tagGroup SexThe Lars and Paula Diaries

The Lars and Paula Diaries


All details of my encounters with Lars and Paula are true. All names are changed, of course. I don't mention safety precautions because it kills the eroticism, but measures were taken.

First time

I was propositioned by a couple on an adult site and went to a local bar to meet them. They were nice and very open. Paula was still young looking and pretty at 54. Short, dark, and Italian, she flirted unabashedly with me in front of her husband. Lars was 55 and Swedish, with a fair complexion and a charming accent. He told me that he is bi, but she is straight and loves to have lots of different men.

"I love all types of men's bodies and watching them get hard for me", Paula said, "And I have a bit of a cum fetish. I like men to come on me, my tits, my face, stomach...I love feeling it splash on my skin. Lars loves men and loves to watch as well as participate, so we make a very good team."

I told them I am straight and Lars said he was cool with that. Paula sidled up to me and stroked my ass through my jeans.

"I think you're very good-looking and I can't wait to have you inside of me" she said, moving her hand around to my stiffening cock.

"MMMMMMM, nice", she said and put her tongue in my ear. I haven't had a strange woman do this kind of flirting with me in a good long while as I have an on again/off again girlfriend. It was very stimulating, especially since her husband was standing there with a big grin on his face and an obvious hard-on. We made plans for the next weekend.

I went home and had to jerk off. I'm 47 and I had blue balls for the first time in many years! Painful!!!! I didn't have a need for internet porn, I just thought about Paula's pretty face, big tits and soft ass. I imagined her husband and I fucking her and making her come over and over. It didn't take long for me to shoot a very big load onto my chest. I decided right there to try not to jerk off again until I got together with Paula and Lars.

The next Sunday I went to their house, which is fairly close by. They offered me a drink. I accepted a glass of wine and sat between them. After some small talk, I told them all about a steady MFM three way relationship I had when I was in my 20's. When I got to some explicit details about double penetration, Paula got visibly excited. Her braless nipples poked through her thin cream colored blouse like thimbles. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off them.

She stroked my leg, then my hard cock and whispered, "To the bedroom"...and just like that we got up and went upstairs. We undressed without saying much, but giggled with excitement. Once naked, I saw that Paula is a young 54, a little overweight perhaps, but with long black hair, a pretty face, and big, slightly hanging breasts topped with very large dark nipples. Her skin was olive toned and smooth, her pussy was completely shaved, and as she stood there I could see her large, purply lips hanging down between her smooth thighs. Overall, she was the picture of mature feminine beauty. I looked over at her husband Lars, who is tall, still well built, and has a full head of greying blondish hair. He was stroking his hard cock, which seemed pretty long, maybe 8 inches. The head was almost comically large, big, and pink. I was hard too and I could see by his grin that he liked the look of me.

Paula laid on the bed and summoned me to her mouth. After a deep kiss or two, I knelt and she handily took me deep into her throat. Her husband watched for a minute and then went down on her. I could hear him licking and slurping at her cunt while I watched her suck my cock. I played with her beautiful long nipples, which were thick and dark brown. I felt myself leaking pre cum into her throat as she moaned, hummed, and swallowed occasionally. After a few minutes, she became visibly more excited and came with my cock pushing against the back of her throat. Lars looked up smiling with his face dripping from her juices. I motioned to him and we switched.

Close up, her pussy was unbelievably wet. It was shaved and waxed, without a trace of hair. Her dark lips hung open and touched the sides of her thighs like flower petals. Inside, she was dark pinkish red and I could see the liquid just oozing out of her. I licked her petals and tasted her thick salty sweet emission while she tongued Lars' flaring cockhead. Her clit was a hard, tiny knot buried between the upper part of her lips. When I put three fingers into her while licking her nub she soon groaned and had another orgasm. Her muscles contracted violently as she swallowed her husband's long cock. She was now soaking, and so was my face. Her juices were thick and delicious, so I continued licking her clit and finger fucking her until I felt her muscles begin to tighten again.

"Please fuck me right now" she moaned, and as I entered all that liquid drenched flesh I felt her rise up and come hard a third time. I am always amazed at how orgasmic some women can be.

Now, I hadn't come in a week and there I was, hurting again.... twitching, leaking and hurting...I told them I was going to come. I HAD to come. She reached down and pulled her lips apart telling me to pull out and come all over her cunt. Paula used the C word coarsely, which made me even hotter.

"Come all over my cunt, my wet fucking cunt...make my cunt even wetter with your hot cum" she said deliriously, holding her big lips open and stretching them out.

I came so hard that the first squirt flew over her pussy and splattered her big tits. I aimed the rest at her open lips and shot a large amount with the force of a garden hose. It splashed off her pussy and went everywhere. Paula cooed with delight as I drenched her already wet pussy with my cum. Lars gave me a lascivious look, licked off her tits and immediately went down on her licking it all up. Now I understood why she wanted me to pull out. He got off watching me cum, and loved licking it off the outside. She was wild with lust, and I'm pretty sure she came again while he licked her.

Paula took my softening cock into her mouth as Lars inserted his long cock into her dripping pussy. I got hard again pretty fast watching her husband fuck her. She seemed to love his slow long strokes. Every once in a while he pulled out far enough so I could see his huge pink cockhead tugging on her beautiful sopping lips. Then he would slide all eight inches into her again. She grunted every time he hit bottom. As he picked up the pace the squishing sounds got louder and the smell of their heat was driving me crazy. Lars still hadn't come, but he pulled out and let her lick her own juices off his dripping cock. I pulled on her nipples and stroked her soft gorgeous ass as she cleaned him.

"Yes, fuck my ass!" she commanded me. She got on all fours and her husband handed me a tube of lube. Her ass was big and fleshy, and her pretty, brown asshole looked inviting as I lubed it with my finger. Lars watched me with a smile as she sucked him. I inserted my cock into her ass. It felt great, I have to say, although I do prefer pussy. Even though I had come about 15 minutes before, the tightness of her hole was getting me very excited. He saw this and immediately got under her while I fucked her butt. We maneuvered so he could get his long dick into her pussy. I'm not bi, but the feeling of his long cock in there was like someone stroking me while I fucked her. I could feel his big head stretching out her insides and it was amazingly stimulating. Paula moaned, screamed and panted.

"Oh fuck that's good!", she cried, "Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! I'm coming again! Oh shit, I'm coming again!"

She came about three times in around ten minutes until I finally came deep in her beautiful big butt. I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out. I laid on the bed as her husband pulled out of her, laid her down, and started fucking her big tits. His cock was a beet red color now, and the head was huge as he moved in between her breasts, which she squeezed together while making very sexy cooing noises. He started to grunt, and she lifted her head and opened her mouth. Lars came furiously, hitting her face on the first shot and covering her lips and tongue. He must've saved up too, and had lasted all this time. He came an incredible amount for a guy of any age, splashing her black hair, and painting her dark nipples white over and over. The head of his cock was the size of a plum, spurting rope after rope of thick, viscous cum until the last of it dribbled out onto her chest. He looked over at me for approval, and I said, "Wow, amazing!"...I think I disappointed him by not returning the favor and licking it all up. Anyway, I hope to see them again in a few weeks...if he doesn't insist on me cumming in his mouth.

Second Time

The next Wednesday I was invited for another round of sex with Lars and Paula. Lars called and asked if I could meet on Friday night. He told me another couple might possibly be there and asked if that would be ok. I said sure. He then told me the man was bi but they would be respectful of my hetero nature.

I asked, " Are they older? Younger? Is the woman bi?"

Lars chuckled at my enthusiasm. "Yes, the woman is bi, but my wife is not. Paula will be happy to let Julie eat her pussy though. They are younger, like you, in their mid to late 40's, and both are very nice looking. "

"Ok", I said. I was flattered that they asked me, a single man, to join their foursome.

"We enjoyed our first encounter with you very much", he said in his lilting accent, "we would love to include you when it feels right."

Now I was hard thinking about it and had to stop myself from masturbating right then and there because I wanted to have a lot of cum saved for the encounter.

On Friday night I had an unfortunate incident, a small accident with my car that required me to stay at the scene for an hour. So, I arrived at their house an hour late, a little shaken up but pretty much functional. I called them on my cell phone and Paula said Lars would buzz me through the gate to the enclosed backyard. There I found four naked people in the hot tub. The other couple was very attractive, and very friendly. Julie was great looking. Chestnut brown hair, thick and curly, cascaded down past her shoulders. Her still firm, smallish breasts bobbed in the water, capped with perfect dark pink nipples. She smiled up at me with her gorgeous mouth full of straight white teeth and just exuded sex.

"You must be Cameron, I've just been hearing all about you from Lars and Paula.", she said.

I kind of stammered a bit..."yes, hi"... I was very taken with her.

Her husband, Mark, was quite a good-looking man. He'd have to be to match Julie. He was slightly balding, but very handsome and, from what I could see, in excellent physical shape. Average height, but with well defined muscles.

Paula lay in the tub with her big tits floating and bobbing on the water, nipples distended, her hand between her legs already rubbing her hairless pussy under the water. Lars sat on the edge, his long cock laying semi-flaccid on his thigh, its bulbous head in a relaxed state.

"We waited for you", he said, and hopped into the tub to massage his wife's nipples, which seemed to grow even larger. Julie licked her lips, moved in, and starting sucking Paula's tits, which Paula did not seem to mind in the least. I undressed, got in, and took the other breast while Lars and Mark turned towards each other. I knew they wouldn't be able to hold off, and I could see them groping each other's asses and cocks under the water as my hand found Paula's large pussy lips and started playing with them. My eye was on Julie, and we looked up at each other and started to kiss across Paula's chest.

"Aren't you two cute?", Paula said jealously, and I felt her hand grab my already hard cock, twisting around it playfully under the water. I suddenly felt another hand on me and I smiled at Julie. My other hand immediately went to find her pussy under the water and she adjusted to meet it. She wasn't shaved, not at all, but had a full soft bush from what I could feel while the water swirled around us.

She smiled, "I hope you don't mind a little pubic hair."

"Not at all. Whatever makes the owner comfy suits me fine", I said.

God, she made me feel like a kid. Her face just got more beautiful the more I looked at it. She had amazing dark blue eyes and full lips. Her light olive complexion and gorgeous dark brown ringlets were just killing me. Looking over, I could see Mark sitting on the side of the tub while Lars sucked his dick. I couldn't really see it yet, but Lars was really going at it. Finally Lars eased up, and I could see that Mark had a thick cock of about average length. Lars bent down and licked his pink head with the flat of his tongue. I've never watched two guys go at it in real life and, while it didn't disgust me or anything, I quickly turned my attention back to my two gorgeous women. They led me to the side of the tub and went to work on me. Paula took me all the way into her throat while the sexy Julie kissed me and played with my balls. The two guys were now laying on a large patio mattress in 69. Lars' cock was extended its full 8 inches and his big head was fully ensconced in Mark's mouth. Mark occasionally took it out and licked it like it was an ice cream cone. Julie and Paula were now sharing me, licking me, and alternating turns taking me in their mouths. They occasionally glanced over at their husbands and I could tell they were pretty turned on watching them. I was leaking like a madman, and I knew I would come soon so I made an announcement. To my surprise the two men stopped what they were doing to watch. Both ladies kept licking my head while Julie jerked me off with her hand. Moaning loudly, I spurt a huge load all over their tongues and faces while they lapped and giggled.

"Beautiful", said Lars.

"Awesome", said Mark, as they went back into 69.

Julie sat up on the side of the hot tub and I finally got a look at her cunt, which had perfect medium lips peeking out of a rather long bush. Her hair was wet and stuck to her thighs, but it was so pretty. Her clit stood out like a pinky tip on top and I leaned in and gave it a kiss. I started to eat her pussy, which tasted like chlorine for a second but quickly changed into sweet, salty pussy juice.

"Ahem", Paula interrupted, "let's move onto that mattress."

The next thing I knew all five of us were on the big green mattress. The two men were still into their 69. I was eating Julie's hairy, tasty cunt, Julie was eating Paula's bald, dark, huge lipped pussy, and Paula was sucking me to another erection. I was in heaven. I inserted two fingers into Julie and massaged her Gspot slowly while licking her clit. Julie followed suit, sticking her fingers into Paula. Every so often I'd look up at Julie and I could see her face getting covered by Paula's copious emissions. For me, Julie's cunt just got better and better tasting as I gently licked and sucked her hard knot of a clit. Suddenly, I felt Paula groan around my cock. She bucked wildly as she had a powerful orgasm. This threw Julie into spasms too, and I could feel her gripping my fingers tightly as she moaned into Paula's wet pussy lips. As this was happening Mark groaned loudly as he came in Lars' mouth.

"You taste wonderful, and so much cum!", Lars cried.

Julie and Paula sat up and kissed Lars, mixing Mark's cum and their juices in their mouths. I made a mental note not to kiss anyone for a while.

"I am ready to taste Julie's pussy", Lars said.

"It's quite delicious.", I said, wiping my face.

"I'm just gushing from my first orgasm of the night, but I'm ready for more." Julie said with a sluttish tone. She stood over Lars and opened her pussy lips for his inspection.

"Your wife has a very pretty cunt, Mark.", Lars stated approvingly as Julie dripped pussy juice onto his face. "And so pink. A stunning contrast to Paula's dark, wonderful cunt. Women are truly works of art. I will love tasting her right after tasting you."

Mark watched, stroking his flaccid cock, as Julie sat on Lars' face. Paula knelt and sucked her husband's throbbing head, big and dark pink, as he leaked precum all over her tongue. I got behind Paula and inserted my cock into her dripping cunt, which felt hot as an oven. She moaned around her husband's cock while Julie flooded his face with her juices. I noticed Mark was getting hard again, and he stood up. He knelt down and licked his wife's pretty ass making her moan even louder than before.

"Two tongues, ahhhhh, that feels so fucking good." Julie cried.

"My wife said she wanted to get DPed", Mark said casually, "What do you say, honey?"

Julie smiled tentatively.

"Lars, you will fuck my pussy and Mark will take my ass."

Lars laid down and got under her while Julie opened her cute pussy lips to slowly insert his flaring head.

"God, that's big!", Julie moaned, but she eased down and soon had all of Lars' huge head and shaft up her canal. Mark got behind her, lubed up, and slowly entered Julie's asshole.

"O god, O god" she said as the two men moved together. "I'm coming, I'm coming"...she seemed to be coming every few seconds! She told me later that it felt as if she were continuously having a small orgasm interrupted by bigger ones.

Paula got up and moved her pussy over her husband's face, and motioned me over. OK, I can deal with this, I thought. I came behind her and entered her slick wetness while he licked her clit. Of course, he occasionally licked my cock and balls too. Julie was now telling Lars and Mark to please cum in her, which they both did. Lars was grunting like crazy and I was picturing him cumming as hard as he did at our first encounter. Mark pulled out and came all over his wife's pretty ass. This set me off too, and I unleashed my second load into Paula's fantastic pussy. I pulled out and the mixture of our juices poured out onto Lars' face. He smiled broadly and licked it up, bringing his sexy wife to another orgasm. Julie and Mark came over and licked his face too, prompting Mark to go down on Paula to get more. All this man to man stuff was new to me and I had mixed reactions to it for sure.

We rested and drank some wine. Later on, the two men stroked each other's cocks and Paula's pussy while I fucked Julie missionary. Her pussy was slick with Lars' cum but somehow I didn't care. I looked into her pretty blue eyes while grinding her clit with the base of my cock.

"That is such a great motion", she whispered in my ear. She then came uninhibitedly underneath me thrashing and moaning.

I pulled out, cumming a third time onto her curly bush...too bad I had less cum by then. Lars and Mark jerked each other hard and came onto Paula's big tits. They and Julie licked it all off, and made Paula come hard with a vibrator while sucking her nipples. Ahhh, I am feeling so lucky right now.

Third time

It was a hot Sunday afternoon, so we planned to gather in Lars & Paula's finished basement media/playroom. When I arrived, Paula showed me in. Lars was already sitting naked on the couch scanning through a hi-quality porn DVD depicting all bisexual orgy scenes with three or four men and several women in every combination you can think of. He selected a scene where one man fucked another in the ass while a skinny young woman sucked the receiver's cock. An older, meatier woman ate the young girl and stroked her own clit while tugging on a pair of impressive pussy lips. Paula told me to undress as she took off her summer robe. She was naked underneath. Her nipples were hard and sticking up at attention like gumdrops. Her pussy lips protruded from between her thighs and looked shiny with her wetness. By the time I settled into a chair I had a raging hard-on just looking at her.

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