tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 02

The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 02


Ed and Jackie stopped in a small suburban town around Baltimore two days after their encounter with the twins. They went into the Nautical Diner to have an early dinner. The place was nice enough and the food was good.

Their waitress was a cute woman in her early thirties named Vicky. Vicky had a pretty face with medium length brown hair. She had a slight accent that neither Ed nor Jackie could pick out. She was a very good waitress but was somewhat on the shy side.

Ed noticed that her legs were well muscled, possibly from years of waitress work. He found her unusual facial features to be quite attractive and playfully flirted with her whenever she came to the table.

Vicky was tired. She had worked since the breakfast run and was anticipating getting off work soon. While she was ready to get off work she had no reason to rush home. She was divorced and had no one at home waiting on her. But at least she would be happy to get off of her feet and relax.

Ed and Jackie ate, paid cash and left a decent tip for Vicky then exited. They were about to get into the car and leave when Jackie saw Vicky leaving out of the back door.

"There goes that cute waitress you were flirting with." She said.

Ed watched as Vicky went around to the private parking lot in the rear. "Yeah, she was a cutie." He said.

Jackie looked up and down the street. "There's nobody around, want to follow her around back and see if we can get to know her better?"

"Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?" Ed asked.

"If the opportunity is there, why not." She answered.

The both looked around to make sure that no one was watching. Then crept around the corner. They saw Vicky opening her purse looking for her keys.

"There's no windows back here," Jackie observed. "Grab her and drag her behind the dumpsters."

"Miss!" Jackie called out to Vicky. When the waitress turned around she continued. "I think we shortchanged you on your tip. We went back inside but the manager said you had left. She said we might catch you back here."

Vicky was confused. She had never had someone run her down to give her a tip before. She thought that they had given her a fair tip, but she wasn't going to turn down more money if they offered it.

"Well, this is a surprise." She answered.

Surprise was right. For when they got close to her Ed grabbed the waitress and dragged her behind the dumpsters.

"Keep your mouth shut and you won't get hurt." He said. Holding her arms tight as Jackie unfastened the buttons on her blouse, then undid the front clasp on her bra. Vicky struggled more when Jackie began fondling her small breast.

Ed turned her around and forced her to her knees. Jackie grabbed her by the shoulders and held her tight as Ed unfastened his pants. Vicky's eyes widened at the sight of his stiff 8-inch cock.

"Suck it." Jackie ordered.

Vicky opened her mouth and began sucking Ed's cock. Jackie held her head and helped to force her back and forth on his shaft. With Jackie's hands guiding her she ended up having his cock slam the back of her throat several times until she could gain control of the situation.

Once satisfied that Vicky was doing a good enough job of sucking Ed off on her own, Jackie just watched while playing with Vicky's tits.

Vicky felt her nipples grow hard as the woman rubbed and tweaked them. She tried to ignore the welcoming sensation that came along with it. Her face reddened as she felt a warm tingling between her legs. It had been a long time since anyone had fooled around with her. So her body reacted on its own despite being raped.

"Oh yes." Ed moaned as he began cumming in Vicky's mouth. The waitress was forced to suck every drop of his cum as he climaxed.

Vicky was thankful to be done; expecting the two of them to run off now that she had satisfied the man. But they had more in mind than just a blow job.

Jackie kicked off her shoes and removed her pants and panties, then sat on a plastic milk crate with her legs spread.

"Get me off now." She ordered.

"Please, not that. I've never been with a woman." Vicky pleaded.

"Then this is your lucky day." Jackie answered.

Ed pushed Vicky to her hands and knees as Jackie grabbed her by the hair and pulled the waitresses face between her legs until Vicky's lips touched Jackie's pussy.

"Lick me." She insisted.

Vicky hesitantly opened her mouth and began licking Jackie's snatch.

"Go ahead and fuck her while she gets me off." Jackie told Ed.

"No, please." Vicky said, pulling her face away from Jackie's cunt.

"Don't you stop licking my pussy until I tell you to." Jackie ordered.

Ed hiked Vicky's skirt up over her back. She wore only a pair of panties under her skirt so he grabbed them and yanked them, tearing them free. Then he pressed his cock against Vicky's pussy.

"Hell, she's wet." Ed said.

Vicky continued licking Jackie's pussy as Ed slowly shoved his cock inside her. Then he began fucking her deep and hard, driving her face into Jackie's twat.

"That feels so good." Jackie said, enjoying the way the waitress licked her swollen clit. "Fuck her good." She told Ed.

Jackie threw her head back and climaxed on Vicky's face. But she continued to hold on to the waitress' hair, not letting her stop even after she had finished her orgasm. "Make me cum again, Vicky." Jackie ordered.

Ed was pounding the waitress' pussy, enjoying the view of her face in Jackie's crotch.

Vicky continued licking the woman's cunt, finding herself thrust back against the cock in her pussy. Her own clit was tingling with a passion now. Her mind knew she was being raped, but her body was enjoying every minute of it.

Jackie starting cuming again. And this time Vicky joined her. Both women climaxed together as Ed slammed his cock into Vicky's cunt. Seeing both of them orgasming at once was all it took to send him over the edge. Ed moaned and blasted his cum inside Vicky's cunt, releasing his orgasm as the two women calmed down.

As soon as he finished he pulled out and fastened his pants. Jackie got up and dressed while Vicky lie on the ground watching them.

"Here's a little something for your trouble." Ed said, tossing two twenty-dollar bills at her. "We said we were going to give you a tip, and now you can't say it was raped because you took money for the sex."

Ed and Jackie left Vicky behind the dumpster. By the time the waitress had fastened her bra and blouse and got back to her feet they were around the corner and out of sight.

Vicky felt bad about being raped. But could not desire the intensity of the orgasm she had experienced. She grabbed the forty dollars off the ground. It wasn't enough to make up for being raped. But she would get over that. Vicky found her purse and went to her car. She sat in the driver's seat for several minutes reliving what had just happened. And wondering if she could ever find a couple that would share her that way again…

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