tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Life of Desiree Ch. 04

The Life of Desiree Ch. 04


Chapter 4 – The Reward Part 2.

Desiree stretched, arching her back. Her body felt slightly sore but in a good way. Remembering she is not at home she smiled and opened her eyes.

He is not here.

Looking around she saw a note left on his pillow. She reached out for it, bringing it in front of her to read.

"Desiree, you looked so peaceful and beautiful sleeping in my bed early this morning I didn't have the heart to wake you. I had to run into work for the morning. Feel free to stay and make yourself at home and I will see you early afternoon. If you can't stay please leave your number. I would really love to see you again."

She got up and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. It was about 8:30 and she needed to go into work too. She guessed being in construction his day must start very early.

She would be late, but it would be fine as long as she made her 10 am presentation. No one gives the money maker a hard time. She thought about what she learned last night and smiled. He was hers, not the other way around. Then she started worrying.

Yes, she had faith her mother had led her to the right man, one that could fall for her like she fell for him. Into something lasting. But this was not a fairytale, he may be the perfect man but a real relationship takes work. Sharing the Goddesses love and succor for a night? Easy. Natural for her. Sharing a lifetime of human love? Even with a sure thing it would take work.

That really wasn't what she was worried about. She was a hard worker after all. Took care of business. It was the thought she could screw it up. She knew how to be a demi-goddess and all that entailed as a servant of Aphrodite. Not how to be a girlfriend in a long term relationship, much less a wife and mother. She was 32 and had absolutely no experience in this area of life.

Reward? Yes. Scary? Hell yes!

Desiree giggled at how silly she was being. How hard could it be? Yes, this wasn't in her Goddesses hands anymore but that doesn't mean she can't go to her own mother for advice does it? Feeling a bit better now that she was able to ground it in her faith, which she had an abundance of, she finished washing up. She got last night's clothes on and quickly penned a note and her number.

She headed out and ran by her condo on the way to work to change. She managed somehow to get to work at 9:40 so no problems there.


Desiree had a terrible afternoon. She kept wondering if Mike would call her and when. She kept spacing out and missing what the people around her were talking about. She did say in the quick note she had to work until 6 tonight, so he probably won't. Crap. She is acting like a love struck mortal. Poise and grace she firmly reminded herself as she trained her focus to what was happening around her.

She had better focus for the rest of the day and the time flew by. Before she knew it she was heading out of the parking garage and on her way home, her phone out on her passenger seat. Just in case he called. Ugh. She was doing it again.

What happened to the confident demi-goddess who held men as putty in her hands? Loved them and set them free, better for having met her, but under control. Oh, yeah, that's right. She fell in love. Being a demi-goddess? A lifetime of experience. Being in love? 18 hours and counting. She snorted at herself as she pulled into the parking garage at her condo.

She knew this was new for her, as a demi-godess on a mission it was still possible for her to screw up. That had even happened to her a couple of times, luckily it was salvageable. However those 14 years doing it had given her a lot of confidence.

Desiree assumed the same held for this, just because they were perfect for each other, and he was picked for her by Aphrodite, did not mean she couldn't blow it. She knew she was in for a bumpy ride as she learned the human side of things, but had faith it would work out, for the most part.

At least it was Friday night. She had all weekend with him. If he called. Crap.


Mike picked up his cell phone, and then put it back down. Chicken shit, what is that the twentieth time today? Where was the guy with all the confidence last night? Well, that was when it was just a dance on the line. This had got complicated fast.

He thought about waiting until tomorrow, he had blown it before by calling a woman too soon afterward. Fucking dating rules. When he got home at 2 pm he had found the note she left.

"Had a wonderful time, looking forward to your call. Working until 6 –Des"

Under that her phone number. Mocking him.

He wasn't normally like this of course. But Desiree... She had knocked him for a loop last night. She had to be the sexiest and most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He imagined if he never gets to see Aphrodite he would never see anyone more beautiful.

So he asked her to dance. The cheesy pick up line spewing from his mouth, but sincerely.

After that the more they talked, flirted and even joked around she had somehow managed to worm her way around his heart. That hadn't happened to him in a long time. Years. Sure, more recently he had felt attraction, had fun and very much enjoyed the company of other woman. But it never worked out.

But her, she ensnared him. Great dancer, and graceful. Leading with her was easy, it was like dancing with air as she effortlessly followed his queues. Then, when he was already practically lost, she blew his mind in bed. Then, when we were about to...

She had called him love. He thought it was a slip, a symptom of lust combined with good sex. Problem is, it made his heart beat faster, and lose control as he emptied himself inside her. Yes he was already on the edge, but it was obvious to him that was what shoved him over.

Shortly after when she fell asleep in his arms is when he realized. How in the hell had he fallen for a woman in less than 24 hours? When he woke at 5am to go to work he didn't even give a second thought to leaving her in his home, it was only later he realized the trust he had automatically extended to Desiree.

So there he was, every 15 minutes after 2pm picking up his phone. Deciding that, no she is at work, don't want to be a stalker, or bug her if she is working. So he put the phone back down. Once six rolled around the excuses he gave to himself got weaker. She is probably driving. She just got home. He needed to give her a minute to decompress from the day.

And now Mike was worried about dating rules? Bullshit. He never went for that crap. He wasn't going to start now just because the stakes where higher. The question though is if she does. Then he finally decided he needed to call, if it scared her away he would deal. He was done with this chicken crap. 5 hours of it had been long enough.

Although to be fair to himself, Mike's reasons for not calling were semi legitimate, and he manned up when that stopped being the case.

Looking up to his statue of Aphrodite he said a quick prayer to his patron Goddess, and then picked up the phone...


She walked inside her apartment at 6:20 and made herself a chicken salad and allowed herself one glass of white with dinner. She flipped on the radio and tuned to an all 80's station and dug in. Trying not to spiral again, she started a warm bath when she got done with dinner about ten minutes to seven and settled in for a soak.

Relaxed for the first time all day she soaked in the steamy warm water. The massaging jets loosening all the muscles in her body. She put her head back and as she was about to pray, hoping to ask her mother for guidance, the phone rang. Of course. This was the first time she hadn't had the damn thing right next to her all day.

She jumped out of the water and ran to the kitchen. Naked, dripping on the floor wet, and nervous, she hit the answer button...

"Hello?" she said.

"Desiree? This is Mike, now a good time?"

She giggled, lying and telling the truth at the same time, because anytime really was good for him she decided, "Perfect actually, was thinking about you today. Didn't get to say goodbye."

"Sorry about that, just couldn't bring myself to wake you. Plus it was 5am, I get started pretty early."

Desiree answered, "No need for sorry, and thanks for the note you left."

Mike asked, "Are you busy tonight?"

Relief, and her normal confidence came rushing back and she replied, "Yes I am. Not sure what I am doing yet though."

Mike asked sounding slightly confused, "You don't know yet?"

She replied with a smile in her voice, "Nope, you haven't told me what our plans are yet. I'm really curious about it too."

"You swing dance?"

She started back to the tub as she answered, "It's been known to happen."

She slipped into the tub as he said, "That's the plan, when can I pick you up?"

"8:30?" She also told him her address.

He said, "On the dot," then asked, "What is that noise?"

She answered in a sultry voice, "Bubble jets... In my whirlpool tub."

After a slight pause he replied with a small catch in his voice, "I'll see you in about an hour then. Enjoy your bath Desiree."

She replied, "I will. Thanks."

She got off the phone and finished her bath with a smile on her face. She got dressed in a white matching laced bra and panties. She couldn't go without this time wearing her skirt, since she expected to be flipped upside down on the dance floor tonight. She also put on some 3 inch heels she could dance in and a tight shirt. She did not wear makeup at all, deciding to go natural.

When he knocked on the door at twenty five minutes after eight she opened it intending to give him a quick kiss on the lips. That intention lasted all the way until she could smell him and tasted his lips. The short innocent kiss before the night out grew into a hungry passionate kiss. She just could not help herself. She wasn't even out of the apartment and this man had already made her panties wet.

Not giving up his lips she continued the kiss as she dragged him through her door by the waist of his pants while unbuttoning and unzipping his pants with the other hand. One part of her mind knew this wasn't normal dating behavior. The rest of her didn't think at all.

She let her passion for him take her as she pushed him up against the inside of the door to close it, broke the kiss, fell to her knees while pulling down his pants and enveloped his tasty meat in her warm hot mouth all in one smooth motion. His whole body froze for a few moments, as if he wasn't sure what to do.

Well, his whole body except for his manhood which was growing in her mouth, twitching on her tongue as she left circles of saliva on the bottom of his length with the tip of her tongue.

She tilted her head back and stared into his surprised eyes, her eyes answering back with love, lust, need, and hunger. The surprise did not last long as he gasped at the feel of her lips around him. She watched his face and eyes transform from surprise to tenderness, awe, lust and ecstasy.

She had felt in control earlier, when he had asked what she was doing on the phone. She knew then that he did indeed want to see her. He had in fact probably wanted to call all day but waited until she was home. She felt confident, in control at that point.

But she was not in control at all. She was a demi-goddess of Pleasure, she ruled lust. It was her tool, as was Love. But just as her love for this man, her lust for him also ruled her.

Of course she could have resisted giving in to the lust. She could have fought it or agonized over it as she had this new love all day. She could have fought off the promptings to please her man. But she didn't, she submitted to it instead, submitted to him. As she took him down her throat she groaned in pleasure, her pussy tingling. He may be a gift for her from the Goddess, but she was his. Her lust, her love, her beauty, and eventually her fertileness, all the human parts of it belonged to him.

Understanding now, her confusion lifted. It was all his. She was not in control of this, and that was okay, it was more than okay. This overwhelming lust that prompted her to pleasure him with her warm and wet mouth, her slick tongue teasing the bottom of his manhood. Her perfect lips belonged to the cock they were wrapped around right now. Wrapped around and sucking it in.

In this submission she felt loved and safe. She was a powerful woman, but was defenseless after she had taken in his scent and touch. She did not yet fully understand it, but she didn't fight it, she could work through it later, right now she had a cock to please with her generous lips.

As her talented lips, tongue and throat gave him pleasure he had let his guard down, let her see it in his eyes. She saw the love he already had for her, though she was helpless to control it, it was still within her power to detect it.

It burned from his eyes as she felt him swell in her throat. Her eyes were encouraging and begging him to feed her his seed. She moaned on his cock as it shot his seed out, when it hit her tongue and the force of his love touched her senses...

Her warm wet core that was already dripping contracted tightly, transporting her into wanton ecstasy as she sucked and milked the seed from his manhood. She could not recall ever cumming during oral unless she at least stimulated herself, until now.

As his softening manhood fell from her mouth she looked up, her face flush from orgasm and said, "Ummm, Hi. Would you believe I missed you?"

She made sure he was clean then closed his pants back up. She stood then and kissed him on the lips, sharing his taste.

He whispered, as if it were a secret, "I missed you too. Would it surprise you to know I already love you, though I don't understand how, too fast to be believed?"

Looking at him with mischief in her eyes she both teased and reassured him, "To be believed? Isn't your patron the Goddess of Love? But to answer your question, no. I was a little surprised when I saw it in your eyes a minute ago, but not now. I am also desperately in love with you too. I know you heard me last night, and it was a slip, but it was also the truth."

Smiling she said, "I'll be right back, need to fix myself quick."

She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Using her powers of beauty she fixed herself and her clothes. She really wanted him to see her in these tonight so she cheated instead of changing. Her soaking wet panties were now fresh. She knew she had to tell him what she was, and who her mother is, instead of teasing him about it when he couldn't get the joke.

Bad daughter. Of course he already worshipped her mother, so it's not like he could fight it if she became a meddling mother in law she thought mischievously. She felt her mother's laughter within her as she joined Mike and went dancing.


Desiree was flying. Dancing with Mike was so easy. All the flips, carries and other advanced swing moves she always had to work hard for were pulled off with effortless grace in his supporting hands. When the dance ended in a hold she couldn't help but kiss him before leaving the dance floor.

He ordered a couple of drinks while they cooled off. She took a sip and that is when she felt it. A calling. She could feel how upset her mother was at this timing as her eyes were drawn across the room, guided by her goddess and that is when she saw the succubus.

She was 5'7" and had long straitened dark red hair. If she wasn't a DD cup size she was damn close. She looked very fit and sexy as hell. She was chatting up a couple of guys, her next victims. Desiree knew that beauty was a lie. Under that shape shifting spell she was an ugly hag with sharp vampire type teethe. Her wings and tail if showing would be black, oily and greasy, smelling of death and corruption.

However even she could not see that right now, only sense it. She appeared to be a stunning redhead playing coy with 2 players trying to pick her up. Just another lie. She was playing them and their immortal souls were in danger. It was time to send a demon to hell.

She took a sip of her drink and kissed Mike on the cheek and said, "I'll be back in a few minutes, I'll explain later but I need to take care of something quick. She winked at him as she stood and walked away.

She didn't have time to drag her home, so figured out a way to get it done quick. Losing herself in the bodies of the crowd she asked her mother and got the okay. While shuffling in the thick crowd she actually had privacy, so she was changed into who she needed to be.

Looking at the mirror on the wall of the dance floor she saw a slutty tramp. She was wearing an extra short mini skirt that showed her bubbled butt in the back. Her panties were now a thong that pretty much put her core assets on display. Her shirt was a cut off showing her stomach and had a neckline that just managed to cover the nipples of her now D size breasts. The center of her chest was almost fully exposed.

She had long bleach blond hair and bright blue eyes. She started to strut past the tables angling to give the succubus a full view of what to her would be a quick easy snack as she made her way to the bathroom.

She wished there was another way, but her powers lay with the Goddess of love. In a straight fight she wouldn't last two seconds. If she was lucky she would be able to make it run from her aura. But in bed, a demi-goddess of Aphrodite was powerful. Lust was her lure. The burning fire of pure love was used to cleanse the evil off the face of the earth. Her faith made her strong. She loved Mike desperately, but he was far from her mind now, she was focused.

All of her human side belonged to Mike, but this, the demi-goddess side of her nature belonged to her mother, Aphrodite. It was both a duty and a pleasure to serve her Goddess.

She stepped into the bathroom, as she felt the evil approaching she bent over the sink fully displaying her luscious ass. As she fell into the role of the slut she was playing, her mound soaked the g-string panties. She could see how wet they were as they perfectly outlined her mound. Her pussy lips sucking in a little bit of the material.

She felt a wave of pure lust roll off of the succubus, pretending to be affected by the monsters power she moaned in pleasure and stuck her ass out even more prominently. She encouraged some pussy juice to start running down her leg. For a moment she was thankful for all the skanky sluts in the world, or else this trap would be even more obvious. But the succubus's hunger ensured its falling for it.

Desiree gasped out, "Hi, I'm Candy."

The succubus purred, "Can I taste you Candy, you have me quite turned on."

Desiree looked at the succubus in lust and gasped out, "Please."


Gemma the succubus was out trolling for some souls to claim. She had these two guys on the hook. These morons believed her to be a naïve shy girl. She couldn't wait to get them somewhere more private. She looked up and saw a tramp walking by, she could smell that she was horny as hell and would be a good and quick target.

She would have plenty of times to draw things out with the men once she took some of the edge off her hunger. She followed the blonde into the bathroom, she could not believe her luck, a mortal wouldn't have any problems picking this girl up.

The succubus locked the door then walked over to Desiree and gave her a kiss, pouring the lust out. The slutty blonde moaned into her mouth, this should be fun as well as tasty. She twisted Candy's nipple hard as she bit her bottom lip. She felt Candy's hand running down her body and then up her skirt. The blonde's nimble fingers found her panty less and groaned in need as she ran a finger along her slit.

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