tagMind ControlThe Librarian Ch. 03

The Librarian Ch. 03


Inspired by Dave for Dave

Michelle was busy cleaning her house on her day off from the library. It was a Friday late fall and still pretty cool outside. She decided to take a walk to the local park. Where it hopefully will be deserted so Michelle can catch up on her reading but just in case she decided to bring the book along with her, she wanted to be prepared for anything.

Michelle was dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a smaller sweater that every time she would raise or move her arm the shirt would rise to just below her breasts. She wouldn't dare trying to wear the sweater the library but she just loved wearing it at home with no bra on.

Michelle reached the park and noticed that nobody was there. She sat down underneath a tree and began reading her book. Even without her book she was almost always, sexual aroused. She couldn't help it.

After a good ten minutes of reading and trying to ignore the urge to touch herself on her boobs her pussy that was beginning to get wet by just thinking of all her latest sexually adventures. She especially liked they way Jim her neighbor licked her. He probably had the best tongue she has ever felt on her most prized areas.

Michelle opened her eyes from the daydream and noticed a truck across the way with the hood up and a young man looking inside trying to see what the problem was.

Michelle tried to ignore him but even at a distance, she could see his amazing ass in a pair of tight faded jeans. She just wanted to reach out across the distance and grab it. Every couple of minutes she would look up and see if he was still there. After the fourth time of checking, she noticed that he was gone. She looked around for him and then she spotted him. Coming towards her with a big grin on his face and grease on his hands the closer he got the more wet she got. He had a good body that was built tremendously.

"Hello," said the young man.

"Hi, can I help you with something?" Asked Michelle trying to surpass the urge to grab him and jump on him. Roaming her hands all over his body paying special attention to his lower regions she tried to hide the smile that came to her face with that thought.

"Yes, well I couldn't help in noticing that you kept looking at me when I was at my truck,"

Michelle couldn't speak she couldn't believe that he noticed her looking at him. Maybe she could get him to read the book. He noticed the book but didn't say any thing about it.

"You work at the local library don't you?" Asked the young man with an evil grin on his face which he didn't try to hide.

"Yes, I do work at the local library why do you ask,"

"Well I had a friend their couple of days ago and you and him where the only ones their."

"Oh did he say something about me,"

"Yeah he did just that you helped him find a book and then he woke up completely naked with traces of cum on his cock and in his mouth," Michelle was struck speechless by the realization that someone remembered something from the sex adventures.

"What is your name so I know what to tell the cops," Michelle said with a smile on her face.

"It's Dave," Dave sat down next to Michelle playing with the book opening and closing it. He moved his hand to her thigh and just looked in her eyes. He moved closer until he was inches away from her face then leaned all the way in and kissed her. It took Michelle a couple on minutes to react to the kiss. She opened her mouth to let his tongue in. She sucked on his tongue savoring his taste.

Dave backed away and just looked her. He reached over to take off her sweater. After the sweater was off, he just looked at her covered breast in a silky black bra. He reached over, pushed Michelle down, and attacked her breasts with his mouth. He licked and sucked at her bra until he could feel the nipple rising up in the arousal state. He reached behind her and unclasped her bra until her boobs spilled out.

Michelle started to tug on his shirt until he got the hint and took it off. Soon they were both naked and not caring that they were in a park and that anybody could see them in the middle of having sex.

They were laying down facing each other. Michelle moved her hand until she grabbed his throbbing cock. She moved her hand up and down feeling the hardness of it and wanting it inside of her. He moved away from kissing her leaving kisses at everybody part of her body. He moved down leaving kisses all the way down passed her belly button and pussy all the way down to her feet. Were he kissed all over and then moved his mouth back up towards her pussy and started to kiss and lick her pussy. He opened up her lips to see her wetness moving down her crack. He again trailed kissed up and down her crack kissing and poking his tongue into her holes until she started to squirm under his mouth. She screamed when a powerful climax shuddered her whole body.

Dave looked up into her face when her cum dripping off his face. She moved her head and licked at her own juices on his face. She loved to taste her own cum off other people.

Dave repositioned until he was over Michelle with his cock at her entrance. Michelle nodded once and he pushed it all the way in. Dave stayed that way until she was used to his size and then he started to thrust in an out of her. Slow at first but with Michelle's legs wrapped tight around his back and her screaming "harder faster" he hurried to do just that.

Michelle was approaching her fourth climax when she could feel Dave tightening up a little bit more with the onset of his climax. He started spurting rope after rope of cum deep inside of Michelle that she started to climax in the middle of his climax.

He withdrew his cum covered cock out of Michelle who was disappointed but then she realized she could have more fun. She moved in between his legs so that his semi-hard cock was level with her mouth. She reached out and gave it a little kiss. Tasting the juices of both of them, she put the head of it in her mouth and twirled her tongue around his slit and underneath the cock head. Dave moved his hips so that more of him would slide into her mouth better. He noticed the lovely cum coated pussy in front of his face and decided it was time for dessert.

Michelle had his cock and he had her pussy they didn't notice anything around them except for each other. Michelle was on a roll of climaxes today and he was fast approaching his second cum of the day. He came in her mouth, as she was cumming in his mouth. They repositioned each other so they could lay down together. Still feeling the sexual high he kept moving his hands up and down her body giving her nipples to raise even more then they were.

Michelle spoke first, "Why don't we head back to my house so we can continue this in a more private area."

"Yeah ok is it far?"

"Nope a short walk you could leave your truck here if you wanted to,"

"Ok," they got up and got dressed but still they still touched. He followed her home with his hand caress her ass.

When they reached her house, they barely could control each other. They made it up to the bedroom were Dave hurriedly tore off her clothes and his. She lay down on the bed with her legs open and her hand motioning him to come closer. He shook his head and she began to play with herself. His cock was rising every second of watching her play with her pussy. He finally stepped forward and began kissing her then moving down to the source of the wetness. He paid more attention to her anus then her pussy. He got it all nice and wet. He turned her over on her stomach with her ass raised and waiting. He reached for her pussy until his hand was coated with her juice. He ran his hand up and down his shaft to get it all lubed up and the pushed against her hole. He decided he wasn't going to be gentle. He pushed it the rest of the way in and Michelle cried out in pain.

He waited for her to get adjusted to the pain and then he started to move in and out of her. While she was playing with her clit making her climax even more powerful then the other ones she's had that day.

It took him a good twenty minutes to reach his climax after the first two. He came filling her ass to the brim. When he pulled out some of his cum came out. He started to lick at it shocking himself that he liked the taste of his cum. When it was all out, he turned her around and started to kiss her.

After a bit they just laid there a bit until Michelle fell asleep. Dave got up got dressed and wrote her a note saying he would be back for more.

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