tagNovels and NovellasThe Life of Michael Preston Ch. 03

The Life of Michael Preston Ch. 03


I arrived at home only slightly later than normal. Kimberly was out of her sexy office outfit and into her droopy dreary evening wear that she wore at home. I thought of her leaning against her car and that shit head Vic pressing against her. I was calm though because, little did she know, I was holding all of the cards now. I rested in the fact that Vic would leave dear Kimberly as soon as he was faced with paying child support and losing everything to his wife.

"How was your day honey?" I asked Kim.

"Fine. Yours?" She said in her passive 'I couldn't give a rat's fuck about your day' voice.

"It was okay. I thought I would come by your work and pick you up for an evening out but the day didn't go like I had hoped."

"It's probably better. My day was a little rough. I had to work late too."

"Really? Want to tell me about it?" Maybe she wanted to tell me that she had been cheating on me and it was getting to her.

"Just work stuff, you know." Kim said with a most indifferent tone.

"Yea, I guess I do." I said thinking of Christine.

Now that I had spent part of my day fucking someone other than my spouse I figured I did know what Kim meant. It was business as usual between Kim and me. The best thing I could do was to act as I had been. I quietly took the pictures from my phone and put them onto the computer. I wondered what it was I would find out.

I didn't see Christine for the rest of the week. I was somewhat relieved. Two days after my meeting with Mr. Dumont I took an envelope that contained twenty one hundred dollar bills to his office and gave it to his aged blond receptionist. She took the money and handed me a small piece of paper that was blank except for a red dot on top of it and '2000' written below it. This is your receipt Mr. Preston. Mr. Dumont wanted me to let you know that he has quite a bit of information already. He will be getting with you in a few weeks..."

The look on my face told her I was surprised. 'A few weeks?' I thought to myself. "He's giving you your moneys worth Mr. Preston, be patient. He will give you pictures, video and phone conversations. If you wait, you'll know as much as there is to know." She gave me that cold assuring business smile of hers. I would gladly wait.

Harold Dumont came out of his office as I was getting ready to leave. "Mike, hold on." Harold motioned for me to follow him to his office.

"Mike, I know this isn't easy for you but bear with me. Can you take a business trip this next week?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

Harold looked as though he felt sorry for me. "Vic Morris is up to something. He's trying to figure out a way for him and your wife to be on a business trip together; of course your wife does not do business trips as part of her job usually. That brings me to the point.

I need you to go away for a few days next week, which will solve our problem. He still leaves his wife for his trip which is a sham and will probably end up staying at your house. If you are willing to do it, I can go to your house this week and set up surveillance equipment. I can record phone conversations, audio throughout the house and video in every room."

I had to ask. "Do you have pictures of them yet?"

Harold took a deep breath.

"Mike, I have phone conversations, e-mails, pictures and some audio as well as video. It's enough Mike, I could give it all to you now and send you on your way but this one last week will give you everything. People tend to sum everything up when they spend time together for extended periods. So do you want what I have now or what I'll have next week?"

I shook my head. "When do you need to set up your things?"

"It would be good if you could leave Monday morning and return no sooner than Thursday morning. I could set everything up say this Friday afternoon."

"Do it." I said. My heart was breaking with every rapid beat.

Kimberly acted so well. She was sorry that I had to go on business. "All week?" She whined.

"I could be back Thursday but at the latest Friday." I said optimistically.

"I'll be counting the days." She said before kissing me on the cheek.

'I'm sure you will.' I thought.

I had seen Christine a few times in the courtyard. We talked as usual but she sensed something was wrong. I didn't tell her what was going on with Kim. I just told her that work was getting me down because we were so busy. Christine finally asked if Kim had found out about us. I assured her that Kim didn't have a clue. She asked if I wanted to spend some time with her. I did want to but I couldn't and I told her as much. Christine respected my privacy and let me know that she was there for me if I needed to talk. Her caring sweetness was a stark contrast to what I had become used to with Kim.

On Monday morning I left for work. Whatever Harold had done on Friday it was invisible to me. I looked about in the house all weekend and never saw a single clue that I would recognize as being surveillance. I knew somehow that Harold had been there though, he wouldn't have not come.

Harold put me up in an apartment that he kept for cases just like this one. It was furnished and comfortable. I think he decorated and equipped it for people just like me who needed to be distracted. It was equipped with a state of the art audio and video system, comfortable plush bedroom and comfortable leather furniture.

The week went smoothly and Harold reported to me Wednesday evening, "You can go home tomorrow Mike. I have everything you need or could want."

"What about tonight?" I asked.

"Yea, I'm getting it too. So what do you plan to do with this stuff Mike?" Harold asked more seriously.

"Depends on what I see Harold. The worst case I will share the information with his wife, maybe his employer. I will do my best to humiliate and embarrass him. So what is the worst so far Harold? Are they just fucking?"

"This is why I wanted this opportunity this week Mike." He began. "Something was said last week about life insurance and what if you died. I really didn't know what to make of it. Now I know for sure."

I went pale. "She's gonna kill me?!"

"Calm down Mike, it wasn't Kim, it was Vic. Kim didn't go along with the 'joke'. She didn't refute it like I would have liked to see but she didn't go along with it either. You're safe Mike. He did bring it up again at your house but nothing came of it."

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me Harold! Holy shit!."

"If you really want to scare the shit out of him you can slap him and possibly your wife with a conspiracy to commit murder charge."

"How long has this been going on Harold?" I asked.

"Pretty long Mike, eight months or so."

"I'm not insanely jealous Harold but this news has earned Vic Morris the worst I can do to him. That fucking scumbag is in my house fucking my wife in my bed and talking about offing me?"

"I have spoken with his wife already. I haven't filled her in but I did validate who I was and invited her here tonight so that you could share what you know in a safe place, safe from Mr. Morris anyway. If you want to later, I know a few guys, law type people who would be more than willing to break into your house and drag his naked ass out of your bed on the charge of conspiracy to murder. It's a ruse mostly. We could get it put into the proper channels and make it for real with the evidence I have but we could take it for a test drive tonight?" Harold said.

I was deadpanned. "So Mrs. Morris is coming here tonight?"

"Any time."

"Lets do it then, drag that fucker out of my bed and make him piss all over himself. Can you get video of it all?"

"Sure. They have cam units on their riot helmets we can use. What about your wife?"

"She didn't protest that fucker killing me?" Harold shook his head. "Her too then. Drag that heartless cunt out of bed and stick your conspiracy to murder on her too. Can you show them any proof?"

"No we'll save it. We don't want them to know exactly what kind of evidence we have."

"Scare the shit out of them Harold. I'll pay your guys if I need to."

"Their not my guys Mike. They are real law enforcement. I'm just calling in a favor."

"It's your show Harold."

"Here you go Mike." Harold said handing me a piece of paper and a pen. "It's a legal document you have to sign giving us the right to enter your house by any means necessary." Harold let a chuckle slip out. "We don't want to get sued for breaking doors and windows."

My signature was pure venom. As I handed the document back to Harold, anger overtook me. "I give you permission to burn that fucking house down if you can drag those worthless fucks out of my house and humiliate them."

Vic's wife showed up and knocked on the door of the apartment. Harold answered it. "Mrs. Morris?"

"Yes. Are you Harold Dumont?"

"Yes I am, please come in."

Victoria Morris entered the apartment and Harold introduced her to me.

Mrs. Morris was a pretty woman that I guessed was around my same age.

"I have met you somewhere before Mr. Preston." She said looking into his eyes.

"We probably met at a function of our spouses' employer."

"That's right! Your wife is the pretty one..." She thought for a moment. "...Kimberly."

I smiled tightly. "That's her."

Victoria could feel the tension in the room and it made her uncomfortable. She turned to face Harold. "What's wrong Mr. Dumont? Why am I here?"

"Please sit down." Harold said to Victoria. They sat at the dining room table. Harold pulled a photograph from an envelope and placed it on the table upside down.

Harold began to speak. "Mike wanted to have this meeting here because of his safety Mrs. Morris. Your husband Vic has been having an affair with Mike's wife Kim for eight months. He hasn't been on a business trip this week; he's spent it with her here in town, in Mike's house as a matter of fact."

Harold turned over the photograph on the table to the hurt and watering eyes of Mrs. Morris. It was Vic and Kim lying nude on top of the sheets in Mike's bed. It was a picture taken this week at my house. There were come stains all over the sheets.

"That fucking bastard!" She said trying to hold her voice together. Victoria's voice quivered and her chest heaved as she burst into tears. Mike left the table to get the tissue box from the bedroom. Victoria took the tissues I handed her and managed a 'thank you'.

"Mrs. Morris." Harold began. "Did you know or suspect you husband of having an affair?" She shook her head slowly.

"Your husband has been recorded making statements about terminating the life of Mr. Preston here to get him out of the way and Mrs. Preston collecting the life insurance apparently for the two of them. Did you know anything about that?"

Victoria began shaking her head slowly in morbid disbelief before bursting into tears.

Harold continued. "Your husband and Mr. Preston's wife are together as we speak. Do you have any objections to him being apprehended and questioned by law enforcement officers?"

"They'll both be apprehended?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am, they'll both be apprehended. Mrs. Preston did not embrace the idea each time your husband brought it up but he is pressing the issue. We have to act now before anything can happen to ensure the safety of Mr. Preston here."

"Yes, you do. Tear that bastard from her bed, he deserves what he gets."

"This will likely destroy him Mrs. Morris, are you prepared for that?"

"I have a prenuptial agreement. My family is well off. Now I understand some things from the past that he tried to do. Yes I do. He is a dangerous man Mr. Dumont. He deserves what he gets."

Harold Dumont lifted his phone to his ear and spoke a single word. "Go."

Harold stood and extended his hand to Mrs. Morris. "Ma'am, I am sorry to have told you like this. You seem like a nice woman, it was nice to meet you." Harold turned to Mike and extended his hand. "Mike, I'll be in touch, just sit tight."

With that, Harold went out the door and locked it behind him.

I didn't know quite what to do. "I'm really sorry Mrs. Morris."

"Please call me Victoria, Mike. It's not your fault. I'm just glad to have gotten this information before he was arrested. The kids are at my mother's house and I can deal with it by myself."

"I can't believe it. I've never been a marked man before."

Victoria shook her head. "I gave him everything I could, except all of my family's money. What's the deal with your wife? You seem like a nice guy. Do you beat her or abuse her somehow?"

I was taken aback. "I've never laid a hurtful finger on my wife Victoria. The only time I've even raised my voice to her has been in the most heated discussions. One day everything seemed fine and the next she was distant." I laughed.

"What?" Victoria asked.

"She only wanted to have sex with me when I brought home a bonus check. The rest of the time she dressed as bad as she could to keep me at bay. It was always laundry day."

Victoria looked confused for a moment and then it dawned on her what I meant. "Laundry day. Ragged un-sexy undergarments."

"Yea." I said.

"I always dressed for Vic. He wouldn't understand what laundry day is. Everything I wore was nice." Victoria bit at her lip. "He never worried about it much. I really can't remember the last time we were together. What about you?"

"Not really. The last time she offered was when I brought home a bonus check. I told her that she could have it without having to be with me."

"Good for you Mike Preston."

"Would you like something to drink Victoria?'

"Sure, water is good."

I had to get up and move around. Get up and quit looking at this woman. The more I looked at her the more things I found attractive about her. She didn't look like a woman who had been pregnant and had children. Not what I thought she should look like anyway. She was slim and fit. I couldn't imagine Vic not wanting to be with her.

"So what are you going to do Mike?" She asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I really don't know. Until I found out they were talking about offing me I thought that we would talk and maybe reconcile. Now I don't know. I can't imagine trusting her again. What about you?"

"He's out, no matter what. Vic deserves anything that happens to him for even mentioning killing another person for sex or money. The fact that he's been cheating on me this long really doesn't matter when put next to that."

I handed Victoria her water and she took a long drink. Her eyes welled up and she began to cry again. "I am sorry Victoria. I wish there were something I could say." It was all I had to offer her.

Victoria stood from her seat and came to me. She put her arms around my body and buried her wet face into my collar. I put my arms around her shoulders and patted her on the back gently. My other hand went to the back of her head and held her.

"Am I that repulsive Mike? Am I so repulsive that a man would rather take another mans wife and kill her husband rather than be with me?"

"You're a beautiful woman Victoria. I don't know. I really don't' know you that well."

Victoria looked up at me with a suspicious gaze. I quickly took back what I had said.

"I didn't mean it that way. Maybe you're grouchy I said with a playful tone."

"I give that ass hole everything he could want and I'm not a nag either like a lot of the wives I see. He always goes and does as he pleases without so much as a word from me."

Victoria and I held each other and spoke looking into each others eyes.

"Like I said, you are a beautiful woman Victoria---" Before I could finish, she leaned into me and pressed her lips against mine. I kissed her back before pulling away.

"We shouldn't do this. It's not right."

"Why not Mike? Those two have been getting their kicks at our expense and are probably still getting their kicks right now. I haven't had sex in months, hell maybe a year. While Vic has been getting off with your wife I've been..." She didn't have to finish saying that she had been satisfying herself.

I took Victoria by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Once there, I kissed her again and unbuttoned her blouse. She in turn tugged at the fly of my pants and opened them up. I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor. We continued kissing and undressing each other until I released her full breasts from her ornate lace bra. We pressed our bare chests together. I was throbbing in anticipation. I slid Victoria's slacks to the floor where she stepped out of them. I laid her back on the bed. The ornate lace thong was all she wore. Standing before her, I slid my pants and shorts to the floor and stepped out of them. I pulled the panties from her body and dropped them to the floor.

I pressed my body against Victoria and kissed her with my tongue. Our warm bodies slid across each other in warm sensuality. My fingers found her wet opening and probed deep inside of her. Victoria gasped quietly as if trying not to make a sound. She began to cry again. "No one has touched me for so long Mike, I'm sorry."

I softly shushed her. "You are so beautiful Victoria. I can't wait to make love to you."

"Really?" She asked gently. "Will you make love to me Mike?" Victoria lifted her face to mine and kissed me again.

I pulled away from her and sat on my knees between her legs. I pulled her legs apart and looked at her body. She shaved the area between her legs so that it was only smooth silky skin. Her pink body was visible and wet. Victoria looked into my face as I held my shaft in my hand and guided it to her warm opening. When I had penetrated her, I lowered my chest to hers and laid down. I slid myself all of the way into her body and she tried to stifle her soft gasps. "How does that feel?" I asked in a lovers whisper.

Victoria began to cry again. "Wonderful." She said. I slid back out and into her again slowly. Victoria pressed her lips together and closed her eyes. I did it again and again smoothly and deliberately. She put her arms around me and held me tight. I lifted myself from her and supported myself with my arms and hands at her sides. Victoria drew her knees back and clenched the edge of the bed behind her head.

My forcefulness grew as did my speed. "It's okay. Let it out." I coached her. "It's just us here."

"Mmmmm." Was all that escaped her throat. Tears were rolling from the sides of her face. "It feels so good. Mmmm. Yes. Please don't stop."

"You are so beautiful Victoria. Am I pleasing you?"

Victoria held my hips and looked into my eyes, I slowed almost to a stop. "Yes Mike, yes you are. You can do it to me hard Mike I like it that way."

"You are beautiful Vicoria." I said singularly ramming my body deep inside of her. She gasped.

I rammed as hard as I could into her and as fast as I could manage.

"Yes --- yes --- yes." She cried out. I felt her body stiffen and her voice squealed in a deep orgasm. Victoria's fluid surrounded my hard body. "Come in me Mike!"

I thrust into her several more times before pressing against her body and releasing. She must have felt it because every time my swollen member pulsed she whispered 'yes'.

We held each other until we felt that the need to get dressed. It had been a couple of hours since Harold had left and he would probably soon call.

Almost three hours had passed since Harold left before the phone rang. Vic was in jail. When they arrived at the house he and Kimberly were in bed so to speak. Vic had grabbed a gun thinking it was me and tried to shoot the officer. He was apprehended and cuffed without anyone being hurt. Apparently I have a bullet hole through my bedroom wall and an actual bullet lodged in my big screen television.

The officers found a loaded handgun in Vic's car which was in my garage and they found some other evidence as well. Apparently it had gotten a little more serious since Harold last listened in on them. Kimberly was being held for questioning since she was in the act of sucking his balls dry when he unloaded the gun at the officers. Kimberly was pleading to see me supposedly. I told Harold that I wanted him to listen to the tape up to the point that the officers arrived to see what her side of the story factually was.

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