tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Life and Times of Lady Vargos

The Life and Times of Lady Vargos


"The Life and Times of Lady Vargos" is the second book of the Martin Hastings adventures into a life of forced feminization. This story follows the feminization and marriage of a reluctant young man as he is forced to accept his fate as a male/bride, in a same sex marriage, arranged by his family. This story may have elements of explicit gay sex scenes (xxx), s/m, bondage, and public humiliation. If you don't like these type of stories, proceed no further, you'll be very disappointed.

Chapter One

"A Crossdresser in the Public Domain"

Martin awoke to find himself alone in the bed for the first time since he arrived at the estate. His new husband was now off on a business trip with a pretty young concubine named Tiffany to take care of all his intimate needs, as well as to escort him to events and dinners that were to be a daily part of his trip. No blowjobs or morning quickies Martin this morning.

Martin was in a poor state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion from the events of the entire weekend. Part of his problem is he had not been allowed to eat during this time. It was the customary tradition for the bride to fast during the entire consummation of the marriage. All her energy and desires were to be focused on her husband. After such a highly emotionally charged evening, he had passed out and slept the entire night with no problem, despite having his head full of brush curlers tightly wound in his hair just before he went to bed, by Leanne. She had told him he had a full agenda the next day and she wanted to set his hair before he went to bed to save on time in the morning. After his emotional breakdown in the restroom caused by Dorothy and the new found knowledge as to why he was now here, and the degrading sexual activity he was forced to endure afterwards from his husband, Martin felt tired and physically weak. He opened his eyes and stared at the wall, his head on the pillow, his body curled up in a fetal position hugging another pillow trying not to become overly emotional as the events of the last evening began to trickle into his thoughts again. No matter how hard he tried, a tear ran out the side of his eye and down the side of his face as he couldn't help but feel sorry for himself once again. Those feelings that he had tried so hard to suppress had crept there way into his very being now. His helplessness, and the hopelessness of fighting all this, now seemed a reality to him.

"Good morning Lady Vargos," Lisa said as she entered the room and opened the curtains allowing the sunlight to stream across the bed and into Martin's face. Martin covered his eyes.

"Leave me alone. I just need to be left alone," Martin rolled over away from Lisa.

"Oh, don't be a silly girl Lady Vargos. It's time for you to get up. Big day today. You are going out in public today. We want to introduce our newly consummated bride to the social circles she'll be involved with don't we? Have much to do." Lisa pulled back the comforter and then the red satin sheets with black lace trim that covered Martin. Martin had been so distraught the night before that he could remember only bits and pieces of what happened. He remembered being bathed and Leanne putting his hair in curlers, twisting them very tight knowing it would cause him some discomfort as he tried to sleep. He had mumbled through tears while she did it about how his enslavement here was so unfair. He shouldn't have to be the object of other people's frustrations that had nothing to do with him personally.

He was very surprised to see he now was wearing a lavender, black lace trimmed, ruffled nightie. He could not recall putting the nightie on or having it put on him. He fingered the hem of the sexy garment as he lay on the bed trying to recall how he ended up wearing it.

"Let's go. Leanne is waiting to get you dressed," she said lifting him to a sitting position and placing a pair of white 4" furry mules on the floor in front of him. "Put your shoes on now and let's get going."

Martin picked up one of the mules and slid it onto his foot watching as his red toenails emerged in the front opening of the slipper. Then placing his foot back on the floor he felt the strain on his arch as his heel was forced to be elevated from the floor by the shoe. He slipped on the other mule and stood slowly as Lisa pulled him to his feet. These shoes were not what he desired to wear obviously, but were much more comfortable than the ridiculous 6" heels he'd been forced to wear since he arrived.

"C'mon now," she said pushing him toward the door holding his arm. "So how was your night? Sleep well?" Lisa asked opening the door.

"Yeah. Fine," Martin said in a flat emotionless tone.

"That's so good to hear ma'am. Sleeping in curlers like that is usually very uncomfortable. I'm glad to hear you have know problems with it. I know first hand, my mother made me wear curlers to bed once when I was a little girl. I hated it. I think Leanne intends for you to wear curlers to bed a lot to save her time in the mornings." Lisa grinned as she urged him along.

As they entered Leanne was standing next to the styling chair, that had seemed to have survived the trip back from the banquet hall just fine. All the straps were still intact and just waiting for Martin to have a seat. Martin walked quietly over to Leanne where she turned him around and directed him to sit in the chair. Martin knew the routine and he stepped up and sat quietly staring off while Leanne strapped him tightly to the chair. Martin's mind was now once again fixated on the events from the night before, and the revelations that now caused him such deep suffering inside and conflict in his mind over his ordeal.

"I'll be back to get her in 45 minutes," Lisa said to Leanne as she closed the door. "I want to be on time."

"Whatever," Leanne said in indifference at Lisa as she was removing the pins that held the curlers firmly in Martin's hair. Leanne teased his hair until it was a wild frizzed mess. Then she gave it a generous application of hairspray, and then began tucking and patting his curls into place.

"What is going to happen to me Leanne?" Martin asked softly staring off into nothing as Leanne worked.

"Nothing ma'am. You are just going into town to take care of some errands this morning. Should be no big deal. Just show you around and get you acquainted with the locals that you will be dealing with the most. Lisa will be with you."

"Not that, I mean, what are you people going to do to me. How long will this go on? Will all this stop once Dorothy is satisfied?" he said with no emotion and with a sound of dreadful reality.

"This is your life now Mrs. Vargos. You are married to the Baron. You will continue to dress as a woman, by your husbands request, from now on or until he changes his mind. Dorothy has nothing to do with it. It can be a pleasant experience for you if you just let it, I'm sure of it." Leanne began teasing Martin's hair as she talked now. "From time to time I'm sure you will have emotional lapses and difficulties will arise with accepting things as they progress, but we will help you through those times and make sure you are the best wife to your husband that you can be."

"Force me through those times you mean," Martin said not looking at her.

"You'll get through the tough times. Don't you worry your pretty little head about that."

Leanne finished Martin's preparation. His red hair neatly coiffed, and each curl perfectly sprayed into place. His makeup was elegant, but not as bold as he was made up the banquet with false eyelashes and all. She still applied red lipstick to his lips though. Martin had always preferred red lipstick on women and even insisted his last wife wear red lipstick when they went out and even when she came to bed, just in case he was feeling a little horny that evening. His wife didn't care for red lipstick at all. She thought it was a gaudy look on her, and it was in reality. She always felt she had to wear it just so he wouldn't get all upset, though it made her feel cheap and very self conscious.

Martin's D-cup padded bra once again pushed impressively against the dress he was forced to wear for this public excursion. A pretty sleeveless white dress with bold black designs. It was an eye catcher for sure. He also wore 4" black high heel sandals. The crush on his toes was not bad compared to the peep toe pumps he had been wearing. His red toenails standing out in sharp contrast to his heels. The Baron would have like the look for sure.

Martin closed his eyes as Leanne put his jewelry on. His ears received 2" hoops, and two studs were place in the other lobe piercings. Large diamond studs were placed in the top piercings of his ears.

"We will be putting more piercings in your ears soon. Can't have too many earrings in your ears I always say," she said as put the last stud in his ear. She stood back and looked at him. "Well at least in your case, that's what your husband would say." She caressed his cheek. "Your husband loves earrings on his wife you know," she said as Martin's eyes just stared, but he heard her perfectly. He knew what this meant, and he couldn't imagine what they had in store for him.

Two gold bangle bracelets were placed on one wrist and a very feminine gold watch on the other. Martin tilted his head slightly forward as Leanne wrapped a gold necklace around his neck. The necklace madeup of three strands of large gold beads that decreased in size as they went around his neck. Martin wore two dainty ankle bracelets on both ankles, and his toes had been adorned with numerous toe rings before he had stepped into his sandals.

Leanne turned Martin to face the full length mirror. "There you go Lady Vargos. What do you think?" she said smiling.

Martin stared into the mirror. This is how he was to look when going out in public. He was obviously not being presented as the man he truly was and he felt he was little more than a mockery of a woman's image. The reality of things set in as Lisa entered the room. Martin was to be presented to the general public as a crossdresser. Not trying to fool anyone with a masquerade of being a real woman, hoping most people wouldn't notice. It was obvious he was to be known as Lady Vargos, the crossdressing male spouse of Baron Vargos.

"Oh my, look at you Lady Vargos. You are so pretty today," Lisa said in an excited voice. "I love this dress on you. It is so darling."

Leanne walked over with a red shoulder bag. She slipped it on Martin's shoulder and positioned it to fit his hip. Lisa laughed at the image of Martin as his eyes lowered in shame as he held his purse.

"Oh come now Lady Vargos, it's just a purse," Lisa said as she looked him over once more slipping a matching red belt about his waist. "Haven't you ever carried a purse before?" Lisa asked as she giggled at the uncomfortable image he now portrayed.

Lisa saw Martin's compliance and lack of resistance as him beginning to accept his new life of a feminized male bride of the Baron. Lisa was young though, and had not done this type transition on a man before. Leanne knew Martin was just trying to keep a grasp on any reality he could right now, and his resolve was not gone, but had just been overwhelmed by the physical, mental and emotional realities that had been heaped on him so suddenly and in such a short time.

Martin turned and followed Lisa to the door. Two assistants were outside to take them into town where the general public would now be able to gaze upon his new feminized image and form their own opinions about what they were seeing without any explanation of his desperate desires to be free of it all.

Martin walked quietly down the hall, passing the domestic help without saying a word. The domestic girls in there maid uniforms smiled and nodded their heads slightly as Martin walked by, only to hear them giggle behind his back after the had passed.

The limo was waiting for him and Lisa. Lisa got in the back seat on one side and Martin was helped in the other side. Lisa relaxed, putting her arm on the back of the seat crossing her legs, turning to face Martin. Martin was being strapped in the seat. A seat belt around his waist, and then one around his chest above his bra line, and then his ankles. The car began to pull away. Martin looked over to Lisa who was smiling and looking at him.

"You look very nice today," she said in a reassuring way, "Very pretty." S he turned her attention to a phone call. As the car pulled into the parking lot of the courthouse Lisa said to Martin as she was looking through some things.

"We shouldn't be here to long ma'am. Please try to be as ladylike as possible at all times, and don't pay any attention to anybody who has any misguided, or insensitive things to say on your lifestyle. You have your rights too you know."

Martin stood beside the car and resisted taking a step when Lisa took his hand. He didn't want to be paraded around in the public eye like this. His knees were weak at the thought of it.

"It would be very unladylike and unfortunate to have these two men drag you into the courthouse ma'am. Not to mention very embarrassing for you and drawing the attention of everybody around you. So, if you don't mind," she said taking Martin's elbow once again, and this time he walked with her. Martin noticed the looks of people as they walked by. There were some who didn't even notice him or seem to care, and then there were those who realized instantly that he was a crossdressed man. His knees felt even weaker, as he forced himself to keep up with Lisa overwhelmed with embarrassment.

Martin was taken to the licensing and zoning department. He was the first to be served as he had an appointment, and wealth does have it's privileges. The girl behind the counter smiled at Martin as she inquired how she could help them, even though she already was expecting him.

"Hi," Lisa said cheerfully. "We have an appointment to get Lady Vargos her public crossdressing permit."

The girl opened the file and asked them to follow her over to the end of the counter. The application process had been already filled out for the most part from before, only a few questions remained. There was a screen for photos at the end of the counter. Martin held tightly to his purse with both hands. He knew people were staring at him, and he was extremely nervous.

"Ok now. Just a couple of more questions we need answered here," the girl said. Martin wished she would talk quieter as others in the room could clearly hear the conversation. "Are you transgendered or just a crossdresser?" the girl asked.

"What?" Martin said softly.

"Are you applying for a permit to just crossdress in public, or because you plan to have a sex change? There are different restrictions on the permits," the woman said in a business like tone.

"He has just married another man and wishes to dress as a woman when he is out in public," Lisa interjected in a not so subtle way.

"Ok, then you will need to be registered as a crossdresser then." The woman typed in the information then looked at Lisa and Martin, "The difference basically is that a TG is entitled to all the rights that women have in the public domain. Crossdressers however have certain restrictions such as, you will not be allowed to use public areas designated for women such as restrooms, fitting rooms etc. where TG's are free to use those facilities."

"What if if I need to...." Martin said as he was cut off by the girl.

"You will have to use the men's restroom sir. You are a crossdressed man after all and not a woman. TG's are considered women by law in all respects," she said firmly.

"You could always wear diapers if you feel too embarrassed to enter the men's restroom crossdressed," Lisa said jokingly in Martin's ear causing him to flinch. The girl behind the counter grinned having overheard the statement.

"How frequently do you usually crossdress?" the girl asked.

"24/7," Lisa said before Martin could open his mouth.

"OK, a full time crossdresser," she said as she looked at the computer screen, " Alright, sexual orientation..........homosexual," the girl said as she input the information.

"Wait!" Martin spat out, "I'm not a homosexual."

"You are married to another man aren't you?" she said looking a little confused at him.

"Yes, but I'm not...."

"Sir, if two men are legally married to each other, I can't put you are heterosexual on your permit as your sexual orientation. I can only classify you as homosexual," she said as she moved on. "Now if you would please stand in front of the screen so we can take your picture, we can get your permit finished."

The girl backed Martin up to the screen and turned him to face the camera.

"We will be taking two photos. One will be a facial shot for the ID on the front of the card, and the second will be a full profile shot from the side that goes on the back of the card where your crossdressing restrictions will be listed."

Lisa took Martin's purse as he was asked to stand with his toes on the line.

"Look right here please. Smile." Martin didn't smile. It was so humiliating doing this. People were watching and hearing the entire thing as it was unfolding. It seemed everyone was enjoying the show accept him.

"Please sir, you have to smile for your picture. It is required, and I have other things to do today, so if you wouldn't mind," she said as she readied the camera once again. "Smile," she said again and this time Martin forced a soft Mona Lisa type smile. "Bigger. Show me your teeth when you smile," she said waiting to snap the shot. Martin reluctantly allowed his red lipsticked lips to part and giving a big artificial smile, showing his teeth as best he could for the camera. The flash indicated the picture had been taken and the smile immediately left Martin's face.

"Now sir, if you would just turn sideways. That's it, and look over here at the camera. Good. Smile." Martin once again gave a big smile and the photo for the back of his card was taken.

"That should do it. Now you will need one of these for today," she said holding up a narrow piece of plastic a foot long. She approached Martin and walked behind him. He was surprised when she placed the strip around his neck and fastened the clasp. It was snug around his neck but not tight enough to cause discomfort. Like a little plastic choker. She had Martin come to the counter where she used a scanner to scan the bar code on the choker. After a second Martin's information came up on the screen. Name, address, all the information that had been taken on him and his crossdressing privileges and restrictions.

"Crossdressers registered to dress in public must wear a band. It let's people in business and other places know that you are not up to something mischievious when you are in public dressed as a woman. TG's are not required to wear one of course. It also gives authorities instant access to your records if needed by scanning the bar code. Wearing the band makes it simple for you as you wont have to constantly be showing your permit card, but you do have to have your card on you at all times when in public and you have to present it when asked, if you are not wearing a band."

"Can she get the band off?" Lisa asked looking at the clasp.

"No. You have to cut them off, but they can be worn for days and are easily cleaned when you shower. You will be able to have new one's shipped to your house as long as your permit is current. It's like a prescription for crossdressing." The woman then went about her business. "Please have a seat over there and I will let you know when the permit is done."

"I can't believe I have to wear this band around my neck. It's like broadcasting to the world that I'm some kind of pervert." Martin said softly hanging his head. He had his legs crossed and hands in his lap per Lisa's instruction.

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