tagBDSMThe Lesson

The Lesson


She sits in her chair waiting for Him to come in and start the class, she fidgets anxious to see Him again. She feels a shiver go throughout her body as she thinks of Him, feeling her pussy moisten. He finally walks in, and takes up position behind His desk, almost right in front of her. He looks up and glances at her for just a second, but it’s enough to start her heart beating faster.

He begins the class, almost from the moment he starts the class, she is off in another world. Listening to His voice, she imagines Him saying other things to her. Telling her what a slutty girl she is, how wonton she is. She hears Him call her name, as she realizes He has asked her a question. Not having a clue what the question is she very quietly says she doesn’t know. He asks her to speak up, that He didn’t hear her. She swallows and says that she wasn’t paying attention. He leans down and looks right into her eyes and asks her what she felt was more important than His class. She quickly looks down and fidgets, having no desire to tell Him in front of the class that she was thinking about how it would feel to have Him use her. She mumbles something incoherent. He stands up straight and tells her to get up out of her chair. She starts to get upset, thinking He is going to kick her out of the class.

Just before she opens her mouth to speak, He looks at her and tells her to go to the corner of the room, and face the wall. At first she wants to object, but before she can He leans close to her and tells her He knows what she’s been thinking of. She gasps in surprise, and looks into His eyes. She sees that He does indeed know what has been on her mind lately. She does as He instructed.

She goes to the corner and faces the wall, she senses Him come up behind her. He puts a hand on her shoulder and tells her to bend at the waist until her hands are flat against the wall. Very confused, she turns to look at Him, and question Him about it. He can see in her eyes that she will not do this willingly. He turns to the class and calls over the 2 largest guys in the class. He looks at he and tells her to turn around and face Him. Once she has turned around, He lifts her face so that she has to look into His eyes as He tells the guys to force her to her knees. She starts to object, she never wanted Him this way, she wanted it private, just the 2 of them.

She is scared and very nervous as she looks around the room at her other classmates, she sees differing looks on them, the guys look pleased and eager, while the girls just look like they swallowed the canary. She knows that most of the other students have been in this class for longer than she has, but she is surprised that they are doing nothing to stop this.

She looks up at Him and with tears starting in her eyes she begs Him not to do it like this. He grins at her and informs her she will be begging for many things but not for it to stop. She hears the other students’ chuckle. The tears that she was trying to hold back start to spill over, He motions a guy over and tells him to show her what this class is all about and what lessons she must learn.

As the guy steps up to her, the 2 holding her force her to her knees, forcing her arms behind her. As she tries once more to protest, the boy standing in front of her takes advantage and thrusts his cock inside her mouth. At first she tries to force it out with her tongue, when she hears Him call her name. She looks up at Him, and when He knows she is listening, He tells her to make Him proud and she will get that which she craves so much. Thinking that she will only have to endure having this one boy’s cock in her mouth to please Him, she nods her agreement. He smiles and sits down close by where He can see everything.

She turns her attention to the cock in her mouth. She starts to suck on it; she tries not to think about what is happening. Hoping that it will be over soon, she closes her eyes. As soon as she does she hears Him calling her again, she opens her eyes and looks at Him. He tells her to keep he eyes open and on Him, that He wants to see her shame and humiliation in her eyes. She moans not wanting this but at the same time she starts to notice that there is a strange feeling inside her. She shies away from it, not wanting to explore it right now.

Before she realizes it the boy in front of her has cum, he did not remove his cock from her mouth and she is forced swallow it. Relief floods through her as she thinks that it is over. She looks to Him to see if He is pleased, and is taken aback by the glint in His eyes. She knows what He plans for her during this class; she starts to shake her head. To deny it, to deny Him. He gets up and walks over close to her and crouches so He is close to her face. She looks down feeling embarrassed and ashamed that her classmates are seeing her like this. Yet at the same time she can’t deny the thrill that is going through her that He is the one insisting this be done to her. He lifts her face, so she must look into His eyes. He tells her that she will do this if she wishes to please Him.

He can see the internal struggle she is fighting in her eyes. Wanting to please Him and not knowing how to deal with the shame and embarrassment. Finally He sees that the desire has won out, for now. He knows that she is going to learn much about shame and embarrassment, even pleasure in this lesson. With only the slightest of nods she lets Him know that she will

Co-operate. He stands up and takes His seat again, watching her face and body movements.

He nods to the next boy in line, indicating he may have his turn now using her mouth. She can feel her face turning red, feeling so vulnerable before Him. She doesn’t understand how she can be feeling anything but anger and shame at being treated this way. But she does she can feel the beginnings of a desire unlike any she has ever felt before. Even now she can feel her pussy begin moisten as the next boy prepares to put his cock into her mouth for her to suck. All the time keeping eye contact with Him.

He is thrilled and turned on by watching her struggle with the emotions bubbling inside her knowing that shortly it will be time to move on to the next part of the lesson. He feels His body respond to her, seeing how natural she is at serving and performing. He starts to become anxious for what will come later, when this lesson is over and He begins the next one. Bringing His mind back to what is happening in front of Him. He watches as she sucks the cock in her mouth, so enthusiastic, instinctively knowing just how to move to please the boy the most. Only His own control over His body keeps it from showing how pleased He is with her already.

He thinks back to the first time He saw her, it was at a school function, He couldn’t remember what it was for now. She was mostly by herself, at first He only noticed her because of her eyes, they looked so innocent and yet at the same time so very weary and wise. He watched her for awhile wondering if she was a student or a new teacher here. He noticed her movements they were very sensual. He watched, as men seem to be drawn towards her. He notices that He can now barely see her through the crowd around her. He decides to go and introduce Himself to her and find out what He can. Deciding then and there that He wanted her. Wanted to see her on her knees.

When he gets to the edge of the crowd, he starts to listen to the conversation going on around her. They are discussing with her the different classes offered and which ones she is taking. He then notices that she is now watching Him as well not paying attention to the others around her. Some one prods her, she glances at the person speaking to her, and answers after a moment. He feels a little jolt go through Him as He realizes that she is going to be taking His class. Without a care for who is speaking to her at that moment, He steps closer to her and tells her that He is teaching that class. She looks up at Him with a little smile on her face, and introduces herself to Him.

He comes back to the present and the lesson being taught in front of Him. He smiles, enjoying the view of her on her knees, she looks just as desirable as He had hoped she would. He runs His eyes over her body; He is a little surprised when He notices that already the insides of her thighs are glistening with her shame and desire. He decides to move on a little further in the lesson.

He instructs the boys to bring her to the front of the class. He gestures for the guys holding her to lift her up without letting go of her. He watches her as the boy who’s cock she was sucking takes it out of her mouth and the boys holding her help her stand, and walk her to the front of the class without letting go. He sees the momentary confusion cross her face. Watches as she flushes with embarrassment as she realizes she was enjoying that. He tells the boys holding her to bend her over His desk. Once she is bent He tells the boys to place a hand on her back at her shoulders and use the other to hold her arms above her head.

They do as they are instructed, this places her hands very close to both of their cocks. She places her face down into the desk trying to hide, making fists trying to deny the wanton desire that is coursing through her. She thinks that this can’t be happening to her, that it must be a dream. Suddenly her head comes up and her eyes fly open as she hears and feels a hand land heavily on her butt. She quickly turns her head and sees Him standing close to her, His hand still on her bottom. He points to His chair and says to her that He is going to sit there so He can watch her, and that she mustn’t look away from Him for even a second. That He wants to watch as she learns and comes to term with what she is.

She starts to say something, but it is quickly forgotten as His hand falls again, this time a little harder. She gasps and moans, he smiles, and says that those are the only sounds He wants to hear from her. That when He wants more than that He will let her know. She starts to feel very embarrassed as she feels Him starting to lift her skirt, waiting for the teasing and laughter she knows will come when they see she wasn’t wearing any panties. She hears the boys start to chuckle. She hears some of the girls whispering that she’s a slut and a whore not wearing any panties like that.

She wants to hide her face, feeling so humiliated. She had hoped to get Him alone after class to show Him, never did she think He would found out like this. She feels His hand continue to slide her skirt up over her hips so that her butt and pussy are exposed. Instinctively she puts her legs together, she feels hands around each ankle, pulling her legs apart. He asks if anyone has anything that can be used to tie the whores legs open. She feels her entire body flush with shame, she thinks she should never have gotten out of bed this morning. Two of the girls come forward and mention that they have some silk scarves that might do.

He tells the girls to go ahead and do it themselves. Each one ties her legs to the legs of His desk. She hears one of the girl’s whisper to her that she is going to get what she deserves now, and that she is going to enjoy watching them use her for their own amusement. She doesn’t know who it belongs to but she feels a hand rub her pussy. She assumes it’s one of the girls since she hears one of them laugh afterward.

He sits down in His chair; He leans forward and goes into one of the drawers, when He leans back He has a wooden paddle in His hand. He can sense some of the panic that is inside her, knowing she needs a little reassurance, He leans forward and very quietly tells her that she is doing fine and to go with her feelings, to revel in them. She takes a deep breath and tries to calm herself. He passes the paddle to one of the girls and tells her to have at it, while she continues to suck.

The first smack lands hard on her butt, making her gasp. Before she can make any other sound, a cock is placed in her mouth. She closes her eyes and tries to imagine that this isn’t happening to her like this. The second hit is even harder, she hears Him telling her to open her eyes. She opens them quickly as the third one lands. The girl holding the paddle laughs and tells her to suck harder, to put more effort into it. She moans and tries to ignore the feeling growing inside her, she doesn’t want to admit that she is being turned on by this.

The girl with the paddle passes it off to the next one, they continue to beat her with the paddle, sometimes landing on her thighs. She is moaning uncontrollably now with every hit, feeling her butt getting sore. She can also feel the ache between her legs as her pussy aches for a cock. She begining to forget where she is and only feels what is going on in her body and can only hear His voice.

She feels embarrassed and ashamed when she hears Him telling the class to take a look at the slut’s very wet pussy, one of the boys looks to Him and asks if he can play with it. He nods His approval. She feels the boy’s fingers sliding into her pussy probing and pushing it’s way inside. She feels him taking and using both hands to poke and prod her pussy. She is wiggling as much as she can, she hears the class begin a chant, calling her a slut and a whore. As embarrassed as she feels, she also feels the excitement running through her veins, at being used in such a manner. Her whole body starts to quiver as she finally lets go and just enjoys the sensations.

The boy who’s cock she is sucking can feel the difference in her and cums instantly. The next boy steps up as the girls continue to beat her ass and call her a slut. One of the girls decides she wants a go at playing with her pussy, she tells the boy playing with her pussy to move out of the way. She sits down on the floor between her tied legs and looks up at a couple of guys and asks them if they can hold her pussy open so she can lick it. She can feel them spread her pussy lips wide open so she is completely exposed. She feels the first tentative touches of the girl’s tongue on her clit. Her body starts to quiver immediately, she wants to cum all over the girl’s face but she is being too inconsistent, to allow her to cum.

Her whole body is twitching now. She can’t even suck the cocks in her mouth now, they have to fuck her mouth now, and she has become nothing more than a vessel for their pleasure. Only thinking of pleasing them all but mostly Him. She has enough presence of mind to look towards Him, she sees that He knows the stage she has reached now. The grin on His face tells her that He is very pleased with her.

Suddenly she hears the bell ring signaling the end of class, she hears grumbles and moans as they file out of the class. She waits to be untied, so that she too may leave, although she really does not want to. She hears the lock turn on the class room door. She turns her head to try and figure out hat is going to happen now. She sees Him walking towards her, His pleasure openly showing now. As He reaches her He places a hand on her back and runs it down her back, over her red bottom, and down her legs to the silk scarves. He unties one of her legs, she starts to stand but He places His hand in the middle of her back and pushes her back down. He leans close to her ear and whispers for her not to move just yet.

She starts quivering again knowing He is looking at every part of her, enjoying seeing her looking very vulnerable and flushed with need and desire. He again runs His hand down her back, and starts to go over her bottom. He stops and suddenly she feels the sting of His hand As He continues to run His hand down her leg to the other silk scarf, He tells her she is never to do anything without His permission first when alone in His presence. She quietly says that she will remember. When He has untied her other leg, His hand works it way back up her leg to the very spot where she wants and needs His touch so badly, she moans with the contact of His hand on her pussy. When He hears her moan, He slips 2 fingers inside her, she gasps at the instant pleasure that He has started again. She moans even louder, and He pulls His fingers out and puts them in front of her face. He leans down and grabs her hair and pulls her head up, and ells her to suck her juices of His fingers.

Eagerly she does as He instructs, once His fingers have been cleaned, he tells her to stand up. When she does she feels the unreality of the situation wear off and she feels very embarrassed to have willingly let the entire class have at her. She feels His fingers under her chin He lifts her face so that she must look at Him. He smiles gently and tells her to touch His cock, to feel how pleased He is but her willingness to submit to her wanton side. She touches His cock through His pants and instantly she feels her pussy respond to His hardness wanting so much to feel it inside her. She moans as she pulls her hand away.

He sits down at His desk and starts writing on a piece of paper. When He is done He hands the paper to her and tells her it is a note to explain why she is late for her next class. Shocked that He might have put the truth she looks at the note, but it is just saying that He needed to talk to her, She let’s out a little sigh of relief. She looks up as she hears Him chuckle; He hands her another piece of paper. As He does He tells her that he expects her promptly at 9pm, not a minute late. She nods as she looks at this second piece of paper. It has instructions on it on how to get to His place, and some other things. She quickly tucks it away. As she leaves His classroom, she is wondering if it was all just a dream.

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