tagMatureThe Landlady

The Landlady


The name's Tom Brody; living in this apartment for about a year, and a college student who prefers his own privacy rather than living in a dorm. It was quiet around here until the new landlady bought the building and we got to know each other better. Mrs.Tate, or Sandy as she prefers, was a widow and lonely. She had blonde hair and a pair of saggy tits; looking good for her age even though she was old enough to be someone's grandmother.

One day I told her I was going to be a bit late with the rent; making a deal with me until it was paid full. At her place we fucked each others lights out. She was a wild animal who was starving to death and I was the fresh meat she craved. I enjoyed the arrangement we made; wondering if she'll act that way the next time I'm late with the rent.

The following morning I was wide awake catching Sandy on the phone talking to her daughter, Jill. I stood there naked as a newborn, watching this perfectly matured woman move as she did and still good enough to eat; wearing a short silk robe and a pair of fluffy high heeled slippers. Quietly, I snuck up behind her and started kissing her neck.

"Hmmmm, good morning", she said, purring like a kitten.

"Morning to you, Mrs. Tate", I said.

"Please, call me Sandy."

"Well, Sandy, how about we pick up where we left off?"

"Not now."

The conversation with her daughter continued but I wasn't about to wait. So I decided to have a little fun with her, making it difficult for her to concentrate on the phone.

"Yes, dear", she said, speaking to her daughter.

I blew on her ear and she walked away. I kissed her neck again, leaving her frustrated and distracted.

"Stop it", she said.

"Stop what?" said Jill.

"Not you. It's a fly buzzing around and being annoying."

I was about to untie her robe; shoving me aside with a smile on her face. I was far from done.

"He's a good boy" said Sandy. "Not now."

"Come again?", Jill wondered.

"I'm thinking out loud."

"Is there someone with you?"

"No, of course not."

I lifted her up and planted her ass on the kitchen counter. She didn't know what hit her.

"You're so strong", she said.

"What?", Jill asked.

"You're strong enough to approach him and talk to him. And if that doesn't work then beat him with a dick. I mean stick."

I got down on my knees, slowly removing her pink undies. I removed her slippers and planted her feet on my back.

"Don't you dare", she warned me. I'll kill-."

My tongue dug down into her hairy pussy; this time there was no escape. Only the sweet sound of pure pleasure.

"Hmmmm, please stop", she said.

"What was that?", Jill asked.

"Nothing. Please continue."

My tongue lashing was getting more difficult to handle while still on the phone. The conversation went from serious to comical.

"Aaaaah", she moaned. "Aah. Aah. Aaaah."

"Mom" said Jill, "are you all right?"

"I was about to sneeze that's all."

"You have a fever?"

"No, I'm wet. I mean my nose is dripping wet. It's no big deal."

Sandy tried her best keeping it all in. Pounding on the counter and tightening her mouth shut wasn't going to do it. I licked every tasty morsel on that pussy and she was loving it.

"You bastard", she said, covering the phone so her daughter wouldn't hear her moaning. "Hmmmm, oh shit. Fuck. Why now? You know I'm on the phone. Oh, shit. Hmmmm, that feels so nice. Aaaaah. Aaaaah. Ooooooh. Oh, shit. Oh, you're so good at that."

I shook my head with my tongue still in her; making her giggle like a young lady. She knew I woudn't stop so now was the time to hang up the phone.

"Jill, honey" she said. "Can I call you back? There's someone sucking, I mean knocking on the door."

"Okay, as long as you're all right."

"Don't worry about me. I love you, dear."

Sandy dropped the phone and her moaning grew louder. She grabbed handfuls of my hair, keeping me pinned down and begging for more.

"Shit", she said. "Oh shit. Don't stop. Don't fucking stop. Please. Please. Pleeeeeease. Oooooh, fuck. Hmmmmmm. You love my mature pussy so much. Hmmmmmm. Keep eating that pussy you dirty, dirty little boy."

After that it was time to get dirty. I carried her to her bedroom, practically dropping her with enjoyment. I helped her off with her robe,tossing it aside. Since I was already naked and hard as a rock Sandy grabbed my cock and sucked on it. For an old broad she was good at it.

She sucked and licked on it; caressing it all over her cheeks. The other night she told me how much she loved my young dick and couldn't get enough of it. It had to be rough for her not getting laid in a long time.

My hard cock was now fucking her ass. In and out, back and forth I went; tearing her a big new ass hole. All she did was admire the size of my cock going in deep. She didn't care if she didn't sit down for a week.

"Oh, shit", she said. "That's it. Fuck my ass up. Aaaaaah. Oooooh. Oh, that young dick is so hard. Fucking hard. Love the feel of young dick in my ass. Oh, yes. Like that you little bastard. Fuck!"

Once I was done it was time for my cock to dig into that hairy pussy of hers. Even though it was a little hairy and a bit gray it was still a beautiful thing. I shoved my cock inside and Sandy was letting me know how good it was; music to my ears.

"Oh, shit", she said. "Fuck. Love that young cock in my pussy. So hard. So fucking hard. Shit. Fuck me. Fuck me little boy. Fuck my mature pussy. Fuck me like one of your whores. Fuck me. I'm a whore. I'm a fucking whore! Fuck! Fuck me harder. Harder, you fucking bastard!"

I was worried she would suffer a heart attack after all the excitement. Everything went smoothly; finishing up by squirting my cum on her face. The both of us was so worn out we both collapsed on the bed; laughing and feeling sweaty.

"Wow", said Sandy. "What the hell was that about?"

"Payback", I said. "I mean last night you were wild and out of control. So, why not even the score?"

"Mr. Brody, you know how to show an old gal a good time. And a good fuck. But next time don't do that when I'm on the phone."

"I can't promise that."

"You bastard. I'm taking a shower."

"You want company?"

"No, I do not. Go home . And you better come up with the rent in full."

"Yes, dear."

Sandy looked at me weird and headed for the shower; all in her nakedness. I was already anxious for the next time I came late with the rent.

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