The Lawn Boy


She pulled off, with a loud "Pop!", and his cock bobbed as she grabbed her shirt from underneath and pulled it off over her head, exposing her large, pendulous, firm breasts. James gasped and Cheryl sighed as she grabbed his hard cock again and slapped it off one big tit, then the other, making wet marks on her flesh. She smiled over at me, "Y'know, James would probably feel more comfortable if you weren't the only one sitting all clothed." She winked at me. Then she grabbed the sides of her tits and pushed them over his cock, burying it in there, pumping up and down, spitting down into her own cleavage, leaning in to lick at the cockhead when it popped out the top. "Ya like that, babyyy?" she teased him, "Cock buried in some big soft fuckin' titties, huh?"

I shrugged and took my shirt off. My wife and I had been involved in some threesomes, rarely, maybe just a handful in our history - always with another woman, usually when one of Cheryl's more liberal old friends was feeling especially frisky. This would be the first time I'd be naked with another male except in non-sexual situations like group showers at swimming pools and campsites and things. I smirked thinking that James was already reaching this milestone so much earlier. Even more, I certainly never had a knockout like Cheryl treat me this way when I was his age, lucky guy.

I pulled my boxer shorts off and I started to stroke my cock a little, though I barely needed to -- it was already hard, throbbing, excited as it stuck out up in the air, pulsing with my heartbeat. I looked over and both Cheryl and James were looking over at me, focused on my cock. I'd say James's was a nice size, probably bigger and thicker than average - I'd certainly seen some smaller ones in some porn videos. As for my own, well, it always seemed just normal to me, but in my life I came to realize I was quite 'well-hung' as the saying goes, both in length and thickness. But it's not what you have but what you do with it, and I was always eager to improve on the latter.

Once I was naked it seemed only natural to slide in a little closer. I sat less than a foot away beside James as I looked down at Cheryl bobbing her mouth on his cock, stroking the base, sometimes leaning down to lick at his balls, which made more precum ooze out the tip. She would occasionally fix me with looks, with his cock in her mouth, though it was hard to say exactly what they were about, except that she was turned on, and I was turned on, and we both knew it.

Cheryl looked up at James's eyes and caught him staring at my cock as I slowly stroked it. She popped her mouth off and smiled at him, "Big fuckin' cock, huh?"

He gave a little grin, "Uh, yeah."

"You want to see me suck it?" she asked.

He nodded his head up and down quickly, "Oh yeah, Mrs. D, that'd be sooo hot."

She smiled at me and moved over, her big tits swinging, until she kneeled between my legs. She gave me a look at silently leaned down and caught my cockhead between her lips. I took my hand off my cock and just watched her suck hard on the head, twirling her tongue around, then popping off and letting my wet cock bob in the air. "Oh God," she gasped, and leaned in to suck down more of my cock, loudly slurping and licking the shaft as she took it in her mouth. She reached over and grabbed James's cock, stroking it with her other hand as she sucked on me.

It was a fantastic blowjob, enthusiastic, passionate -- she sucked that thick cockmeat down, slurping on it messily and loudly, letting the cockhead bump her throat until she gagged a little, then bobbing her head and gagging herself on that hard meat a little here and there, making her cheeks puff out and her eyes water.

She finally pulled off and spit on my cock, smiling up at me, stroking it. She looked over at James, who was still being stroked by her other hand. She squeezed his cock, "You like watching me suck his big fucking cock?"

James nodded quickly, his hair bobbing, "Oh yes, Mrs. D, it's so hot and sexy."

She turned her head and slapped her tongue off my shaft as she looked at him, then grabbed my cock between her lips, sucking one side up and down as she looked at him. "I get to suck it every day if I want."

"Lucky you," James gasped. He was breathing quickly, his cock oozing precum all over my wife's fist as she stroked him.

I reached down to run a hand through her hair and looked down at her face, at my throbbing wet cock disappearing into her warm wet mouth, her tongue snaking all over it. I gripped some of her hair in my hand and she gave a little gasp and said, "Oh yes, honey, show James how you facefuck me."

I grunted with lust and started to pull her face down as I thrust upwards into her mouth. A wet sound came from deep back in her throat as for a minute or two I jammed my cock at her throat, pulling her down, while she just opened wide and took it, moaning, drooling, splashing spit all over my cock, balls, thighs and upper stomach.

I slowed down then and Cheryl grabbed my cock and stroked it lovingly, spit bubbles on her lips as she kissed my cockhead, blinking her watery eyes a she gave a low moan, "Oh yeah."

I leaned forward and pulled her up by the hair and made out with her, a hand under her chin as I kissed her messy mouth, sucked her lips and tongue, and she sucked on my mouth. I moved my lips down a little, kissing and licking at her tits, sucking at the soft curved skin, licking up some of the wet spots on her breasts, finally sucking and licking at her hard nipples.

I pushed her back a bit and she fixed me with a look, biting her lip, turned on as hell, even as she moved over to James's cock and began to suck him again. I just smiled at her, then moved off the couch, running my hand down her back, until I crouched behind her, looking at that round ass sticking up, still covered by those white panties, supported on her knees, her toes curling as she wiggled her feet a little.

I nuzzled my face into the mound of her pussy inhaling her scent, rubbing my face up and down her pussy between those thighs, then up, sliding my face against her ass, just loving the feel of her round fleshy ass on my face. I wound up and gave her cheek one spank, then licked her pussy once through the damp material of her panties.

"Ungh," she grunted as I heard her slip her mouth off James's cock again. "Get those panties off and get at that pussy, fuck!"

I heard the sound of her mouth slurping, sucking at the drool on his cock, as I tugged at the waistband of her panties, pulling them off her. My hands spread her thighs and I tilted my head and dug my tongue right into my wife's hot wet pussy.

I tasted her, running my tongue up and down her folds, slurping at her juices and wiggling my tongue in deeper, and she started to buck and grind those hips back, making her ass jiggle and shake. A few times I licked upwards, with my hands on her asscheeks, all the way from her clit, over her pussylips, licking up her hot crack and over her asshole. I dove my face into that deep crack and sucked and licked at the outside of her asshole a bit, then dived back into that pussy, devouring it, my cock throbbing rock-hard between my legs without my even touching it.

I got up behind her on my knees, one hand on her hip, and put my cockhead right against her pussy, sliding it in while she was bobbing her mouth on James's hard teen cock. It was halfway in before she turned and gave me a look. I put my hand in her hair and growled, "Get back to suckin' that fuckin' cock." I guided her mouth back to that cock, then kept my hand in her hair, helping her pump her lips up and down on James, as my hips fucked my cock in and out of that hot pussy. Pretty soon I was deep enough so that on every thrust her round ass slapped loudly off my body as I drove into her and she bucked back, all while she kept sucking on James, sometimes going deep enough to gag herself and put more spit on his cock.

We fucked like that for a time, my hips driving my cock into Cheryl's pussy, the satisfying sound and feel of her big round ass smacking back on me, as she arched her back and I held her hair, helping bob her head on James, who was obviously struggling not to cum, keeping his eyes closed most of the time.

Cheryl saw him struggling too, and pulled her mouth off, then gave the base of his cock a hard squeeze. She looked back to me, "Sit down, I want to taste you."

I sat back down to where I was before. Cheryl grabbed the base of my cock with one hand and leaned in for a little lick on the shiny head, as I reached down and cupped one of her big tits in my hands, copping a feel.

Cheryl smacked her lips together, enjoying the taste, thinking about it. Then she looked over at James and waved my wet shiny cock with her hand, "Ya wanna taste my pussy?"

"Um, huh?"

Cheryl smiled wider and shook my cock some more, it was so thickly shiny with her pussyjuices. "I said, do you want to taste my pussy? On his cock?"

I just sat back on the couch, sweaty, naked, my cock so hard and throbbing in my wife's hand, as she looked at James. We both watched as James slowly slid off the couch, to his knees next to my leg and beside Cheryl.

He looked at my cock as he asked her softy, "You want me to taste it? With my mouth?"

"Uh-huh," Cheryl said.

I watched quietly as James leaned in, his eyelids almost closed, just little slits, and stuck his tongue out to drag it along a few inches of my cock. His eyes opened to look right up at me. "I'm not gay, you know," he said.

"Neither am I," I told him.

Cheryl kept holding my cock out for him, as James leaned in and licked it here and there, up the sides, a few licks along the fat oozing head. His lips smacked off my cockhead. "I've never done this before," he told both of us.

Cheryl smiled at him, "Neither has my husband, I don't think." I shook my head to agree with her. If anything I was overtly heterosexual, loving voluptuous women with curves, big tits and asses. And I certainly didn't find men attractive relationship-wise. But, I also liked getting my horny cock off, and that's where this was hitting a sweet spot. His soft warm lips did feel so good on my cock, and the whole forbidden aspect of it was a huge turn on for me, and for the others too. "C'mon," she put her hands on his shoulders to position him, "get right between his legs so you can suck him good."

Cheryl moved back a bit and let James lean right between my legs. His wide eyes looked up at me as he put both hands around the base of my cock, resting his forearms on my legs. He opened his mouth and started licking at my cockhead, then sucking me down, caving in his cheeks and keeping his eyes fixed on me as he took more and more.

"Oh fuck! James, that's so good!" I just had to gasp out.

He popped off and smiled, stroking his spit into my cock with one hand, "I watch a lot of porn. I think I might have gotten some tips from what the chicks do." He took my cock into his mouth again.

The downpour kept on outside, the midday sky darkened so it felt like dusk, and in the shadowy gloom James's eyes glittered up at me as he kept moving his wet mouth up and down my cock. Behind him and a little to the side, Cheryl was watching, rubbing her pussy with one hand, cupping and rubbing her tits with the other, her eyes transfixed on what was going on. "Yes," she gasped, "C'mon James, do it for me. Suck that big dick good and you'll get to fuck me."

That really set James off. He closed his eyes and moaned, the vibrations shooting up my cock as it throbbed in his wet mouth. I put a hand on the back of his head and pressed down, making him take more. Girl or boy, right now his mouth was just a warm wet hole pleasing my horny cock.

"Yeah, get on it," I groaned, and pressed his head down as I thrust my hips upwards, "Fuckin' suck that cock like you should, c'mon."

Cheryl moved up beside me, kneeling on the couch cushion and watching, putting one of her palms on my chest and rubbing it. "Having fun?"

I shrugged and kept looking down at James, pressing my thick cock down his throat as her drooled all over me. I pumped deep a few times and then held him down. My cock slid in very deep and hit a spot, and he gagged and tried to flinch back, and it was just at that point I held in for a couple seconds, him choking hard as he looked up at me, pleading, his face turning red, eyes watering, drool uncontrollably running out his mouth.

I released him and he instinctively drew back with a gasp, breathing air heavily and looking at me, wiping his arm across his face to clear the tears out of his eyes. I reached forward and put 2 hands on the back of his head, pulling him down, "Fuckin' at least lick my balls while you get your breath back."

My wet bobbing cock rested against his forehead as he looked up at me, lips on my sweaty ball sack, licking and slurping as he caught his breath, his chest heaving. Cheryl ran a hand over my chest, tweaking a nipple. "Feels fucking good, huh?" she asked, teasingly. "You fucking like a cute teen boy sucking your big fucking dick? Servicing you?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Ungh." More precum ran out the tip of my cock as James sucked one of my balls into his mouth, gently using his tongue and the suction of his mouth to play with it. His eyes were closed as he concentrated on the feel of my testicle in his mouth.

Cheryl kept talking dirty to me. "Hot teen fucking treating your big cock so good. He's getting you to fucking like it, isn't he?" I shrugged and gave a little smirk. "Lots of hot teens in the neighbourhood, bet he's not the only horny young straight guy that would love to secretly try out some huge horny cock."

"Ah, fuck, shut-up!" I grunted. I was getting close to cumming, and my wife's nasty talk wasn't helping hold me back.

I grabbed James's head with 2 hands, and he obediently just opened his mouth wide, sticking his tongue out, and let me slide my fat cock back in his mouth. From there I didn't have to push him anymore, he'd really gotten into the feel of it. One of his hands rubbed my balls, the other stroked the base up and down, as his mouth went all over my cock, licking, sucking, just driving me wild, as he gave encouraging moans slurping on my big fat hard meat. I tried to hold back as long as I could, my hands clawing at the cushions, my eyes squeezing shut until I saw stars.

I didn't warn him, I hardly realized myself at first when heavy shots of sperm started to erupt out of my cock, shooting into his mouth, down his throat. I forced my eyes open at least to a slit to check out the hot scene. After the first three or four shots in his mouth, he started swallowing, probably as an instinctive reaction not to choke. He opened his mouth wide and that freed my cock a little, it bounced between his lips as it shot more heavy, thick hot streams of sperm into his mouth. He made a little gagging sound and pulled back, and my last few spurts got one shot across his face, then more cum on his chest, before the last weak drops slowly oozed out my tip.

I was gasping, recovering, feeling so good, as I looked down at James. He knelt there totally confused, his mouth wide and full of gooey white cum that stuck to the roof of his mouth in thick strings. More white streaks decorated his face and his sweaty flat chest. His eyes watered and he tried to swallow the heavy loads, gagging a bit and squinting his eyes. He looked up pleadingly, looking from me to Cheryl and back.

I was wondering if I should do something when I saw Cheryl lean in. She kissed him full on the mouth, exploring and sucking at his mouth, as her hands rubbed and caressed his body, one on his shoulder, the other rubbing his hair. I saw her lean in and whisper something in his ear, which I wasn't privileged to hear.

She then leaned back on the couch and spread her thighs, grabbing her knees and pulling them back. "Now fuck me, stud! My pussy's so hot and waiting for you!"

"Ungh," James grunted, and was up like a flash. He guided his cock into my wife's pussy and started pumping away.

"OH YES James, that's good, very very good," Cheryl panted, and kept her legs pulled back as she looked up at James. He had one hand on her thigh, pumping his cock in and out as it squelched in that wet, pink pussy. His mouth hung open and the streaks of my cum were still on his face and chest. His brow furrowed in deep concentration.

"I'm gonna cum, baby," Cheryl moaned, and reached down to rub her own clit. "You're gonna make me cum."

Cheryl started to orgasm, closing her eyes and bucking her lips, and obviously that was much too much for James. He'd been about a minute in her pussy when he just pushed deep and held it there, leaning further over Cheryl, his eyes closed and his mouth open. Cheryl, still enjoying her own orgasm, reached back and rubbed one of his smooth ass cheeks with her hand as he unloaded into her pussy.

We all lay there like that for a bit, me beside Cheryl as we kissed each other gently on the lips, and James slowly pulled his spent cock out of her pussy and was kissing and licking all over her sweaty breasts as he pushed them together.

We blissfully stayed like that for a time nobody was counting, then suddenly were interrupted when an electronic ringing broke through and filled the room.


"Is that...that's not the house phone?"

"It sounds like...a cell? Is that yours?"

James leaped up, trying to shake off the heaviness of lust out of his head. "Oh fuck, that's mine!" Using the sound of the ringing to locate where on the floor his pants were bunched up, he rooted around clumsily until he found the pocket with his phone.

"Hello?...Yeah...Yeah, I'm ok, no....Uh, I got about half done then the rain came...We've been, uh..." he looked around the room for a few seconds, "Watching a movie...Yeah, I will thank them, they've been really nice....What, right now? That's TODAY? No, No, No, you don't have to pick me up, I think I can get a drive?" He looked at me. I nodded. "Yeah, ok Mom, don't come over here, I'll be home in 20 minutes, okay? Alright, bye."

He clipped his phone closed, rubbed his forehead with one hand and gave a little smile, "Oh fuck, sorrrrry guys, aaargh, that was my mom. I totally forgot about this, I'm sorry."

Cheryl went up to him and gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. "Nothing to be sorry about you were wonderful. Now go jump in the shower, you smell like weed and cum," she giggled, and spanked his bare ass.


It was later that week, on a Thursday evening, when I was working in the garage with the door open to the neighbourhood. It was the first warm, sunny day again, after days of rain. I looked up when I heard spinning bike spokes heading my way, and there was James coasting up the drive on his bike. He was dressed nicer than when he usually came to our place for chores, in what looked like new sneakers, some skinny jeans artfully ripped and distressed, and a tight white t-shirt with a blue star at the centre, and some other designs.

He parked the bike against the inner wall of the garage and pulled off his sunglasses, clipping them to the top of his shirt.

"Hi Mr. D."

"Hello, James."

He walked up to me with a little nervous smile. He seemed somewhat cautious. "Um, I left the mower here last night. Um, day. On Saturday. You remember with the storm and...everything."

"Yeah," I gave a little smile of my own, remembering. "Everything went...okay?"

"Oh YEAH." He nodded his head fast and smiled at me wider. "It was really...great. I hope you were...okay..too?" He cocked his head at me.

I nodded and smiled, "Me and my wife really enjoyed ourselves. It's probably best not to...ever mention it though. Just because people might get the wrong idea, you know?"

He nodded fast. "Oh yeah, I can see how it would totally be misunderstood. Actually, after everything that happened, it's a weird thing, but I got the courage to ask this girl out I really like. She's really hot, we're going out Friday." He walked up closer, so that I could smell his cologne. I put down the screwdriver that had been in my hand. "I was thinking, uh, maybe I could finish the mowing job, then take it home."

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