tagErotic HorrorThe Listing Appointment

The Listing Appointment


How stupid of her to drive all the way out here, in the middle of the goddamn woods out in the middle of goddamn nowhere, to look at some stupid cabin because some stupid man had called saying he wanted to list it with their office. All that work putting together a goddamn listing package, making this long ass drive, double checking to make sure he'd actually be there when she arrived... just to get there and have him tell her he wasn't so sure now that he actually wanted to sell. Fucking moron! Like he couldn't have told her that on the goddamn phone??

This was one hell of a fine mess! Piece of shit car anyway! Stupid client! Frustrated and angry, she kicked the tire of the car. As if the day hadn't been a total ruin to begin with, now the stupid car had just quit.

First there was Robert. What a great support he was! Asshole! Constantly bitching about this or that, always whining about his ex-wife trying to put the screws in him. This morning, between the bitching and whining, she had asked him to look at the car because it was making a funny sound. His answer had been to tell her she didn't need to go running all over for her 'stupid job' anyway and if the car was making a 'funny sound' then she needed to get it to a mechanic, not drive off to see her 'boyfriend'. Always with the boyfriend remarks... every time she went to meet with a client. She really needed to dump his ass instead of making excuses for why she stayed.

Then there was the mechanic. Bright light that he was! "It's not making any sound now. I need to hear the sound to diagnose it." Well no shit! Then he had looked under the hood, jiggled a few wires, checked a couple connections , pretended he knew what he was doing and told her it would be fine.

Naturally, the car drove just great on the drive up here. No funny sounds. And for the last three miles it had been fine. Then poof! It just quit. No warning, nothing. It just stopped running. She barely got it off the road.

Road! Ha! There was a fucking exaggeration! More like a fire trail through these stupid woods! Dirt and gravel, wide enough for two cars to pass... as if there was going to be another car! The only car that might pass would be that stupid moron Geoff Lungren, who thought it was fine and dandy for her to drive an hour out of the city just to send her packing, and seeing him in person, he didn't look like the type who left his house very often.

Sitting behind the wheel of the car once more, she attempted to start it again. Same as last time... nothing. She reached behind the drivers seat to retrieve her purse, taking her cell phone out.

No friggin' signal! Wasn't that just fantastic! Always advertising that they have more coverage than anyone else and she couldn't get even the smallest signal here! Fucking liars!

Now she was going to be forced to walk back to that morons house. As if she wanted to see him again! As if the half hour she had spent with him wasn't enough for a lifetime. There was something decidedly wrong with him, that was for sure! He looked normal enough, but... he was definitely off in the head. All the while she had been trying to go over her presentation, he had been looking around; glancing out the windows, getting up to look into another room, looking up toward the ceiling. It was as if he was afraid the fucking gnomes he had scattered around his front yard were going to come get him or something. Wacko crazy moron! And now she had to go back there. Oh yay!

After locking the car up, which seemed pretty stupid since it wouldn't start, she grabbed her purse and umbrella and set off walking back to that crazy moron's house. Three miles on a gravel road in heels; how great was this?? Damn mechanic! Piece of shit car!

Sitting in the comfort and safety of her car, these woods seemed to be just a bunch of trees and undergrowth. But goddamn! She was getting a case of the willies walking in the open through them despite the fact it was still light out. Probably filled with fucking Bigfoots or something! Well too bad! She had her trusty umbrella with the pointy end... she'd poke the fucking eyes out of anything that came at her!

Her car was still in sight when she heard it first. She would have sworn she could hear laughter. Like there was a group of little kids playing nearby. That was ridiculous. The crazy moron's house was the only one she had seen on this road; in fact, it was the only one she had seen anywhere in the last fifteen minutes of the drive. It had to be the wind playing tricks on her.

A few minutes later there was a rustling in the woods to her right. Heart racing, she stopped to listen more. It was quiet again. Still, she raised her umbrella just in case some hairy creature came out at her. Two minutes and nothing. She tried her cell phone again... still no signal. Heart beat nearly normal again, she started off once more then screamed when something emerged from the underbrush.

Her scream turned into laughter when she saw what had rushed out. Nothing but a bird! It looked like a small wild turkey or a quail... whatever it was, it paid her no attention, just ran across the road to the other side.

"Fucking idiot!" she scolded herself and began walking.

She had only walked maybe ten minutes more when she heard the laughter again. It seemed closer. And less like small children this time...more like... munchkins! It sounded like the munchkins on The Wizard of Oz! These spooky ass woods were filled with fucking munchkins! As long as the flying monkeys didn't descend on her, she'd be fine.

By her estimations, she was half way back to the cabin. Checking the clock on her cell phone, she'd already been walking for just over a half hour. There would still be sunlight for the remainder of the walk then. That was good because if she was going to be confronted by munchkins, she wanted to see them!

As she set off again, she began singing the song from the movie. She tried skipping, but nearly tripped after the first hop, so she settled for walking a bit faster. That got old after five minutes.

Almost as soon as she stopped singing, she would have sworn she heard someone else singing it. Someone who had a small tinny voice. Someone nearby. Fucking munchkins in the stupid fucking spooky woods! Holding the umbrella out like a weapon, she swung around. No one.

Starting off again, she decided she was going to ignore any and all sounds she might think she heard. No sense behaving like some friggin' five year old, letting her imagination run wild. Munchkins! Ha! Bigfoot! Ha! Nothing but the wind. Except, there really was no wind... barely even a slight breeze.

She'd walked perhaps a quarter mile when she could no longer ignore the sounds. There was undeniably someone out there trying to scare her. It wasn't her imagination getting away... a small tinny voice had definitely said: "Fucking idiot."

"Who's out there?" she called out.

No answer.

She started walking again.

"Who's out there?" the tinny voice called back, followed by that munchkin laughter.

"Oh, fuck!" she whispered and began to run.

"Oh, fuck!" the tinny voice said, sounding as if it was right behind her.

She kept running. Something brushed her ankle, but she didn't stop to see what it was. These damn fucking heels! If she had on regular shoes she'd be able to get some speed up... but no! She had to wear the fucking heels - as if shoes would impress anyone!

She'd been running at least three minutes when she felt the umbrella pulled from her grasp. Not wanting to see who or what had taken it, she kept running. The moron's driveway was just up ahead. She could see it!

Turning her body, she ran toward the drive way. The front door was just a few feet further.

"Mr. Lungren!" she called , barely able to get the words out.

She saw the front door open. The moron was there and she saw a look of horror on his face just before he slammed the door shut. Then she felt her body slamming to the ground.

Small hands were on her, rolling her onto her back.

"What the fuck!" she said, seeing her assailants.

"What the fuck," one of them said, lunging it's hips in a forward motion.

There were at least a dozen of them. They were the most hideous looking little creatures she had ever seen! None of them more than three feet tall, all of them with gnarled faces, and every one of them very noticeably male. They were all naked with small rounded bellies and fucked up cocks that looked like fleshy corkscrews protruding straight up to the middle of their chests.

As one, they descended upon her, ripping and tearing at her clothes. She screamed, kicking and clawing at them, but they didn't seem to care or to even notice. At one point, she looked toward the cabin and saw that fucking moron at the window, shaking his head. When they had her naked, they began to laugh and she realized that was the sound she had heard earlier.

"Lungren! Lungren!" one of them called out while several others held her down.

"No!" she heard the man scream from inside, stretching the word out for several seconds, agony in his voice.

"Lungren!" the same little gnome creature repeated.

At least four of the little creatures ran to the house, pushing the door open. A couple minutes later she saw Geoff Lungren being carried out. They dropped him next to her.

"Please forgive me," he said to her. "They'd been away for so long I thought they were gone for good. I tried to get you out of here before they could smell you. They'd only just arrived minutes before you pulled in. I tried calling you but there was no answer on your cell."

"Fucking thing's not working."

"Lungren! Need!" the leader said.

"Shit!" he said as he began to unbutton then unzip his pants.

"What?" she said, struggling against the creatures holding her down.

"Don't fight. Makes it worse."

Pants around his ankles, he positioned himself between her legs.

"If you promise not to try to escape, they'll let go and it might not .... Hell, just don't fight, okay?"

"Lungren!" the creature yelled, making it sound like an order.

He bent down, putting his mouth over her breast, sucking on her. She closed her eyes, trying to block out what was happening. She felt his tongue teasing her nipple while his hand rubbed against her other breast, his thumb teasing that nipple. Despite her best intentions, her body betrayed her and she felt her nipples get hard, felt the flutter begin low in her belly. She tried to block it out, but his tongue just kept flicking against her nipple and after a couple minutes a soft moan escaped her lips. She could feel her pussy getting moist.

"No," she pleaded as his hand touched that moistness, rubbing against her pussy lips.

She felt his fingers slipping between her slightly swollen lips, slowly making a path up and down her slit, over her clit then back to her hole and up again. Over and over while his tongue teased her nipples, one then the other. His mouth left her breasts as he began kissing her, first between her breasts, then down her abdomen, tracing her hipbones with his tongue, before lifting her legs and spreading them to open her pussy wider. Then she felt him plunge his tongue inside her.

He began licking her, softly sucking on the walls of her wet pussy, lapping up her juices. Then she felt his tongue flicking against her clit over and over before he sucked on it, tugging on it with his teeth. She wanted to put her hands on the back of his head, to pull him closer, but her arms were still restrained, so she lifted her hips to him. Oh God, if he didn't stop soon....

Everything inside was rolling. Wave after wave, building upon each other, getting stronger with every flick of his tongue. Just when she was sure she'd find release, he stopped.

A moment later his mouth was on her breast again, his teeth tugging at her nipple as she felt his cock entering her pussy. While his mouth teased her nipple, his cock teased her pussy, entering very slowly then retreating, always going in a little more every time. She felt the waves building again as her hips rose to meet his every thrust, wanting more, needing to find release.

"Make me cum! Oh God! I need to cum!" she begged.

"Not yet," he said between gritted teeth as he thrust into her.

Oh God! It shouldn't feel this good! She could feel her orgasm building to a point she'd never been before. Ever. With anyone.

He kept thrusting into her, faster...harder. Then he stopped. Still inside her, he moved his hand so it was between them and began rubbing against her clit with his finger. His breathing was just as ragged as her own and she knew he was doing all he could to hold off on his own orgasm while he helped her seek the release she so desperately needed.

Within seconds she could feel the first fluttering of the coming tsunami ... pressure mounting... waves rolling.. Building... her body becoming taut as the orgasm overtook her. Her pussy walls began contracting, squeezing against his rigid cock, again and again. She heard his guttural moans mingling with her own and even though she was so caught up in what was happening with her body that she couldn't feel his, she knew he had found surrender also.

The world lost focus, her mind still reeling from what her body was experiencing. She was vaguely aware that the gnome creatures were still there, but they seemed to have released their hold on her. Then Geoff was gone, as if he had been whisked away and pulled off her. She heard munchkin chatter and laughter.

"No! Oh God! Don't do it!" someone yelled. Was it Geoff?

Slowly, her mind began to focus on the here and now again, just in time to see the gnome creatures leader position himself between her legs. Others in the group had taken hold of her legs and were holding her up so her hips were even with the little creature's hips. Then she felt something entering her pussy and she knew he had put that corkscrew cock inside her. A moment later she felt movement inside, as if the gnome creature was spinning that corkscrew .

At first it was just a weird sensation. Like a new toy. It felt good, actually... in a weird kind of way. Until he put it in deeper. Then the pain began. Just a discomfort at the beginning, like it might feel to have a twelve inch cock put all the way in. The pain intensified as he probed deeper, and she was sure he had pressed past her cervix wall.

Someone screamed. Was it her? Was it Geoff? Both of them? The pain became unbearable. More than anything, she wanted to pass out. She could feel his cock inside, drilling, ripping her insides to shreds. Why couldn't she just die right now?

The drilling stopped. She opened her eyes and saw that the gnome creature was still there, still attached to her. His gnarled fingers were pressing on the lowest part of her belly, as if he was trying to find something... or move something. Then she felt a tugging sensation inside that was worse than the drilling had been.

From somewhere far away she heard someone crying and repeating the words, "I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."

The pain and the tears were blurring her vision, but she could see Geoff standing off to the side, several of the little creatures barring his way to her.

The pain was gone. It stopped so abruptly that for the slightest moment she was in shock. Then it seemed as if she had left her body, hovering just above it, completely detached physically and emotionally.

From her position near the treetops, she watched as the gnome leader continued probing her insides for a bit longer. Then he began to back up, away from her body, very slowly. She knew she should feel horror at the sight she was watching: a pool of blood between her outstretched legs, the little creature taking small steps back as his cock withdrew from inside her body bringing with it her uterus and ovaries... but she seemed no longer capable of any emotion where her body was concerned. It was just a body.

The gnome creatures seemed elated at the sight of her reproductive organs hanging off the end of their leaders corkscrew. Using his hands to keep them from falling, he made a noise and a gnome she hadn't seen before emerged from the side of the house. This one seemed to be neither male or female. It came to the leader and laid down on the ground, it's middle seeming to open on its own. The leader set her organs inside the opening, then it closed again.

She watched as the other creatures carried the newest one away, holding it above their heads as the entire group disappeared behind the cabin and off into the woods. Geoff was still there, kneeling beside her body, holding her head in his hands.

She wanted to comfort him, but someone was calling her. Turning toward the sound, she saw a light in the distance and knew it was time to leave.

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