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Goodbye, My Sweet Fellatrix


ED NOTE: For the many "Allison" fans, male and female, who have emailed me regarding the lovely and very ORAL BANK TELLER series, I thank you for sharing the pleasure you have received from reading about my (essentially) true exploits with the young fellatrix.

As promised, there was one last story to tell. Enjoy......and please vote!


There were more stolen moments after the marathon motel meeting with Allison; but our affair was slowly coming to a close. She had sucked my cock at least a dozen more times since that wonderfully depraved afternoon--in my office at work; in her husband's car (her favorite place) and even in the break room at the bank in the middle of the day (danger was her middle name) ---but her frantic requests for blowjob time were getting less and less frequent as the affair went on. We were meeting now barely once every couple of weeks and I hadn't heard from her in a while. I knew it wouldn't be long.

I was OK with it, though. I had always believed I was just a way-station along the road for her---as she was for me. Allison was the best sex I ever had, and possibly the finest cocksucker ever to roam the earth. But I had filled her mouth and pussy with cum for eight delicious months and I was ready to move on with my life. I sensed that she was too, but I wasn't prepared for what was about to happen as the phone rang in my office.

"Hi-iii" the familiar sing-song, little-girl voice on the other end always made my dick hard. "Whatcha' doin' after work today?"

"I don't know. You tell me," I replied, fishing around for her intentions.

"Hmmm, maybe you're going to get a nice blowjob from a sexy young girl," she giggled, then paused when I didn't reply right away, and added sheepishly "Well...what do you think?"

"Hmm, it's been a while, sweetie, do you think you can you fit me into your busy schedule?" I answered with mock sarcasm. She laughed.

"Actually," she said, "I need to talk to you about something.... but after I suck you off, of course!" She had her priorities, as always.

"I don't know if I have time tonight, Allison. I have to............

She cut me off, "Aw, c'mon, Michael... Please."

I couldn't resist, especially when she begged; but I would have to cancel a business meeting. Easy choice. "Ok,meet me in the church parking lot around 7."

"Great! I love you, Michael; you're so good to me! See you then. Umm, Michael... have you... cum yet today," she asked in a hesitant afterthought.


"Will you have a lot for me?" she asked, deadly serious.

"That depends."

"On what?"

"On how good you are," I teased.

"Will I be a good girl if I kiss it?" She loved to dirty talk. We often engaged in this kind of verbal foreplay before we met for sex and we both ate it up.


"How about if I rubbed my mouth all over it and made it all wet and messy?"

"You know I don't like messes," I replied truthfully.

"Oh, I would lick it all up, baby. I always clean up my messes, you know that," she reminded me.

"Alright, you can be sloppy...but you better clean up every drop, you little bitch!"

She giggled.

"What if I let you fuck my throat, and then begged you to cum on my tongue? Would that make me the nasty little cocksucker you like?"

"That would. Sure." I played along.

"I bet if I teased you for a long time and licked your balls you would cum a lot, too, wouldn't you? You always do."

This was fun, as always, but I had things to do. "Alright, cut the shit, I gotta go," I told her. "I'll see you at 7."

"I'll be there! With my tongue hanging out," she giggled again. "Love ya...Bye!"

I swung my Acura into the empty church lot about five after seven. It was still light, and the low sun behind the trees cast deep shadows around the perimeter. I spotted her silver Fiero way off in a far corner, barely visible, beneath a huge spreading oak. Just beyond the tree I could see the church spire and cross. The last time I gazed up at that cross I was cumming in her mouth. She was parked in the same spot where we had our very first meeting. I wondered if it was going to be our last.

When I pulled in beside her, she quickly jumped out and slid into the passenger seat next to me. I was surprised because she really liked to blow me in Tom's car. She had a thing about leaving cum stains in it as revenge for the way he treated her. Tom was her husband. They had been married for 4 miserable years.

"I'm leaving him," she blurted out before I even had a chance to greet her.

"You're kidding!" I said, not expecting this turn of events.

"No, I really mean it. He's upstate for the weekend, and when he gets back I'm not going to be here. I've made up my mind. Not another minute of his shit. Never again, never!"

"What are you going to do? Where are you going to live?" I was genuinely concerned.

"Don't worry; I've got things figured out. I'll be alright."

"I'm all ears. What's going on?"

"It's a long story, Michael.... and I'd rather not waste time talking about it right now," she smiled, as she turned in the seat, moved in closer and dropped her right hand to my cock. She began rubbing it softly. That shut me up.

"You like it when I talk to you while we're doing it, don't you?" she asked.

"You know I do," I replied honestly.

"Like when I ask permission? That really turns you on, doesn't it?"

"It does."

"Is it ok that I'm rubbing your cock? It feels warm through your jeans and it's starting to get hard. I love that I can do that to you."

"Good, don't stop."

"Have I ever told you how much I love your cock? How beautiful it is?"

She was hot to talk tonight, obviously. She knew it made me crazy, so I encouraged her. We had time. "Tell me again."

"You have a beautiful cock. It's big, but not too big; and very thick. I love the way it stretches my pussy and rubs against my clit when you fuck me."

"Your young yet," I teased, "You'll find bigger ones."

"Nooo....I don't want a bigger one! Your cock is just perfect, silly. It fits me exactly the way I need it. It slides down my throat just enough so that I can still swallow when you cum....except I can't taste it that way," she added, a mock frown appearing on her pretty face.

"You love the taste of cum, don't you Allison." God, I loved playing this game.

"Yes, I do," she admitted. "I'm sooo bad!"

"And you love to have your throat fucked too, don't you, you little whore?" I asked rhetorically, putting her in her place, the place she loved to be.

"God, yes! When you use my mouth like that it makes my pussy so fucking wet! I feel so submissive when you control me that way. I trust you so much, Michael" Then she added as an aside, "I love it when you talk dirty to me, call me those nasty names. Don't stop, baby, it's making me hot."

I didn't. "Your getting wet right now, aren't you, you little slut?" I knew her like a book.

"You're a fuck," she laughed. "Yes, my pussy is getting wet. Are you going to tease me now?"

"I don't know, maybe. Keep talking."

"So, will you fuck my mouth tonight?"

"Yes, I will. Bet on it."

"Can I ask you something, then?" Her voice got softer, almost a whisper. "Will you pull back when you cum so I can taste it? I really want to taste it tonight."

"Sure, I'll do that," I answered, a little concerned at how serious she sounded.

She seemed relieved. "You always give me what I need. I've always loved that about you" She sounded somehow wistful and it worried me.

"Can I take your cock out... while we talk?" She was already unsnapping my jeans and unzipping my fly. I whipped them and my underwear down to my ankles, shook one leg off, and spread my legs as I leaned back into the seat and let her play. Using one hand she began to daintily run her fingernails up and down the underside of my now pulsing shaft.

"God, it's so beautiful," she said softly, staring at the twitching pink pole as she played with it. "Can I kiss it?"

"Just the head," I said firmly. I knew she liked to be instructed every step of the way and I was determined to play the game out.

She bent over me, gathered her lush red hair to the other side of her face so I could watch unobstructed, and placed her gorgeous heart-shaped lips directly on the pee-hole. Her mouth was hot on the exposed skin and I shuddered on contact. Her cheeks hollowed as she kissed it reverently a few times and purred deep in her throat.

"Mmmm. It tastes so good, Michael," she whispered without lifting her face. She parted her lips slightly and slid her mouth about an inch down the head and I felt her tongue begin to dance on the tip. She was French-kissing my cock. I could feel her warm breath feathering down the shaft as soft hissing sounds escaped her lips. The sounds were coming from deep in her throat as she continued her gentle cock-kissing.

She made love to the crown with her lips and tongue-tip for what seemed like five minutes: pecking, lapping and cooing like a contented cat. My balls tightened as she worked her oral magic. Then I noticed her jaw muscles moving and she began to slowly corkscrew her face over the head. Suddenly, she loosened her pouty lips and a huge wad of white, foamy saliva spread over the pee-hole and began to slowly cascade down the shaft. It felt like a river of warm honey spreading over my cock. And it was making a mess. I grabbed her by the hair. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Shhh!" she mumbled, her mouth full of spit. She sucked in her cheeks and gathered some more and let it slide out all over my now glistening cock. "I'm thirsty for you, baby. Your cock makes my mouth water and I want to lick it clean," she explained. "Is it OK?"

I twisted a little and lay back for a better view. "Alright, lick it up slow so I can watch; and make sure you do a good job," I replied, re-asserting control.

"I will."

She stopped what she was doing, slid her seat back all the way, and snuggled down on the floorboard. I flipped one leg over her shoulder so that she was now between my legs. She rested her cheek on my thigh as I combed my fingers through her wild, red hair, exposing her beautiful face to the dimming light of the early evening.

"Can you see?" She asked,her exquisite mouth just inches from my spit covered crotch. Always the exhibitionist, always the perfectionist, she wanted to make sure that I got the most pleasure she could give, and she knew that watching her was an important part of that.

She reached up with one hand and placed red lacquered fingertips behind the shaft. She braced it upright as she extended her tongue against the bottom of the erect, slimy cock. "Clean up time, mmm, mmm!" she giggled, as she looked directly into my eyes and dragged her hot tongue slowly upwards. The juices rolled and gathered along the flesh and spread over her plump pink tongue in a roiling, foamy white mess. When she reached the head she swiped it all up, swallowed, and licked her lips like she just had a taste of ice cream on a hot summer day. "Mmmmm, so fucking good!"

She angled her face and went back down for more, licking the shaft in long slow strokes and swallowing it all each time she reached the head. Little tiny "mmmm's" of satisfaction vibrated in her throat the whole time as she lapped contentedly at my cock.

"Goddamn you, Allison, you are the best cocksucker......," I whispered lustily, my voice trailing off.

She paused, "I know, baby. You taught me well. You showed me I could give this kind of pleasure to a man and get satisfaction from it. I was so confused about sex before I met you. You let me be what I am and loved me for it. I'll always be grateful to you for that. Always."

She was talking in the past tense and I suddenly felt a sadness I hadn't felt in a long time. Not since that day I met her.

I blurted it out, "Your leaving the Island aren't you?"

She stopped abruptly and got back into the seat. She was silent for a moment. She turned to me and reached out and held my face in her small hands.

"Yes. This is the last time I'll be with you"

It was my turn to be silent. I was not surprised, but I was speechless.

"Please try to understand," she continued. "I want this time to be so good for us. I want us to remember it forever."

"Where are you going? What are you going to do?" I was a little shocked. I knew this day was coming, but I was genuinely concerned.

"I quit the bank. I have another job lined up in Connecticut and I'm leaving Saturday. Tom will never find me."

"Where in Connecticut?" I asked. Connecticut wasn't too far. I figured I could still see her once in a while.

"I don't want you to know, Michael."

The sadness was gathering in my gut. One thing I knew about this girl was that once she made up her mind there was no room for compromise. "Why," I asked, looking into her eyes for an answer.

"Because our time is over, Michael. It has to end. You're a married man, 20 years older than me. Your life is complicated and full of responsibilities and commitments. Mine is just starting. We can never have a life together. I've always known that."

She was right. Timing is everything; but this time it wasn't in my favor. I knew from the first time we were together that our relationship would always be just an affair. Not a lasting love, no commitment. No future. Just the best fucking sex I have ever had and absolutely the finest oral sex possible in this life.

For her, however, the timing worked out just right. She had always loved sucking cock, even before she came into my life; but she never understood her compulsion and couldn't come to terms with it. I met her at a time when her insecurities about her self-worth had all but destroyed her. Her low self esteem was encouraged by an abusive husband and all the other men who had ever enjoyed her mouth. They all looked down on her as a worthless slut and she believed it. When we first met, her psyche was a sad, lifeless, empty book.

I had filled in the blanks for her, with praise and gentleness and respect, with unselfish attention to her needs, sexual and otherwise. I convinced her that she was beautiful, intelligent, and fun to be with. I taught her to revel in her incredible oral abilities, to be proud of her womanly skills and she grew to be totally at ease with her intensely sexual nature. And it wasn't just for the sex I got in return. She was sweet, and honest, and generous. The nasty talk, the submissiveness, the dominance---it was just a game we played. I really cared deeply about her and wanted her to be happy, and she learned to trust that. Her self-loathing around her need to suck cock was a thing of the past now, and her cocksucking, believe it or not, had become the gateway to her wholeness as a woman.

When our affair started Allison was a quiet, conservative, passive 23 year old stuck in a bad marriage. She dressed like a middle-aged woman, hid her considerable beauty, and put up with a condescending, abusive asshole of a husband. Tonight I was with a vibrant, gorgeous, confident and supremely sexual woman with the wildest curly red hair on earth. I had to admit: what was there to regret?

I knew that she was right about our situation and I accepted that it would be ok, for both of us. But it was over. Just like that. Eight months of pure sexual bliss. Eight months of having a willing, submissive 23 year-old cocksucker at my every beck and call---a beautiful young girl who looked into my eyes and thanked me every time I came in her mouth. Lust beyond anything imaginable. Pleasure to die for. Even better, I thought, no matter what, I'll always have the vivid memories. That was the consolation prize.

So this would be the last time. So life's a bitch and then you die! What the fuck, I knew it couldn't last forever. What better way to part, anyway? She was right.

"I'm going to miss you, Allison." I said honestly.

"I'm going to miss you too, Michael, very much. But I'll be ok, I promise. And I know you will be, too."

"You promise?" I needed to hear that.

"How 'bout this? I promise that every time I have sex with another man, I'll be thinking about you. I'll see your face. I'll feel your cock inside me. I'll taste your semen on my tongue. I'll dream about you. I'll never forget you, Michael. Never!"

"No one has ever sucked my cock the way that you do. I'll miss it."

"You can always masturbate; and imagine your cumming in my mouth," she giggled wickedly. "I'd like that," she offered as solace.

"It won't be the same."

Always the realist, she reminded me. "Well, I'm here now."

Yes, she was, I thought to myself. Yes indeed, she was. It made sense to make the most of our final time together. I let all the sadness out in one deep exhale, and smiled.

"Ok, you win, you little bitch! Let's go for it." I settled back in the seat and spread my legs for her.

"I love you so much, baby," she said, as she held my face, kissed me on the cheek, and moved back down to the floor. She wasted no time and went right back to what she really loved the most, sucking cock. She sighed as she snuggled between my legs.

My cock was still hard as she looked up at me. We went back to the game.

"Your cock is dry, baby, but there's still such a mess around your balls. Hmm. I should clean them, don't you think?" she smiled affectionately.

"Yes. And make sure you get it all out of my pubes, too, you little cunt." Might as well follow the script 'til the fat lady sings.

She buried her pretty face between my legs and began lapping. Her velvet tongue was smooth and warm as she licked my thighs and around my balls. Sucking noisily through my pubes and around the base of my cock, she swallowed all the liquid she could get, occasionally stopping to pick a pubic hair from between her teeth. What a shameless bitch! I loved her!

She slid her hands under my ass and lifted my legs higher to really expose me. She opened her mouth wide and hummed contentedly as she sucked gently on my balls and lapped at the smooth skin below. She was really good at this and always took care not to hurt me. Even my wife couldn't do that, and she'd been sucking my balls for 20 years!

Suddenly she let out an impatient whimper, lifted my legs straight up, and dove for my asshole.

Her hot mouth settled over my asshole and I could feel her tongue pushing to enter me. Her lips closed around the entrance and she began to lick into my anus like a kitten drinking milk. I was squirming like a greased pig as she held my ass cheeks in her hands. I didn't think it possible, but my cock was getting harder as she tongue-fucked me. Pre-cum was leaking from my pee-hole now, and flowed down the shaft in creamy-white rivulets that literally glistened in the moonlight. This caught her attention and she quickly moved up to lick me clean.

"You have the best tasting cum, Michael. But this stuff is the sweetest," she whispered. "Mmm, God I love it!" She lapped and swallowed until it was all gone.

She went back to rimming me and continued licking and sucking my balls and around my asshole, moaning and whimpering now like a bitch in heat.

I'll bet her pussy is like an oven right now, I thought to myself.

"Get up here and take your panties off!" I shouted.

She shot up into the seat and whipped off her silky white underwear, in a blur that would have made a magician proud, and tossed them into the backseat. She hiked up her skirt and spread her legs wide as I kicked off my jeans and flipped over, settling between the silky thighs she was holding up by her ankles. She looked into my eyes...no, into my very soul, and said, "Yes, baby, oh, yes, Michael, fuck me. Fuck your little whore. Fuck me hard. Fuck me deep. Fuck me so I'll never forget. Put it in me. Make me cum, baby. No other man can make me cum this way. Fuck your little cocksucker! Fuck me 'til I cum, baby. Make me remember."

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