tagLoving WivesThe Lady Captains Year Ch. 05

The Lady Captains Year Ch. 05


Chapter 5: The Lady Captain's Year -- August -- September

I have carried over the final few paragraphs from Chapter 4 for continuity.

DS Taylor then stood and said: "Jack Adams I am arresting you on the suspicion of committing grievous bodily harm to your wife Sally Adams! You do not need say anything.............

I hardly heard the rest of the caution. Amy and Pippa looked on in disbelief as DC Armstrong dragged me to my feet, pulled my arms behind my back and handcuffed my wrists. Then he started to propel me to the exit.

I resisted for a moment and called to my family, "Don't worry it's all a mistake, I would never hurt your mother, you know that!"

And that's how I came to be locked up in the police cells, wondering what the future held.

The following morning, I was taken from cell and brought to an interview room. Awaiting me was my lawyer and sat opposite him was DS Taylor and DC Armstrong.

I looked at my lawyer and asked, "Is there any word on Sally?" He shook his head and replied, "She is still in intensive care, I checked just before coming here."

I took my seat and waited for someone to speak. DS Taylor cleared her throat and said, "Please accept my personal apology for your arrest, new information has come to light that exonerates you from any involvement in her assault."

Before I could reply she continued, "We have in our possession a video camera recovered from the scene, that clearly identifies the perpetrators and we had no trouble finding them. They are now getting treated for their injuries and are under arrest."

"Why did you not inform us straight away that you were in fact rescuing her?"

"Because you lot jumped to conclusions, you never gave me any opportunity to explain and I was bundled out of the hospital into a cell so quickly I did not even have a chance to explain to my children, God knows what they must think of me!" I said bitterly.

I asked what charges would be brought against the bastards that first drugged, beat then assaulted my wife.

DS Taylor explained, "They will be charged with assault, we have insufficient evidence to prove she had not willingly taken the drugs, in fact she has been recorded asking for, and I quote 'a lift'. That could be construed as compliance to the drug taking. We have no evidence that she was anything but a willing participant in the orgy, again the video evidence depicts her as demanding more attention."

I pondered what DS Taylor had disclosed. Clearly Samuels had been selective in what he had recorded. Thinking quickly, I saw an opportunity to really stitch the bastards up.

I asked DS Taylor, "What if you had video evidence that clearly shows Sally resisting the beating and being coerced into consenting to the gangbang and drug taking?"

"Do you have such evidence?" the DC excitedly, "Cause if you have, we can do them for rape, and grievous bodily harm."

I asked them if I could have a word with my lawyer in private, they agreed and left us alone. I talked to him about the legality of the recording, explaining the involvement of Bob and if there would be any repercussions to him, if I released the video.

He asked if I had such a recording and when I confirmed it, he said, "I will negotiate with DS Taylor, but you have done nothing wrong in placing cameras in your own campervan and in my judgement, this evidence will be clearly admissible in court.

"The only issues may be, firstly, did you and Bob only use reasonable force in subduing the attackers and I think you did. Secondly, how did the said attackers come to be found, badly beaten, naked and tied to the War Memorial in the centre of town?"

I knew Bob would be in the clear as he was with Samantha during the immediate aftermath and my alibi was also full-proof as I had been at the hospital or in a cell all night.

So I said, "Lets get them back in."

Things moved quickly after that, DS Taylor accompanied me to my house and we viewed the video together. As I had remembered it did show Sally, begging not to be abused any more, and that she had only submitted to him under duress.

DS Taylor asked for a copy of the video clip and looking at me pointedly, said, "If I were you, I would 'lose' that PC, I don't think you are being completely honest about the chain of events leading up to last night. Their defence attorneys may decide to apply to subpoena it. If there are any other recordings on the hard drive relating to last night's activities or previous encounters it may damage the prosecution case!" She winked at me and left, she was one smart lady.

After she left, I removed the hard drive from the PC and dropped it off at my parent's house for safe keeping. As I drove to the hospital I tried to come to terms with my emotions.

I was confused about my relationship with Sally, yes she was a cheating, lying slut, but in my heart I had some sympathy for how she had been tricked, drugged and abused. Granted she had deliberately set out to fuck him in Scotland and showed little remorse for actions, but how sure was I, that I had not contributed to her decision in some way!

Her parents were sitting in the waiting room with Amy and Pippa. When I walked up, the girls threw themselves into my arms and we all wept. I realised we were making quite an exhibition standing there, so I gently disengaged myself and took Sally's father aside for a word. He pre-empted my words by saying, "It's Ok you don't have to explain anything, DS Taylor was just here and she has told us what has been happening, We owe you an apology, we should have known that you loved Sally too much to ever harm her."

A tall distinguished looking dark skinned man entered the waiting room and asked if we were Sally's family and when we confirmed we were, introduced himself as hr consultant physician. He told us she had regained consciousness, was off the life support system and breathing normally. He warned us she had a long way to go before she would be fully recovered and that she was asking for me. I rose to go to her, but he restrained me, gently taking my arm and guiding me into his office.

"I need to talk to you first" he said.

He explained that he was aware of some of the background to her case and cautioned me to try not to upset her. He said her mind is in a delicate state of balance he intended to refer her to a psychiatrist. He explained, her problems are more than just physical and in his opinion she had major behavioural issues to face before she could hope to resume a normal life again.

I told him, I also had some major problems to address and that the events leading up to last night had led me to believe that divorce was the only option left to me. He said he understood that, but could I please make no mention of that until Sally had received some treatment from her psychiatrist.

"Look," he said, "I'm not saying you need to tell her that everything is alright between you, but just tell her you are deferring any decision until she has had a chance to recover from her ordeal. "Please," he begged, "leave her with some hope that you will be able to forgive her. She needs a rock to cling to and you are her rock right now."

Faced with that dilemma what would you do? She was my wife for eighteen year's and had borne my children. Did that outweigh her blatant infidelity? I asked him to take me to see her and he guided me to her room and left us alone.

She looked pale and was lying with her eyes closed, I thought she was asleep, so I remained silent/ I just stood looking down at the love of my life and started to think of the good things we had shared. Her skin had that slightly jaundiced yellow tinge to it and her face was also bruised. I thought to myself abstractly as I stood there pondering what to do, I noticed that she must have taken a couple of blows to her face during the course of her gangbang. Isn't it funny how weird the mind works in times of stress.

I moved to her bedside and took her hand in mine and slowly caressed it. She opened her eyes and the tears just fell down onto her cheeks. My determination to be cool and clinical in any conversation dissolved, I reached down and putting my arms on her shoulders pulled her to me. She wept for a long time and slowly, I felt her relax, her breathing becoming more even and eventually she slept. She made a slight moan as I gently disengaged myself, but did not awaken. I left her and went to see my girls and her parents as I entered Sally's mother was first to hug me and hold me. She pulled back and handed me a tissue for me to blow my nose. When I had regained control of my emotions, I told them what the Consultant had said and that I had deferred any decision until Sally had recovered. The girls asked if they could go in to her and I said yes, but warned them not to disturb her.

I sat with her parents and her Dad asked, "Do you believe you can ever forgive her?"

I simply said, "I just don't know, I 'm so full of conflicting emotions at the moment, but I think Sally and I both need to seek some form of counselling if we were to have any chance of patching things up."

I immediately corrected myself, "No, patching things up is not what I want, I know we cannot go back to how it used to be, too many things have happened and the trust we had in each other until recently had been lost forever."

"I know I still love her, one cannot just turn off eighteen years of marriage and start acting as if one does not care any more!" I said, "But I can assure you, I am not ready to give up on Sally while there is any chance that we can recover our love."

Her dad said, "We cannot ask you for anything more than that. You have been like the son we never had and we love you so much. You are a good man, a good father and whatever the eventual outcome, we know that you will not give up until you have explored every avenue first."

We talked some more and eventually Amy came back and said, "She's awake now and wishes to see her us all together, so we all trooped into her room, she looked much better, the twins had obviously taken the opportunity to apply some make up to her face and comb her hair before letting us back in.

Sally tried to smile, but she was finding it too difficult, so gave up and said, "I need to say this in front of you all. I have no excuse for my recent behaviour. I have been selfish, greedy and disrespectful to my husband. I cannot undo the events, I can only apologise to you all, but particularly to you Jack, I'm sorry for the pain and distress I have caused you and can only hope that, in time you will be able to forgive me."

She continued with a sigh, "I will not fight the divorce, and the girls can live with whoever they prefer."

Now I am not one for snap decisions, but at that moment I realised that despite everything I WANTED to fight for her, for my marriage and for our future.

"Hey," I said to her, "Are you not prepared to fight for me, for our marriage? It's not like you to surrender without a fight, that's not my Sally, not the girl I married!"

Sally looked up and her eyes showed only sadness she said quietly, "Jack, I am not the girl you married and never can be again. I am a slut who betrayed your trust and defiled our marriage. Sorry but, I'm just not worth fighting for."

I was at a loss for a moment, there it was, I could just walk away and nobody would criticise my actions or I could stand and fight.

It was Amy who tipped the balance, she must have seen the indecision in my face as I struggled with myself.

She went to her mother and taking her hand said, "It's make your mind up time Mum, you can lie there and resign yourself to a life without the man you have always loved, or you can look him in the eye and tell him you want to fight for your marriage and your children's love. Give up this fight and you will lose not only your husband but your daughters as well."

Sally looked at both our daughters and she could see the determination in their eyes.

"OK, I will try, I love you both so much, I have already lost your father's love and respect already but I don't want to lose your love as well!"

The effort had clearly tired her as she just let her head fall back onto the pillow and closed her eyes. I motioned for the girls and her parents to leave us and when they had gone, I took Sally's hand and kissed it.

She opened her eyes and I told her, "When you get out of here the hard work starts."

She just nodded and drifted off to sleep.

They kept Sally in for another 24 hours before releasing her with strict instructions on after care.

We started seeing the therapist straight away, at first individually and after a few sessions, we would go together. It wasn't easy, bearing our souls to one another and revealing our innermost thoughts to criticism.

We still had major rows, when one of us would utter something inappropriate or insensitive. It would strike a raw nerve and the anger would explode. If I am honest, I was usually the one who would explode. I could not get the picture of her being triple teamed out of my head and every time Sally even looked at another man, I felt my jealous nature rise, but gradually things seemed to improve.

Our social life was very low key, Sally quickly found that she was effectively shunned by her former so called golfing friends. She could not face the whispering or the critical looks she drew whenever she entered the clubhouse. She had resigned her captaincy immediately but, despite of the behaviour of her former friends she decided to retain her membership from the Golf Club at least until the renewal subscription was due. Neither of us played much golf now. We took up cycling for exercise and we came to enjoy it, eventually.

I said our former friends started to shun us, not strictly true, some of our true friends really stood by us and helped us to overcome the whispers and comments until we could just about laugh at them.

Foremost among those was Bob and, wait for it, Samantha. The confirmed bachelor had been tamed. We had invited for dinner one evening during August and he asked if he could bring a date. This was unusual, as he had never brought any of his girlfriends before. He arrived first and alone, we made no comment until Amy, bursting curiosity had to demand: "So where is she, this woman who has broken both my heart and Pippa's?"

Just then the doorbell rang and Pippa raced to answer. Her mouth gaped in surprise when she saw Samantha standing in the doorway. Bob rather sheepishly went to the door and taking her hand, drew her into the hall.

"Samantha and I have been seeing each other for a few weeks now. She and Jerry are soon to be divorced, the papers have already been served whilst he was on remand. It's early days yet for us and you are the first to know, we wanted to tell you before the gossip mongers start."

Sally just went to first Sally and hugged her, then turned to Bob with a twinkle and said, "So you have finally forsaken me and found another woman?" Bob seeing her remark for what it was, flirted back and said, "Well you had your chances with me, but you found the better man." He smiled and added, "You know that, don't you?"

Sally eyes filled with tears and Bob was stricken that he had inadvertently re-opened barely healed wounds.

I just pulled Sally to me, kissed her and said with a smile, "Yer damned right, I'm the better man! Hands off!" Sally just clung to me until she recovered her composure, then fled to the kitchen. I made to follow her, but Samantha held me back by my arm and said, "Please, let me talk to her." She followed Sally into the kitchen, but all we could hear were murmurs as the conversed.

The rest of us took refuge in setting the table for dinner until the meal was served. As Sally and Samantha brought the food into the dining room, I watched Sally closely and was relieved to see her composure restored. Whatever they had talked about, seemed to have the right effect and she was much more like her old self during dinner. The earlier awkwardness eased as the wine started to loosen our tongues.

The evening, after that sensitive start was a great success. After dinner the girls retired to their I pods and the talk between the four of inevitably turned to he upcoming trial. Sally confirmed that she intended to be a witness but added she was very nervous what might happen. We tried to reassure her, but I could see that she was close to breaking down. I swiftly changed the subject and asked Samantha what was happening at work, I had taken leave of absence and was due to return the following week. She brought me up to date and said her Dad had resumed the as MD and would stay until we decided on any replacement. By the time Bob and Samantha came to leave, we were all in good spirits.

That night was the first time since the incident that Sally and I tried to make love. She was willing, in fact, eager to show her love for me. She came to bed with a very short, transparent black nightie. I could see her unfettered breasts swaying as she crossed the floor towards me. My erection was rampant and I felt my desire for her grow, my breathing almost stopped as she posed just like a model in a men's magazine and then she shrugged her shoulders allowing it to fall off her breasts. I could wait no longer and pulled her to me, we kissed deeply our tongues searching deep into each others mouth as our passion grew.

It took moments for her to lose the nightgown and she straddled my torso. As I lay under her my eyes were drawn to her breasts, I could not help but notice the dark red weal's where Samuels had struck her and my erection died. I cried out in anguish and Sally realising what had happened, jumped off me ran to the en-suite bathroom crying.

I followed her into the bathroom. She was sitting on the toilet seat just rocking back and forth hugging herself in her misery. I dropped to my knees and put my arms around her and we both wept.

She kept saying, "Jack, Jack my love. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Will we ever get it together again!"

I tried to reassure her and explained, "It was just the sight of those welts on your breast that brought it all back to me. I don't know why. But my erection just died."

We talked for some time and agreed we needed to discuss this at our next therapy session. We went back to bed where I gently started kissing her. I wanted to reassure her and started caressing her breasts. I let my kisses desert her lips and I started to nibble at her ears and I felt the beginnings of her desire respond to my stimulation. When my lips found her nipples she started moaning in her desire. After a few minutes, she pushed my head down and I knew that her need was reaching fever pitch, her long legs opened to give my head access to her centre of desire.

I plunged my tongue into her pussy, licking at her soaking labia. Her legs imprisoned my head between her rocking thighs and had to use my fingers on her tight rosebud to get her to release my head so that I could breathe. She bucked her hips and humped my face until she screamed in orgasm. She pulled my off her pussy and drew me up to kiss me, her tongue searching for mine.

When she came down from her orgasm, she delved down on me and took my limp phallus into her mouth, sucking and nibbling in a desperate attempt to restore it's hardness. It was to no avail, despite my best efforts, she failed to get it to rise to the occasion. She continued to try and stimulate me but eventually I had to pull her off me and I had to tell her, "I'm sorry, but it's hopeless, the pictures just keep repeating on my head."

Sally was distraught and she cried, " Oh shit, what have I done to you, you don't want me any more?"

I just held her and assured her we would work to find a solution and I would be able to fuck her to her hearts content. We fell asleep eventually, but I knew we were both deeply troubled by this turn of events.

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