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The Library


I love to read...and not just erotica! I went to the library this afternoon and grabbed a few books from the "New" shelves. Not having heard of some of the authors, I sat down on one of the couches at the back of the library. It's one of my favorite places to read. The rounded back wall is an expanse of tinted windows and overlooks a beautiful park. There's even a covered veranda with tables, for days like today when the weather is nice. Unless I'm sitting and talking with someone, though, I don't sit out there. The chairs are too stiff and upright. The couches are my preference.

While I was there, the library wasn't too busy. The kids were still in school, moms were lining up in carpool lanes at nearby schools, and the senior citizens were hitting those senior specials at the restaurants. Honestly, I don't know where everyone was, but the library was fairly empty.

I kicked back on the couch and opened the first book. After the first few paragraphs, I thought it might be a good possibility. Book two was a no right off the bat. I was reaching for book three when I saw it. And it was the best scenery I had seen in a while.

There before me, outside the windows, on the veranda sat two women, both slightly above average in looks. But one woman, one glorious woman was facing me. Either because of the tint on the glass or a glare from the sun, I don't think she could really see into the library. But I could see her.

And I could see right up her skirt, between her legs, right up to her red panties. I couldn't believe it. Red panties, right there for me to see. But I wanted to get closer. There was a table inside with cushioned chairs (much more comfortable than outside and still with that view). I moved my things, had a seat, and laid a book open as if I were reading.

From here I had the perfect VAA: Visual Access Angle. I could see up her skirt better from here, and she still made no sign that she knew she was being watched. I could see that the panties appeared to be sheer, but with her legs under the table there wasn't enough light to see through them. Damn!

That didn't really matter though, because I could still see them. And everyone loves a look up a skirt. Everyone. And I certainly loved it. My body was tingling, and I couldn't resist. I moved one hand under the table and began to lightly rub my pussy. Unfortunately, I wasn't wearing a skirt today. Khakis, making things a little less easily accessible, but don't worry. I still found a way to gain that access.

I slowly, silently unzipped my pants and slipped my right hand inside. My own black cotton panties were a bit wet. My fingers worked their way under the side elastic and found my throbbing clit. I leaned over the book, deep in concentration...concentrating solely on my clit, that is. By leaning over, my pussy was now against the rough upholstered seat. My legs spread, I could rock my hips slowly, rubbing my pussy while massaging my clit.

My head was down towards the book, but my eyes were still on those red panties. She had shifted in her seat now, leaning back in the chair, her legs spread farther apart. Yes, the panties were definitely sheer. I could see the faint shadow of her slit, a dark line between her legs.

I began rubbing faster, a finger sliding into my pussy. My left hand reached up and turned the page of the book. (I had been rubbing a while, and was still on the same page. I didn't want to be too obvious.)

There must have been some sort of insect flying around outside. She and her friend were swatting at something. I was still rubbing, still watching...and then she slapped at her thigh. Whatever it was that had been flying around them had just landed on her. She hiked her skirt up a bit and rubbed along her inner thigh. A bite? A sting? Whatever it was, it caused her to rub at it, her legs spreading even farther, as much as her short skirt would allow.

Mmmm....she was rubbing her thigh, that soft skin, so close to her panties. My speed increased. I was so close to cumming. She was rubbing her thigh...I was rubbing my clit. My black panties were soaked as I kept watching her red panties. I was about to cum.

And then she looked up, looked at me. Her eyes locked on mine and held my stare. She knew, and she didn't seem to care. She had to know. My hips rocked faster, my finger went deeper. She smiled, definitely a knowing smile. I was cumming, and nodded my head at her, letting her know. She stood up, excused herself from her friend.

She walked inside and right up to me as I was pulling my hand out. Before I could even get my pants zipped up, she put her hand on my right arm. She guided my hand up to her mouth and kissed the tips of my fingers, her tongue lightly, quickly licking.

She smiled at me as she moaned slightly. "Looks like a great book." She took my book and before she walked away, I reached out and touched her thigh.

"I love your red panties." She was gone.

I sat there collecting myself, wondering if my juices had soaked through my pants enough for others to notice. I gathered the keeper books and my bag and made my way to the self-checkout.

As I scanned my library card, I saw her coming toward me again. And as I scanned the books, she slipped something into my bag.

I got home and ripped off my clothes. I grabbed my dildo and fucked myself hard, one hand between my legs, one hand holding her sheer red panties up to my face, smelling her sweet pussy as I came.

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