It was his normal attire, which was one of the perks of his job as a computer programmer. He was about 6'0 tall and average weight. His hazel eyes sparkled as she entered the kitchen.

"Now Honey, what are you doing in here?" He asked grinning at her. "Now go back and rest beautiful, I've already taken care of dinner, it should be ready in about 30 minutes, go rest, and I'll be in the living room in a few minutes to join you." He didn't give Gyna a chance to respond as he ushered her out the door.

A few minutes later Patrick smiled seeing his beautiful wife resting on the couch. He passed her a glass of wine. "I know you had a long day today, so since I was able to get out of work early, I came home and made you dinner, figured that would help." He smiled at her. "I also made sure that the laundry was started and everything else was taken care of." He gave her a long kiss. "Now Honey how was your day?"

Gyna chuckled and took a sip from her wine before setting it down on the table. "What? No kiss?" she said in a teasing voice as she leaned over to kiss him softly on the lips before rearranging herself on the couch. "Work was great. We finally released that puma we found two weeks ago inside the reserve. The rest was all normal check ups and the like"

Animals were her passion. Since Gyna was a child, she always wanted to be a vet. After a couple of years and a few sacrifices here and there she managed to finish quite earlier than expected. She worked at both the local zoo and a wildlife reserve 15 minutes from their home, some days, like today, working on both. But she wouldn't change it for the world.

"How was your day, love?" Gyna asked as she took a moment to smell the delicious scents coming from the kitchen. It's smelled like Patrick had gone all out tonight "You know maybe you should be the wife. You seem to be making more and more dinners for me instead of the other way around" she said jokingly as she snuggled against him.

"It was my typical day, really boring since we just shipped our major product for the next couple of months last week, was able to get home earlier then I expected anyway." He gave her a nice long kiss as he held her close. "Baby, you know wife is just a title, it doesn't mean you need to cook and clean and everything, and you're doing quite well with your career and whatever I can do to help your career I will do." He said holding her close.

They both looked at each other, holding each other close, as supper finished cooking. Patrick refilled Gyna's glass of wine, as he served them both a roast of lamb, with some carrots, potatoes and peas. He smiled at her, giving her a long kiss, as the table was set perfectly for a romantic dinner. "Now you enjoy baby." He said looking at her. "Honey, I want to talk about us having a child."

Gyna looked at the food in her plate and smiled. He really was a great cook. At his words she bit her lip lightly and quickly considered the possibility. They were both responsible and she knew that he wouldn't even suggested unless they were both ready. Slowly, she lifted her gaze up to meet his, blushing lightly "Do you think we're ready, Sweetie?" she asked softly as she took a bite from the lamb.

They had talked about this since they'd started their relationship almost 5 years ago. After agreeing that they'd meet and get married after she moved to Canada to study and he graduated, they also agreed to wait until she had finished vet school and had a job. It had cost both of them hard work to keep their relationship going strong, and had been rewarded with living together sooner that they both thought possible.

He looked at her and took a drink of his wine. "Well baby, is anyone ever fully ready to become parents." He said looking at her. "I think we are as ready as anyone can ever be to move forward to try to have a child." He took another sip of his wine. "I just want to know one thing baby, what about your career, having a child is going to mean needing to take time off work and everything, especially for you." He looked at her. "I would be willing to stay around the house after you need to go back to work, but still it means a dent in your career, can you deal with that?"

This was a topic that they never really talked about before, but it was an important one. If they had a child Gyna would need to take a break from work for at least a couple months, her career though right now was going so well, was she willing to place her career that she loved so much on the backburner for a child. He looked at her, and he could tell Gyna was thinking long about this. He smiled at her, he could tell that no matter what they decided the decision wasn't made lightly.

Gyna bit her lip and sighed. She loved her job and everything that came with it, even the waking up before dawn. But she did want to have a child with Patrick. Besides, there were plenty of trainees and vets there now, thanks to a campaign for volunteers made by the reserve. They could also cover the zoo, thanks to the contact numbers she had on both of her jobs. If worst came to worst, they could always call her and ask her opinion on whatever situation.

Finally coming to a decision, she let a soft smile graze her lips "My career is going to be fine, Baby. I'm exactly where I want to be now and there are plenty of vets and vet techs in the reserve to take care of any problems that may come to pass on both the zoo and the reserve itself." Getting up, she walked over behind his chair and wrapped her arms across his shoulders, resting her palms on his chest and her face against his neck "I'm ready if you are, Darling" she whispered softly as she kissed the side of his neck gently.

He smiled and kissed her lovingly as he led her towards their bedroom. "Honey, I think we are both ready for this." He said as he kissed her lovingly. "It probably won't happen right away, maybe it will turn out that for some reason we can't have a family, but honey no matter what I will always love you." He said as he dimmed the lights in the bedroom some. He was pleased with the decision he made, and happy that Gyna was so secure in her career that it will still be in good shape after this.

He went into the master bath, and shaved first, as Gyna did some finishing touches in the bedroom. She lit a few candles, turned on some music to set a better mood, and made it look a hundred times more romantic. She changed into a black nighty that she had. The nighty was made of silk, and was see through except for the breast area. Patrick had a giant smile on his face as he exited the bathroom, seeing Gyna with a very naughty look on her face, motioning him seductively towards the bed.

With a soft chuckle, she crawled slowly to the edge of the bed and walked over to him, pulling him by the hips gently towards her for a long kiss. She placed a hand gently on his chest as they both kissed passionately, her body molding onto his. His lips moved gently from her mouth over to her earlobes, sucking, nibbling and tugging on it gently as his hands moved over her arms and shoulders, rubbing her skin lovingly.

Letting him take control for a while, Gyna felt as his lips moved down to her neck, his hands lightly trailing down her body before pushing the straps of the nighty off her shoulders. The silk fell to her feet, revealing her nakedness to him. His lips moved over her shoulders and collarbone, tasting her skin as his hands wrapped around her waist. Her warm hands moved under his shirt, taking it off slowly before letting her fingertips lightly trail from his chest, down his stomach to his boxers and letting them fall on the floor too.

He pulled their bodies close, feeling her chest press against his as he half carried her to the bed, setting her down gently. He heard her giggle as his lips tickled her lightly as they moved back to her neck, his hands traveling slowly over her breasts and caressing them before they moved down to her stomach. His lips took the place of his hands over her left breast, kissing and nibbling lightly on the skin before taking all of the dark areola inside his mouth and sucking it gently. He heard her moan gently, feeling her hands traveling over his back as he suckled on each breast, as their child would someday.

She groaned softly as she felt his hand move lower, cupping her mound gently before stroking her clit slowly, making a low moan escape her lips. After a few more minutes, he left a trail of butterfly kisses over her stomach and her hips, before grabbing each of her legs and spreading them slowly, kissing his way up her inner thighs. Groaning lightly, she felt him stop just over her clit, letting his warm breath fall over her pussy.

He chuckled softly before starting to kiss her nether lips, taking each one and sucking on them gently before running his tongue over her slit. Hearing her moans encourage him, he started tongue fucking her, his tongue exploring her gently, going over all the small ridges of warm, wet skin that it knew so well. As she started to breathe heavier, he moved his mouth over to her clit, trapping it between his lips and sucking on it mercilessly as he inserted two fingers inside of her.

She had grabbed the sheets tightly on each side, feeling the pressure build on her lower tummy as his fingers kept moving in and out of her, his lips and tongue working on her clit. Without much warning, her body tensed making her cry out as she came. With a sigh, her body relaxed, falling gently on the bed.

He smiled licking his lips before moving up to kiss her lips passionately, their bodies pressing together from forehead to their feet. With a small movement he slipped his hard cock inside of her and started moving slowly, kissing every part of her skin he could reach as he moved. Feeling her respond as she wrapped her legs around his waist and moved against him, he picked up his pace a little more. He could feel her warm walls wrapping around his cock then releasing it, giving it a sensual massage as their bodies moved, a technique they had perfected together that drove them both nuts with pleasure.

"Baby, come inside my warm fertile womb. I want to feel your hot cum inside of me" she said breathlessly as her hands moved over his back. "Mmmmm I'm going to get my beautiful little wife pregnant tonight, aren't I?" he asked teasingly as he nibbled on her neck, thrusting faster inside of her.

They kept moving in unison, each kissing every part of the other they could reach with their lips as their climax built. With a loud mix of groans and moans they came together, his cock buried deep inside of her as his seed spilled into her womb, coating it before it spilled down, where it mixed with her own juices, before dribbling out of her, running slowly over her thighs and his balls.

He turned them slowly to their sides as he caressed her face gently and kissed her, whispering sweet words in her ear. She snuggled against his chest, feeling him still inside of her as she kissed his chest lightly, closing her eyes. Gently, he pulled the sheet over their sweat covered bodies, wrapping his arms around her small frame and holding her close. "I love you, Mi Amor" she whispered softly against his chest as she slowly drifted off to sleep. "I love you, Darling" he said softly as he lowered his face to kiss her forehead gently and closed his eyes, falling asleep as he held the love of his life in his arms.

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