tagRomanceThe Lady in Blue Ch. 10

The Lady in Blue Ch. 10


Chapter Ten: A deal is a deal.

Hawk's point of view

I woke to the bright light of morning, and I found myself spooned behind Ted. My body was pressed closely against him, and my arm was around his stomach. Well, maybe a little lower than his stomach. The strange scent of him didn't fill me with the same arousal as Lisa did but it was - unsettling.

I was about to disengage myself when Ted rolled over and slid his arm around me, pulling me close. A smile came to his lips, but his eyes remained closed as his hands pulled me into an embrace. This was getting awkward. His body was warm and solid against me and I began to feel him harden, his cock rubbing my own sex through my tee shirt and panties. I opened my mouth to wake him up, and he kissed my throat, causing my breath to freeze.

A slow burn of arousal began in the pit of my stomach. Not as strongly as if it were a woman, but it was still an arousal I couldn't deny. A part of me wanted to let him keep going. I could feel my nipples stiffening against him and the spreading warmth in my sex. God! This was bad. I was not a player!

No, I told myself firmly, this was not the right time to make this kind of decision and Lisa was - somewhere else. My mother's advice came shooting back into my mind. Not that she intended it for this circumstance, but right now it fit. 'Never go shopping when you are hungry,' she always said. I should make this decision with my mind, not my pussy. I pushed back on Ted enough to break the kiss. "Ted, wake up."

His eyes fluttered open and widened in surprise. "Ahhh..."

I fluttered my eyelashes at him. "Is that a salami in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Ted blushed furiously and slowly disengaged our entangled bodies. "I'm sorry. I was having a dream and..."

I waved off his explanation. "I understand, don't sweat it. It was actually kind of nice in an odd way but, if I decide to ask you both if we can play, it's not because I have discovered that men are really my bag. I like women and I do not see that changing."

Ted nodded. "I was worried that it would be something you might regret later. In my mind, you're not a lesbian, bi-sexual or straight. You're Hawk. Whoever you decide to have sex with is just you being you."

With a wry smile, I pulled him into a kiss that lasted several seconds. I was a bit breathless when I broke away. "I'm a bit worked up so I'm going to try and not make a decision right now, but I will make it soon. I promise."

When I slid out of bed, I saw Lisa huddled on the couch and shook my head. Why did she move to the couch? Did I make her uncomfortable snuggling last night? Time to find out.

I walked over to the couch and, with the same sly smile as before, I kissed her neck and was rewarded by an arched back and a sigh.

"G'morning, Glory." When her eyes opened and she smiled, I knew everything was okay. "I kissed Ted good morning. Look what you've done to me." Then I kissed her on the lips. So sweet. It took a lot more willpower to stop than it had with Ted, but I forced myself to stand up.

Lisa groaned. "That's not playing fair."

I tweaked her nose. "Someone told you life was fair?"

The sound of the bathroom door closing got my attention as Ted took advantage of my distraction to make a break and steal the bathroom. "Don't take forever! I need to pee!" I shouted.

His voice floated back through the door. "Then come in and pee. It's not locked." The sound of the shower immediately followed.

I looked at Lisa and her eyes twinkled at the possibilities. "He's a little cocky this morning," She finally said.

"More than a little," I muttered. "He was a lot just a few minutes ago."

Lisa laughed. "So, he tempted you, did he?"

When I reluctantly nodded, she pulled me to her and hugged me. "It's okay. Let's get revenge and torture him back. Let's go join him in the shower for a good suds up."

I closed my eyes. I shouldn't be shopping... I shouldn't be shopping... I looked at her again and thought about the choice I had suspected I would make since last night.

I thought about taking a shower with Lisa and started weighing the cost versus the benefits. With a sigh I nodded. "Oh, hell. Let's do it." Crossing my arms, I pulled my shirt off over my head. Lisa's eyes were drawn to my breasts and I could see her eyes dilating. The little gold rings piercing my nipples glittered in the light. They were stiffening again.

"Doesn't that hurt?" she asked, tentatively touching one with her fingertip.

"Not as much as the other ones," I said with a lop-sided grin. "The two downstairs, and the one in my tongue, hurt more."

Her eyes widened in shock. "Oh, my God! You didn't!"

I stuck my tongue out and the small, flat-topped flesh colored stud near the tip of my tongue was revealed. "I don't wear the metal ball much anymore and this keeps people from making a big deal about it. I can put the ball-stud back in if I decide to."

She examined it closely, her hand cupping my face. "Every other tongue stud I've seen has been further back. Why is yours so close to the tip of your tongue?"

"Further back is for adding to a man's pleasure during oral sex. Near the tip of the tongue is for a woman's pleasure," I said, enjoying the touch of her.

"Ohhh!" She flushed a little. "I guess I never thought it through."

Stepping back, I hooked my thumbs through my panties. "Do you want to see the rest?" My breathing was speeding up. This was too much like foreplay.

I could see the mixture of desire and restraint warring on her face and threw caution to the wind, pulling off my panties.

Lisa's eyes were drawn to the two golden rings on the upper part of both of my labia that peeked out of the unruly hair. Not much reason to shave with no sex life. I let her eyes devour my sex for a moment and then pulled her to her feet. "If we're going to do this, let's do it before I lose my nerve." In a flash, she stripped off and pulled me along into the bathroom.

The shower was one of those tubs with a sliding door. As I sat on the can, thinking about it, she slid the door open and climbed in with Ted. The murmured conversation wasn't audible over the water. Was I really ready for this? Did I really want to have sex with Ted? Another sigh.

When I was done and slid the shower door open, Ted didn't look too surprised, so I figured Lisa must have told him I was coming. Ted had his back to the shower and Lisa was standing in front of him, a soapy washcloth in hand, washing his chest. I slipped in behind her and closed the door.

"I've decided to join you, if that's okay," I said.

At their smiles of welcome, I grabbed another cloth and soaped it up, and then I started washing Lisa's back. I hadn't been this close to a naked woman since Sharon two years ago. My mouth was watering. That was what I needed to do, focus on Lisa.

With a murmur, Ted took the washcloth from Lisa and started washing her front. She stood there and let us bathe her. God, this was so erotic. Then she slowly turned to face me. "Wash my front?" she asked.

I took a deep breath and nodded. "You are a cruel woman, Lisa Davis." Freshening the suds, I started at her shoulders and worked my way south. Her nipples were stiff and prominent as I washed her breasts. Using one hand, I lifted each breast to wash beneath it. Her eyes closed and she relaxed into my touch. The slick feel of her woman flesh made me ache with desire, but I held it in check and washed lower, cleaning her stomach.

When I got to her legs, I looked to see what she wanted. Her eyes opened and examined mine. Then she lifted one foot and set it on the side of the tub spreading her legs. Oh, God. Breathing heavily, I ran my hand over the rag before stepping right next to her and sliding my fingers between her legs. She gasped, but her eyes never left mine as I ran my soapy fingers through her folds. When I touched her nub she groaned, her breathing hard and fast. I slid two fingers inside her and thought she was going to collapse. Her lips sought mine and we kissed passionately. I knew I was doomed now; even with the price I would pay, my body had finished making the choice for me. We were going to do this. All of us. God help me; I must have lost my mind.

Breaking the kiss, I looked at them both. "I've made my choice. I want to make love to Lisa. I don't know how I will react to you, Ted, but I'll try. Please, go slow." They both hugged me.

I dropped the cloth and ran my other hand to her breasts. Lisa's stiff nipples dug into my palm as I squeezed her. My eyes were a bit unfocused as I broke our embrace. "I need to wash you out before the soap irritates you." I looked over her shoulder at Ted, who was watching us and no doubt sporting a monster woodie. "Ted, help hold her up."

Falling slowly to my knees, I picked the rag back up and cleaned her ass. Then I handed it to Ted and caught the water spray in my open hands and started rinsing her. She had a beautiful pussy. It was trimmed neatly on her mons and shaved at her labia, the silky hair the same blonde as her head. Her labia were engorged and her perky nub was peaking out at me. So, I wasn't the only one that had been worked up.

When I opened her and rinsed inside, her legs almost collapsed. "Oh, come on Lisa. This is nothing. How are you going to react when I do something like this?" Giving in to my lust, I swiped my tongue across her clit and she spasmed like a lightning bolt had struck her. Then I ran my tongue from the bottom of her sex to the top before pulling back. The taste of her made me exult. I looked up at her and grinned. "Or perhaps I should save that for the bed."

Her voice husky with need, she growled, "Now who's being cruel? Come up here." Then she pulled me up and kissed me passionately again. Our arms wrapped around one another. Then Ted's arms wrapped around both of us and he kissed Lisa's neck as his hands caressed my back. I focused on her but the touch of both of them felt good.

Lisa smiled and maneuvered herself around, leaving me between her and Ted. I turned to face her as she moved, so Ted was behind me. I could feel his erection and tried not to let it bother me. She took the wash cloth from Ted and began cleaning me. Her hands shot sparks straight down to my pussy. She smiled that sexy smile at me and kissed me as her hand went to my sex. It felt so good that I was having trouble standing up. Ted held me up and my thrusting hips were rubbing him against my ass.

The hot water cascaded off all three of us as we played. Ted's hands came between Lisa and me, cupping my breasts. His gentle pinches of my nipples excited me and I moaned into Lisa's mouth as our tongues danced. Lisa knelt and slid a soapy finger into me. I arched back and into Ted's arms, turning my head to kiss him. It started softly but heated up as Lisa plunged a second finger inside me. Again, kissing Ted wasn't like a woman, but it was good. I moaned when Lisa started rinsing me.

Then she was standing again and kissing me with Ted, their mouths dueling with each other and mine. "I think this shower can wait," Lisa said. "Let's go back to bed and do this right. It's a first for both of us and I want it to be perfect."

Ted turned off the water and we all stepped out together. We took turns drying each other. Arm in arm, we went back to the bed and lay down. I was getting nervous.

Lisa smiled at me. "Ted, I want you to watch me make love to a woman for the first time before you join us. Do you mind? I want to bring her in slowly."

He laughed. "Let me see, you want to know if I mind watching two beautiful women make love? No, you go ahead and I'll watch and join in when you two are ready."

I smiled gratefully at Ted and pulled Lisa into my arms. "Thank you. I'm a bit nervous."

"So am I," she admitted, "but I bet you can help with that."

As an answer, I kissed her. I lost myself in her sweet lips. When I couldn't wait any longer, I ran my lips down her long neck to her breasts. Her soft cries told me she liked what I was doing to her. Her nipples were rock hard as I sucked on them. She grasped my head and arched her back. I enjoyed the taste of her skin and the firmness of her body as my hands caressed her.

"Please..." she cried out, her hands pushing me lower.

With a chuckle, I began kissing down her stomach and ran my tongue through her pubic hair. That made her hips jump with desire. I thought about torturing her more, but in the end, I couldn't get past my own hunger.

"Is this what you want?" I asked, planting my next kiss right on her labia. "Tell me what you want."

She stared at me, her blue eyes wide and hungry. "Yes..." She hissed through her teeth. "I want it. Kiss my pussy, Hawk."

I gave myself over to my passion and kissed her sex again, opening my mouth. As my tongue entered her, she arched her back, moaning. Slowly, tantalizingly, I licked the full length of her and then settled in to enjoy this. She tasted wonderful, tangy and sweet all at once. I lost myself in her.

It was not long at all before I felt the first signs of her impending orgasm. The cries, the muscle twitches, the flood of nectar. I worked two fingers inside her and sucked her clit into my mouth. Small nips of my teeth and the rough side of my tongue brought it fully out from beneath its hood. Then I sucked it in earnest.

Lisa's legs wrapped around my head and her hands ground my face into her sex. With a sharp cry, she arched her back and came explosively, drenching my face. I slowly lapped her juices as she came down from her first bisexual experience.

"Oh, god! Hawk, that was wonderful." She gasped.

I purred and climbed her body, planting kisses all the way. "I'm glad you liked it." I looked deeply into her eyes. "Are you ready to make love to me?" At her nod, I lay down beside her and let her climb on top of me her damp sex rubbing against mine as she straddled me. Looking down, her long blonde hair cascaded across my face.

"I'm not nervous anymore, Hawk," she confided. Then she kissed me. The taste of her juices seemed to make her crazy. She was wild, her tongue digging deeply into my mouth. When she abruptly sat back, breathing heavily, her eyes smoked at me from under her wild hair. "You are so hot."

She slid down between my legs and began kissing my breasts. I know that they aren't much but she seemed to like them. "I love these rings. They feel nice on my tongue. I could suck your tits for hours but I can't stand it. I have to taste you right now."

As she kissed her way down my stomach, I looked over at Ted. He was lying beside us, watching. He slowly stroked his cock. I still wasn't sure, but it was time to try. With nervous hands, I pulled his mouth to mine. After a brief kiss, I pulled back. "Kiss me and suck my nipples, Ted."

Right as he began kissing me in earnest, I felt Lisa's fingers spreading my lips and a stream of warm air blowing across my clit. It felt so good. Then she licked my clit, just a taste, her first taste of another woman. I would have asked her how she liked it, but I didn't need to after she groaned and buried her face between my legs, licking and sucking. She was doing things to me that made me melt inside.

I kissed Ted with sudden passion, wanting his touch, needing to kiss him. I guided his hands to my breasts and arched under his touch. "Suck my nipples, Ted. Suck them like Lisa is sucking my clit." She clamped her lips around my clit right as Ted began sucking my nipples. I held his head, the dual sensations setting a fire inside me.

When Lisa slid her fingers inside me, I saw stars. When I came, and I had no doubt the neighbors heard me. I thrashed madly around and then collapsed in a heap in the bed. Both of them came up and kissed me.

"How was it," I asked her breathlessly. "How was your first pussy?"

She laughed and kissed me. "I loved it. I'd spend some time describing what I feel like, but I want Ted to fuck me while you sit on my face and watch him."

Lying back, she spread her legs for Ted and I watched with a mixture of fascination and apprehension as he slowly worked himself into her soaked pussy. I still wasn't sure I could do that. She sighed and wrapped her legs around his waist before looking at me. "Kiss Ted while he fucks me."

The mixture of known and new helped settle my fluttering stomach as I lowered my sex onto her face. Her arms wrapped around my hips and pulled me onto her tongue. All my apprehension fled as she worked her magic. I found myself watching a man fuck a woman up close for the first time as he gripped her waist and drove into her with long strokes. Her moans vibrated against my sex and I saw that Ted was watching me.

It was still odd, but I was getting used to the idea a little more. "You heard Lisa. Kiss me, Ted." I leaned forward to meet him and once again we were kissing deeply. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the sex without focusing on my own hang-ups.

We made love like this for a while. Lisa was raising my heat and Ted had moved down to chew on my nipples. I pushed my chest toward him and enjoyed his skill. Lisa surprised me with her aggressive approach. She worked a finger into my drenched pussy and finger fucked me for a short but wonderful time. Then, she once again replaced it with her mouth but I felt the tip of her finger rubbing my backdoor.

My moan and hip movement was my acceptance of this new intruder. She slowly worked her finger into my ass and that set me on fire. I loved having my ass played with and even had some slender toys for just that occasion at home.

I groaned in need when Lisa shook under me with her release, leaving me close. Then she pushed Ted back and slid out from underneath me. "Take my place, Ted. Make Hawk come on that wonderful tongue of yours."

As Ted was switching places with her, I found all my nervousness coming back. My stomach knotted. This was the first time a man had ever touched me that way. Lisa settled on his cock and impaled herself with a sigh. Then she started kissing me and my fears retreated back into the recesses of my mind.

Ted began eating me. I had crossed the line now and was making love with a man. Still, he knew how to eat pussy. In a very short time, I forgot all about the details and was grinding myself into his face, sucking on Lisa's breast. I didn't care anymore who was making me feel good. God, I couldn't believe I was feeling like this.

When I came, it was great but not the best of the day. Lisa took that one, hands down, but Ted had done what had never been done before. He continued to eat me slowly as I came down.

Lisa slid off of him and dropped between his legs, wrapping her hand around his cock. "I think Ted has been a good boy and deserves a treat. Help me, Hawk." She smiled and crooked a finger at me.

I felt nervous but squashed my reluctance. "You start and let me work up my nerve." Leaning forward, I lay down on Ted, like we were sixty-nining and watched her take him into her mouth. Ted groaned into my sex as she took him into her throat.

She bobbed her head and kept her blue eyes locked on mine as she brought him higher. The idea of sucking him both attracted and repelled me, but I found myself wanting to do more.

"Coach me," I said. "I want to try."

She pulled back a little. "Take him into your hand and feel him, rub him."

He felt hot in my hand, soft and hard all at once. I looked into her eyes and began licking the head of his cock like an ice cream cone. The taste was different but not objectionable. She whispered advice in my ear and with a deep breath, I sucked his head into my mouth. It was like sucking the head of one of the more lifelike of my dildos, but the texture and taste were indescribably different. I was making love to a man. Ted groaned and pushed more into my mouth, choking me a little. I pulled back.

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