The Lady Executive Ch. 01


He grabbed my arm as I reached for my handbag and turned me toward him again. I saw lust in his eyes.

I stopped short surprised at his action and asked, "Aren't you ready to go?"

He smiled and said, "I can't leave the room with this huge hard on."

I said, "Oh but you will darling". I smiled at him and took him by the hand as we left the room together.

When we arrived downstairs for breakfast, the host escorted us through the hotel lobby then outside and down a sidewalk to a private table. The table was ready for us. It was equipped with an umbrella, nice table cloth, set with silverware, plates, and glasses. Lance pulled out my chair for me. I sit down and waited for him to take his seat. The host took our drink orders and was off to fetch them. I ordered orange juice and coffee. Lance ordered the same. The juice was cold and refreshing. Lance picked up his orange juice, raised his glass and said "Here is to the beginning of a wonderful day." I raised my glass back and smiled. I was starting to wonder what he was up to. He had a mischievous look in his eyes. The host was back with assorted bagels, cream cheese, croissants, and butter and asked for our order. I ordered some scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes and bacon. Lance ordered and egg white omelet with ham & cheese and the host was off again.

As I sit there in my lingerie that he had not seen and the blue dress that I had planned on wearing to pick him up at the airport, I couldn't help but replay in my mind the fantasy and details I had worked out as to how the events of the weekend would go. I was supposed to arrive at the airport early where he would find me waiting for him. He would walk quickly towards me and drop his bag next to me and we would embrace in a long hot kiss. I found myself aroused and at the same time disappointed that it had not gone as I had planned out in my head. I had taken the time to plan everything perfectly special for my first prey.

"You know, I had a surprise all planned out for you when I picked you up at the airport today." I said seductively.

"Is that so? Are you saying that I shouldn't have surprised you last night?" he asked playfully.

"Oh that's not what I'm saying, no. What was with the early arrival surprise?" I asked.

"I was sitting in my office yesterday morning, looking at a long day of boring meetings and trying not to think of you. I quickly realized it was useless and I knew I wouldn't get anything productive done with your body on my mind. I had my secretary reschedule my whole day and change my flight plans. Is it alright that I arrived early? Didn't you enjoy last night?" he asked.

Oh lord, there was that smirk again. It was cocky, arrogant, self-assured and sexy as hell and yep...there goes my pussy, beginning to drool all over my seat, yet again. I decided if I was going to go through breakfast horny, so was he. It was time to give him a glimpse of his surprise. I slowly scooted my butt forward a bit on my seat, pulling my skirt a bit higher up my legs. I spread my legs wide enough that he'd be assured of a great view under the table, especially in this bright sunlight. I looked around and made sure no one around was looking our way.

"Why don't you drop your napkin on the ground and take a look at part of your surprise?" I suggested with a sexy smirk of my own and glanced down at my waist.

He smiled. "My dear Joanie, you are such a naughty girl." he said as he very convincingly accidentally knocked his napkin off the table.

To my horror, the host appeared out of nowhere and started to bend over to pick it up for him. I managed to catch his eye and shake my head no pleadingly. He somehow immediately caught on and disappeared before Lance even realized he was there.

"Damn that guy must be psychic or something. I'll have to remember to tip him later." I thought as Lance looked between my legs and saw crotchless panties framing a very wet pussy. I knew I had gotten to him because he bumped his head as he sat back up.

Lance was all business as he asked, "Would you like to go back to the hotel room and get ready for some fun on the beach?"

I smiled and said, "Of course I would." We reached the room once again and I was anxious to show Lance the lingerie I had bought special for this weekend. "Lance, would you be a dear and help me out of this dress so I can get ready for that fun on the beach?" I asked sweetly as I turned my back to him and lifted my hair so he could unzip the dress.

"What fucking beach?" he growled as he unzipped and removed my dress. He marveled at the beautiful short black laced slip with blue trim and matching thong. He twirled me around and ran his hands down my body to my hips, pulling the lace slip down my legs. He stepped back and admired my lingerie for a few moments before stripping it off of me.

I stood before him naked for a moment then pushed him against the wall and started undressing him. I slowly removed his tie and while keeping it in my hand ripped his shirt open while buttons flew to the floor. I pressed against him, kissing him while running my hands up and down his muscular chest. I then stopped as he watched me take his tie and place it around my waist tying it in a knot knowing I would keep it as a souvenir of my first internet conquest.

Naked before him with only his tie around me, he grabbed the tie and pulled me to the bed where I continued to undress him slowly as he kicked off his shoes. I unfastened his belt and slid it through the loops and off his body and to the floor. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off while leaving his briefs in place. After dropping his pants to the floor, I returned to his briefs. I slid my fingers under the elastic waistline and pulled them down exposing his erect cock.

He grabbed the tie around my waist and placed me on my back and, with our eyes locked; he entered my wet welcoming vagina again. Pounding me quickly, I slowed him down and rolled him to his back where I could slide onto his cock and control when I would allow him to cum. I took my time riding him, dismounting to give him head, and riding him again until I pinned his arms to his sides and fucked him fast and hard until we both came together.

After enjoying the intense sex, I slipped into my bikini and shorts while Lance put on his shorts and T-shirt so we could head to the beach both of us wet and smelling of sex.

Lance had the hotel attendant set up two beach chairs and an umbrella for us. I set our towels and my beach bag down in one of the chairs and we walked along to the beach. We talked about all the fun we had leading up to this weekend. As we walked further, we talked about his job, sports and all the things we like to do in our free time. This was too much information but he would be leaving in the morning. I learned then and there that an entire weekend was too long for just a lusty sex encounter.

We started walking back to our chairs so we could order some drinks and lunch. We ordered our drinks first and enjoyed them as we set there taking in the view of the sand, sun, and surf under the shade of our umbrella. After our lunch, we both dozed off in our chairs. It had been a long work week and a late night of passion.

When I awoke, I noticed that Lance was still sleeping so I decided to go for a dip in the water. I pulled off my shorts, got up and walked to the water alone in my bikini thinking how I was going to end this since this was my first time at this. Was I the black widow? After sleeping with me, you get the kiss of death. It's over and I never see you again. I decided while my feet began touching the water that this was just how it had to be. I enjoyed being in the water alone all the while keeping a close eye on Lance who was starting to awake to an empty chair next to him and a beach that was quickly becoming deserted.

I walked out of the water with Lance's watchful eyes on me. As I approached him, I took off my new bikini top and dropped it to the sand beside by beach bag. Never taking his eyes off me, he stood and reached to the waistband of his suit, and pulled it down over his hips and legs. He kicked the suit over to join my discarded top. I could see his cock expanding, thickening as the blood surged into his cock.

He started toward me, but I grabbed the beach towels and ran toward the dunes and a nearby secluded area. He followed, feet pounding the sand, until he ran up and over a large sand dune, only to find me settling down on the large towels out of sight of the surf.

Lance set himself down beside me and reached out for one of my firm breasts, with its tightly puckered nipple. "Oh God, Lance, I need you..." but I never got to finish what I was saying as he plunged his mouth onto mine in a passionate melding of our lips.

I stretched out on the towels, alternately moving my legs back and forth across them. He dropped down between my spread thighs, and leaned in to plant a firm kiss in the center of my pubic mound. I inhaled sharply, and brought my long smooth legs up to my chest, giving him complete access to my wide-open crotch. He scooted lower and used his tongue to split open my wet lips, only to seek out my swelling clit. He flicked the fat, blood-engorged bud from side to side, before drawing my clit into his mouth. His steadily increasing suction on my clit quickly brought me to heights of ultimate pleasure, and I thrashed and clawed the beach towels as well as Lance's back as I repeatedly reached higher and higher peaks of pleasure.

Quickly, Lance was up and over me, dragging his hard, heavy cock along my smooth, soft thighs. I recognized his need immediately and cried out, "Take me, baby! Shove that big cock inside me. God, I'm so wet for you."

Lance responded softly "Not yet, Joanie. I need a good cocksucking first. I want to feel your beautiful lips around me."

Lance moved up my stomach and chest and sat lightly on my firm breasts, using his knees and thigh muscles to shock absorb his body weight. He laid his thick cock on my chin and watched as his clear fluids leaked from the head of his penis to coat my glossy lips. I stuck out my tongue and he laid his cock along the length of it. He softly caressed my jaw line as I closed my mouth, formed a tight seal around his prick, and began to nurse his cock. His head went back and his eyes closed at the exquisite feeling being derived from my incredible sucking talents.

I couldn't get much of his large cock in my mouth in that position, so I gently coaxed him off my chest and onto his side, while never breaking contact with the object of my desire. On our sides, I could engulf most of his cock and he gradually pushed his entire prick into my mouth. I snuffled and snorted while trying to breathe and suck his thick eight inches all at the same time. Lance realized my struggle and pulled back, but I mumbled and grabbed his loaded balls hard enough to stop his rearward motions.

I meant for him to keep his cock deep in my throat, but the sudden rolling of his sensitive testicles triggered his powerful orgasm. I suddenly found myself dealing with a mouth and throat stuffed with cock and an eruption of thick, creamy cum. He retracted his spewing cock and watched, in fascination, as I began to swirl his fluids around my open mouth with my tongue. Not yet finished, his cock shot two additional pulses of cum onto my lips and cheeks.

He watched me close my mouth, and anticipating that I was about to swallow, touched my lips with his fingers, smearing the pooled semen. He looked into my questioning eyes, and shook his head back and forth smiling, silently waiting for me to swallow.

My eyes widened as he brought his mouth down to mine and opened my lips with his tongue. I sighed deeply, and kissed him with the remains of his own semen on my lips as he pushed his massive hand between my open thighs, sought out my clit, and tortured me again by rubbing it vigorously.

While we lay there together naked on the towels in each other's arms with the sun beginning to set, we watched the beautiful changing colors of the sky. As my thoughts wondered once again, I found myself thinking of Kenny and the chats we had been having online through Skype. What would he be like in person? Would he be the next and when would we meet?

We gathered our things and returned to the room. We showered together while I smiled at him knowing he would be packing afterwards for his early flight in the morning. Unable to resist my smile and deep blue eyes he pulled me into his wet body, kissed me and said, "I think this weekend was great."

I had to agree and responded "Lance, I have enjoyed you immensely and it has been a great weekend."

He woke me the next morning with a kiss on the cheek and his arms holding me tightly against him. I smiled and softly said, "Good Morning."

Lance said, "Good morning. I hate to say it, but I have a plane to catch."

I kissed him passionately and said, "Then you better get ready to go."

He smiled and said, "One more kiss and smile for me." Unable to resist his charm, I smiled and kissed him again before he got out of bed to get ready for his flight.

Lance was dressed for his flight, handsome as ever and smelled intoxicating. He grabbed his bag, kissed me with his hands placed gently on my cheeks, and left for the airport. I stood there in my silk robe, glad to see him go so I could get online with Kenny.

Wasting no time, I took my laptop out of my bag, sat at the desk in my hotel room waiting for my computer to start up. I picked up my phone and turned the ringer back on. I was thinking about my email to Kenny when my instant message went off on my phone. It was Kenny.

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