tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Lecture Ch. 02

The Lecture Ch. 02


So I told you I had been allowed to take osteology as a sophomore. That's because I'm good at biology. I also told you about screwing the teaching assistant, and how he didn't believe my father whipped me for not using a condom. Then I had to get my sister Jessica to fuck him to prove I wasn't making it all up. It was confusing, and I suggest you read my earlier adventures if you don't follow this.

So we went to Mobile, Alabama, for me to present a student paper. I chose "How to tell sex from a pelvis," as my topic, but that means male or female, not how much they were doing it.

I opened my eyes to the bright morning sunshine. Craig was rumpled up next to me, snoring a little, and Jess was on his far side, curled around him like kudzu, and making little bubble sounds as she breathed. Craig had a nice morning wood, so I eased the sheet down, lifted Jessica's stupid heavy arm, and pulled it the rest of the way off. The sheet, not her arm.

There was this very nice firm penis, all chubby like a pink cudgel. I leaned over and popped the head into my mouth like a peanut (but much larger) and licked the head right in my favorite spot, right at the 'T.' He stiffened in response, so I sucked some more. He started moaning in his sleep, I think he was having a nice dream, and I continued to slide my pouty lips up and down over his ridge, and the pair slept on.

After a few minutes of my subtle maneuvers, I was rewarded with a wellspring of soapy liquid -- not that it tasted like soap -- without his waking; sorta. His eyes rolled open as I consumed his last squibbledribbles, and he shrank away.

"Silky! Did you just...?" He asked.

In reply I opened my mouth and showed him his cum on my lips and tongue. His conscious mind must have began to focus, because he started stiffening again. Jess responded to his body shifting, and peeled back her eyelids.

"Wha...?" If you haven't guessed, she's not a big talker in the am. Then she spotted his cock, my mouthy proximity and calculated the score. "It doesn't count, Silky. We only bet on last night."

"Oh, I don't count it either. I just never.... took advantage of anyone before."

"God, I dreamed of a repeat of last night, all mashed together. I thought I was in your mouth and ass and pussy, and in Jessie at the same time. Hey, like, is it a wet dream if someone blows you in your sleep?" moaned Craig

None of us was current on dream philosophy, so we gave up.

"Ok, Craig, you've had your fun, but today is serious time. My lecture is in 3 hours. Do you want a shower?"

We all had to have showers, but in spite of the temptation, today I was professional Silky, clear headed and focused on my academic future. Getting in the shower as a group was not on the agenda! Certainly we would not try any threesome in the tub!

It also wasted nearly an hour of our time before we finally got him out of the bathroom and got the steam off the mirror.

First a sheer-based foundation in beige on my face, smoothly applied. Although I felt fine, we had stayed up late, so I used a dab of a green-based concealer under my eyes. A coral blush with an adult looking 'Sun Raisin" lipstick got me looking right. I did a little of the same hue of lip gloss over to give me some shine, and I was looking at a Silky who would command attention in the mirror.

I had picked out this beautiful solferino silk blouse, which I especially loved because it was exactly the same plum color as the head of George's cock. I know, I jerked him off in it when I first got it, and they matched exactly! And the cleaners can remove cum stains from silk. I loved that I was bragging about both my name and his cock without saying a word; a secret no one else except Jess knew.

Over that I wore a nice dressy linen suit in a dark green that really went so well with my emeralds. George even got me an emerald pendant to wear for this! I wore 2" pumps in the same color; I would have liked to be taller, but thought walking straight was more important. I had on bra and panties in deep purple, just a shade darker than the blouse, and some hose that had just a hint of verdure, so I was a classy momma.

Jessie had her own preparations, which she did so easily it was amazing. We walked down to the room, and my heart started beating a little faster. I really wanted to do well on this; it would make me look good, make Craig look good, and Jess... she always looks good.

"Do you have your Power Point with you?" the tech guy asked.

"I'm not using that," I said. He looked like I was speaking another language.

People started filtering in the room at 5 minutes till. Jess sat on the front row, as planned, and Craig paced anxiously in back, for he had not heard my talk yet. Finally he walked forward, and stood at the podium. He looked so cute! I rarely see him with a tie, even if he doesn't know how to knot it.

"Thanks for coming to the Student Award Lecture in Osteology." He said. "Our speaker today will be a very bright student of mine, Ms. Silky wheeeoooo ---wickkk." The microphone had feedback. He turned down the volume, and handed it over to me.

"I was asked if I would be using Power Point today. I'm not. I'm going to demonstrate on a model instead. Ms. Rabbit?" And Jess stepped up beside me, and pulled her sundress off over her head. She was wearing a thong so tiny I doubt that it was legal in Alabama, but there were no censors present. She faced forward, her black clad breasts bounced, and I pulled out my telescoping pointer, with the red LED on the tip, snapped it to full length and began.

"Most people, especially men, will identify sex in someone with these."

I slapped her tits with my pointer, making them dance.

"These are useless, however, on a skeleton." I hit them again, they really leapt at my touch.

"Ms. Rabbit, please, no nipple erection!"

"I can't help it, that pointer tickles," Jess whined, lip pouty.

The audience gazed raptly at Jessica's breasts, eating out of my hand.

"To identify sex, however, we need this!" I whapped her right in her crotch with the red LED. "The pubic arch is the single most important piece of bone we use to identify sex. I mean male or female, not whether or not."

Jess spread her feet apart.

"In a pelvis, the arch of the pubic bone is behind the genitals." Again I teased Jessie's labia with my pointer. "In females this is an oblique angle, truly an arch. In males it is less than 90 degrees, a notch."

Jess lifted her right leg, closest to me, straight up like a ballerina. She could do the most amazing things with those spindles!

"The pubic arch melts into the Ishium to either side, here." I pointed out her little tuberousities. "Since the ability to enjoy sexual activity, and indeed to even engage in sex in men, is dependent on these bones, all of us should be grateful for them."

My model dropped her foot, and I traced her anterior superior iliac ridge with my red light. "This crest of bone lies in the same plane as the pubic symphysis," I briefly re-noted her tiny gash, "and in women is spread widely, so that their hips are wider apart."

Jessica rotated in place, and showed the audience just how small her posterior lacing was. "Therefore, women walk with a wider-based gait." She took a few very sensuous steps. "No you don't!" I whipped around and landed a sharp rebuke on her ass cheek. A scarlet line appeared.

"Don't you dare leave!" I added a second crimson welt.

"Oh, that feels so good! Can I have another, please ma'am?" Jess begged.

My audience took about two beats to respond; one to register that she had said what they thought, and another to realize the impropriety. They laughed loudly, drowning me out completely for a second.

Jessie climbed onto the table mysteriously at the front of the room, lay back on her elbows, and spread her legs in a 'V' posture that no man in the room could see without standing upright, so to speak.

"Why the anatomical differences?" I traced the diamond formed by her Coccyx, Ischia, and Pubis. "Anybody here know where babies come from?"

Apparently, they did. The applause and laughter filled the rest of my time, and to be totally honest, I had planned for that very action.

"Tell them clearly, repeat it, and make it memorable," George had said. He was right! And there's NOT an App for that!

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