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The Librarian


Bent over on the couch Rebecca has her panties down to her knees with her right hand between her legs with two fingers shoved in as far as they would go into her pussy. Her juices steadily slide down the back of her hand and dripping onto the couch beneath her as she moans softly to herself.

The door to the small lounge opens hurriedly with two figure stepping through. "This is the one I've told you about," one of them says.

Instantly Rebecca jumps up with a gasp of surprise. "S-sorry!" she says quickly, her large breasts bouncing outside of her shirt. "I-I'll leave immeadia—" she begins to say when one of the figures, a woman, presses a finger to her lips, cutting her off.

"Shhh!" the woman says. "Don't you dare leave. Plus it's us who should be apologizing to you for killing that nice little buzz you had going. Let's get it back on track shall we?"

"B-but..." Rebecca tries to say, but the woman twirls her lip around with her finger interrupting Rebecca again.

"Now, now," the woman says. "We...are...not...talking. We...are...getting...back...on...track."

"But...the door," Rebecca protests.

"Well! If you are so intent on using your mouth."

"Mmph! Mmmm." Her protests are stopped short as the woman places her fingers in Rebecca's mouth, forcing her to start sucking on them.

"So much to learn," the woman says. "Like how much time you lost track of doing your business. The library is closed for the day. Nobody left here but us three." A smile crosses the woman's face. "Nobody left to come save you."

The woman plucks her fingers from Rebecca's mouth eliciting an Ah! from her. "I think that pretty little mouth of yours needs something bigger to keep it busy." She grabs a hold of one of Rebecca's breasts. "One of these should do nicely." And she grabs the back of Rebecca's head and shoves her breast, nipple first, into her mouth.

"Mmm," the other woman moans. "This hand was doing some good work. She settles in behind the young girl and places the already wet hand back into her pussy. "There you go, right where you left off. Your honey is pretty sweet. Now how about some sugar?" she says leaning in to kiss Rebecca deeply.

A tap on the shoulder of the second woman from the first stops the kiss making Rebecca to give a questioning look.

"Don't mind us, keep showing what you got," the first woman says.

The two women step away and begin whispering to each other.

"What's the deal?" the second asks almost angrily.

"I wanted to give her some space and get a good look at her."

"You couldn't wait two seconds until after I was finished kissing her?"

"Aw, poor baby," the first woman says with a smile.

"Shut up. Mmmm, she is cute, isn't she? Not sure if I like her better with or without her glasses."

"You didn't tell me about her sweet mouth."

"Could have told you now, if you had let us finish our kiss."

"Still on that? I like her hair too and that tight little body."

"Let's go further than we agreed."

"Okay. A little further. She doesn't look very relaxed tight now though."

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Uhh! Uhh! Ahh! Ooh!" Rebecca moans as she drives her middle finger over her clit again and again.

"Feeling shy, honey?" the first woman asks.

"A-a l-little," Rebecca replies meekly. "Not used to doing this with an audience.

"Well my friend and I are all about audiences," the first woman says. "No worries. I think I know how to even out the comfort level in here," she says as she begins unzipping her pants.

She turns to the second woman and says, "Would you be a dear and lend me a hand to assist?" You and I both know you could use the practice."

"You," the second says grinning, "are so going to pay for that! Get on that table."

"You paying attention?" the first asks Rebecca.

The young woman put her hand to her mouth and nods vigorously.

"Ahh! Yes!" the first woman screams. "Fuck me with that yummy finger! Nice and deep. Ah! A-ah! Ah!"

The second giggles. "Check it out. I know you asked her about paying attention but she got comfy and into it real quick."

Ohh! So our little pervy girl really likes to watch, eh? We'll give her a show. Pick up the pace."

Rebecca so turned on by what she sees jabs her fingers deeper into her pussy while sucking off her juices from the other.

"Ooh! I think she liked the sound of that. She's giving it a little extra now," the first says.

"What the hell? She wants to race? Little upstart has a lead too. It's on!"

"Ahhhh!" Rebecca moans loudly as she drives her finger in and out a piston.

"Come on! Faster!" the first growls. "We have ground to gain! "Ahh! Aw, yeah! T-that's it! More dammit!"

The second woman pumps her fingers furiously into the first's pussy.

"Uhh! Uhh! Uhhhhh! Ahh! Ahh! Yes! Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhh!"

Rebecca still racing hard now has her panties down to her ankles, driving her finger in from top to bottom then in as deep as she could go.

"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Oh! Ooooohhh! Ooh ah! Ah! Mmmm! Uuh! Uuh! Ah! Ah! Ahh! I-I-I'm g-gonna!"

"Sounds like both of you are close now," the first says.

"Oh, y-yeah!" the first screams. "Al...most...there!"

"Not...before m-meeee!"

"Good," the second smiles widely. Suddenly the second woman stops and pulls out her fingers then gabs Rebecca's hand.

"Ah! H-hey!" the young woman protests.

"Wha—? N-no! So close..."

Who would have cum first Rebecca dear?" the second woman asks. "Oh, wonder, wonder."

"Goddamn tease," Rebecca snaps. "Tease happy little—"

"I can see why Adrian finds you so frustrating," Raven says.

"I said you were going to pay, Raven," Adrian smiles. "Sorry Raven. Didn't want Rebecca to have to finish up alone"

"Oh, we're going to finish up alright," Raven says. "Have you ever sexed up a woman?"

"Nope," Adrian says.

"Wanna learn how?" Raven asks. "Wanna learn now?"

"Yeah," she says with enthusiasm. "Hell yeah!"

Both Rebecca and Raven grin at each other then pounce on top Adrian, tackling her to the couch.

"I've seen these before," Rebecca says as Adrian's breasts press hard against her own.

"Now that you have your hands on them, what are you gonna do with them?" Raven asks.

"Mmmm," Rebecca moans and her lips sink over Adrian's nipple.

"Ahh, that's a girl," Adrian coos.

"Good decision, Rebecca," Raven confirms. "Because Adrian really like it when you pull on them with your lips." She latches on the free breasts and pulls on her nipple with her mouth.

"Oh?" Rebecca says. "You mean like this?" she asks mimicking the gesture.

Raven breaks off suddenly and gets behind Rebecca to smack her ass, driving her to move on top of Adrian and driving their pussies to rub together.

"Ooh! Moist!" Rebecca moans.

"So are you," Adrian agrees.

They start grinding against each other, clit against clit until they both orgasm. When they finally come to a stop Raven pokes Rebecca's ass and says, "Damn! You two are really doing it for me. Watching Rebecca's ass makes me sorry that I don't have any lube."

Rebecca smiles. "Well, if you're gentle enough."

A sly grin crosses Raven's face. "My goodness!" She places a finger at the edge of Rebecca's asshole. "You are a naughty, naughty...girl!" Then she presses the finger in hard eliciting a loud gasp from the young woman.

"Mmm, you two fucking hot numbers need to cum!" Raven shouts and starts pistoning her finger in and out of Rebecca's ass."

"A-ah hah! Ah! Ah! Ah-hah! Ah! Ah! Ahh!" Rebecca moans. "I-I-I'm c-cumming!"

"Ooh! Oh! Ah! Ah-ahah! Ah! Ah! God!" Adrian yells. "Her gyrations! Can't stop!"

Both women explode in orgasm causing them to convulse which only further intensifies their satisfaction when their pussies rub together harder and faster.

When they finally settle Raven asks, "To what do you credit your expertise in the being sexy field?"

Rebecca smiles. "I worked my butt off."

The three burst out in laughter. When the laughter subsides Rebecca says, "I'm supposed to be helping a student with their studying."

Adrian grins. "Better contact them and say you're gonna be late."

Rebecca smiles. "Yes, very late."

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