tagNonHumanThe Lake Monster Ch. 03

The Lake Monster Ch. 03


(Originally a one shot, I decided to continue the story due to its popularity. Enjoy :D)


"Hmsgph!" Nikki was jerked out of her slumber by a large object being tossed onto her sleeping bag. "Good, you're awake. God I thought you'd sleep forever." She heard Elena's voice.

"Mmph." Nikki buried her face in her pillow, her mind fuzzy and feeling slightly nauseous from lack of sleep. "Ugh get up, we've slept for nine hours already, do you honestly want to sleep this beautiful day away?" She felt Elena's hands on the outside of her sleeping bag, kneading her side.

"Hahaha!" She laughed uncontrollably, opening her eyes so she could shove Elena's hands away. For you maybe, it's only been a few hours for me, Nikki thought grumpily to herself. On this side of the day, it was hard to believe that a few hours ago she had met a mermaid for the first time. On that thought, she couldn't help but grin, remember the pleasurable night.

"See, it's not that bad." Elena said, misinterpreting the grin. "I already packed your stuff for you; get ready to do some hardcore hiking!" The grin was gone in an instant.

Nikki felt the hot sun on the back of her neck as they traversed white-grey rocks. Only Elena would think of hiking first thing after waking up, Nikki thought to herself, wiping the sweat off her brow with one hand. The scent of pine trees was muted in this hot afternoon, the air felt thick, like it would catch in her mouth if she breathed in too much.

She found herself taking breaks often to look down at the lake, a perfect blue green, the lake stretching far beyond her sight. She wondered if the mermaid had ever left the lake, and immediately found herself wishing that the mermaid could talk. I wonder what she's doing now, Nikki thought to herself, enviously imagining the mermaid floating languidly in the lake, perhaps enjoying the shade of the large mountain in the distance.

She heard impatient footsteps coming towards her and quickly whirled around. "You are so slow." Elena complained. "It'll be dark before we get anywhere. Maybe I'll just leave you behind." Elena teased.

"Oh god, I'd get so lost, I'd have to live here for the rest of my life." Nikki joked. She was about to tell Elena exactly what she had been thinking about but caught herself. She liked the feeling of keeping the mermaid a secret, a secret she could enjoy by herself. "I'm ready now, let's keep going." She said, taking a picture of the beautiful lake scene with her Canon. This was definitely a wallpaper-worthy scene.

"Look at how far we've come!" Elena said excitedly, dancing so near the edge of a cliff that Nikki felt a jolt of fear. "Careful you don't fall." She cautioned.

"I'm fine, Nikki." Elena laughed. Sometimes Nikki felt jealous of her best friend, so confident and bold, fearless. She rested against a boulder in the shade of a large tree, watching her friend's vivacious dance from afar.

"Come here." Elena beckoned with one finger, Nikki took a deep breath and walked over. Wow. From this elevation she could see the tops of tall trees, the beach looked so small in comparison to the massive lake. She looked down and kicked a rock off the edge, feeling the thrill of an adrenaline rush as the rock fell, counting the seconds until she heard a distant thud. Whoa, they were definitely very high up. "Let's have lunch and we can go back down, maybe chill in the lake? I'll pump up the inner tubes."

Now this was the life...Nikki thought to herself as she bobbed up and down in the water on an inner tube. After a quick lunch of cold ham sandwiches they were both eager to get back out to the lake. She dipped her toes into the water as she lounged on top of the inner tube.

The sun was high in the sky, but a nice breeze that drifted across the lake made the afternoon did a lot to cool the sun's rays. She looked over at Elena who had her sunglasses on and was facing away from her, looking like she was about to doze off. She smiled at the sight and lay back, looking up at the clouds.

Amarisa swam lazily in the lake, enjoying the afternoon. She had slept for a long time this morning having stayed up late with the human. Mmm...her body tingled with pleasure from the thought of last night's events. She couldn't wait for tonight when they would meet again.

In her life, Amarisa rarely went out of the water, but it had definitely been worth it that time. As she swam, she noticed two black rings floating on top of the water, and what looked like feet dangling into the water. Maybe she wouldn't have to wait until tonight after all.

A splash of water caused Nikki to open her eyes, she turned her head and was face to face with the mermaid. Nikki let out a cry and instinctively shoved the mermaid's head back down into the water, not wanting Elena to see her. Her leaning to one side caused the inner tube to flip and Nikki felt into the water with a loud splash. When she surfaced, wiping watering out of her eyes.

"Are you ok?" Elena had took off her sunglasses and was looking over at her. "Ya I just leaned too much, don't worry about me." Smiling faintly at the snort of laughter from Elena, she relaxed when the other woman lay back down and put her sunglasses back on.

Feeling slightly hurt, Amarisa swam underneath Nikki's inner tube, wondering why she had been rejected. The human was inside the hole of the black ring now, her legs treading water. She saw the human's hand reach into the water, beckoning her. Hmph.

She considered swimming away but the bare flesh of the human's legs was tantalizing.

Nikki felt the mermaid's hands caress her legs and she grinned, moving towards the back of the inner tube so the mermaid could surface, hidden within the ring of the tube. She caressed the mermaid's face, admiring the way the light bounced off her skin, the mermaid's skin glittered in a full spectrum of color. You're so beautiful, she thought silently to herself.

She got it, it took her a moment, but now Amarisa understood. She wasn't to be seen by the other female, but that wasn't what she had in mind anyways. She pushed at the material on the human's breasts, wanting to feel the stiff peaks in her mouth again.

Oh god, you're so not doing this right now, Nikki thought with an inward groan as the mermaid started to peel off the top of her swim suit. She pushed the mermaid's hand away with one hand, keeping the other on the tube but wasn't quick enough to stop the mermaid from leaning in and sliding her tongue underneath the material to tease her nipple. She bit her lip hard to stop herself from letting out a moan, at the same time unable to stop herself from looking over at Elena. Her best friend was slumped on top of the tube, one hand dipping into the water as she dozed.

She looked back to the mermaid to find an empty space. She was confused until she felt hands on her bikini bottom and felt the material slide off her. Hey! She thought to herself, but already she could feel herself getting aroused by the mermaid's eagerness.

She tossed away the material impatiently, ready to get at the human's soft skin. Her tongue tasted the female's intimate folds, marveling at the soft feeling. She had never felt anything like it, and the taste was extraordinary. She sucked the tight folds, her tongue dipping into every crevice but dancing around her entrance.

Head back, eyes shut, Nikki thought she deserved an award for staying quiet as she was while the mermaid ate her out. The mermaid's velvety tongue on her intimate parts were enough to make her toes curl. She should've been expecting it, but when the mermaid's lips wrapped around her clit she had to bite hard on her lip to stop herself from crying out. She felt her stomach tighten and she gasped for air, her chest heaving as she felt her orgasm building like a wave until finally it crested and for a moment she thought of nothing but how amazing it felt. When she finally came down from her high she realized that the mermaid wasn't done yet...

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