tagIllustratedThe Labyrinth of Pilosus

The Labyrinth of Pilosus


Mary pushed her hand into the narrow opening in the rocky outcropping. It felt soft and furry inside. She gasped with pleasure as fur enveloped her hand. She reached in farther until her arm was elbow deep in fur. She stroked her hand through its welcoming softness. She plunged her other hand inside. The sides of the tunnel were spongy and pliable. With a little effort, Mary was able to stretch the opening just wide enough to fit both arms inside. There was fur as far as she could reach.

Mary wanted to look inside but, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't squeeze into the opening. Her clothes became snarled in the fur. It almost pulled her dress off. Finally, she slipped off her dress and tossed it to the ground in a fit of desperation. Mary watched in amazement as the ring of fur opened wide like a giant mouth. It pulsated and moved, luring her closer. Without thinking, Mary thrust both arms deep into the fur. They slid in easily. She poked her head into the hole. There was barely enough light to see but the passage was lined with fur as far as she could see.

Mary hesitated for a moment. "Should I be doing this," she thought? The pulsating fur raised goose bumps on her skin. Its sensual stroking quickly crumbled her doubts. Mary pushed deeper until she was in up to her waist. "Oh, my God," she exclaimed! The beguiling sensations made her feel drunk with pleasure. She needed to be completely enveloped in fur. Mary kicked off her sandals then pulled her knee up to the lip of the opening. It stretched wide enough to admit her whole body. She crawled into the beckoning mouth on her hands and knees. Its lips slid closed over her shapely ass and slowly swallowed her whole. Mary was so entranced by the sight, the sensations and the musky scent of the fur that she didn't notice the opening of the tunnel slowly constricting to its original size, sealing her inside. If she had noticed she wouldn't have cared.

Mary crawled through the narrow tunnel on all fours. The soft, spongy floor gave under her weight like a giant, fur pillow. Her arms sank in, almost up to her elbows. Fur brushed against her arms and legs. It slid over her back, along her sides and gently brushed her stomach. Her muscles fatigued from the exaggerated motion of crawling over the spongy surface but an unspoken promise of pleasure spurred her on.

Mary crawled until she discovered that the tunnel was getting taller. The sides were narrow but the ceiling was high enough for her to stand on her feet. She trudged along the winding passage through deep mounds of fur. The tunnel frequently branched off, forcing her to choose which way to go. It was hard to navigate. Whenever she tried to turn around and retrace her steps she ran into a dead end or a fork in the road that wasn't there before. She was lost and disoriented in a labyrinth of fur. Panic set in. She wandered in circles for hours, desperately searching for the way out. Mary burst into tears and cried out in desperation, cursing herself for being so careless.

There seemed to be a living presence beneath the fur which radiated sexual energy. Mary felt it watching her, leading her to her fate. It cradled her body in softness until her fears were soothed away. "This isn't so bad," Mary thought to herself. She became aroused as she moved through the fur. The deeper into the labyrinth she went, the hornier she felt. Somehow, she knew a furry paradise waited for her at the center of the labyrinth. She became determined to find it.

Mary tramped through the furry passage until her legs finally tired. She stopped to rest and leaned against the furry wall. Her body sank deep into its velvety folds. A few minutes later, she tried to move on but her feet sank much deeper than before. The fur seemed to move under her, foiling her efforts to escape. She struggled and pulled with all her strength but she could not get free.

Mary felt something wrap around her wrist like a soft, furry snake. A furry tentacle sprouted from the wall and ensnared her arm. She screamed and struggled, trying to pull herself free, but it was no use. The tentacle spiraled around her arm and held it fast. More tentacles appeared from the fur.

They reached out for her and grabbed at her body. She tried to peel them away but, each time she fought off one tentacle, others took its place. One tentacle pulled on her bra strap. She fended it off, briefly, only to have it attack again. She felt her bra straps breaking. A familiar softness enveloped her breast. Her bra was being pulled off.

Mary gasped out loud when fur engulfed her large, round tits. The erotic sensations distracted her from the fight. The tentacles seized both of her wrists. Her feet were mired deep in fur. Legions of furry tendrils squiggled all around her, probing her body, tickling her into submission. Mary felt her panties being pulled down. She wiggled her hips in a futile attempt to resist but the slithering swarm quickly stripped her naked. Tentacles pulled her panties down to her knees. Fur slid over her shapely derriere. She shivered with delight. She watched the swirling folds of fur swallow her bra and panties. Fur and tentacles danced around her naked body and teased her into submission. They slithered between her legs, encircled her breasts and teased her ass. Their tips traced circles around her sensitive aureola making her nipples stand erect. They slid up and down the crack of her ass and teased her pussy lips. She felt hot moisture spreading between her loins. The fur tempted and teased her until she fell under its spell. Its psychic energy whipped her mind into a sexual frenzy It pushed her to the brink of ecstasy then, suddenly, the tentacles released her and disappeared as quickly as they came.

Mary sighed with exasperation, frustrated that the furry tentacles didn't finish the job. She stood motionless in hope that they would return. She waited until her desperation won out then set out in search of satisfaction.

Mary waded through the twisting corridors of the labyrinth, searching with her hands, digging deep into every fold and crevice, high-stepping over boggy ground. The floor and the walls bucked and seethed, bouncing her like a trampoline. The fur jostled and threw her to the ground. Undaunted, she quickly climbed back to her feet and continued her search. The wonderful sensations of fur brushing her skin kept her in a continual state of sexual arousal. Her nipples stood at attention, as hard as rocks. Her pussy dripped with excitement but, as good as the fur made her feel, it couldn't compare to the tentacles. The psychic presence in the fur penetrated her mind. It controlled her thoughts and manipulated her emotions. It made her feel horny; hornier than she had ever felt in her life; as horny as any woman could be. It made her feel so desperate she screamed with frustration. She anticipated the pleasures that awaited her if only she could find her way through the twisted maze of furry tunnels. Mary knew that she was hopelessly lost but escape was the last thing on her mind. She forged ahead, with single-minded purpose, in search of ultimate furry, sexual fulfillment. She fought until her strength was gone. When she could fight no more, the fur became still again. Mary stood in exhaustion. The furry chamber fell silent. The only sounds she could hear were her labored breathing and the pounding of her heart in her chest.

Mary rested until she got her strength back then resumed her quest. She only took two steps before she was faced with an impenetrable wall of fur. She turned around to go back the other way but immediately hit another dead end. She searched for an exit but there was no way out.

Mary was sealed in a cocoon of fur but, strangely, she did not panic. She felt safe and comfortable. The entity in the fur planted thoughts in her mind; sexy, prurient thoughts; desires that had to be fulfilled. Mary leaned against the wall and rubbed her breasts through the fur. She rubbed her backside against the opposite wall. Her fingers traced slow circles around her nipples. Her hands massaged her large round tits. Her hips swayed to and fro, sliding fur, back and forth, over her tight ass. Then, at the entity's command, her hand slid down, over her stomach. Her knees parted and her middle finger disappeared into her hot, moist slit. Her finger traced slow circles around her clitoris. She closed her eyes and pleasured herself, panting and moaning as she came closer to the edge

A sharp jolt rippled through the fur. The floor under Mary's feet suddenly disappeared! She let out a blood curdling scream as she dropped into the deep chasm below. Mary landed on a giant mound of soft fur. It felt smoother and softer than any fur she felt before. She closed her eyes and melted into the immense cloud of fur. This was the place Mary had been searching for. She rolled around, happily, in the fur, anticipating pleasures to come.

Mary looked around the dimly lit chamber. She saw a faint outline of something moving in the fur. A long, slender, fur covered tentacle slithered toward her. She reached out to touch it. It wound around her wrist. Another tentacle ensnared her other wrist. More tentacles emerged from beneath the fur. A large one slithered across her stomach then encircled her waist. Dozens of furry appendages teased her naked body, searching for her most sensitive places. She giggled and laughed as, one by one, the feelers found their targets. Her body twitched and danced in furry pleasure. Tentacles spiraled around her tits. Their tips softly tweaked her nipples. Mary squirmed with delight. The tentacles around her wrists stretched her arms out straight and held them fast. Two more strong tentacles gripped her ankles then pulled her legs wide apart. A mound of fur welled up between her legs and teased her loins. Mary watched, wide-eyed, as it moved slowly northward to lap at her. Its furry mouth greedily munched her pussy. "Yes," she exclaimed as she surrendered to her first furgasm! Dozens of soft, furry tentacles, coiled around her. They took turns squirming their way between her pussy lips, driving into her to climax after furry climax.

A giant tentacle loomed up, between her legs, then plunged into her mound. Mary arched her back and groaned as it stretched her to her limit. The great tentacle surged in and out. Her body bobbed up and down, contorted with pleasure, in a rolling torrent of fur.

Time stands still for Mary. Fur and tentacles relentlessly tease her. They do unimaginable things to her. They will never stop fucking her. They never tire. Mary will never stop coming. She is always willing. Every orgasm is the best of her life.

Mary will spend eternity in this furry prison, writhing in sweet rapture, deep in the heart of the Labyrinth of Pilosus.

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