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The Lady Next Door


I live in a studio apartment complex for singles. Mine is the end of a group of three. Garages are under the apartments. It had been cold for several weeks and yesterday a high pressure area, said the weatherman, had elevated the area's temperatures into the low eighties. I checked the weather again and it was expected to hold for the weekend so I'd worked late last night in order to take off early today.

It was just past noon when I pulled into my garage and shut the door. I failed to notice a new, small Volkswagen pulled way back into the garage under the middle apartment. That apartment had been vacant for a month and I'd heard no scuttlebutt about them showing it -- so there was no need to check.

I got upstairs and had a quick sandwich before grabbing a cold coke from the refrigerator, and doffing my clothes, except for a set of fashionable briefs that existed somewhere between the bikini style and conventional briefs. I wear that style because I like the way they stay in place without bunching, but give me a feeling of freedom.

The apartment has an upstairs deck outside the living room that is separated from the adjoining deck by a small wrap around 'fence'. All of the apartments are the same with a three foot pair of open rails supported in the center and at each end. The rails are at the top and about a foot from the decking. It takes the merest effort to cross from one deck to the next.

I have a Chaise lounge that sits close to the outer railing and I frequently use it for sunning. It's located there for the best sun and to be able to check out any cars coming in the drive and not be surprised by a guest. I'm single, not by choice, but by happenstance. I've known many gals, and still know many, but I've never been married. The good ones are always spoken for by the time I find them. This doesn't mean that I haven't had companionship, only that it was not lifetime. I am currently between relationships.

I walked to the Chaise and looked out before starting to apply a bit of lotion. It was comfortable and I'd already decided to spend at least an hour in the sun. As I opened the bottle and started to spread the lotion, I was startled when I thought I heard a voice say hello. In apprehension, I looked around and saw no one and decided that it must have been my imagination.

I continued with the lotion. The briefs I wear are rather thin material, strong but thin and so I thought I'd better put lotion on my privates as well. When I reached around and oiled my butt and then reached down the front to cover more sensitive parts, I jumped when I heard the voice again. With my hand in place I turned around and searched for the source. Still seeing no one, I was about to speak out when that soft voice spoke again from next door saying hello and asking if I could use some help.

I squinted from the sunlight and looked in the direction of the voice. I could just make out another Chaise in the shade outside the middle apartment. I studied it for a moment and as my eyes adjusted, I could just make out the nude back of a female body. She was short, maybe a few inches taller than five foot and had a great ass and legs. I stood there for a moment, dumbfounded with my hand still in the front of my briefs and my cock in my hand. She spoke again asking if I was having trouble.

I glanced down and I'm sure that I must've turned beet red when I realized what I was doing and yanked my hand out like it was burned. My cock came with it, and I spend seconds trying to tuck it back in. She laughed a loud pleasant laugh and said that she hadn't meant to startle me, but merely wondered if I needed assistance. Where could I go to hide? I tried to cover myself and started to hasten to my door when she sat up and turned toward me. I thought that -- she was now standing and walking toward me and she was totally nude with huge, inviting breasts that caused my mouth to drop open -- I should say no help was needed. I merely stammered.

She smiled -- a beautiful smile -- and walked to the railing and held out her hand. She said her name was Veronica and that she'd wanted to go inside her apartment when she heard me come out, but was afraid that the noise would cause me to turn and see her naked. She said that she'd been embarrassed but decided to stick it out and see if I would go back in. When she saw what I was doing, it was too late to leave. She also said that she didn't always bathe this way, but felt safe when she was told that her new neighbors worked days.

Because she couldn't leave without making a scene or drawing attention, she said she'd decided to just tough it out -- and when she saw me more closely and assumed that I'd be equally embarrassed she'd decided to introduce herself. Then, she glanced down at my briefs, and apparently noticed the hard-on that had developed without my knowledge. she asked that old line about whether I was glad to see her. I was -- but still exceedingly embarrassed.

Again I started to apologize, but she shook the hand that she'd extended and that I'd missed noticing. I reached out and shook her hand and told her my name. She smiled again and said that considering where that hand had just been that it was her pleasure also. My face turned an even brighter shade of red, but she said she thought it was cute that I was so embarrassed. Then without letting go of my hand she asked if I'd like to sunbathe with her.

She told me to bring my Chaise over and she'd pull her's out from the shade. I asked about putting on pants and she asked how I'd look sunbathing in pants. So, if she could, then I could. I'd tough it out and see what developed. She was a knock out and, anyway, I knew that my hard-on wasn't going away without help. I got my lounge and since it's only made of aluminum tubing, I picked it up easily and placed it across the rail. Her Chaise was much heavier, made of redwood and had to be wheeled. I jumped the rail and helped her wheel it out while I enjoyed the view from up close and behind her.

When we'd gotten the lounges set up next to each other she volunteered to oil my back if I'd oil her. She had great hands and even reached down into my briefs and oiled my butt to my consternation. She laughed again and said that I had a nice tight butt, and then turned me and applied more lotion. When she was finished she returned to her lounge and laid down on her tummy as I poured lotion into my hands. I started on her back and it felt so good to have a woman's body so close. When I finished her shoulders, I moved down her back and she responded by asking me to massage it a bit. As I worked the oil in and rippled her beautiful skin between my fingers, my mind was asking what it would be like to make love to her. After a few moments she asked me to move lower. I did, but she said lower still, but the only lower was her buttocks. That was the beautiful butt that I'd first seen and I was reluctant to touch it. She turned her head to the side and asked if I was nervous. When I said yes again, she said she thought I was cute and reached out and wrapped her fingers around my cock through the briefs and asked again if I was nervous.

The old question "What do you say to a Naked Lady" came to mind as she held me. After a moment she said that I was definitely glad to see her. She was right. She told me more emphatically to move lower and I did. As I spread the lotion; she reached back and spread her cheeks. I applied more lotion in the space between and saw the unmistakable outline of the lips of her pussy. She was shaved and very pink.

Soon, I covered her legs and bottoms of her feet and then she rolled over. I saw those beautiful breasts again and stared. She smiled and raised my hands to one of them and asked me to continue. I did and she insisted that I massage her breasts, too. She especially wanted her nipples covered and massaged. It was very, very erotic.

When I got to her tummy and covered it, she pushed my hands lower again and opened her thighs. She was definitely well shaved and my desire ramped up to a ten on the Richter scale. She wanted me to massage her lips with extra oil because she said that they would hurt the most if they got sunburned. As I rubbed, my finger slipped inside between her lips and she gasped. Then her hands went to mine and she held them there while she shivered in the warm sunlight.

My hand came away very wet and it was now her turn to apologize. She said that she'd wanted to be touched but hadn't planned it, and yet was glad that it came out this way. I finished her inner thighs, legs, ankles and feet. When I was finished she asked me to put some on her face. She sat up close to me and closed her eyes. As I covered her face, she opened her eyes, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately.

I returned the kiss and when we separated she asked if I minded what she'd done. Wow! My dream fantasy and she's asking if I mind. H _ _ _ NO! I didn't mind. Her hand went to the front of my briefs again for an instant and then she reached inside and took my cock in her hand. Her firm hand gripped my rigid member with a strength I wouldn't have guessed she possessed and then asked if I felt any desire for her. Oh yes I said, and she questioned me more.

She hooked her fingers into my briefs and pulled them down. When they'd go no further,she asked me to lie down and raise my ass so that she could remove them. I did as I was asked and as her arms slipped around to grab the back waistband her face was a mere inch above my cock. Short arms are a blessing to all men I thought. I could feel the tremendous tightness in my cock as she worked. Just as the briefs gave way, her lips kissed my extended member. It was like electricity to me.

Without missing a moment, she pulled the briefs below my knees and then brought her hands up and grasped me. She worked the skin and I closed my eyes and dreamed of eternity. One hand went to my balls and cupped them as I lowered my ass back down to the lounge. She moved me around one soft cheek and then the other. She kissed me from groin to tip and completely around. I must have been moaning because she asked if she was hurting me. Please hurt me I whispered.

She extended her tongue in response and I've never been laved so thoroughly before. I was wet, hard and wanting. Her mouth closed around my head and she began a slow rolling kiss and tongue massage that brought me to the edge almost immediately. She withdrew and said that she'd just tasted something special from me. I knew what it was, and she stopped.

Again she raised my hands to her breasts and covered them with her own and we massaged them until I'd learned what she liked and began to master the technique. Her large breasts were adorned with perfect two inch areoles and very hard, long nipples. The areoles were light pink and the nipples darker. She leaned back pulling my hands with her and I sat up to follow. When she was on her back, her body began a slow writhe signaling her arousal.

Without effort she brought one leg up, across and under my arm and that left me between her legs. She raised those legs around my waist, wrapped them and pulled herself closer to me. She shuddered in climax and let out a small gasp and her hips jumped spontaneously. As her breathing settled, a soft smile crossed her lips, and she whispered that she'd needed that and asked if I was willing for more. When I answered, her hands went to mine and pushed one down to her tummy.

Her tummy was perfectly smooth, soft, and showed only the slightest hint of baby-soft fuzz. Her navel was so inviting that I tried to pull back and kiss it, but her legs held me fast. I managed to stroke that perfect belly and work my way down to her nude mound. The mound was even softer and very erotic to touch. I used my thumb and finger to pinch it slightly and rub it thoroughly. She raised her hips to me and I let my fingers touch her lips.

Almost instantly she released her leg hold and dropped her feet to the lounge and raised her hips. Her legs were wide apart and I had no trouble placing my full palm against those wonderful lips. As I stroked and then separated my fingers with one on each side and one along the separation between them, her body shuddered. She reached down to the back of my hand and held it tight as she rotated her hips and ground them against the hand until the pressure opened her lips. Her center finger was on top of my own and pushed that finger deep into her.

I got the message and began stroking her slowly from front to back. She was very wet everywhere I went. I brought my fingers up and lifted her hood to locate her clit. When I found it, her hips began a rapid shudder and thrust that drove it hard against my hand. Her clit was firm and extended and I heard her ask me to slap it. I did and she shuddered and repeated her request. I slapped it rapidly, not hard, but quick. She let out another gasp and I watched a small amount of fluid flow onto my hand.

Now, I stopped slapping, moved back further and pressed my lips down into her pussy. Her hands went to my head, her fingers in my hair, and pulled me down. I didn't need the urge as I tasted her sweetness and used my tongue and lips to clean her. With a second climax completed, I went for broke by sucking her clit between my lips and massaging it with my tongue as I sucked.

As I felt her interest rapidly returning, I moved one hand to hold her open and used the other to enter and stroke her pussy. I curled my fingers, and from her reaction I decided that was her most sensitive spot and located exactly where the book said it would be. I began a duet on her clit and her g-spot. As she increased her response, I increased my tempo. Her body was shivering and then shaking violently as I continued. I heard a stuttered moan but continued relentlessly.

This time when she climaxed, her body stiffened, her hips rose, her pussy squeezed my hand, she held her breath and then she erupted. I felt the fluid release and found my face almost covered with a deliciously flavored and scented liquid that was intoxicating. I did my best to catch every drop and had to satisfy myself with what I actually did catch. But I didn't let up as I swapped the positions of my tongue and hand.

This time I reached deep inside her vagina to find that spot with my tongue and soothe it from the ravages of my hand. I stroked it and kissed those warm wonderful lips. My finger and thumb wrapped themselves around her clit and my second hand went under her ass to raise her to me. I pulled her hard against me and almost cut off my source of air in the passion. She could only shiver as I worked and I knew she was being satisfied like she'd never been before. I was totally in control and satisfied with my effort. I felt good. My cock was still ramrod straight and my balls ached, but I wasn't going to give up for minutes yet.

When I finally slowed and then stopped, she continued to shake for several minutes. I began to worry that she was hurt and that I'd gone too far. But after another minute, her breathing slowed and a soft grateful smile appeared on her lips. Her eyes remained closed as she sighed and asked my name. When I gave it to her, she breathed it out and the song was beautiful to my ears. She then thanked me and pulled me down and gave me the most passionate kiss I could remember. I'd done this before with another girl, but not with such passion and duration. This time I was glad that I did.

After a few moments she raised herself on one elbow and studied me. She asked if I would be offended or embarrassed if she told me something. I told her that I wouldn't and she then told me that watching me apply oil earlier was the most exciting thing she'd ever watched. How could that offend me? But then she told me that when she saw the way I jumped at her voice she was sure that I'd only be an adequate lover, not the dream lover she'd always wanted.

She admitted enjoying the tease when she walked to the railing. She said that her body was aching even then, and that she had the urge and reacted to the impulse when she grabbed me. Still, she said, when she'd had to move my hands to her breasts she felt I was a novice who hadn't had many girlfriends. But, she changed her mind slowly as I'd found how sensitive she was to having her nipples and breasts handled. And, when I began my handling of her pussy she knew I was a master lover. Now, I was embarrassed. A master lover? Hardly!

Still I enjoyed the praise until finally she got up on her knees and rolled me onto my back. She reached down and grasped me again and began that manipulation that every man dreams of. When she was satisfied that I was fully aroused she smiled and lowered her mouth to take me in again. This time she worked with a fervor to bring me to a peak. After my waiting, it only took a few moments and I felt that I was there. She stopped and announced that sweet taste was back and then turned her head and asked me to hold it as long as I could.

I began thinking of the stock market, taxes, all of the mean bosses I'd ever had, that bully in the second grade when I'd broken my arm, and even the roof leak in my last apartment. It all held me for about two minutes, and then I pulled her head away and told her that if she didn't want me to cum that she'd have to give me a few moments to recover. She said okay and sat up and smiled at me. Suddenly, she smiled mischievously, turned and as she dove on me I heard her say that she'd wanted me to cum. She drove her head down, retracted, dove again and I felt my cock enter her throat.

It was only a minute before I satisfied her wish. From deep inside me something triggered a mind shattering explosion of feelings and lust. I felt myself losing control and something rising in me as I spewed forth rapid jets of ejaculate. I could actually feel each ball contribute separately to the result. I'd never cum so hard and so much in my life. I filled her and could feel it enter unrestricted into her throat, and then her head retracted and I continued filling her mouth. I could feel her throat contract as she fought to swallow it all.

When she'd finished and I'd gone slack, she pulled away and then returned and washed me with her mouth. She thanked me. Thanked me? I was the one that needed to thank her, but she put her finger to my lips and said for me to rest as she settled again next to me and spooned into my body. Her hand reached over and held me as I rested. Every once and again I felt her fondle me, and within ten minutes she announced that I was ready again.

Ready for what -- more oral? This lady was starting to scare me a little. But it was a good kind of scare. She made me standup and follow her as she marched into her apartment and into the bedroom. There was a king-sized bed for such a short lady. It was very nicely decorated as she tore off the comforter and folded back the sheet.

She climbed onto the bed and stopped half-way on all fours. Her feet hung over the edge of the mattress and she wiggled her butt at me. It was a cute butt. How could I refuse her. As I stepped forward, she spread her legs wide and reached behind to grab my cock. She brought me forward and then reached under and grabbed again. She used me to massage her lips and force them open and then guided me in. It was the most sensual experience and another first for me that day.

I thrust and parried as she countered and swayed. She rotated and I pushed deep. I felt my cock hitting her g-spot and she was moaning loudly and asking me to do it again and again. She shuddered, paused, gasped and returned again and again. My previous experience had given me more stamina and I was a long time cumming again. her pussy was hot around my cock, and wet, and constantly getting wetter as we worked. It felt perfect to be sheathed by her, and her inner wall rebounded to massage my head and cause it to swell until it almost hurt with passion.

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