tagIncest/TabooThe Leading Swim

The Leading Swim


A day off! And finally at home, alone. It had been many months. I had slept in quite a while and decided upon a morning swim. I stood before the mirror to brush my hair and slipped from my nightie, enjoying the way I looked. (Yes, I love my body, I know I am blessed.) I changed into my white bikinis and went by the kitchen to grab an apple to eat. As I munched the apple, I made another detour to the linen cupboard to pick up a towel to dry myself with - then wandered out to the swimming pool.

It was a bright and beautiful sunny morning, one to dream of. I was so lucky.

The suction cleaner had finished its work, and I reached down to disconnect it from the filter and pull on the hose to take it from the pool.

There were birds dancing about in the shrubbery opposite, playing their attracting a mate games. So sweet. Distracted by their small sounds, I looked across to see them among the red flowers on the vines creeping along the fence. I watched for a minute and then was aware of other sounds behind me, of someone moving around.

I had thought I was alone.

I panicked, wanted to hide, but had nowhere to go.

I turned to see who it was.

It was Dad. My worst fears arose. Why did he have to be here? I needed time out to think. It had been driving me crazy being under the same roof in the past few days, I was a whirl of confusion.

It was no wonder I had run away from here.

He was light and easy though, not tense; asked how I was and said that he was having a day off from work today, hoping to spend time with me, since we'd not seen each other in so very long. What could I say...?

I was blushing, so embarrassed to be in such a flimsy bikini in front of him. That would not help. He was trying not to stare as he talked to me, but his eyes were roaming my body. When he looked at my face he stared, really stared, lovingly. I realised that I was getting redder in the face and tried to keep calm.

As a distraction, I bundled up the pool suction hose and cleaner and went to put them away.

"Here, let me help," he said and lifted the hose. Our bodies touched and I jumped, startled.

"Hey angel, you okay?" he asked.

"I'm okay with it," I said. "I'll do it. I've missed looking after our pool."

"But hey you are so tense, what's up?"

"I can't talk about it, Dad."

"You are always uneasy around me; I wish you'd tell me what's wrong."

I was glad for the privacy of the pool locker, so I could catch my breath and compose myself; decide what I would do from here. Should I change my mind about the swim and go inside?

As I turned to leave, he was at standing at the door, looking concerned. The tension came back. I felt vulnerable. I had not seen him for months and to be here with him at last was frightening. Yet I had to admit, potentially wonderful if I could just relax. I loved him so much, adored him, like no other man. I was doubly lucky - wonderful day, wonderful man for company.

Relaxing at that thought, my eyes drank in all of him, returning the hungry looks he gave me earlier. I think he was having his turn to be embarrassed then.

He nearly spluttered on the words, "Swimming, Kellie? Can I join you?" Awkward silence.

"Now you are uneasy with me Dad," I said, "Will you talk about it?" Touché, I thought.

I said, "Okay," to his joining me and followed his concerned face as he turned and walked toward the house.

I lay my towel out by the pool and sat upon it, draping my legs over the edge into the water. My tan needed a little work; I was pale from university life. I casually stirred the pool with my lower legs, knowing of a disturbance building within, a storm. The cool water and the smell of the salt was welcoming.

Dad arrived, just as I was readying to lower myself gently into the water. He was magnificent as always - I could tell he'd been working out and getting some sun. For a man of forty-two, he was looking thirty and was strikingly handsome. His swimmers were brief too and my imagination needed no spurring - he was understandably not shy to be parading that way.

I tried not to look, but... Well, I had seen his penis once, briefly, several years before, when I had caught him coming from the shower room and losing his towel on the way to the bedroom. His penis had been semi erect and was scary to me then. As a teenage girl it was the first I had seen and the thought of it stayed with me some days afterward.

"It's so great to see you Kellie, how's University work going?" He asked as he walked to the stairs at the shallow end.

"Terrific, but the hours are long sometimes," I replied quietly, as I slipped into the water. I drifted around toward him as he swam to me.

There was a look in his eyes like he really wanted to tell me something. I had seen that look a lot when we together alone. It always made the air awkward between us. I knew that, perhaps that was how I looked to him, for I really couldn't find words to say what was troubling me so. Today we had both challenged each other to talk. Would we?

We continued general talk, trying to deny the tension that was what we had been about for some time. Years? I was almost twenty so I guess since I was about eighteen.

Now, having been apart for some time had heightened it. I know that being alone with him so close to me in the water was driving me into confusing, dizzying whirls with a rush of words spiralling around in my head that would not escape my lips.

His dark hair was wet now. The water dribbled down across his handsome features. I could only stare as he wiped the water from his eyes. He caught me looking.

"Are you really okay, Kellie?' he asked, showing care and moving in closer. "Talk to me."

I could only nod. My tongue was locked and dry. His hand touched my face gently. I managed a smile for him.

Then, fighting the lump in my throat, I confessed, "No I'm not okay, but you go first."

"I've missed you so very much," he confessed, "I love you love you love you." He began running a hand through my hair.

"I wanted to be here today to spend some time with you before you go away again. I know you can't stay long. It's difficult though some times just to talk - there feels like a distance you are keeping. I kind of retreat too I guess and I really regret that, but...Kellie, you're everything. It was so hard to carry on here once you'd taken up the course at the University. I'm so glad to have you here and feel like I just want to keep you here now, for myself. I know that's selfish and weird, but as long as I can see you sometimes, I..."

I raised a hand toward his mouth, to silence him. He kissed it gently. I took his hand, and pressed it to my lips.

I managed in a tightened whisper only, "I love you so much too, want you so much but can't deal with how uneasy it feels, like how much I love you is wrong."

He looked relieved and said, "Oh, Kellie I love you so much to make me lose sleep when I know we'll be together soon. And to lose sleep thinking of you when you're not here. To be alone like this is a wonderful dream. Crazy if we feel the same. I wonder if I'm some kind of warped father who loves his daughter too much in ways he shouldn't."

A great weight lifted from me. He was feeling the same as I was!

His hand touched my upper arm, reaching toward my shoulder. I drew him to me and we embraced for a long time in silence. The only sound was the gentle movement of our hands and the water lapping around us. I felt his erection growing and he was moving away to hide it.

When we parted, slightly, we held our faces close together, noses touching, and smiled. It was warm, open, honest now. Connection! Love, intense. Why had we left it so long to confess...?

The smile we shared was broken again by our tension, and there were only our eyes, locked. He was trying to turn his head, as if worried that someone perhaps was watching. Our back yard was quite private. I turned him back to look at me and guided him in so gently for a kiss. I knew he would not make the first move; he was far too caring and responsible, always did the right thing.

It was a first kiss of shy lovers, hesitant and searching.

Encouraged and excited at my kiss, he moved in this time and kissed my lips long and slowly, a kiss filled with love, delivered to its mark.

When we parted lips, I whispered clumsily, "Thanks." My face blushed with embarrassment and I tried to turn away, just as he had. This time he took the lead, cradled my head in his hand and steered our lips together once more. And this time, we were more serious, like there was nothing that should make us stop. I know that I didn't want to, whatever else happened. I found more words at last.

"I've dreamed so long of kissing you like that, you know. Guess I left home because I was trying to deny it, to get away from it, but I didn't want to run from you, only from feelings I didn't think I should be having."

"Kellie, if you could only feel what I've done, loving you the way I have and needing to be with you this way. It's something I'm supposed to not feel either. But I do. I do so much."

The tension was gone, the air clear and we kissed and caressed each other like long-time lovers. We talked openly as we embraced, like we had never talked. All the while his penis was pressed hard against me and his hands explored gently my hair, back and legs. I played with his hair and held to his shoulder.

Then the tension crept in again, but this time it was restless tension, needing more. I gave him a cheeky smile and started a slide of his swimmers from his hips.

"Anyone watching?" I asked.

He looked quickly around; as he did so I slipped his swimmers to his ankles with my hands and the grip of my toes. He turned, startled - surprised, to find my hand reaching down to gently take the head of his penis. It was hard; dangerously so, and a size that shocked me – well I had only seen it part erect a few years before.

I moved my hand slowly along it and back again, to feel it all. I felt his hand reaching for the tie at the back of my neck and helped him slip loose my bikini top. My breasts tumbled out into his hands... wow. I slipped my own bikini bottoms from my hips, down my legs and wriggled from them.

I smiled and with one hand, invited his hand to my vagina opening. His finger wriggled inside, and his thumb teased my clitoris. There was no going back for me. This was what I had wanted, I knew. No denying. Did that make me strange?

We kissed again, and this time it was the kiss of true lovers, no barriers and a passion that would drive hours of intercourse, I hoped. His finger plunged more deeply inside and I grasped his penis desperately like I had to have it right now, in the place of his finger. Our hands fumbled to get the head of him at my opening, and we suddenly stopped.

Neither of us could face it out here in the open, this desperately.

"Why don't we go inside," I whispered. He agreed and we dived down to retrieve our swimmers, then clumsily re-dressed in the water, laughing carelessly about what we'd done and the situation we found ourselves in.

From the pool, I stopped to dry myself a little and watch him as he stepped slowly from the pool, dripping. (I think he'd been taking his time, waiting for his erection to go down. It hadn't.)

I wanted to see him again, see the bulge in his swimmers and feel struck by what we'd done together; let my heart race a little more. He grabbed his towel to cover up and smiled, led me into the doorway, then stepped aside to let me through, closing the door behind him.

The air was awkward again.

I wondered if the moment had gone, if anything else would take place.

To be reassured, I clung to him and searched for his lips.

He was reluctant, had had too much time to think. Always one to do the right thing! Grrrr.

I held my face close, encouraging, softly seducing with my eyes.

Then his response was strong, so hungry that he picked me up and carried me to the master bedroom. He let me down next to the bed, in front of the dressing table mirror. I looked at us reflected together and could only feel overcome. We indeed looked like a couple, though this was supposed to be wrong. It was the way I wanted, my dream.

I had been with someone before at University and lost my virginity - but this was what I had thought about while making love. Being with my wonderful father. I wished this were my very first time.

He looked proudly at our closeness too, and watched as I stepped slowly away and removed my bikinis. I wanted to make this so special for him, that he would never forget. I stopped to dry my hair some more and run a wide comb through it. I added a touch of make-up, then sprayed some of Mum's perfume and put on silver earrings and necklace.

His eyes approved and his erection was growing stronger, pulsing as he sat on the bed, just in thrall at what I was doing.

I smiled and opened a top drawer of the dresser, taking out a pair of black stockings, and lifted each leg gently to the stool to slide them up my legs. His eyes were feasting on me this time and I knew I would have him for as long as I needed that day. I attached a matching garter belt to my waist and clipped the stocking bindings in to the straps. Black stilettos completed the look of me, sitting with my legs apart on the stool, looking toward him, nipples hard, breasts heaving with desire.

Mom would not mind me borrowing her stockings. I always had and she always teased me about it. They were 'only for special occasions' she had said, not 'everyday' wear. Well, today was special...

Holding his eyes, I walked over to take his penis in my hand once more, and find his lips with mine. The kiss came long and searching, and we fell across the bed, tumbling in our laughter and our love.

My heart was racing with imagining at would happen and as we lay together in the softness of doonas and crisp sheets.

I was sure this was the one day of my life to remember more than any other. His hands and lips explored my vagina opening and breasts. He took this body feast quite ravenously.

And he was mine, I could wait no longer. That penis was near my opening, desperate for entry. When it pushed at my opening I realised its girth also would test me like I had not been by the entry of my boyfriend. I gasped as it slid slowly into me and could not help but arch my back to take all of him, so deeply.

I had him and would not let him go. My lips found his with desperation and clung like all our tomorrows depended on it. His thrusts became slow and long, every delicious inch making itself known to me again and again.

For hours we tumbled, talked, kissed and tumbled again. I had so many moments of belief that I was his and his alone, that we were destined for this. His penis stroked incessantly through my climaxes until I was shaken, trembling, weak and helpless below him.

He had been holding off, making our time last by not climaxing too quickly.

But it was his turn as he gathered momentum, thrusting rapidly in and out of me as I held my legs over his shoulders, taking him so deeply. I was crazy for him but near exhaustion. I had never been loved this way and for so long.

Finally, he called out that he was set to explode. I lowered my legs, gripped him with them, pulled him tightly in, so he would ejaculate inside. I needed that so badly...

He called "Ohhhh Kellieeeee!" in ecstasy and release as his juices exploded inside me.

I went into a tumble again to feel his explosion in there, skydiving down from the clouds to land upon the bed once more, feeling him still inside me.

We kissed and whispered our love for each other. He was hard again and inside me, this time laying still as we enjoyed simply being joined this way.

Time was our enemy.

Mom would be home in two hours.

The bed was messy and damp with our sex.

It was time to tidy up the evidence. We reluctantly hauled the bed linen into the washer and dryer. While the machines did their work, we worked too, on each other, insatiable we were.

In the kitchen, on the lounge, in the garage in his car, by the front door, outside the back door, we left our trail of lovemaking. I had never kissed someone for so long, so often, or had a penis inside me for many hours on end.

We remade the bed and I replaced the things of Mom's I had borrowed, the stockings and garter belt had needed a wash too!

We completed the day with an embrace in the pool, where we had started - to wash our smells of lovemaking away.

When Mom arrived home, I ran to the door, embraced her urgently and with great joy. A weight had been lifted!

Dad also gave her a big welcome home - embracing and kissing her they way he had with me, moments before.

I felt a sting of envy, but I'd had my time with him and I had to be real - she was his, they were married.

I was conscious of a hint of our lovemaking smell just inside the door; hoped she would not notice.

"You two look so happy! She exclaimed. "Exhausted and sleepy but happy, like I've never seen you content to be together before. Yesterday you were both so tense around each other, ready to snap each other's heads off! And Kellie, you're so starry eyed! What did you two do today?"

I blushed and could not answer. Ooops. Oh, no.

Dad came to the rescue. "Lots of talking, swimming, relaxing and more talking. We sorted out lots of misunderstandings today didn't we Kellie?"

I nodded weakly at first then beamed proudly.

"We are good now. Kellie might even move home again and finish her University work externally."

What? I was shocked to hear him say that to her but agreed it was a nice thought.

"Kellie, that is wonderful!" she said and embraced me. "I guess that means you'll be wearing my stockings more often."

She winked at me. "As long as it's for something special."

What could I say? Dad and I were both blushing then, had no comeback to offer.

It was special. Very special.

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