tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 07

The Literotica Olympics Day 07


This story was a joint effort between lucky-E-leven and ABSTRUSE for a fun project, started with friends in the Author’s Hangout Forum. It is nothing like any of lucky-E-leven’s other submissions, but was fun to write and ABSTRUSE and I are hoping it’s fun to read. It is also part of a chain story that has had me in stitches since it began, so if you enjoyed it, please visit the rest of the chain and support the effort of some of Literotica’s finest writers. Thanks, Lucky.

“Helllooooooooo! And welcome to day seven of the two thousand four Literotica Olympics!”

“Geez, Lucky, settle down. The competition hasn’t even begun and already you’re yelling into the mic,” Colly said, giggling at the curly haired brunette beside her.

“Well beautiful, what can I say? After yesterday’s Triple Jump competition, I’m amped up. Today’s action is going to be just as hot and I’m rarin’ to go! The sexual energy in here is so high that if there was a way to harness it into electricity I bet we could keep Las Vegas lit up for years.”

“You’re crazy!” Colly said with a sexy half grin and blushed when Lucky seductively licked her lips.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I realize there are some finely tuned nude forms down on the playing field, but there is no way I can continue this broadcast without mentioning that standing this close to such a stunningly beautiful co-anchor is doing some wonderfully tingly things to me. Thick auburn tresses spilling over her shoulders, creamy alabaster skin, full inviting breasts, legs I could dine on for hours and man what an ass!”

“Lucky!” Colleen gasped and just as she opened her mouth again to protest, Lucky-E-Leven whipped up her shirt and flashed the petite woman, effectively silencing her and freezing her, mouth agape.

“Ah, yes! This is Lucky-E-Leven comin’ at ya live from the love shack! For those of you that don’t know, that’s the affectionate term we broadcasters use for the tiny announcer’s booth down at the archery range. I’m joined today by the insanely sexy, Ms. Colleen Thomas. I tell ya, folks, if they don’t get this competition underway soon, sweet Colly is in serious danger of getting Lucky.”

The small redhead blushed furiously and then cleared her throat before speaking, “Thank you for the warning, Lucky, but I rather enjoy a bit of danger.”

“Easy there, Red. This could get out of hand in a hurry. Why don’t you explain to our audience what they’re in for today? I’ll just sit here and watch your luscious lips move.”

“Oh my! Well today’s Archery competition features some very exciting elements. Each man and woman team has three suction cup arrows at their disposal. One team member will fire these arrows at their teammate and wherever they land is the area the team must include to bring their teammate off. I’ve only covered this event once before, care to introduce our contestants, Lucky?”

Colly cocked her head to the side, waiting for an answer from the brunette and finding her green eyes hazed over with lust.

“Lucky? Hey, Lucky! Anybody home?”

“Hmmm? Oh, sorry folks. You have no idea how distracting my co-anchor is, none whatsoever. What was the question, beautiful?”

“Introductions, lusty Lucky. People would probably like to know who they’re watching today.”

“Yes, of course. We’ve got an exciting line-up today with teams ranging from extremely experienced to first timers. The most experienced team consists of Cloudy, a beautiful warrior princess with long brown hair and an ass to die for. Her teammate Pop_54, a rakish Brit pirate sporting a sexy eye patch and his lucky parrot on his shoulder, can’t seem to decide where to look with all of the gorgeous men and women on the field. They’ve won countless competitions in the past and are the crowd favorites to win today, but I’m not sure it’s as cut and dried as people think. The next team we have is Liar, a dashing Swede, and Black Tulip, a gorgeous Dutch woman with dark hair and an extremely voluptuous figure. Liar is notorious for his skill with the bow and arrow and Black Tulip has proven that her physical responsiveness is head and shoulders above the rest. Look for them to get the most bang for their buck, as it were, out of arrow placement.”

“Oh, Lucky, that was just bad,” Colly replied before covering her mic and adding, “I love it when you’re bad.”

Lucky’s eyes narrowed in lust and a loud smack sounded in the booth as her hand connected with the shy redhead’s firm backside. A surprised squeal flew into the air and Lucky picked up with her commentary as though nothing had happened, while the smaller woman’s cheeks grew rosy again.

“The third team competing here today is a recent coupling of hard bodies. Summer Morning has competed before and is extremely athletic which will help him, in the event that his arrows fail to hit the mark. His teammate, Honey123, is new to the competition this year but the woman’s body is rock solid, as is her will to please. I figure they are quite a force to be reckoned with.”

“Mmmmm…I can see your nipples poking out beneath your shirt.”

“What?” Lucky asked, looking surprised.

“Hmm? Oh my, did I say that out loud?”

Lucky chuckled at the little woman, reached for her hand and brought it up to her hard nipples before continuing the event’s coverage, “Yes you did, but the contestants are lining up now. The fourth and final team competing here today is a relative unknown in the archery community. Lewdandlicentious, or Lew, as he’s known to the athletes, and his beautiful teammate Tatelou are quite talented in all aspects of the Sex Olympics and are entered in several events, but this is the first year they have competed in Archery. Between his ten inch cock and her curvaceous body, there is plenty of reason to believe that they will excel in any event they enter. It will be interesting to see how they perform, but I have a feeling that these Brits are going to give it their all. They always do.”

The door to the studio swung open then and a beautiful woman with dark hair and crystal blue eyes rushed in and grabbed Colly’s microphone.

“What the…?” Lucky started, but was distracted by her co-anchors fingers at her nipples and ended the question on a moan.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but this is an important announcement,” The woman’s blue eyes flashed as she cleared her throat before speaking into the microphone.

“Hi Lauren,” The fair skinned woman said in a sultry voice and the tiny booth was then filled with maniacal laughter for several moments, before she disappeared just as quickly as she’d come.

The door slammed shut and Colly came to her senses, asking, “What was that all about?”

“That was Abstruse, known to most as Abs, and she’s been stalking the gorgeous Portuguese athlete Lauren Hynde for weeks now.”

“She sounds crazy!” Colly said with wide green eyes.

“She’s a total lunatic, but harmless and everyone just adores her. I mean, what’s not to like? She’s smart, caring, witty, sexy and absolutely hilarious,” Lucky said with a genuine smile. “See it says so right here on this little card she left behind.”

“Well she was beautiful, and that has to be the most contagious laugh I’ve ever heard. Oh look! The archers are readying their bows,” Colly said when she turned back to the large open field.

“Fantastic! Okay folks, you’re in for a real treat today. The contest will commence when the starting tone sounds and then each archer will fire off their arrows as quickly as they can, while attempting some sort of accuracy. These teams have practiced and likely have specific target areas they’re aiming for. It is the archer’s responsibility to land their arrows as close to their partner’s most sensitive areas, so that they may have a better chance of pleasing them to climax,” Lucky explained with a sly glance at her fellow announcer.

“Yes, Lucky, it is most common for the men to be the archers, as their female teammates are more likely to get off again and again in rapid succession, but I see that Cloudy has stepped up in the archer’s box. Could it be that they have something out of the ordinary planned?”

“Well there are probably many reasons that they’ve chosen to have Cloudy firing away at her partner. My analytical guess would be that with her rich Native American ancestry, she is an exceptional shot and with Pop having the handicap of only one eye, it makes more sense that she wields the bow and arrow. My gut feeling, though, is that Pops is a dirty old man, quite the stud from what I hear, and is known to blow his wad early and often. We’ll just have to see how things work out.”

“Good points, Lucky. We should add that the competition goes as follows: Once all three arrows have been fired, the archers will race down the field and begin wherever they wish at one of the arrows. One of them is required to climax while that area is being stimulated. The team cannot move to the next arrow until at least one orgasm has been achieved from each body part marked by an arrow. As soon as they climax, the archer may move to the next arrow site and begin stimulation in that area. The team with the most orgasms at the end of thirty minutes will be the new champions.”

“In the spirit of fairness, there are judges posted to each team. They are responsible for determining what an acceptable orgasm is and will indicate each one by raising a flag. There are also penalties for failure to achieve climax at one of the marked sites.”

“Well said, Colly. It looks like the competition is about to begin, and there’s the starting tone! We’re under way, ladies and gentlemen! The first arrows are away and it looks like Cloudy and Liar have done exceptionally well. Liar’s aim was true and he’s struck Black Tulip’s ample breast. Oh my! Cloudy’s first arrow has landed smack dab over Pop_54’s mouth! Apparently she’s using this as a method of focusing his concentration, seeing as how Pop can’t stop himself from making lewd comments to anything with a pulse. Frankly, if it were me, I would have aimed at that damn parrot of his. You can hear it from here yelling, Polly want a crack-at-her!”

“You said ample breast,” Colly giggled and quickly recovered to give the listeners the skinny on the other two teams. “It looks like Lew’s first shot has landed on Tatelou’s lovely thigh and Summer has got Honey in the shoulder, tough break there. It will be interesting to see how he uses her shoulder to get her off, but that’s the name of the game!”

“You said it, sweet cheeks, and the second arrows are away. They’re not wasting any time and it looks like…yes, the third and final arrows are in flight and the archers have dropped their bows and begun sprinting toward their targets. What a beautiful sight it is to see so much naked flesh, wouldn’t you agree Colly?”

“Yes, it’s nice, but I’d rather see your naked flesh,” the petite woman blurted out and a loud thump was heard over the airwaves as Lucky dropped her mic.

“Okay, to bring you all up to speed, while Lucky picks up her microphone, we’ve got Pop_54 with an arrow covering his lips, one on his chest and another on his ass. Cloudy’s got plenty to work with there. Liar’s accuracy was impressive and Black Tulip is sporting arrows at her breast, thigh and ass. Summer Morning's arrow placement is truly curious and I have no idea how they’re going to work up to climax with arrows at Honey’s shoulder, foot and pussy, but as you said, anything can happen. Lew and Lou seem to have a unique strategy as all three arrows are in one region, covering each side of her pelvis and one directly on the top of her mound.”

“Interesting grouping,” Lucky noted and watched as the archers sprinted toward their targets.

Cloudy, running full speed ahead with her sable hair flowing behind her was a lovely display as her long toned legs, bronzed by heritage, stretched out before her again and again. The crowd was captivated and a collective gasp filled the air when she reached Pop and knocked him flat on his back with a stiff arm to his chest. She snatched the arrow from his lips and instantly settled her pussy over his face before leaning over and capturing his rigid tool between her lips in an erotic sixty-nine.

Lucky and Colly leaned closer to the monitor as the camera operator zoomed in on the smooth curves of the Warrior Princess’s behind, providing an excellent shot of the sexy pirate’s tongue as it slid into her pussy. Pop’s fingers dug into her ass, pulling her further into him and the effects of his tongue were visible as her back bowed and goose bumps spread over her naked flesh.

“Holy mother of God” exclaimed Lucky. “No wonder he has such a big mouth, look and the size of his tongue.”

“I’m looking Lucky, I’m looking” Colly said as her jaw hung slack as her eyes widened in disbelief.

About ten yards away, Summer Morning reached Honey, where she dragged him to the ground and sat before him, placing her feet on either side of his cock and beginning a steady stroking motion along the length of his erection. It was clear then that Summer had some sort of foot fetish and had purposely aimed for her French manicured toes. She then brought one hand to her breast and the other slid along her taut abdomen and between her pussy lips, where in little time at all her arousal glistened in the bright sunlight.

“Wow, I’m not sure what the rule book says about self pleasure, Colly. Do you happen to know?” Lucky asked as she stared intently at the fit woman’s slender finger sliding rhythmically between her lips.

“Who cares if it’s legal or not? It’s hotter than hell to watch. I think she should get points for technique alone,” Colly said and leaned further over the desk to get a better look.

Lucky whimpered at the sight of her co-anchor’s gorgeous ass and before she realized what she was doing her hips were grinding into the little woman’s backside as she too looked out at the competitors.

Lew pulled off all three arrows at once and dove straight into the tall brunette’s pussy with his tongue. It was suddenly plain to see that he planned to spend a good portion of the competition with his face buried between her legs and Lucky grew excited.

“Hell yeah!” Lucky shouted, causing the little woman bent over before her to push back in surprise. Lucky groaned in pleasure and slid her hands up Colly’s sides to fondle her breasts. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve never seen this tactic before, but it’s brilliant! Lewdandlicentious has grouped all of his arrows in one spot, allowing him to spend all the time he wants in the area of his teammate’s snatch. Going off of the interviews I’ve seen Lou give, he gives exceptional head and I would expect them to be going for the number one spot in points by multiple orgasms.”

“God, just look at how beautiful she is, arching her back and winding her fingers in his hair as his tongue does untold things to her clit. He may be good, but I bet I could give him a run for his money,” Colly said on a moan as Lucky’s fingers found her nipples.

“Yes, it is a sight to behold, Colly. It looks as if Liar is taking a direct route as well, licking his way up Black Tulip’s thigh and slipping his tongue over her shaved pussy. He’s also got his hand wrapped around his meaty cock and is pumping furiously. This should serve them well, as he will earn a point for getting off and be ready to go again to rack up the total orgasm points.”

“Things are shaping up nicely, folks,” Colly said over Lucky’s moan as her hands moved around to clutch the brunette’s ass and pull her forward. “Mmmm…Lucky, is that a spare microphone in your shorts, or are you just happy to see me?”

Lucky reached forward and set her handheld mic down next to the redhead’s face and winked when the smaller woman looked back with a knowing grin.

“That reminds me, Colly; I just received this message from our eye in the sky, Minsue the Gosling. Anyone finding a black studded leather strap-on with a purple dildo please hurry to the main office. Your partner is stuck on it!”

Lucky pulled her shirt up and over her head before pulling on the headset mic and grinding into Colly’s ass again as she reached up to tweak her own nipples. The smaller woman licked her lips and was about to turn around when a loud cheer erupted from the field.

“Amazing!” Lucky shouted. “All four judges have just raised their flags simultaneously, indicating that each team has scored a point. Summer morning has just slid his massive rod into Honey’s slick pussy and he’s popped the second arrow off and is laving his tongue over her shoulder. The man has got an amazing body and while it’s not exactly my cup of tea, Honey sure seems to be enjoying herself, as is the audience. Boy am I glad I don’t have to clean this place up afterwards. It looks to me like Honey is very close and…what’s this? He’s bitten her shoulder and their judge has raised the flag, indicating that Honey is cumming! Outstanding use of the shoulder, by Summer Morning. That misfire could’ve been costly.”

“Well regardless of what interests you, you can’t blame Summer. They don’t call her hot crotch Honey for nothing. I don’t believe it, but Pop has just cum again with Cloudy’s finger in his ass and they’re moving on to the third and final arrow at his chest. It looks like that team has decided to go for the win at record pace! Liar seems to be taking his time. He hasn’t taken his tongue from Tulip’s pussy once, and yet he’s moved on to their second arrow at the bottom of her ass. Is that what I think it is? Yes, he’s just slid a finger into her ass and by the rapid rise and fall of her chest, I’d say she’s wound nearly as tight as she’ll go.”

“Fantastic strategy for that team,” Colly interrupted even as her hands tugged at the bottom of Lucky’s shorts, lowering them until they fell to the brunette’s ankles, revealing a large black cock attached to her leather harness. “It appears that Liar and Tulip are going the multiple route by building her up to the point of near explosion and keeping her there as he moves through the stimulation points. At the rate they’re going, she’ll be cumming hard and quite possibly over and over again, earning them plenty of bonus points for multiples.”

Lucky grabbed the petite redhead’s hands and guided them to the large phallus at her waist, as she continued her commentary.

“I must say, for being new to this event, Lew and Lou are doing quite well. He’s had her cumming for several minutes and I’m glad I’m not in charge of keeping track. That woman is incredible and seems to get off harder and faster as his tongue furiously works her clit. It must be growing nearly painful as she’s pushing at his head and squirming away from him on her shoulder blades. This team has trained hard and it’s obvious how in sync they are with one another. That was the most fluid switch I’ve ever seen and he’s now sliding his long cock into her pussy and fucking her in earnest. By the looks of it, she’s loving every second of it and this is a tremendous showing for the Brits in their first time out!”

“Mmmmm…yesss,” Colly moaned as Lucky’s hands slid up her soft thighs, lifting the hem of her indecently short black leather mini and bunching it around her waist. The brunette’s fingers cupped her mound and she gasped as she registered that the little redhead was wearing crotchless panties. She slid the tips of her fingers down the smooth green satin and moaned into her headset as her middle finger slid along the petite woman’s slit.

“Dear God, you’re wet,” Lucky said as a healthy shiver raced through her body.

“Lucky! The broadcast! Honestly…where were we? Oh yeah, each team has met the requirement for satisfaction at all arrows and it is an all out fuck-fest down there. SummerMorning and Honey have changed it up a bit and finally seem to be in the rhythm, with her riding his cock wildly and it looks to me as if she’s cumming. Pop has flipped Cloudy to her back and is pounding into her and by the sound of her war cry, it looks like they’ll be picking up some points here as well. Mmmmmm…it’s hard to focus with you doing that, Lucky.”

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