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The Letter


I was sitting in my office when an unmarked envelope showed up in the mail. Inside was a note from someone I didn’t know. He dated my wife and said she sent him this letter when he went off to college. Since her tenth college reunion was coming up, he thought I should know more about my wife’s college days. We had been married five years and I have to admit I didn’t know much about her earlier years. I waited until I was home, then sat down to read it.

* * * * *

Dearest Kevin,

I didn't want to write this letter, but I can no longer live with myself without telling you what has happened. I don't expect you to understand or forgive me, and I know it will be the end of our relationship, but I cannot lie to you or hold inside me such a terrible secret. I know we pledged our eternal love for each other when we went away to college, but now I've ruined all that. I just hope you can remember the wonderful years we did have together.

The whole thing started one Saturday morning when my roommate, Linda, asked me to come along that night when she visited her boyfriend, Randy, at his school. Randy's roommate, Steve, needed a date for their big fall frat party. His girlfriend couldn't make it. I mean, we did agree to date other people being thousands of miles apart. Since he already had a girlfriend I figured it would be okay. We were going to stay in a spare room in the basement of their frat house set up for out of town visitors.

We got there late and the party was already in full swing. Randy put our stuff in his room to keep it safe until everyone left, then led us back downstairs. I was a little nervous at first. Steve got me a drink and then I had another. We danced and I loosened up. After two more drinks I felt lightheaded. Steve took me over to the couch to sit down. He told me how much he appreciated my coming and how much it meant to him since his girlfriend had just sent him a "Dear John" that week.

He put his arm around me and pulled me close. I figured that would be okay. When he started kissing my neck I closed my eyes and pretended it was you. I guess I had too much to drink. When he kissed me I forgot who I was with and opened my mouth wide shoving my tongue against his. I could feel his hands squeezing my breasts as he wedged a leg between mine. I pressed against his thigh and felt the hardness of his manhood press back. My panties were getting soaked. I guess I was really horny from several months of abstinence. Suddenly I was gasping for breath in an intense orgasm that caused my whole body to shudder.

I opened my eyes and realized that I was with Steve and not you. I pushed him off me and began to cry. He tried to comfort me and apologized over and over again. He said that he too thought I was his old girlfriend and had got carried away. He told me a few jokes and made me laugh so I forgave him. I was feeling a little woosey and said I wanted to lie down for a while. He said I could use his bed until the party was over. When my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.

I don't know how long I slept, but the loud screams and moans from Linda in the next alcove woke me up. I could hear the bed slamming against the wall and knew she was getting a good screwing from Randy. When I opened my eyes I saw Steve sitting on the bed looking down at me. He told me how beautiful I was, how much I reminded him of Cathy (his old girlfriend), how much he missed her and how good it would feel if he could just hold me and close his eyes and pretend I was Cathy. I felt so sorry for him so I said it was okay and that I would close my eyes and pretend it was you. Besides, we both had all our clothes on so it wasn't like something would happen or anything.

Being held felt really good as we lay side by side in a tight embrace, our bodies pressed together. In the background Linda was still moaning loudly and was shouting at Randy to do all kinds of really nasty things to her. Steve said that they were beginning to make him really horny. I could feel his manhood growing hard against me. All kinds of crazy things were racing through my mind. An intensity of feelings rushed to my loins as I imagined I was Linda with Randy's hardness deep inside me except somehow it became you and me making love in that crazy, uninhibited way we always did. I found myself grinding my loins against Steve's hardness and barely noticed as he slipped his hands over my butt to pull me even tighter against him.

Then I remembered where I was and who I was with, but when I tried to push away Steve held me tight and whispered Cathy's name over and over again. When he kissed me and shoved his tongue in my mouth, it felt so good I stopped resisting and started kissing him back. I felt his fingers digging into my cheeks and the hard bulge in his jeans rubbing between my legs. I could feel my panties getting soaked. I knew what we were doing was wrong, but I couldn't stop myself.

It was kind of like when we first started dating. We'd get real hot kissing and you kept putting your hand between my legs. I kept saying no but then I felt this burning urge in my stomach and I began to move against your fingers even though I was still saying no. Then your fingers were inside me and I gasped with pleasure and begged you not to stop and had this incredible gushing orgasm that completely soaked my panties. Anyway, that's what it felt like with Steve, so when he shoved his hand under my white stretch pants, inside my panties and across my bare cheeks, rather than object I spread my legs and tilted my hips so his fingers could reach my private places. I bit his tongue when his middle finger rubbed against my butt hole, hoping he would shove it in like you used to do when you would lick me between the legs. Instead he slipped two fingers down to the moist lips of my womanhood. I tilted back as they slid deep inside me. I began to gasp for air while his fingers pumped in and out of me bringing me to the edge of a huge orgasm.

Just as my insides were about to explode, Steve pulled out his fingers and started pulling my pants down over my butt. My head was spinning. I was totally confused. All I can really remember was begging him to put his fingers back in me. I hardly noticed when he pulled one of my legs free or when he unbuckled his jeans and freed his bulging manliness. All I knew was that I needed to be filled so I could cum. When I felt something large and hard and warm pressing against my panties, I sat back on it. Then his fingers pulled my panties to the side. I felt the head of his huge shaft open me wide. I rocked back and forth several times before he was all the way in me.

I felt completely stuffed and knew I would be cumming in a matter of seconds. As he moved in and out I felt that warm churning in my stomach. A tremendous orgasm came crashing down over me. I lost all control. I was shrieking at the top of my lungs as Steve's huge tool repeatedly filled me. I don't know how long this went on, but at some point I regained my senses and realized where I was and what I was doing.

"Please...no.....no.... Please stop, Steve.... No... Oh, God... what have I done... please..." I said as I rolled off of him. He looked absolutely stunned.

"Jesus, you can't leave me like this. You gotta finish me," he replied desperately.

I did feel sorry for him and decided it would be all right to finish him with my mouth after everything else we had done. I mean it’s not like a blow job is such a big deal or anything. Besides, I had done it to other guys I went out with that time we stopped dating our junior year. I guess I never told you about that. Anyway, Steve's big, meaty shaft looked really tasty as it stood fully erect and throbbing with need. It must have been ten inches long. I could barely get my hand around it.

Kneeling on the side of the bed, I leaned over and guided him into my mouth. My lips stretched around him. I finally managed to get four or five inches in my mouth. Sucking him was getting me really hot - you remember how crazy I would get when you would do me in the mouth - and I couldn't help but reach between my legs and rub myself. Then I felt another sensation and realized someone had removed my panties and was licking me gently with their tongue. I wanted to protest, but Steve had his hand on the back of my neck shoving his thing deeper in my mouth. Besides, it felt soooo good. Whoever was behind me really knew what they were doing. You know how much I loved it when you used to lick me there.

I knew Steve was getting close. I could feel him grow bigger. I was working really hard on making him cum and didn't even notice at first that something hard had replaced the tongue at the entrance to my womanhood. Suddenly I felt it shoved deep inside me. I let out a muffled grunt which caused me to gag. The vibrations in my throat sent Steve over the edge. I felt a his hot semen fill my mouth. I tried to swallow but choked because he was so big. I pulled him from my mouth to get some air and got my face drenched with his sticky stuff. I finally got him back in my mouth and had to swallow quite a bit more before he was finally done.

The guy behind me was hammering me good and I could feel another orgasm churning in my stomach. I couldn't look to see who it was because Steve's stuff covered my eyes. I could also feel it drooling off my nose and chin. I reached between my legs to touch my sensitive spot. Suddenly my head started spinning as another orgasm jolted through my body. I was totally out of control, screaming like a banshee, as I experienced one orgasm after another. It felt like a jackhammer was pounding into me. I couldn't escape from the almost painful spasms of pleasure from each thrust. Finally, I heard a deep grunt and felt several powerful squirts of warm semen fill me.

I collapsed forward over Steve gasping for air and completely worn out. I was half in a trance when I realized that another tongue was between my legs licking the goo from inside me. I know it sounds gross, but it really felt good. I was so exhausted that I just let whoever it was continue without moving a muscle. Finally, curiosity got to me and I turned my head only to receive another shock. It was my roommate, Linda, who had her tongue in me. She was sucking out the juices that her boyfriend, Randy, who stood next to her, had deposited inside me.

"Linda, what are you doing here?" I moaned groggily as I rolled onto my back. Smiling, she climbed up between my legs until she was on top of me with her face a few inches from mine.

"Hello, roomy. I'll bet you never thought we'd have this much fun, did you.”

She lowered her head and licked Randy’s semen from my eyes, then kissed down my face until her lips were against mine. I’d never been kissed by a girl before, but her soft lips felt really good. By now I was really mixed up so I opened my mouth and kissed her back. The strong taste of sex in her mouth was like an aphrodisiac to me. My entire body was consumed with an animal need to be used for wild, uninhibited sex to the point of exhaustion.

Linda and I were getting really hot as we kissed, groped, humped and fondled each other. Linda kept telling me what to do and soon I was sucking on her nipple with my arm wedged between us and my fingers in her steamy sex hole. She was humping my fingers hard. My whole hand was drenched with juices which poured from her.

I felt something hard and smooth pressing against my fingers and realized someone standing behind us wanted to screw Linda. I wrapped my fingers around this huge hunk of meat, which I was sure belonged to Steve, and guided it into Linda’s moist opening. She stiffened as his huge tool entered her and gasped with pleasure as he slowly buried himself deep inside her body. When he was most of the way in, I unwrapped my hand and gently massaged his testicles. I could tell he was getting excited.

“Oh, baby... my balls are filling up. Oh, yeah... keep squeezing ‘em. Oh, shit... I’m gonna drop a huge load in your hot fucking cunt... hold on...”

Everyone was using really nasty words like fuck, cunt, cock and cum getting me even more excited so I started using them too.

Steve grabbed Linda’s hips and repeatedly slammed his massive cock (yes - I said cock!) into her juicy cunt (and shit and piss and fuck and cum too - I love talking dirty). She looked at me, breathing heavily, with an expression conveying pure animalistic pleasure. “Watch me get fucked, Sue. His big cock fills my pussy so full... I want you to look into my eyes when he cums in me… then I want you to hold me tight while I cum... shit, it feels so fucking good...”

I still had my hand on Steve’s balls and I actually felt them shrink just before he let out this really loud roar and buried himself deep inside Linda.

“Look at me, Sue... I can feel him squirting my cunt full of cum... I’m getting close... ooohhhh... rub my clit... hurry..... aaaaahhhhh..... that’s it.... oh, shit.. I’m cuuummmming.... aaaahhhh...”

Linda began thrashing about just as Steve pulled his cock out of her pussy. Linda was far from finished and needed more.

“Do me with your mouth, Sue... finish me with your tongue... please...”

Without waiting for an answer, she quickly slid up till she was straddling my head, then lowered her drenched pussy onto my face. I had never done this before and wasn’t quite sure what to do. All I knew was that I had to do it soon because gobs of sticky sex juice were pouring from her slimy gash all over my face. I opened my mouth and clamped it over her opening, sucking the remaining juices and running my tongue up and down her slit. She seemed to like that and gyrated her ass over my face. Then I remembered the things you used to do to me with your mouth that would drive me crazy, so I just tried the same things on Linda. In no time she was gushing in a continuous orgasm as I sucked on her little clitty and shoved three fingers deep inside her. When I worked a finger up her butt, like you used to do to me, she went absolutely crazy until she finally collapsed with exhaustion.

About that time I felt my legs being pushed back and suddenly someone else was inside me. I tried to look, but it was dark and I was groggy. I’m sure it was someone new. Then two hard penises showed up on both sides of my face. Without even thinking, I put one in my mouth and sucked for a while before switching to the other. I went back and forth between the two while my pussy was getting pounded by a third. And then, as though my body had a will of its own, I found myself gasping with another orgasm. The guy fucking me squirted a huge load into me causing me to cum again. One of the guys I was sucking quickly moved to fill my soaking wet pussy and very quickly dumped another load in me. The guy in my mouth followed shortly and I felt his warm creamy seed splash against the back of my throat as I gobbled it all down.

I looked over at Linda who was also entertaining three guys at once. She was bouncing up and down on Randy while sucking two guys standing in front of her. While I was watching, one of the guys pulled out and sprayed several streams of cum all over Linda’s tits. I knew then I wanted someone to do that to me before the night was out.

I felt someone roll me over onto my stomach so that my knees were on the floor. With my legs spread, I felt several fingers sloshing around in my sloppy cunt. He then pressed the tip of his finger against my butthole and slowly worked it inside. Then he put a second finger in, and while it felt really tight, it didn’t hurt at all. He finger fucked my ass for a while and I was surprised at how good it felt, and even more surprised when I had another orgasm.

When he took his fingers out, I knew what was coming next. I turned my head and asked him not to hurt me and he promised he wouldn’t. He lathered up his cock with my slimy juices, pressed the head to my anus and shoved forward. The tip went in surprisingly easy, but I wasn’t so sure I would like it as he kept inching his way deeper into my ass. I kept trying to push him out, but it didn’t want to go. By the time he was all the way in me I had loosened up and figured out the rhythm. I never thought getting fucked in the ass would feel so good, but I had two incredible orgasms before he flooded my insides with hot cum. Kevin, I’m really sorry I didn’t save my ass for you because you were the first one for everything else.

I wish I could say that was the end of the night, but moments later I had another larger cock in my ass and two more were dangled in my face. One dumped his load in my ass, another flooded my pussy and the third pulled out of my mouth and drenched my hair and face with streams of sticky cream which kept gushing from his cock. I don’t even know how many orgasms I had, or whether I could even separate one from the other. I was on this incredible sex high and my body just wanted more and more.

Linda, who had also gone through a series of partners, pulled me over on top of her in a sixty-nine position and buried her face in my cum drenched pussy. I did the same to her, savoring the taste and aroma of sex emanating from her cunt. I was getting really worked up when Linda bit down on my clit and shoved two fingers into my slimy, cum filled ass. My whole body shuddered in yet another powerful orgasm and I heard myself scream out with four letter words.


I was sure my screams could be heard throughout the frat house, but I just kept cumming and cumming. Sometime during all this someone had poked a semi-limp cock at my face and my screams of pleasure became muffled as I gobbled it into my mouth. He tasted of pussy and cum, but not Linda’s, so I assumed he had probably fucked me recently. I sucked him until he was hard, then he pulled out and shoved his cock into Linda’s pussy. I licked her clit and found it was an incredible turn-on to feel his cock sliding across my lips and tongue as he fucked her.

Linda was cumming big time. Her juices were gushing everywhere. Occasionally, I would pull his cock from her pussy and suck on it to clean off all her delicious juices before putting it back in. Behind me I felt a massive throbbing cock slip into my cunt and knew it must be Steve. He alternated between my pussy and Linda’s mouth, bringing me to the brink of orgasm.

Just as I was about to cum, he pulled out and pressed his huge engorged penis against my asshole. Linda clamped her mouth to my pussy as Steve shoved hard, almost splitting me with his cock which slid part way up my tight shithole (God I love using dirty words!). The mixture of pleasure and pain from Linda’s tongue and his cock which kept sliding deeper into my bowels caused me to have another really powerful orgasm. I hardly noticed when the guy fucking Linda pulled out and spayed cum all over my face, only to be replaced by another which slipped into Linda’s hot cunt.

I don’t remember how long my orgasm lasted, but I vaguely remember Steve pulling out and spraying cum all over my ass which Linda eagerly cleaned up with her tongue. Then the guy fucking Linda pulled out, shoved his manhood between my lips and started cumming. Rather than swallow, I let him drain his huge load into my mouth, losing only a little out the corner. I spread Linda’s pussy, leaned down, put my mouth over her fuck hole and spit his warm seed into her cunt using my tongue to stir it in with her own juices. I took my time and savored the treat, slowly sucking it back into my mouth and swirling it around before swallowing.

Linda and I slowly cleaned each other with our tongues. When I felt her lick my asshole and probe gently into it I shuddered with a mini-orgasm, then returned the favor. I was exhausted and thought the night was over, but the guys had one more treat in store for us. Two guys, I can’t remember which two, laid side by side on the bed, their heads and feet in opposite directions, and had Linda and I mount their cocks. Then two other guys came up behind us. I felt my ass being fingered, then something larger pressing into it. Soon both my cunt and ass were filled with cock. It was the most incredible feeling and I knew I would start cumming soon.

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