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The List


Master Here is the list you requested. You have asked for at least 10; I came up with 11. These are just some of the fantasies you inspire.

1. You tie me up with scarves while I am on my back and you feed me your cock after you gently slap me in the face with it a few times to tease me. Once I get your cock nice and wet, you decide how and when and where you will come, and if I am allowed to come. You could have me keep sucking your cock and let me swallow that big fat load. Or you could masturbate until you are ready to come then shoot a load on my chest and give me a pearl necklace. Those are the only pearls i wear.

2. While I am blindfolded, you have me lay on the bed fully clothed while you peel my clothes off one by one in random order and tease me with a feather. I must remain silent; I can only speak to respond to a direct question from you. I am not allowed to touch you while you tease me and drive me wild. If I behave and do exactly what you say, you then allow me to come. I must remain still however the whole time.

3. I do a strip tease for you while you are fully dressed. As my clothes come off, I alternate by taking your clothes off using my hands only when absolutely necessary. I can use my feet, my pretty polished toes, or my teeth to get you naked and ready for whatever you want to follow. As i get you and me naked, I feed you pussy juice off my fingers, your fingers, or second hand off my tongue... or directly in your mouth is you so desire and command.

4. Polaroid camera... need i say more?

5. I lay very still on the bed with my hands over my head - I am on my belly face down- and you lay next to me. I am naked and you are not. You tell me in explicit detail what you want to do to me and what you want me to do to you, Only i cannot move and you are not touching me just leaning very close to my ear [the left one of course] describing how your cock will feel inside me. I am not allowed to move or speak until you grant me permission to do so.

6. I greet you at the door dressed in a white blouse, short plaid skirt and my hair in pigtails. I am on my knees. I am a good little girl ready to serve her daddy and make him happy. First, you have me lay across your knees because I need a spanking. You slowly raise my skirt to expose my ass to you. Next, you slowly rub my ass cheeks and achingly slowly you lower my panties. After a few well placed slaps - each one harder more painful and more pleasurable then the last, you have me raise up then get on my knees. I think you know the rest.

7. I am asleep and you wake me up with the vibrator. You get me completely hot and crazy for your cock until I can take no more then you allow me to service your beautiful cock with my mouth while you continue to tease me with the vibrator and your hands bringing me just to the edge of coming and backing off until finally when you decide, you allow me to ride that big cock of yours and completely soak it with my cum. Then i clean it off with my mouth and tongue and we start all over again.

8. You are asleep and i wake you with my mouth on your cock and I lick it and suck it and make love to it with my mouth until you decide where you are coming -- mouth, pussy, my hands, your hands, or anywhere else you decide. After all you are the master.

9. I wake you up with a blowjob and beg you to fuck my ass.

10. You watch me masturbate until i am almost ready to come then I must stop and wait for you to decide how -- or even if -- you will finish the job. However you say, it is to be done.

11. I am on my knees in front of you. You are still dressed and my hands are tied behind my back. I am dressed - or undressed - however you say. I cannot say anything; you have not given me permission to speak. You pull you cock out and allow me to lick your balls, while you jerk off. Every now and then you put the head of your cock on my lips and allow me to lick it. Only when you are ready to come, do you shove that cock between my lips as you shoot your cum down the back of my throat. Then if you are feeling generous, you bring me to orgasm with your hands while my hands are still tied behind my back. And i am grateful for whatever you do. I am your slave.

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