tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Last Tritan Ch. 02

The Last Tritan Ch. 02


Author's note: In the last chapter I failed to mention there were going to be elements of BDSM. It has been brought to my attention that this is offensive to some people, and for that I am sorry! So fair warning, there are some elements of BDSM in The Last Tritan, but they do not overwhelm the main theme of Nonconsent.

That being said, I hope you enjoy the second installment as much as you enjoyed the first! (Sweating nervously here!) Please feel free to comment, vote, or send me an email, and a huge thank you to everyone who has done so already! It makes my needy little world go right round!

WaterBurn Xx


At first, the chill of the concrete floor was soothing on my back, but as the night wore on I began shaking uncontrollably. It started with tossing and turning until the cold had a strangle hold on my internal organs, and I stumbled around the room trying to keep warm. It was impossible to know how long I'd been left alone, but eventually a soldier entered the room followed closely by a woman carrying bread and a glass of water.

I was blinded by the light, and cried out in pain. She dropped her bounty by the door and hastily retreated, leaving me alone with the soldier. It seemed my reputation had preceded me.

"Eat," he said in a deep voice. When I remained pressed against the wall, he kicked the plate in my direction. "Don't make me ask twice, slave." If he was under the impression I was being stubborn merely for the sake of it, he was mistaken - I was having trouble making my freezing limbs do as they were told, let alone summoning the dexterity needed to put food to mouth.

Never the less he advanced on me, the intent to do harm clear on his face. I scrambled for the small loaf of bread that had rolled from the plate. The effort was herculean on my part, but I managed to fill my mouth with the stale, flavorless stuff of army rations. He paused, grunting his approval when I continued to chew, though the loaf was so dry I couldn't swallow without taking a mouthful of water to aid in digestion. By the time I was halfway through my jaw was aching, but the activity had succeeded in warming me up a little.

When I'd finished, he seized my arm in an iron fist. I cringed away from him, keenly aware how vulnerable my nudity made me. "Come," he said, and ignored my struggling as he dragged me from the dark little room. I tried to pull my arm out of his tight grip, until we got to the front hall which was swarming with soldiers. The room went deadly quiet for a moment before the men erupted in laughter and started cheering. I pressed close to my escort, terrified to be left without some form of protection.

"Holy shit Cal! Is this the wild thing from last night?" Asked a burly soldier, touching my shoulder. I jerked away from him, only to be steadied by Cal as the other man inspected my naked body with interest. I tried my best to remain impassive about my nudity, though I was terrified.

"Yeah. The captain cleaned her up last night. Said she attacked Beau." I frowned - Beau had struck me first. I'd only defended myself. "Don't worry Gabe, he'll put the fight out of her in no time."

"I hope not! I like a little spirit now and then," Gabe said, and touched my face. My lip curled, almost against my will, and his face lit up with interest. "What's your name slave?" I stared back at him with the most acidic glare I could muster, and he laughed.

"The captain's still training her," said Cal, frowning in my direction. "He asked you a question slave!" I yelped as he gave me a violent shake, forcing me to my bruised and bloodied knees.

"Easy Cal. You know the captain doesn't like it when you fuck with a slave he's training," Gabe cautioned. Cal ignored him fisting a hand in my hair, and forcing my head back.

"Nonsense Gabe," said the cool voice of the Captain from behind me. At his arrival the entire company stood and saluted. "You asked her a question," he soothed. "We've already gone over this, haven't we dear?" He asked, fingers gingerly turning my head toward him. The sight of his regrettably handsome face sent chills down my spine. Would he involve these men in my punishment if I was difficult?

In an intentionally hoarse whisper, I said, "I don't know my name. Sir." I knew when to pick my battles - receiving lesson two in front of twenty armed men, while I was on my knees, naked and sleep deprived were odds I had no intention of testing.

"Good girl," he praised, stroking my hair back. It was becoming an oddly familiar gesture, and I wasn't thrilled about it.

"Well in that case, how about she apologises with a blow job?" Said Gabe, grabbing at his groin. I twisted my head away from the captain, and gave him my biggest, toothiest grin, thinking it probably wouldn't hurt if they thought I was teetering on the edge of madness. His eyes bulged in surprise before his face cracked in an answering smile. "I like this one captain! I might be inclined to make an offer when you're finished training her."

"We'll see." He laughed, and hauled me to my feet. "Dismissed," he said to his men. As they departed he marched me toward his office, a hard hand on the back of my neck. During my time here, the captain had seen every part of me, and had yet to touch me in a sexual way. The lack of contact was surprising - shouldn't he have already had his way with me, and tossed me to his men?

I frowned at the erratic path my thoughts were taking. I knew the consequences of being discovered would not end with my being a public sex slave. I would be bound to the monster who'd literally beaten an answer out of me, as the bruises on my back and my scabbed knees could attest. My time in the dark had done nothing to soften my opinion of him, and better yet had given me the chance to strengthen my resolve. I just needed to hold out a little longer - he was bound to make a mistake sooner or later, and I would be waiting.

"How did you sleep?" He asked, jerking me out of my thoughts. Now was not the time for rebellion.

"I didn't," I said, hiding my body from his scrutiny. It was the first time my hands hadn't been bound in his presence.

"You didn't what?" He said walking around me. I turned with him, uncomfortable exposing my back if I could help it.

"Sleep." His proximity was unsettling in the extreme, and I was more focused on his movements than our rather dull conversation.

"A perfect segway for lesson two," he said with a victorious smile.

"Sir!" I added desperately, though I knew it was too late. I bared my teeth when he glanced toward the whips still decorating his desk.

"I can see your time in the hole wasn't an effective punishment," he said turning my face to the light. "My mistake, I should have realized you'd be happier alone. We'll just have to start over," he said, sighing deeply. "Yesterday was a waste," he added as an afterthought.

"I'm sorry sir,' I said raising my hands in a defensive gesture. I was too tired to go through another round of punishment. I took a step toward his desk.

"Hob, if you touch one of those weapons I'll introduce you to a whole new meaning of sorry." I froze - the thought had barely formed in my mind, and as far as I could tell I hadn't given any indication I was thinking of striking him. "Come here," he said, his voice hard. My feet refused to move, and I couldn't stop an involuntary whimper when he stalked toward me.

"No!" I cried as he seized my arm and pulled me toward the chains dangling from the ceiling. The thought of starting yesterday over was too much to bare. I began to fight him, though my movements were sluggish; I punched him with my free hand and he did little more than grunt.

"Now, now Hob. We went over hitting yesterday. It's childish, and I won't tolerate it." I must have been more tired than I thought, because I couldn't help thinking his stance on violence was the funniest thing I'd ever heard in my life; so much so that a girlish little giggle broke through my fear of Captain Rawlings. He eyed me in surprise as I started to laugh, cracking up like a lunatic under the circumstances. "Dare I ask what you find so amusing?" He drawled, clearly not as distracted as I was.

"You're a soldier!" I exclaimed, gasping for breath. "Your profession is violence!" He frowned then, and I realized I had not bothered to mask my accent. "By that logic, you're the childish one," I continued in my best impression of Eloran speech.

"You're full of surprises this morning, aren't you?" He said in a quiet voice, and I quickly sobered. The sleep deprivation had me feeling off balance, which was probably his reason for putting me in the 'hole' in the first place. "Who would have guessed there's a logical brain inside that pretty little head of yours? So you like to be alone, do you?" He said in a condescending tone - I stilled, aware of a drastic change in his attitude. "I believe that was a question."

"I would think that's rather obvious," I replied, holding eye contact.

"Have you forgotten lesson two already?" He drawled, watching expectantly when it became was clear I would withhold his ridiculous title.

"I didn't forget, sir. But to be honest, I care very little what name you insist I call you by. The respect will be absent from my voice either way," I said. Knowing that keeping my silence was of utmost importance, and doing it were two very different things. The captain's arrogance sparked a desire to put him in his place, which was nearly all consuming.

"I am going to enjoy breaking you very much," he whispered, stroking the vulnerable skin of my throat before snapping an iron collar around my neck.

"Good luck," I said, mimicking his cruel smile, though I'm sure something was lost in translation. The fear I'd been feeling while faced with the captain's soldiers had faded, and I was being reckless in its absence. He regarded me cooly for a moment, until a smile slowly spread across his face.

"I've never trained a slave quite like you, Hob," he said. For a moment I glowed with a peculiar sense of pride, happy to know I was making his life at least a little difficult. "A unique slave requires creative training, wouldn't you think?" I stared back at him, trying to guess what form this next torture would take.

"I don't know, sir. I've never trained a slave," I said sarcastically. He continued as if I hadn't spoken.

"But the question remains Hob, what should I do with you?" He leaned against the door, crossing thickly muscled arms over his chest.

"Set me free," I said, keeping my voice hoarse. "You'd be out fifty dollars. Hardly worth mentioning."

"A valiant attempt, darling," he said and laughed. "But you've earned quite a reputation for causing trouble. We can't have you running around freeing slaves anymore, now can we?" He paused to button his shirt, as if we weren't having a conversation that could determine my fate. "And I've never failed to train a slave before."

"First time for everything," I replied with a shrug. He advanced on me, a hungry look in his eyes, as he fixed a chain to the loop in the front of my collar.

"Come along slave. I've just figured out what your punishment will be."

"Wonderful," I said bitterly. "Might I ask what horror I have to endure today?"

"Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, now would we? Let's just say you won't be getting any private time."


He led me back to the bathing house, but the room we entered was filled with women in all levels of undress. Each wore delicate bracelets and collars, and the air was heavy with perfume. Pleasure slaves.

Upon our entry, several of the women squealed and rushed to the captain.

"My Lord Rawlings! How can this slave please you, sir?" Asked a beautiful brunette, falling to her knees at his feet.

"I've missed you so much, sir! Allow me the honor of tending to your needs, I beg of you!" Said another with waist length black hair. Women continued to throw themselves at his feet, until we reached the center of the room and had gathered a cluster of simpering, fawning women.

This next punishment was indeed cruel.

The noise of their subservience, joined by the smell of their perfumes and dazzling array of colored silks created a complete sensory overload. I cried out, and desperately tried to push through the scantily clad bodies to find an exit. Strong arms circled my waist, and I was pulled against the hard length of the captain's chest, unable to seek relief.

"Now girls, you know the rules. I'm not here for me." His hand circled my throat, and he pushed my head against his shoulder. "This is Hob. She doesn't like people very much, and I need you ladies to break her of this habit."

"She's very pretty, my lord," said the brunette as she approached slowly and touched my face with soft, dainty fingers. The captain's grip on my neck forced me to remain still, otherwise I would have jerked away. "What other kind of training can we do, my lord?" She asked, her touch drifting past the iron collar to stroke the side of my breast. I whined in distress, and the captain chuckled in my ear.

"Always eager, Alicia. If you can get her to relax enough for more amorous attentions, then by all means, otherwise don't worry about it." He led me to an ornate column in the center of the room, to which he fixed the lead on my collar. "If you raise a hand to anyone here, I will toss you to my men and wash my hands of you. Understood?" The thought of spending alone time with the men I'd met earlier was extremely unappealing.

"Yes sir," I hissed. He stood back forcing me to make eye contact then turned to speak quietly to Alicia. He left without a backward glance.

"Where are you from?" Said the black-haired woman. I ignored her, staring off into space. "My name is Tala, and I've been with Captain Rawling's company for over a year now. You'll like it here." I rolled my eyes.

"The Captain's an amazing lover, isn't he?" Asked a mousy girl I hadn't noticed. I flushed, surprised anyone could be so forthcoming about sex.

"He hasn't touched her yet, Rabbit. She's the little wild thing they brought in yesterday. Camille, how long did it take you to get her cleaned up?" Asked Alicia, pushing her way to the front.

"Three hours, but she didn't have these yesterday," said Camille from behind me, touching the tender lash marks on my back - I spun to face her. The girls were forming a tight circle around me, and I was beginning to panic. "What did you do to deserve a whipping?" She asked with wide eyes.

"She's an insolent brat, and deserves anything the captain decided to do to her," said the cold voice of Beau, just as I was beginning to think the effort to put names to faces was beyond me. There was a collective gasp as the bruised and swollen face of Beau came into view. I admired my work - I did have an impressive right cross.

"Beau what happened!" Exclaimed Alicia, whom I was beginning to recognise as the ringleader of this little group.

"Keep your distance girls, she's a vicious animal," said Beau, and the women had an abrupt change of heart in regards to making me feel at home in their midst. I smiled. Beau had given me a gift without realizing it - privacy.

"Nonsense ladies," said Alicia, ruining my chances at a peaceful day. "The captain has requested our help in rehabilitating Hob, and we won't disappoint him, will we?" The girls regretfully agreed, forming a tight knot around me once again. They each started talking at once, asking questions about every aspect of my life, and were unfazed when I didn't respond - they merely continued speaking. I was so overwhelmed I started sweating, my eyes snapping from one face to the next, faster than my brain could tell me who I was looking at.

Alicia reached out, after making some benign comment about the color of my hair, and began to stroke it. I jerked away, only to find myself in the hands of the black haired girl - Tala? - who began to run her hands along the bruised skin of my back.

"Let me make this feel better," she whispered against my neck, and pressed her lips to my skin. I wrenched out of her arms, panic completely flooding my senses. I stumbled into a wall of women, feeling their hands all over me; my hips, thighs, breasts, face, neck and back.

"Stop! I'll do anything, just stop touching me!" I shouted in a broken voice, realizing I was trembling from head to foot. The sound of laughter met my ears, but I didn't need to lift my head to see who it was coming from.

"Let's take this to the water, shall we?" Said Alicia. I heard the click of the lock, and was dragged behind her. Despite my pleas, I was not given an ounce of freedom, and suffered the wrath of their hands the whole walk to the baths. "Hob, bathing daily is a luxury pleasure slaves alone are permitted," she said, pulling me into the water. Fear bubbled deep in my chest - I was unsure how much longer the dye would hold.

"Especially considering how many men are in Captain Rawlings' company!" Said Tala, and they all laughed. A broken sob escaped my lips at the thought of servicing his men, as if I were of no more use than an appliance.

"Come now Hob! We have a good life, some better now, than before the war. What more can we ask for?" Alicia reasoned.

"Freedom," I whispered. She laughed.

"You sound like a petulant child! Life happens Hob. Deal with it." At Beau's insistence, my hands were bound, and the chain attached to my collar was fixed to a hook on the wall of the pool. The women began washing me then, and I assumed this experience could be no less humiliating than my bath only yesterday, in this very same pool. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Tala's fingers had found their way to my freshly bared womanhood, gently probing with the obvious intent to arouse. I found her ministrations repulsive, and focused on my anger.

"My God! She's a virgin!" Said Tala, withdrawing her hand from between my legs. Her exclamation, however, was not proof enough for the other curious women, who decided they also needed a closer inspection of my maidenhead.

"Please, stop," I whispered, knowing it would do no good. This was worse than the whipping from the captain, worse than losing the war, and worse than being a slave. Their hands on me was violating in a way I had never considered possible.

"I was a virgin when I first got here," said Rabbit. "The captain will be very gentle for your first time. He wants his pleasure slaves to enjoy their work." A glassy look entered her eyes as she remembered. My blood boiled in rage as I considered this simple idiot mooning over the captain. Could she truly love a man who had aided in the downfall of her country and trained her to become a sex slave?

I was rudely shaken from my thoughts when Beau doused my head with a bucket of cold water. Gasping in shock, I lifted my head to glare at the older woman.

"Oops," she said with a wicked gleam in her eye. My anger quickly turned to dread as she slathered the pink soap in her hands. Her ministrations were rough, but I was beyond caring. In fact, I was hoping she would pull all of my hair out in her anger.

"How could there possibly be more filth in that hair of yours?" Asked Camille, stepping back from the dark cloudy water surrounding me.

"She's a filthy animal, I've no idea why the master is wasting his time," said Beau, rinsing my hair, and preparing another round of soap.

"Isn't my hair clean enough?" I begged. Though it was darkened by the water, I could already tell it was several shades lighter. A third shampooing would be my undoing.

"You're not fit for the privilege of Captain Rawlings' company," she replied acidly, and slapped another handful of suds on top of my head.

"It's only soap, Hob. It can't hurt you," said Rabbit, no doubt assuming my fear was of cleanliness. She lifted my head, and smiled softly when she saw the tears streaking down my face. "You'll like it here, I promise. We'll be like family in no time, you'll see." She pressed a chaste kiss to my temple, and retreated as Beau poured the final bucket of water over my head.

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