tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 03

The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 03


The stretch limo pulled up in front of the Roadside Inn just ahead of Ed's SUV. He and Jackie were continuing their extended vacation and had been driving for several hours before deciding to pull off the highway and find a place to stay for the night.

The limo parked and three young couples got out. The men were all in tuxes and the women in fancy gowns. Ed knew at once that this must be prom time.

The first couple exiting the limo were Jim and Ashley. Jim was a tall, muscular boy with handsome features, blond hair and a small goatee. Ashley was a very attractive, shapely girl. She had medium length blond hair, a pretty face with bright eyes and a cute smile. She also had what appeared to be D cup tits that overflowed from her low cut dress, allowing ample view of her cleavage.

Next out of the limo came Andy and Tammy. Andy was short, thin, but rather handsome with light brown hair and blue eyes. His date, Tammy, was a beautiful, tall black girl with long black hair and a very shapely body. While most guys would probably notice Ashley, especially in her low cut dress; Tammy was without a doubt the prettiest of the three girls.

Lastly, came Dan and Faith. Dan was a good looking, though awkward young man with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was slightly taller than both of the other men. Faith was a pretty girl with long blond hair, blue eyes and a thin slender body with B cup breast. Both Dan and Faith looked around uncomfortably as they entered the motel office.

Ed pulled past the limo, found a place to park then went inside to get a room while Jackie remained outside to smoke a cigarette.

On the way in Ed bumped into Jim who was on the way out with Ashley.

"Do you mind?" Jim said as he pushed by Ed. "Some people are just stupid to get out of the way." He said to Ashley as the big tittied girl giggled.

Ed wanted to say something to the snotty punk, but thought better of it.

He waited as the next two couples completed their transactions and left, then stepped up to the counter.

Behind the desk sat Ryan, the forty-year-old night clerk. He was slightly balding, plain looking and looked older than he should.

"Sorry, they just got the last three rooms." Ryan informed Ed.

"You're kidding?" Ed responded.

"Wish I was. With prom night and the usual travelers I'm booked up. Of course those kids will probably only need the room for an hour. So if you want to wait, and don't mind a wet spot on your bed, I can give you a deal for half price. They all paid for the whole night so I won't be losing anything."

Ed shook his head. "You rent out rooms to high school kids?"

Ryan nodded. "As long as they're all 18 I do. Every one of those six had a valid license stating that. I could have asked them to share a room but I kind of think they want to be alone, if you know what I mean." He winked.

"Sure, I was 18 once too." Ed said, turning to leave.

When he went outside he found Jackie standing there looking pissed.

"What's with you?" He asked.

"One of those bitches had the nerve to tell, not ask, me to step away from here so I don't smell her dress up with cigarette smoke." She said.

"Well, it only gets worse. They took the last three rooms. If we want a room we'll have to wait until one of them checks out." He explained.

"And sleep on a cum soaked mattress. Not unless I'm the one who soaks it." Jackie returned with a grin.

"Those kids are a real group of assholes." Came a voice from behind.

Ed and Jackie turned to see the limo driver standing behind them, opening a soda he had just purchased from the vending machine. His nametag read 'Sam'.

Sam was a tall heavyset man with short brown hair. He was homely in more than one way, but Ed sensed that he was a man who didn't care what others thought of him.

"Two of those boys are real jerks," Sam continued. That pretty boy Jim is the worse. Thinks he can bully everybody around. Guess 'cause he's got the girl with the biggest tits he thinks he's hot shit. She ain't no better. Fucking cunt thinks she's queen of the prom."

"Sounds like you're not enjoying your night with them." Ed said.

"Fuck no." Sam replied. "Between the first two boys and that bitch girl, they have made this one long fucking night. Complaining about every fucking thing. Now I have to wait here until they finish getting their dicks wet and drive them all back home. I wish I could fuck that Ashley bitch's face just to shut her up."

"Maybe you could." Jackie said.

"Yeah, I wish." Sam came back.

Jackie grinned. "Well, they've got the last three rooms. I'm sure we can grab her and have a little fun ourselves."

Sam grinned, looking more sinister than before. "That's easy for you two. You can leave town afterwards. But I live here."

"We can try to make it look like you were trying to help them and got forced to help us." She suggested.

"You're fucking serious aren't you." Sam asked. Feeling his dick starting to swell at the thought.

Ed realized that Sam was willing. "Serious as hell, just say your willing and we'll get started."

"Let's do it." Sam said.

"Not without me!" Ryan's voice surprised them. None of the three had heard him come outside behind them. "Either you get me in on the action or I'll call the cops right now."

"Why not." Jackie approved. "But who'll watch the desk?"

"Fuck the desk." Ryan said. "I just turned on the no vacancy sign, all I need to do is lock the front door and no one will be the wiser. And don't worry about this shit of faking being forced. Most of those kids are in families that wouldn't want the cops involved if something happens. If the local press found out that they were here tonight they would have a field day. So those kids will never call the cops. We can just use my master key and enter their rooms and have ourselves a good time."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Sam rubbed his crotch as he spoke, "Let's get going with it."

Dan and Faith sat on the edge of the bed still fully clothed. Faith was still considering just how far she wanted to go with Dan. While Faith was perceived to be the innocent one of the three girls, in truth she had screwed more guys than either of Ashley or Tammy had. She was a very pretty girl, but alongside of the others she was the least attractive and had the smallest tits. Not to mention the fact that she was the quiet one in the group. So most guys always looked beyond her to Ashley or Tammy. So Faith became easier to screw to compensate. Fortunately she kept her relationships pretty low key, so most of her classmates believed that she was the sweet girl of the group.

This was Faith's first date with Dan. He had just moved to town after Christmas and took a while to make friends. Faith had just recently broken up with her boyfriend and found her dateless for the prom, so Dan came to her rescue. She agreed to get a room out of peer pressure, and even though she thought Dan was cute she wasn't sure if she would screw him, so she was trying to determine if a quick blowjob might satisfy her date.

Both jumped with a start when the door was thrown open and three men and a woman rushed inside. Faith screamed, but Ed grabbed her and silenced her quickly enough. He and Jackie kept watch over the two while Sam and Ryan went next door to grab the second couple.

Tammy was lying topless on the bed, wearing only her red silk panties, with Andy beside her. They had been dating for three months and were no strangers to sex with each other so there was no rush. Tammy jumped when she heard Faith scream.

"I guess it's true what I've heard about Dan's cock." Andy joked. There had been a rumor going around that Dan was well endowed.

"Don't be so crude." Tammy slapped him softly. Andy responded by playfully squeezing her right tit.

Their foreplay was interrupted by the door opening.

"What the fuck's going on here?" Andy's yelled as Sam and Ryan interred their room. Tammy covered her breast with her hands but remained quiet.

"Both of you come next door, now!" Sam said, trying to sound as threatening as possible.

The couple mistook Sam's attempted threat, thinking that something had happened to their friends. Tammy wrapped herself in a towel and followed Andy out as Sam and Ryan guided them next door, where they both were shocked to find Ed and Jackie holding their friend's hostage.

"Let's get the last too, Ed said to Sam."

Ashley was lying naked on the bed with Jim between her legs, also nude, licking her pussy.

Ashley had the biggest reputation of the three girls. But it was not earned with her twat. Ashley had only been screwed once, and that was with an older boy during her freshman year. After being dumped the following day she decided to hold out before letting anyone else fuck her. But Ashley still earned a reputation. She had dated a lot of guys, and loved to suck dick. She also enjoyed allowing guys to screw her ample tits. By doing both of these she was able to keep guys out of her pants, with the exception of having them go down on her of course.

Jim had been dating Ashley for two months, after she had stolen him away from another girl. He enjoyed Ashley' blow jobs, and found that he was a big fan of tit fucking as well. But he really wanted to fuck his girlfriend. And Ashley had promised that if their prom went well that this would be the night she would let him have her pussy.

Ashley cried out with alarm when the door opened. Jim was too engrossed in lapping away at her cunt to notice at first, until her cry and sudden motions as she tried covering her bare body caused him to become aware of what was happening.

Jim jumped out of the bed ready to fight, but looked silly with his stiff cock bouncing up and down as he held his fist before him.

Sam stepped forward and gave the boy a straight punch to the jaw, knocking him back onto the bed. "Come along now, boy, before I have to really kick your ass."

Jim gave up immediately and went quietly, but Ed had to carry Ashley, kicking and screaming, to the first room. Fortunately they were able to muffle her cries with a pillow along the way.

When Ashley was dumped, naked, on the bed she quickly covered herself, feeling all eyes on her exposed body.

"Damn, she is hot." Ryan said.

"What do you want?" Jim asked, trying to be bold even though he was fully nude. At least his cock had gone limp so he didn't look quite as ridiculous in his effort to be tough.

"We just want some pussy, too." Ed answered. "No sense in you boys keeping all the good cunt to yourselves."

"All of you strip!" Jackie ordered.

Tammy dropped her towel and stood next to the bed beside Ashley. Slowly the rest of them removed their own clothing.

"Jesus, look at that." Jackie said when Dan's pecker was unveiled. He was hanging limp, but was easily eight inches long soft. All eyes, even those of his fellow captives, turned to Dan's crotch.

"You," Jackie pointed to Faith, "Get that boy hard."

Faith reached over and took Dan's dick in her hand. She blushed as she began stroking his cock in front of everyone. Dan was embarrassed as well, but was unable to prevent his body from responding to Faith's massage and grew erect. His cock grew stiff and was a full eleven inches.

"Well I know who I'm fucking tonight." Jackie grinned.

"We better tie up the boys first." Ed suggested.

Both Dan and Andy were forced to sit in the two chairs in the room and had their hands tied behind the backs of the chairs. Jim was forced to stand with his arms outstretched so that they could be tied to the coat rack and nightstand respectively. His right foot was also tied to the leg of the nightstand, though there was no place to tie his left. Still, he was firmly secured.

"Let's get to the fucking!" Sam said, quickly removing his limo driver uniform before Ed and Ryan could begin.

Once nude, with his six-inch pecker hard and ready, Sam hopped on the bed next to Ashley.

"Leave me alone, asshole!" Ashley yelled, not wanting Sam to touch her.

Sam straddled the girl, sitting on her waist and began fondling her d cups. Ashley cried out again as he lowered his head to suckle on her left nipple. He hopped up and forced his legs between her's and began pressing his cock into her crotch.

"No, please don't!" Ashley begged. But Sam continued on. Her pussy was already wet from being stimulated by Jim, so Sam had little trouble guiding his cock into her tight hole. Ashley cried out in anger and frustration as his cock invaded her.

Ryan grabbed Faith, who was standing closest to him, when he was naked. He forced the blond to bend over at the back of the chair that Andy was seated in and pressed his cock up against her cunt from behind. She spread her legs at his urging and felt his dick slowly penetrating her pussy.

Ed wrestled Tammy to the bed next to where Sam was fucking Ashley. There wasn't a lot of room so the two girls found themselves up against each other. Ed took his time fondling and sucking her ebony breast before shoving his cock deep inside her pussy.

Ashley and Tammy lay next to each other as their two rapists fucked them. Each man took pleasure in playing with the tits of the girl next to them as they fucked the one below them.

Ryan pounded away at Faith's cunt as he watched the four of them on the bed.

All three captive men could not take their eyes off the bed where Ashley and Tammy were getting fucked. Jim was pissed at watching Sam fucking Ashley when he should have been the one atop her.

"Looks like you boys are all getting hard." Jackie commented, seeing all three of them erect. "I think it's my turn to have some fun."

Jackie disrobed, massaging her c cup breasts while standing naked in front of everyone. Seeing Dan's 11-inch cock she decided to wait no longer. Jackie turned around and straddled the boy's legs, then slowly sat on his long cock. Taking him into her wet pussy inch by wonderful inch. Then she began riding up and down on his pole until she had every bit of him inside her.

"Oh, yes!" She cried out as she rode Dan.

"Ahhh!" Sam called as he felt his climax begin.

"No, don't cum in me!" Ashley screamed as the big man thrust his hips harder and faster, blasting his seed into her hole.

Ryan was fucking Faith as hard as possible. The blond girl was grunting with each fevered thrust of his cock. Ryan's balls tightened and he let loose a growling noise as he came inside her blond pussy.

Hearing the others around him only excited Ed more. He was enjoying the feel of Tammy's tight pussy around his 8-inch cock. He looked down into her pretty face, straight into her dark eyes, and blew his load into her pussy.

"God damn this boy has a great cock!" Jackie yelled as she continued fucking Dan.

Dan became caught up in the sensation. His fear gave way to lust as the older woman fucked him. He didn't care about what else was happening in the room and began thrusting his hips upward into Jackie's wet cunt. His body strained against his bonds, but not in attempt to escape, but rather in ecstasy as his orgasm neared. Dan's cock erupted in a stream of cum shooting up into Jackie's pussy.

Jackie continued fucking the boy, feeling his sperm coating her insides. She continued long after his climax ended. Jackie could feel her climax approaching and began panting like a wild dog as the tingling in her pussy set off a powerful orgasm between her legs.

Seeing Jackie get off as she did had Ed erect again. Wasting no time he climbed atop Ashley and rammed his cock inside her.

"No, not again." She whimpered as she was raped for the second time.

Ryan led Faith to the bed and offered her to Sam, who quickly accepted the pretty blond, trading places with the clerk.

Ryan climbed atop Tammy and sank his shaft into her hole as Sam pushed Faith to her knees then knelt behind her to fuck her doggie style. And once more the three girls found themselves being fucked against their will.

Jackie reluctantly stood, pulling herself off of Dan's glistening cock. She went to the bed and began squeezing Ashley's jugs as Ed fucked the girl.

"Oh shit, I'm cumming already." Ryan called out as he climaxed inside Tammy much more quickly than he had expected.

Sam too was on the verge of his second climax as he drilled Faith's hole. Moments later he spilled his seed inside her, leaving only Ed as he fucked Ashley.

Ashley could sense everyone in the room watching her rape. With Ed fucking her and Jackie fondling her tits she was humiliated. But worse, her pussy was on fire. She had been horny as hell before arriving at the motel. And Jim had gotten her juices flowing before they were interrupted. Now, no matter how hard she tried to fight it, her pussy needed to cum.

Ashley winced in shame as she heard a disgusting noise, knowing at once that it was coming from her own wet pussy.

"Pussy farts! She's enjoying herself." Jackie laughed.

Ashley wished that she could disappear from view as the sounds of her pussy continued as Ed's cock slammed into her. Then the girl's eyes rolled back as his cock forced her to orgasm. She gasped in a mixture of shame and delight as her cunt came around Ed's cock.

Feeling the girl's orgasm on his shaft was all it took for Ed and his own balls spewed their contents into the girl as he came loudly atop her.

When Ed got up Jackie climbed on the bed straddling Ashley's face. "Lick my pussy!" She ordered.

Ashley's eyes went wide with fear as she saw Jackie's wet pussy close in on her pretty face.

Seeing Ashley hesitate Jackie rubbed her snatch against the girl's, face. Soon Ashley parted her lips and stuck her tongue into Jackie's cunt. She found the woman's clit and began licking it, much to Jackie's delight.

Everyone in the room watched as Jackie rocked back and forth on Ashley's face as the big titted girl licked pussy until Jackie was moaning out her second orgasm on the girl's face.

"Let's let the boys fuck them now." Jackie said as she climbed off the bed. Pulling Ashley off with her.

Jackie guided Ashley to where Andy sat bound. She grabbed his stiff cock and said, "Ride this one."

Ashley looked to where Jim stood.

"Oh, you'll get around to him later. Fuck this one now!" Jackie said.

Ashley straddled Andy and lowered herself onto his cock. "Please don't cum in me." She whispered.

Andy wasn't thrilled about being forced to have sex in front of everyone. But once Ashley's pussy had enveloped his cock he cared little about anything else. Watching the girls getting fucked had turned him on in a major way. And he knew that this would probably be the only time in his life he would have the opportunity to fuck Ashley, so he began thrusting his cock up into her with sheer pleasure.

"God damn you." Ashley said as she realized that Andy was enjoying this.

"You get to ride the big one." Jackie told Tammy.

Tammy saw Dan sitting next to Andy. She could see the pleasure in Andy's face as he fucked her best friend. Then she decided that she was going to willingly ride Dan's giant prick and show Andy what a good fuck was.

Tammy climbed onto Dan's cock, gasping as it filled her in a way that she hadn't expected. She jerked when it banged into her cervix as she took it all. Then began riding him. His cock felt wonderful in her and she greedily fucked him, crying out in delight as his cock brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

Andy couldn't believe the sounds coming from Tammy as she enjoyed fucking Dan. But he cared little as he felt himself nearing release.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum in you, Ashley." He said.

Ashley wanted to climb off of him, but was afraid to do anything more than continue riding his cock. She felt Andy's climax begin and continued fucking him as his cum pumped inside her.

"Yes, yes!" Tammy cried out as her own orgasm took over her body. She was riding Dan's rod as it pushed her over the edge.

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