tagNonHumanThe Lake Monster Ch. 04

The Lake Monster Ch. 04


Amarisa felt the human tense up completely before relaxing, and rubbed the woman's legs affectionately. One hand came down into the water to loving caress her cheek, and she kissed it fondly. Her whole body buzzing with excitement, Amarisa could wait no longer. It took a little manoeuvring but soon she was positioning herself at Nikki's entrance.

Oh my god...when she felt the tip of the mermaid's cock pressing against her, teasing her, she seriously wondered if she could ever be satisfied with just a single orgasm again. She gripped the handles of the inner tube hard when she felt the mermaid's rod enter her, filling her and stretching the walls of her pussy, making her tense up in ecstacy. The sensations were incredible; she wrapped her legs tightly around the mermaid, taking all of her cock inside her so that they were joined at the hips. It was so easy, the mermaid was an impressive lover and she was more aroused than she had ever been. She heard a cough and looked over, to her horror she saw that Elena had woken up.

"Ugh how long was I asleep for? My fingers are all pruney." Words, right, people still used words sometimes. She tried to think with the mermaid thrusting into her, burying her cock to the hilt with each powerful thrust.

"Um...like ten minutes maybe." She mumbled.

"Oh. I'm going to back to the shore, you staying out here?"

"Yeah." She said shortly to stop her voice from breaking because the mermaid had discovered the technique of rolling her hips so that her thrusts were hitting Nikki's g-spot.

"You should come in soon too, your face is pretty red, probably getting sunburnt."

"Ya later." She couldn't believe this, a mermaid was secretly fucking her to her second orgasm and Elena was watching. It was actually quite erotic, and Nikki could feel her pussy walls starting to clench around the mermaid's thick cock.

"Okay, don't say I didn't tell you when your face is peeling later." Elena said with a shrug, starting to swim away .

"I'm going to go start a fire." She barely heard the words as she reached her second orgasm, the mind numbing pleasure sweeping over her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She took in deep breaths of the fresh air, suddenly aware of the breeze on her warm face, the water flowing her toes, cooling her warm body. When the mermaid pulled out she tried to ignore the feeling of disappointment that creeped up on her. She looked into the water to try and spot the mermaid but she was gone.

Amarisa felt like she was weightless as she glided away into deepest part of the lake before settling down on the lake floor, disturbing the dirt so that it moved like chocolate swirls upwards toward the light shining down into the water. Her orgasm had exhausted her, and Amarisa closed her eyes, ready for a long nap.

Nikki scanned the waters once more for the mermaid before resentfully admitting to herself that she had been ditched. With a loud sigh, she swam back to shore. She didn't speak with Elena, who was busy cursing at the sticks she had erected in the makeshift fire pit. She couldn't help but feel used, this time the mermaid didn't even bother to stick around. But what did she expect anyways? This was a creature who couldn't possibly understand her. It was just mindless fucking, good fucking, but still...it was stupid to expect anything more.

Her moodiness didn't go away though, and when Elena came back later to tell her that she was going for a run and would try to start the fire again later she responded with a grunt. After sulking for a while she decided to grab her yoga mat and do some poses beside the tent. It would probably be about an hour or even two before Elena would get back from her run, the woman was an avid runner. Nikki had once tried to run with her. Once had been enough.

She unrolled her yoga mat out by the fire pit, looking down at the sticks. Huh, guess she wasn't the only one feeling frustrated now. She stretched her sore muscles, feeling the ache in them from the long hike, and then there were some muscles that were sore that had nothing to do with the hike. She cursed, feeling cranky again and shut her eyes, trying to drive out the world.

It was darker out when Amarisa woke up from her nap, and with a jolt of panic she quickly surfaced, glancing up at the sky. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw that it was only sunset, and started to swim towards the lake shore. She was glad she wasn't going to miss meeting the human again.

"You're quiet today." Elena commented as they huddled near the roaring fire that had been started this time by both their efforts.

"I dunno, the hike tired me out." Nikki lied. She was suddenly weary of keeping secrets from her best friend, Elena never seemed to keep anything from her.

"We could go fishing tomorrow, how about that?" Her rainbow-haired friend suggested gently. Nikki recognized it as Elena trying to cheer her up and smiled.

"Yeah that would be great, I'll get a good night's sleep tonight and I'll be fine tomorrow."

Amarisa swam near the surface of the lake, popping up every so often to look at the shore, and then more frequently once dusk began. Where was the human? She couldn't wait to see her again, it was as if the human had unlocked something inside of her, pleasures she had never known and now craved almost constantly. She popped her head up again but the shore remained empty. Perhaps the human had forgotten? She saw in the distance an orange glow and after a moment of hesitation, she swam to the shore and headed in the direction of the light.

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