tagErotic HorrorThe Lady in Blue Ch. 02

The Lady in Blue Ch. 02


After completing all the pleasantries and kiss ups necessary to ensure smooth footing for the next few days' meetings, Dan was more than glad to be heading to his room-finally.

He didn't give the barkeepers' story a second thought until he was in the elevator, but it had to be just a legend. He pushed it out of his head. All he knew at this point was that he was beat-completely exhausted and he had to sleep. He entered room 216, and found that it was tasteful, if a bit snug; he thought he'd just call it homey and cozy and leave it at that. He'd arrived from the airport and had the bellhop take everything but his portfolio case and capsule of drawings up to the room ahead of him. He hadn't even made it there until this very moment himself.

He decided to fix himself a nightcap and switched on the TV to help him unwind. He by passed the news and found some reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond...a good light hearted laugh always did wonders for his sleep process.

30 minutes later Dan was snuggled deep between the sheets. Completely zapped from the trip, the meetings, the drinks, and the stress, he was off to dreamland in no time. He was awakened around 3 AM. He wasn't sure why or what had awakened him. After taking a trip to the can he tried to settle back in but just as he began to dose off he felt something again, what was that...it was a weird feeling...like a presence or something.

The hairs on the back of his neck began to stand up, but not in the bad sense, like the sense of warm breath blowing across your neck. Like the heat you feel next to your ear before someone kisses it. Just enough to give him a little happy jolt and then he was back to sleep again.

Dan was lost in a pleasant sexy dream when he awoke. As he felt the head of his cock rubbing against the material of the sheet...he thought it must have been a great dream. But then he felt the covers rustle by themselves and felt them and something else, something soft brush across his cock. He was sure that the ghost story had gotten to him and that he was so tired that he was completely loosing it.

The touch came again though...and again...and now it was much more of a stroke than a feather like brush from before. Dan looked around the room trying to discern if anything was different now than when he'd gone to bed. There was a candle glowing on the mantel below the mirror that hung there. In the mirror Dan could see a bulge in the covers near his legs. But when he tried to touch whatever was there it just collapsed.

"Nothing-there was nothing there-your loosing it Danny boy!" He said aloud to himself trying to break the eerie silence of the room.

Then he felt the unmistakable touch, something-someone was touching his cock and they wanted it-badly. Dan laid back and closed his eyes.

"Maybe if I can't see that she isn't there I'll be able to just relax and enjoy it." Dan thought.

And that's just what he did. He closed his eyes and sunk his head deep into the pillow and he gave the ghostly lady a sigh of contentment and enjoyment. With that her tentative caresses turned to the long loving strokes of a woman's hand job. Dan writhed under her touch, she was powerful, And new just the right way to touch him. Dan's thick cock began to drool, leaving sticky trails on the sheet.

"Oh, god that feels so good..." Dan said aloud to the Lady.

"I WANT YOU SAM" The ghostly whisper of the Lady in Blue replied.

"THE MIRROR..." the ghost continued.

And as Dan glanced towards the mirror he saw the beautiful face of the young Lady in Blue. Her Blonde hair blown back from her shoulders by the breeze she smiled hungrily at Dan.

She was an exquisite beauty. Standing there in her blue gown of years gone by. She disrobed in front of the mirror revealing milky white corseted breasts that stood firm and large above the corset's top. And the smallest waist Dan thought he'd ever seen. She wore a garter and stockings set-lacey and provocative.

In a flash she was gone, disappeared from the mirror. Dan felt hands on his chest as he was sitting up in the bed still staring at the mirror of mystery. The hands pushed him back gently against the bed. Again the hands were on him and the sheet ruffled and she was there, there with his cock in her hands. Dan felt the brush of soft sweet lips across his head and down his hot shaft that was now sticky with anticipation.

"Yes, Oh, please yes, suck my cock." Dan moaned.

Dan heard a heavenly moan and a soft throaty chuckle as the Lady in Blue took his dripping member deep within her mouth and began to suck him in a heavenly fashion. Dan could not believe this was happening, but he wasn't going to do anything to stop it either. He'd been so busy with work that he couldn't remember the last time he'd had a good lay, after all he had to have time to date for that.

He lay there under the weightless feel of the ghostly woman beneath the covers. She moaned softly right along with him as he felt the stiffness and heat of his cock growing wildly inside her mouth. She took him so deep he had never felt anything like this before perhaps she had no limits to the depth that she could take now that she was able to change her shape and form to go in and out of rooms and walls and mirrors...Dan just didn't know, but what he did know is that it was the most erotic thing he'd ever felt. All he had to do was lay there and let her please him.

She licked down the length of his shaft catching every oozing drip of pre-cum that she could. She licked and sucked and nibbled at his smoothly shaven balls. She could almost have made him come from just that alone. Then she ran her tongue back up his length and came to rest on the head of his cock and she sucked until Dan's head was huge and a red/purple color as Dan quivered over and over again.

Suddenly but gently he felt two new sensations at once. The ghost spread Dan's piss hole open and inserted her tongue as deeply as she could stretching him and causing his cock to burn with a wonderful fire from deep down inside. She fucked her tongue in and out of his hole. Her tongue had such force and such a pointed sharp feeling to it that it was like being speared over and over again to Dan.

After a few seconds of that alone, Dan felt the second new sensation as he felt the cheeks of his ass open wide and a woman's long skinny finger dig its way deep inside. Dan shuttered under the feeling, part pleasure-part pain. She continued to fuck his piss hole and suck the pre-cum from his head as she slid a second finger inside and rammed them both in as deep as she could until her knuckles were resting on Dan's ass checks.

"Oh my fucking God!" Dan screamed out.

"-I'm being ass reamed by a fucking ghost-holy shit this is fantastic...Oh, fuck me! That feels so fucking good.... Mmm, I can't take anymore-I'm gonna cum-I'm cumming now-Oh...." Dan exclaimed as he let his huge juicy load blow deep inside the ghostly mouth.

Just as Dan blew his load and felt the ghost swallowing his jizz his phone began to ring. It was the wake up call he'd asked for-it was 6:30 in the morning...Dan waited to feel the Lady in Blue move again. But she was gone; the phone had scared her off. When he pulled back the covers and looked he found that they were soaked with his huge load of cum, but he hadn't felt any of it, he knew she'd swallowed it-

"It went right through her didn't it...?" Dan thought to himself.

He flopped back against the pillows and breathed a heavy sigh,

"Thank You."

"Thank You Lady in Blue. Sure hope to see-well-to feel you again tonight!" Dan said aloud to thin air.

He knew she could hear him...and after he said that the candle on the mantel blew out with a sudden small breeze that zipped through the room. She was gone again for now.

Dan couldn't believe what had happened between them, but he also knew that he had to put it out of his head for now and get ready for the business meetings that lay ahead that day.

As he showered...Dan felt his happy cock reviving itself as he thought of the softness...the wonderful feel of her touches...he knew he'd be half hard all day long just waiting and anticipating what might take place this evening...

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