tagLoving WivesThe Lady Captains Year Ch. 03

The Lady Captains Year Ch. 03


Chapter 3: The Lady Captain's Year -- January to June

Following the normal pattern, the Captains drive in was arranged for the first Saturday in January.

Sally and I played together in the Fun Competition and though we did not win, we played well enough to enjoy the round. In my eyes this was Sally's day and I was determined that she would have a successful day. After the golf, we returned home to get showered and changed for the evening dinner and of course the drive in itself. The twins had arranged to stay over with one of their friends that evening so we would have the house to ourselves overnight, a rare luxury, I was hoping that Sally and I would take advantage of the opportunity later.

I watched Sally as she dressed for her big night, first she stepped into a tiny flesh coloured thong, she then walked to her closet and pulled out a dress I had never seen before. It was a sheer silky halter-neck white dress that flared slightly at the hips and came down to her knees. I clung to her body like a second skin, clearly, she would not be wearing a bra with this outfit as it was open at the back all the way to the top of her buttocks. From the front I could see the dark pointed tips of her nipples trying to poke through the thin silk encasing them. I wondered what would happen when she started dancing. She completed the ensemble by putting her feet into a pair of strappy white 4"high heel shoes.

I just stood there open mouthed, I was flabbergasted, Sally never wore anything as risqué as this before, I just said, "WOW!"

She had the good grace to smile at me and say, "Maybe this will be your lucky night."

We arrived at the club in good time for the meal and Sally's entrance in that dress caused quite a stir. The ladies all congratulated her, both on her captaincy and on her dress, the men on the other hand all competed for the opportunity to get near to her and check out her tits. Jerry Samuels being one of the first and he tried to monopolise Sally for the rest of the evening.

The dinner seating was arranged so that he sat next to Sally and I next to Samantha at the top table and I chatted away to Samantha and the President's wife who was seated to my other side. I was not so engrossed in the conversation that I failed to notice that the wine waiter was paying particular attention to Sally's glass always ensuring it was kept topped up and having a good gander at her braless tits. By the end of the meal she was quite tipsy and clearly enjoying herself.

It was now time for the Captain's to drive themselves into office and I plus several others went to get our cars in position to illuminate either side of the first fairway. The two captains repaired to their locker rooms to change their footwear, in Sally's case four inch high heels were totally unsuitable for standing on the tee.

When I returned to escort Sally to the first tee, she was standing with Jerry Samuels and some of his cronies in the entrance way to the locker room. She was shivering and was holding her arms across her chest due to the cold, She had goose-bumps visible on her arms so I quickly took off my jacket and draped over her shoulders. She gave me a dazzling smile of gratitude and then had to return it to for me to hold whilst she tied her long dark hair into a pony tail. She raised her arms up and behind her head to fix her hair band, suddenly realising that all the men's eyes were focussed on her breasts as they pushed up straining against the fabric of her dress. Her dark, ripe nipples were standing out like organ stops and her face turned crimson, noticeable even in the semi gloom of the doorway. She quickly grabbed my jacket, looked at me for reassurance and covered herself as best she could but I had seen the lust in their eyes. Jerry turned to glance at me with a smug grin and a wink.

On the first tee, Sally took the hickory shafted club and managed to make a good connection and hit the ball about 120 yards, Jerry stood up tall and smashed the club head into the turf about 6 inches behind the ball and managed to propel his ball about 25 yards. He then promptly threw his arms around Sally, kissed her on the lips, holding the pose longer than I felt appropriate. Sally did not seem to mind and made little attempt to break the clinch.

The party then returned to the clubhouse, while I and Bob Wilson (remember him) among others returned our cars to the car-park before rejoining the party. When I got back to the clubhouse, I could not find Sally and I noticed that Jerry was also absent.

So I started asking questions as to her whereabouts of our table companions. A very embarrassed silence came over them, until Samantha said she was in the Ladies and would be out shortly. When she appeared, her dress was crumpled and she was ashen faced and clearly looking pretty unwell. Jerry also reappeared just behind her, putting a huge smirk on his face when he saw me standing there. My jealous nature caused my face to flush hotly and I was about to challenge him about the state Sally was in when Bob intervened placing himself between us and suggested I get Sally home. We quickly gathered our outdoor clothing, said our goodnights and made our exit.

I was convinced something had happened between Sally and Jerry in the 30 minutes or so that I was absent, but Sally was not in any condition to answer any questions that night so after making our farewells we returned home. She was giggling and clearly still inebriated as I half carried/half dragged her upstairs and into our bedroom.

She collapsed face down on the bed, so I bent over to unfasten her dress at the halter neck catch, she would be mad if I allowed her to fall asleep with her new dress still on. I reached out to push her long hair away from the back of her neck and froze as I saw what looked like a hickey mark half peeping out from the under her halter necked dress. I was stunned but knew I had to know, so I unfastened her dress and one look confirmed my suspicion, it was a love bite on the nape of her neck. My hands were trembling, I felt sick to my stomach, how could she?.... Who was responsible?.... All these thoughts an more blasted their way into my consciousness them a cold fury started to settle on me, she would have some questions to answer in the morning!.

I then turned her over to strip away the top half of her dress and as I pulled it down her torso, I saw the same tell tale signs of love bites on both her breasts.

I had to run to the en-suite toilet where I promptly threw up in the basin. When I had recovered from my bout of sickness, I steeled myself and returned to the bedroom, where the woman I had pledged my life to was still lying almost comatose on the bed. I removed the rest of her dress with some difficulty, she was a dead weight and getting the dress down over her hips was not easy, but I finally succeeded and carefully returned the dress to it's hanger in the closet. Somewhat guiltily, I carefully examined the rest of her body and was relieved to see that at least she was still wearing her thong. I covered her with the duvet and retired to the guest bedroom where I spent a sleepless night.

Around four AM, I heard her stumbling around the bathroom throwing up. I went to check if she was all right and found she needed some help, she had almost made it to the toilet before she threw up, but not quite. Some was over herself and some on the floor. I cleaned her up and got her back into bed, cleaned the toilet and realising that any chance of sleep was gone, just sat in the conservatory thinking about whether our marriage had any future.

The following morning she was still under the weather and when she came into the kitchen she had her dressing gown wrapped tightly around her body.

"We need to talk," she said.

"You are damned right we do" I replied angrily.

She said, "I just want to say, I know things have not been good between us lately, but I love you more than anything and I know I must have let things get out of hand last night, but please let me try and explain what I think happened."

"What you think happened!" I thundered, "I get you home drunk and when I undress you to find your neck and tits covered in hickeys and you only think you know what happened?"

Without even pausing for breath I continued, "I feel sickened by your behaviour last night and you must have known your actions would put our marriage in jeopardy. I want you to tell me if he has fucked you yet or is this only the warm up act?

She shook her head in denial, but before she could day anything, I thundered, "You let things get out of hand!!...., it's a bit more serious than that, I think, you have let that bastard put his mark on you, knowing full well I was bound to find them!"

Sally remained silent, so I stood up and went to walk past her and go outside. She reached out to grab hold of my arm and in so doing her dressing gown gaped open, revealing her bruised breasts to my gaze. I felt my anger return and suddenly wanted to strike out and hurt her, just as she had hurt me. I have no excuse for what I did next, but my desire to punish her just overwhelmed me. I pushed her away and she fell to the floor, her dressing gown flying open exposing her naked body to my gaze.

As I looked down at her, for what seemed an eternity at the time, for some unknown reason my I felt my cock stirring in my pants. Sally also noticed my reaction and she taunted me saying, "Well, well it would appear that something about last night has had a positive effect on you."

"Don't you want to fuck your cheating wife?" she taunted me, spreading her legs just a little further apart exposing her glistening cunt to my lust filled eyes.

"He did not fuck me last night, or any other night for that matter, that much I do remember, so you will not be getting any sloppy seconds today," she continued looking up at me and licking her lips suggestively. She also wriggled out of her dressing gown as I continued to stare down at her.

"Come on Jack, look at your wife, don't you want to take me and fuck me senseless?"

"Come on, be a man. I want you to take me and make me yours again, come and get it, it's all yours, here for the taking, if your man enough!" she taunted.

At that point a violent desire to punish my wife overwhelmed me and pulling off my pants, I grabbed her wrists and forcing them over her head effectively immobilising her top half whilst I started to press myself on her. She started to fight back and I had to force my legs between hers to subdue her, but I was stronger than her and had the advantage of being heavier and on top and I prevailed. I released my grip on her wrists for a moment to grab the cord off her dressing gown. She immediately tried to scratch my eyes out, but I caught hold of her wrists again and used to cord to bind her wrists together. She continued to struggle against me but I forced my self down and my rampant prick soon found it's way, almost by it's own volition into her soaking pussy.

I was like an animal, I fucked her hard, deep and fast and as I gathered pace, Sally stopped fighting me and began to respond to my savage attack, urging me on crying, "That's it, fuck me like a slut, make me cum!"

I was too excited to last long at the pace I was going at and felt my balls tighten ready to explode, but one look down at her hickey bruised tits and my anger subsided replaced with a lust that compelled me to control myself and slow my pace.

I wanted to prove to her that I was THE man, HER man and I would fuck her so hard she would not be able to walk for a week.....

I increased the pace again and felt Sally immediately respond to match my thrusting.

She suddenly screamed, "I my Godddd , I'm cumming, oh God don't stop, deeper, harder, more, more, fuck me more."

She was quivering as spasm after spasm ripped through her body. I had never known Sally to have multiple orgasms before, but she certainly did that morning.

Her screams set me over the top and with one final deep push, I felt my cock pulse and explode deep in her cunt, followed quickly with three or four more deep spurts as I unloaded my cum into her receptive body.

As we lay there in each other's arms, cooling down, she said, "That was something else, sweetheart."

"I did not know you had it in you to be so forceful, maybe I should misbehave more often?" she continued.

I replied calmly, "You just pushed me too far, I'm sorry for attacking you just now, but it was caused by totally unacceptable behaviour on your part. I love you very much and do not want to lose you, but if you ever come home with similar bruises again, our marriage will be over!"

Sally sat up and turned to look at me and said, "I love you deeply and I am sorry for about night, you must believe me. You still deserve an explanation about last night, so I will try and explain what I was feeling and how the events came to pass."

I just nodded for to continue and she haltingly started to explain.

She gathered her thoughts and told me that she was feeling very excited all day in expectation of the evening to come. That in deciding to wear that dress, she was conscious that it was very risqué and that she wanted to wear it in an attempt to rekindle our marriage.

The side effect on Jerry Samuels and the other men present only succeeded in making her extremely aware of her sexuality, in fact she was soaking between her legs all night, having to retire to the Ladies to mop herself up several times. She was sure that everyone could smell her arousal and all the attention she received from the men only had the effect of encouraging her in her exhibitionism.

She went on to tell me that she was fully aware of the effect she would have when she reached to tie back her hair before the drive off. She admitted that her action had been done deliberately, that she wanted to make me jealous and aroused, so much so that I would start to desire her again.

I interrupted her to stress that I always desired and loved her, but felt that her commitments to the club had driven a wedge between us. She agreed that it had not helped, but that my jealousy also contributed to our problems.

She wanted to continue her explanation, but as much as I wanted to hear the rest of it, I had to remind her that the girls were due home at any time.

"Oh shit," she exclaimed, "We had better get ourselves tidied up before they get back." Then she stopped and asked me quietly: "Are we going to be all right?"

"I think so," I replied, "But there will need to be some changes."

We agreed to discuss that more fully later that evening and rushed to tidy up.

Later that evening after the girls had gone to bed, we returned to the question of what had happened last night and how Sally had let it get so far. I started the ball rolling by asking her, "So what happened when you returned to the clubhouse after the drive in?"

She thought for a moment and recounted the events from that point on.

After changing back out of her golf shoes, she had returned to the bar, looking for me. Unable to find me, she turned and started talking to one of the other ladies, but most people were leaving to go home the main event of the evening now over, so she was soon left alone. Jerry must have seen her standing at the bar looking slightly lost and he swiftly approached her and brooking no refusal, turned to the barman and ordered two large brandies. Handing one to Sally he said, "Here get this down you, it will soon warm you up."

Sally said that the drink really did have an effect on her and she was soon feeling light headed. She thanked Jerry and asked him if he had seen me anywhere, to which he replied, "The last I saw of him he was in a corner of the function suite chatting to Samantha."

He said we should go looking for them, and taking her arm as she was by now feeling the effects of the brandy, guided her into the committee room and closed up behind Sally putting his arms around her. She continued, that she tried to get away from him but she felt so drunk, that he was so insistent that she just relaxed back into his arms and he started kissing her neck and ears lobes.

Sally is very sensitive to any stimulation around her ears. So it was no surprise to me when she said, "Jack, I knew it was wrong, I did not want him to continue, but could not fight it, there was a lassitude creeping over my body, but at the same time, I was so aroused and I just let him continue to caress me."

She described how he then slipped his hands beneath her dress and onto her breasts and started to tease and play with her engorged nipples. She was like putty in his hands and when he unfastened her halter neck catch and slipped her top down, she was powerless to prevent him and had made no resistance when he started to kiss and suck on her breasts. When he started trying to pull her dress up over her hips, she suddenly realised what was happening and came to her senses. At that point someone tapped on the door giving her a chance to get her dress refastened while Jerry opened the door to admit Cliff James. She thought he was probably quick enough to get a good look at her tits before he relayed the warning you were searching for his me.

Jerry told Cliff to check if the coast was clear to enable him to slip out and he quickly departed. Sally said that she had to pass Jerry to get to the door, when he reached out, grabbed her and told her in a commanding tone, "I want you and will have you before too long."

I interrupted her explanation and asked, "What was your response to that?"

"I told him that what had just happened was a mistake and would never happen again." She replied.

"Was that the end of it then? I asked.

Sally's face went scarlet and she looked at me nervously and said, "No, he told me I was a slut in the making and when the opportunity presented itself, he would fuck me blind and make me his slut."

I hesitated, trying to think how best to form my next question, when Sally said, "I slapped his face for that remark, but he just laughed at me and told me that I would crawl to him and beg him to fuck me before the year was out."

I was furious, how could that bastard dare to think he could molest my wife and elicit no response from me! Sally seeing my angry face, held me tight and said, " I will never give him the opportunity to get me alone again, please trust me on this!"

She then said, "Look, if you make an issue of this all that will happen is that we will both be extremely embarrassed as he will get his cronies to spread the word about my indiscretion, remember Cliff James saw enough of me to confirm the story."

I realised that she was talking about the issue far more calmly than me and that what she said made sense. I told her that I felt my position at work was untenable, I would have to work with that smirking bastard every day. Again, her counsel has more rational than mine, she said, "I know it's a lot to ask, but if you storm into his office and take you revenge on him, you will probably end up in jail for assault, if you resign your position immediately, people are bound to ask why, you can bet the rumours about last night will soon circulate, but as long as they are only rumours we can try and ignore them."

She continued, "Jerry will not want to lend any credence to the rumours, he is married to the bosses daughter after all, so he will be trying to put a damper on any gossip, can't you see it would be better to swallow your pride for a few months while you search for another job, then you can leave at a time of your choosing when things have cooled down?"

I had to agree to a certain extent, I was damned either way, but I could also see that this path would also save her a lot of embarrassment and I had a feeling that this had a lot to do with her reasoning.

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