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The Lake


My name is Randy and I am six foot four inches tall. I weight two hundred and twenty pounds. I am in great shape and a well to do executive.

My wife is Zena. She is five foot eleven inches tall. She has long curly brunette hair that reaches mid way down her back. She has a set of tits that are the envy of every woman who sees her. They are firm and her nipples are always hard. Her legs are muscular but not to the point of being masculine. Her ass is tight and heart shaped. She has always enjoyed showing off her body because of the looks that she gets from the guys.

We will walk hand in hand everywhere we go. I always enjoy the guys trying to nonchalantly peek looks at her. They try to do it so that I won't notice them staring and so that their wives will not notice. We have had many a good time showing her off.

Showing her off is how this story starts out.

Zena and I own a boat and like to go out on the local lakes to soak up the sun and for her to have the opportunity to show off in her skimpy swimsuits.

One summer day we decided to head to the lake. Zena donned her skimpiest suit. She had never worn this suit to the lake before stating, "It's just too skimpy."

It is three small triangles of cloth that has clear plastic strings holding them together. The triangles just covered the nipples on her 36 D tits. This left a lot of her tits exposed. The bottoms just covered her pussy and had a string around the waist and one that ran between the beautiful globes of her ass. At first glance looking at her, you were not sure if she was naked or not.

She walked into the kitchen with it on and I said, "I thought that suit was too skimpy for the lake."

She smiled and said, "I'm going to wear a cover-up over it silly. Besides I'm feeling a little naughty today."

That always meant that she was really into showing off her body.

I walked up to her as she stood at the frig getting drinks to put in the cooler. As she bent over to get them, I ran my finger along the plastic strip between her ass.

She stood up and said, "Now, now, there will be plenty of time for that. Let's go we are burning daylight."

I grabbed the cooler and took it to the boat. I had already hooked it up and was ready to go.

Zena came out of the house with her "cover-up" on and I was shocked. Her cover-up was nothing more than a sheer net shirt that hung just below her ass cheeks. Her nearly naked body was clearly visible through the netting.

"Damn!" I responded.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"Yes, but are you sure you want to go to the lake dressed like that? You know we always have to put the boat in the water and visit the dock." I responded.

"She said, "I guess the boys on the dock will get a little bigger thrill this weekend."

I knew she was feeling just a little more than naughty. It was more like feeling horny.

I opened the door to the truck and she climbed in. I went around and started the truck.

I always get gas for the boat at a local gas station because it is much cheaper than at the marina. I pulled into the station and got out when I heard Zena getting out on the other side.

She said, "I'm going to get us some snacks for later."

I just watched, as her naked ass was clearly visible through her so-called cover-up. She walked right into the store like there was nothing different from any other day. I watched the people getting gas as they also watched this nearly naked woman strut into the store.

I began pumping the gas and watched as she walked around inside the store. Guys in the store were intently watching her as she shopped.

I then noticed that her brazen activity was making my cock hard. I knew every guy around the station wanted to fuck her and was envious of me.

She went to the counter and waited for me to finish pumping the gas then paid the clerk.

She then proudly strolled back out to the truck and climbed in.

"That was exhilarating" she exclaimed

"You are feeling very naughty today aren't you?" I asked.

"Yes and I feel so alive after that little excursion" she answered.

"You succeeded in making my cock hard." I replied.

She reached over and squeezed my cock through my swimsuit.

"Apparently you are feeling a little naughty yourself today." She responded.

"I'll take care of that after we get to the lake," she added.

I started the truck and headed to the lake. It takes about thirty minutes to get to the lake and all I could think about was fucking Zena on the boat when we got out on the water.

Apparently, a lot of people had decided to come to the lake today. The launch ramp was very busy with people buzzing around everywhere.

While waiting our turn Zena and I went to the marina.

Jim was the Manager of the marina and knew us well. He had seen Zena before in skimpy suits but even his eyes bugged out when he saw her today.

"How are my favorite boaters today? He asked upon seeing us enter.

I answered, "We are great."

He responded with, "Randy with a girl like Zena at my side I would be great too."

He added, "Zena you are looking exceptionally beautiful today."

Zena answered, "Why thank-you Jim!"

She then turned and went toward the restroom and I watched as Jim stared at her ass. He swallowed hard.

"Damn Randy you are a lucky man." He exclaimed.

Jim and I chatted for a moment until Zena came back out.

I said, "We better get back to the truck and get unloaded."

Jim said, "You two have fun out there today."

I looked back at him as he was again staring at Zena's ass, "Oh we will."

As we walked back to the truck, every guy was trying to get a closer look at my nearly naked wife.

When we got in the truck, Zena reached over and felt my cock. It was hard.

"You must really be enjoying this today." She smiled.

It was our turn so I backed the boat into the water. Released it from the trailer then backed it off. Zena pulled the truck out and parked it.

I pulled up to the dock and waited for her. As she was walking down the gangway guys she met would turn their heads and look at her ass.

She got to the boat and jumped in. She usually waits for us to leave the dock to do away with her cover-up but today she peeled it right off. Guy and gals on the dock looked at her perfect body. Guys wanted to fuck her and the gals were envious.

I pulled away from the dock and slowly proceeded to the lake. Once past the no wake zone I put the gas to it and we were off.

I glanced over at Zena and could not help staring at her beauty as the wind whipped through her long brown hair. As we would hit a wave, her tits would bounce causing my already hard cock to jerk.

We continued down the lake until we came to a quiet cove where we came a lot to be alone and have some privacy.

Zena immediately untied her top and tossed it onto the floor of the boat. She climbed onto the stern of the boat where there is a large padded area that she just loves to sunbathe on. I always like to through a pole into the water just to see if anything will bite it.

I then sat in the chair facing Zena and looked on as her magnificent body gleamed in the sunlight. Her tits and entire body was covered in oil.

Zena and I must have dozed off because the next thing I remember was waking up to, "Randy, wake up!"

I jerked up and there was Rick, Todd, and Steve hanging over the edge of the boat looking at me.

Zena also heard it and sat up quickly covering her tits with her hands.

I said, "Damn it you scared the shit out of me!"

They all laughed.

I looked at Zena who was a little red-faced having been caught with her top off by friends.

Todd always the forward one looked at Zena and said, "Hey Zena you are looking mighty fine today!"

Out of courtesy Zena said, "Thank-You."

Rick then said, "Sorry if we bothered you guys but we were cruising the lake and saw your boat. Thought we would just stop and say hi."

Zena climbed off the back of the boat and grabbed a beach towel then turned away and wrapped it around her body covering her tits.

Steve then asked, "You guys want a beer? We've got a whole cooler full."

I replied, "Sure I am getting kind of thirsty."

Steve looked at Zena, "Zena?"

She answered, "Sure why not."

The guys tied their party barge to our boat and threw over an anchor.

Since there was more room on the barge, Zena, and I went over to their boat to sit and have a beer or two.

We had three beers when Zena said, "I'm going to get some more sun."

She stepped back onto our boat as the guys watched her. She reached down to get her top and then facing away dropped her towel and tied the top back on.

The guys were silent as they watched her every move. Zena's all but naked ass was glistening in the sunlight. She lay back down on the back of our boat and got comfortable. Her large full breasts were bulging from the sides of her barely there top.

As if snapped out of a trance Rick suddenly asked, "How about some poker?"

We all sat around the table on his boat and began playing cards. The guys kept stealing glances at my wife and I figured this would be a good opportunity for me to get back some money with Zena as the distraction.

We had been drinking copious amounts of beer and been playing for over an hour.

My plan had not worked as planned and I was nearly broke.

Todd was dealing the cards and he dealt me two Aces and two Kings. I put the rest of my money in the pot and took one card. It was another Ace.

Full House. I knew this was my opportunity to get back my money.

Then Rick raised the pot and I was out of money.

Rick said, "Damn buddy it looks like you have hit the wall." Smiling a big shit-eating grin.

I sat there for a minute thinking. "I will call your bet." I replied.

Rick grinned at me, "With what?"

"I'll bet that I beat you or Zena will suck your cock." I stated.

Then it hit me. Did I just say that?

Zena heard it and sat up on the back of the boat. I looked at her and she had this look of "what the fuck are you doing?"

There was an "OOOOHHHHH" in unison from the guys.

I looked at Zena and said, "Don't worry I've got this one."

Rick said, "Ok I'll take your bet."

Zena was up and looking over from our boat as the cards were about to be laid down.

I proudly turned over my full house and smiled at Rick.

He just shook his head back and forth.

I said, "Gotcha Bitch!"

He laid his cards down and he had four fives and a Jack.

He smiled at me and said, "No, I've got your bitch, BITCH!"

I looked at Zena who was shocked.

Rick scooted back from the table and unzipped his fly.

"Zena come on over here and pay off your lousy card playing husband's debt." Rick boasted.

I knew I was in trouble when the shocked look on Zena's face turned to a revenge look.

She crawled across the boats and walked right up to Rick. She got down on her knees and as she was reaching for his cock in his pants, I spoke.

"Come on Rick it is just for fun."

Rick said, "Yah and I'm about to have some fun."

Zena reached into his shorts and pulled his thickening cock out into the bright sunlight.

I thought to myself, "Ok she is just going to pull it out and stroke it a few times to teach me a lesson."

She wrapped her hand around his cock that was now completely hard.

"Ok stop." I thought to myself.

She then opened her mouth and guided his cock to her lips.

"Zena!" I yelled.

She looked over at me and said, "You need to learn not to bet what you don't want to lose."

She turned back to Rick's cock and opened her mouth again. Her head lowered and her lips slipped over the head of his cock.

"HOLY FUCK ZENA!" I nearly screamed.

She began stroking and sucking his cock. Rick leaned back and watched my beautiful wife suck his cock.

I watched as her lips slid up and down his shaft. I could hear the slurping each time she pulled up. Ricks cock was filling my wife's mouth.

Steve and Todd pulled out their cocks and began stroking them as they watched.

Then I realized my cock was also rock hard.

"What the fuck is wrong with me?" my mind was saying.

I closely watched as Zena was picking up the pace on Rick's cock. Her fist was rapidly pumping on his cock as her lips were stretched around the head sucking for all she was worth.

Soon Rick groaned, "Oh fuck baby I'm cumming."

Zena kept on sucking then Rick jerked and shot his load into her mouth. Some cum came running out the side of Zena's mouth. She kept sucking and swallowing his cum until he was done.

Zena then reached behind her neck and let her top fall to the deck of the boat.

She then crawled on her knees to Todd who was sitting there stroking his hard cock. She crawled between his knees, grabbed his cock, and slid it into her waiting mouth.

I felt my precum wetting the front of my swimsuit.

"You're a sick fuck!" My mind kept saying to me.

I watched as Zena deftly sucked on Todd's cock. Steve was really wound up now hoping he would be next. Zena's large tits were jiggling up and down with her motion on Todd's cock. She was taking most of his cock down her throat on each stroke. Todd grabbed the back of her head and was fucking her mouth while he kept her firmly planted on his cock. He pushed her head down once until Zena's lips were tightly wrapped around the base of his cock and held her there. She gagged and Todd let her up for air. She then resumed sucking his cock.

Todd groaned, "Oh Shit."

He jerked and shot his load down my wife's throat. Zena again sucked on his cock until he was done. This time not a drop escaped her waiting throat.

Steve was up and not going to wait for Zena to come to him. He stood next to Todd and Zena simply turned, still on her knees wrapped her mouth around Steve's cock, and swallowed it.

Steve also grabbed the back of her head and was fucking her throat.

I could wait no longer. I pulled my cock through my fly and began stroking it. My cock was soaked from the precum that had been oozing out of it.

I watched as Steve drove his cock into her mouth. Todd reached out, fondled her breast, and pinched her nipple causing her to moan.

Steve had been stroking his cock so long waiting his turn that he quickly moaned, "Fuck yes!"

His knees buckled slightly and he threw his head back as he shot his load deep into Zena's mouth. When she had sucked Steve's cock dry, she stood up. She walked over to me as the guys watched her.

She stood directly in front of me and untied her skimpy suit bottoms. She then turned and bent over flashing her exquisite ass and pussy in my face. She grabbed my cock in her hand then guided it to her pussy. She sat down fully onto it. I felt every inch of my hard cock slipping into her velvety wet warmth.

She rode me while the guys watched. I reached around her to grab her bouncing tits and pinched the nipples between my fingers.

She groaned and began to breathe heavily.

"OOOOOHHHHH MY GAWD!" she exclaimed as her pussy clamped down on my cock.

I felt her juices coating my cock as she grunted with each wave of her orgasm.

I could hold back no longer and shot load after load deep into her pussy.

When our orgasms subsided, she stood up and turned to kiss me exposing her pussy and ass to the guys. Rick started for her upturned ass.

She quickly turned and wagged her finger at him, "No, No, the pussy is Randy's and I think he has learned his lesson."

She turned to me and asked, "Have you learned your lesson?"

I just shook my head as she reached for her suit bottoms and her top. She stepped back across to our boat and grabbed a towel to wipe up my cum running down her leg. She grabbed a bottle of water and drank from it.

The guys just sat and watched her perfect naked body.

Todd said, "Damn Randy you are one lucky son of a bitch."

"Yah, I know." I responded also staring at Zena as she drank from the bottle.

Steve asked, "How about some more poker?"

I laughed and replied, "I'm broke, and I don't think I should be betting on anything but a sure thing from now on."

Zena looked over at me and said, "Well, well you did learn something today."

I stepped back onto our boat and began to untie us from the party barge. Zena climbed back onto her spot on the stern and went back to sunning, naked.

I said, "See you guys later."

Zena sat up and blew them a kiss.

I started the boat and turned to head out back onto the lake. I looked in the rearview mirror across Zena's naked body as the guys just stood and watched as we motored away.

I turned to tell Zena I was getting ready to hit the throttle and she crawled off the stern and came to sit down next to me.

I threw the throttle forward and the boat leapt to life. We were soon cruising full speed down the lake.

Zena then grabbed my cock and it also immediately leapt to life and was at full throttle as she stroked it.

I looked at her as we cruised down the lake and said, "You really are in a naughty mood today aren't you?"

She just shook her head as she lowered her head into my lap. I felt her wonderful warm mouth as it wrapped around my hard cock.

We were approaching the dock again as the sun was dropping low in the sky. I pulled back on the throttle and stopped the boat. Zena did not need to be told what was next. She simply walked to the back of the boat and bent over the stern. I stood as her cute ass was waving back and forth calling me to fuck her pussy.

I grabbed my cock, guided it toward her, and easily slid into her very wet pussy. I looked down to watch my cock sliding in and out of her. My cock was glistening from her juices in the waning sunlight.

Zena bent over further laying her head on the padded stern and grabbed at the edges as I began stroking harder and faster into her.

"OHH FUCK!" she screamed. If there was anyone on the shores, they could have heard her moaning.

I moaned and pulled from her pussy and she reached between her legs grasping at her pussy and the feeling of my cock not there. I slid my cock between her ass cheeks and shot my load onto the small of her back.

It was nearly dark out now so I started the boat and headed toward the dock.

Zena did not bother putting on her skimpy suit but just wiped of my cum running down her ass then slid on her sheer cover-up. Everyone had already left for the day and our truck was the only one in the ramp area. I pulled to the dock and Zena climbed out to get the truck and back the trailer into the water. As she walked past the dark dock, the door opened and Jim stepped out. I could tell it scared Zena and she stopped as Jim was directly in front of her.

Jim said, "Hello Zena," as his eyes scanned down her nearly naked body.

Zena replied, "Hello Jim."

Jim had a pair of binoculars around his neck and said, "It looks like you guys have had a fun day at the lake."

Zena answered, "Yah we have had a good day at the lake."

"Some of the guys came by and said they had seen you all out there." He told her.

I knew exactly what guys he was talking about too.

Zena said, "Well I better get the truck before it gets too dark to load the boat."

She scooted past Jim who did not move. Her naked body was rubbing against him as she went by.

I watched as her naked ass wiggled up the ramp and to the truck.

Jim walked over and said, "Damn man you are one lucky son of a bitch."

I could tell that his cock was hard from the tent it was making in the front of his shorts.

I looked up at him and replied, "Yes Sir I know."

Zena had made it to the truck and was backing it down the ramp.

Jim said, "Go on over and I will help you get it on the trailer. It's getting dark."

I responded with, "Thanks."

I motored over to the trailer as Jim made his way to the ramp. Knowing the only reason he wanted to help was to get another eyeful of Zena's naked body under her cover-up.

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