tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 16

The Literotica Olympics Day 16


The Literotica Olympics Day 16

Event: Marathon

"Welcome everyone to The Literotica Olympics, I'm Edward Teach and I'm joined in the booth here by my colleagues Tatelou and Belegon to bring you Day 16 coverage of the Olympics featuring today's event, the Marathon. Tatelou."

"Yes Edward, today begins the most grueling of all Olympic events, the Marathon. Looking back into Olympic history, you will recall that the Marathon was one of the events in the very first Olympics. Dating back to Pheidippides' run from Marathon to Athens in 490 BC, and two years later to his brother Dildoippides' erotic Marathon this event featured the elite of Greek athleticism, and although in the day primarily a male only event, modern times have changed the event to the predominantly hetero event. In fact there has been some controversy in this event; to discuss the controversy further is my elite commentator Belegon."

"Thank you Tatelou, yes in this day of open events and mega-sexuality, the Marathon has brought out a number of protests. There are actually two lines of thought behind the protests, the first comes from the Women's Lib movement complaining that, even though women are involved in the event, it is too phallus centered. They feel that basing an event upon 26.2 miles of thrusting cock simply puts entirely too much emphasis on the male member.

"The second line of protests comes from the Lesbian Sports Movement basically complaining that, while male / male, and male / female teams can effectively compete female / female teams cannot. To talk a bit further about this controversy I introduce five-time Marathon Gold Medallist Carl East."

"Thanks Belegon."

"Now Carl, you were known for the incredible dimension of your, ah... member. What do you have to say about the controversy?"

"I think what the Women's Libbers are ignoring, is that in the hetero contestants for every one of those 26.2 miles of cock the man thrusts, there is a woman, receiving those many miles. Sure, there is a lot of attention directed at the man maintaining an erection, but the women also get attention. In modern times we have added the oilers as important members of the team. The oilers have come to be as important as the fluffies."

"Excuse me for interrupting, but I think we may want to cover some of terminology here. Can you cover that Carl?"

"Certainly Edward. Obviously, when measuring cock mileage, the length of the cock is important and since measurements are based upon the fully erect cock, if at any time an erection fails, we bring in the fluffies. Much like the fluffers in pornography lore, a fluffy's job is to work the cock back to full erection. This is most often accomplished through intense oral administrations. An important job, but equally important is the oiler. The oiler's job is to keep the woman, or man lubricated. If any of you watch the Lumberjack's challenges, they are much like the oilers in the sawing competition."

"So the oiler climbs in and sprays lube into the woman?"

"Not exactly Tatelou, the oiler is actually part of the action, usually kneeling on the bed, watching the amount of lubrication on the cock and spraying it as required. After several hours of action, he is often spraying as much as on every third thrust.

"In addition to the contestants and support crew, there is also the perv."

"The perv Carl?"

"Yes Tatelou, the perv is the judge. The judge has to watch the action very closely, first of all to gauge the degree of penetration and then to confirm complete erection. Basically what we will see during the competition is the fluffy sitting in a chair nearby, ready to dive in to re-energize an erection. The contestants are going at it on the bed, normally in missionary, but there are variations. The oiler is usually kneeling beside them and the perv normally is crouched behind and beneath the man, often reaching up and grabbing the shaft to confirm erection."

"Seems awful busy Carl?"

"Right you are Belegon, there is a lot of action."

"We've gotten a little off of our point here, back to the controversy."

"Right Edward, anyway, my point was that the woman in a hetero pair is as equally important as the man. As far as the Lesbian controversy, it comes down to pure anatomy. Yes, there has been talk of them using as strap on, but the problem is that with a strap on, an element of the competition is the maintenance of the erection, a lesbian couple would have an advantage in that consideration.

"Of course, if a couple of women wanted to compete using their actual anatomy I think that would work, though I think the relative size of the clit would make it tough. You know, looking back to some of my competition's there were a couple of the East German women who might have competed with some of the men in that category, but I digress."

"Speaking of size, please expand on that issue if you would."

"Of course Tatelou, consider the fact that the couple needs to traverse 26.2 miles of cock to complete the Marathon. In other words, if you consider that 26.2 miles is equivalent to over 138,000 feet, an average man of say 6" length would have to thrust the entire length of his erection over 276,000 times. Now a man of say 9" would only have to come up with about 207,000 thrusts or 69,000 or so fewer than the 6" man."

"So someone like you needed only to thrust something less than 138,000 times?"

"Right Edward, but there are some disadvantages to the size..."

"Wait a minute here, are you saying you are over 12 inches?"

"Yes Tatelou, as I was saying, keeping the erection..."

"How much over?"

"Almost an inch Tatelou, but keeping the erection is always tough, whereas someone smaller needs much less blood flow to maintain...

"So you are almost 13 inches?"

"Yes, but the top competitors these days are the Chinese, the men are very small, their cocks usually between 4 and 5 inches. They make up for it in the speed and endurance of their thrusts."

"Thirteen inches?"

"Yes Tatelou, these days it is a bit of a disadvantage."

"Edward, isn't it time to tape my one on one interview with Carl?"

"We still have a few minutes..."

"Where'd they go?"

"Well Belegon, I think they are off to that interview."

"Yes, it looks that way Edward. The Marathon contestants are beginning to get ready for the start of their race. These preparations take some time and to give us a better look let me introduce Cloudy, our newest addition to the commentating crew. She reports from the floor, where one of the teams is getting ready to begin the race. Cloudy:"

"Thank you Belegon, I am happy to join such a distinguished crew today. As you mentioned there is a lot of preparation for such a grueling event. Consider the points of intimate contact, the cock and the cunt or ass. In most events, they are in contact for only a brief, albeit intense period of time, well, the contact in the Marathon can take hours. Think about it, besides this event, each of these contestants has had to compete in three or four events just to qualify for the Olympics.

"Think about that, up to over 100 miles of thrusting for the team, just to qualify for the Olympics. Obviously, contestants must take great care to preserve the delicate skin at the point of contact. While some actually work to form calluses most spend hours a day prior to events applying moisturizer and specially formulated lotions.

"Each of the team has a different set of preparations for the event. For instance, the fluffy will do a lot of mouth exercises keeping the jaw loose and the muscles supple. Now it may not seem that the fluffies have a difficult job, but sometimes it can take a lot of work to revive a cock that has flagged after 25 miles of workout.

"The oilers must make sure they have plenty of the lightweight, water-soluble lube. They are allowed three sprayers during a competition. Often this means they will need to refill the sprayers during the race. This will happen much like a racing car pit stop, with a number of prescribed moves as the oiler disengages from the competitors, removes the top of the spray bottles, mixing and filling the lube and returning to the action.

"During competition the oiler must often get into odd positions to properly apply the lube to the competitors shaft, so preparation for the race also includes a lot of stretching exercises. The two competitors will also do some stretching and then in the last few minutes they will begin work to get the female lubricated.

"While a male / male team will use only the lube, the hetero teams will try to use the female's natural lubrication as much as they can. While the oiler can use three sprayers for the competition, each sprayer can only be filled once, so if the team is not careful, there is the chance they could run out of lube too soon. Hetero teams will have a bit of an advantage over the male / male teams when it comes to lubrication. This is one reason why this sport has evolved into primarily a hetero competition.

"Quickly, before I turn it back to the booth, please notice the last minute preparations here as Liar, our male contestant is helping Minsue get herself lubed up. As you can see, if we can zoom the camera in, he begins gently running his tongue up along her thighs as she teases her nipples.

"Ah, now Liar has moved his tongue to her clit and is gently circling as his fingers move to her pussy, testing with a slight probe. No... she's not wet enough yet, so Liar will continue on her clit, testing her from time to time.

"Liar is an experienced contestant and you can see, just his going down on Minsue has triggered a massive erection. Let's watch as the perv takes the initial measurements. He takes a flexible tape and starting at the base of the shaft he wraps his hand around Liar's cock and runs the tap up to the tip.

"The tape is waterproof, so any pre-cum will not damage it. There we go, the measurement is finished. Oh yes, Liar measures in at a whopping nine and three-eighths inches. While he continues licking Minsue's clit, probing her with his fingers, the computers are whirring away calculating the amount of full thrusts that will be required for the race.

"Oh look, he has inserted two fingers between her lips and, yes, see how they glisten, Minsue is definitely ready. Timing here is important because if she is ready too soon, she might dry out again before they get started, but in this case the timing is perfect.

"Here comes the starter in three, two, one, and there they go. Liar has started fast with a stunning full penetration, followed by two half penetrations and then enters his rhythm with consistently quick full penetrations. And what a rhythm it is, it appears he as covered nearly twenty feet already. He is presently moving as quickly as the much smaller Chinese teams and with his amazing length he has moved out into an early lead.

"Before I turn it back to you Edward, I'd like to make a side note about Liar. Prior to his early warm-ups we had an opportunity to speak at length about the disadvantages of size. Although ( , ) a disproportionately large man will need to thrust fewer times, a great deal of energy is spent in maintaining the erection. Keeping enough blood flowing to a massively erect member can be difficult over the many hours needed to complete the Marathon.

"Liar spoke candidly about the recent doping scandals, especially as it relates to the Marathon. Years ago, in an effort to enhance the blood flow to their erections would secretly get a blood transfusion a week or so prior to competition. The added mass of blood in their system made their erections easier to maintain. Of course, they faced possible severe repercussions due to the increased blood pressure they experienced.

"Lately the major problem in the sport comes in a little blue pill. Viagra has become the Marathon's dirty little secret. Claiming he has never used viagra to enhance his Marathon performance, Liar did confide that he has competed against a number of viagra-enhanced athletes. In talking to me, he has been the first in the sport to concede that viagra has been used in some competitions.

"Now back to you Edward."

"Thank you Cloudy for the in depth look at the Marathon team."

"And what a coups, the discussions with Liar regarding the viagra, Edward."

"Yes Belegon, Cloudy has certainly gone the extra mile here in her report."

"Thank you gentlemen, I'll continue watching the action from the floor here and will update you on Liar and Minsue's performance."

"We'll look forward to some riveting reporting. And look Belegon, Tatelou has returned."

"How did the interview with Carl East go?"

"Interview? Oh yes, the interview. Carl, wait, we need to do the interview now."

"Well Belegon, looks like she's off again."

"I wonder what those two were up to Edward."

"Whatever it was, Tatelou seemed to have developed a limp."

"It appears we'll have to wait a bit longer for Tatelou's play-by-play reporting on the action. Wait... we have some updated information now. Yes Edward, it appears that Liar is still maintaining a slim lead over the two top Chinese teams."

"Yes, but it's just a pubes-breath lead as they near the end of the first mile of thrusting. Perhaps we can get a report from Cloudy. Cloudy?"

"She doesn't seem to be responding."

"No Belegon, can you see her?"

"She appears to be in some heated conversations with the Russian team."

"Is that Russian team number one Belegon?"

"Yes Edward that is Russian team number one."

"Well, Russian team number one features the oldest competitor in today's Marathon. The male competitor is an old throwback to the Soviet Union."

"You mean..."

"Yes Belegon, it is the one and only Vasily Bigcockonov, all 36.8 centimeters of him."

"Thirty-six point eight centimeters? That's got to be..."

"Fourteen point five inches. You know it is rumored that Vasily's IQ drops a point or two every time he gets an erection due to the lack of blood to the brain. He can barely talk as it is."

"Well then what can Cloudy be doing down there? Ah now I see."

"Right you are Belegon, ever the consummate professional, Cloudy has negotiated a way to get in a first hand report. She has replaced Bigcockonov's fluffy and... it looks like... yes indeed, Cloudy is working on that fourteen inch monster now."

"In recent years, Bigcockonov has had trouble maintaining his erection through the competition. Well, look at Cloudy go, with both hands grasping the shaft, she is stroking him up and down while her tongue is butterflying over the head. Oh Vasily is enjoying it, look at his hips move."

"The cock is so big around that both her hands barely wrap around it."

"Oh but look, she has got the entire head into her mouth, Edward."

"I think if I was Bigcockonov I'd have a hard time pulling away from that fluffy. Cloud is certainly doing us proud. His cock is growing now, it should be time to disengage... but wait, Cloudy won't let him go. She has clamped on hand on his shaft, her mouth on the head and she is swinging with her free hand at his team."

"Look, the oiler has a hold of her... no, she slipped away from him."

"What's Bigcockonov doing?"

"He appears to be smiling Edward, yes, he is smiling and running his fingers through her hair."

"It looks like he is about to come. Yes, he is coming now."

"Cloudy has removed her mouth but continues to stroke his shaft as buckets of semen is splashing all over her."

"She is covered Belegon."

"That she is, we might note that Bigcockonov is effectively out of the competition for a medal now."

"You're right; Cloudy has single-handedly eliminated a major competitor. By the time Vasily recovers from his orgasm, he will be miles behind Liar and the Chinese."

"Tatelou has returned, Tatelou, how did the interview go."

"Damn technicians, they forgot to load the videotape. They ran an empty camera while I took every inch... ah, I mean while I interviewed Carl East."

"You mean you missed it?"

"Yes Belegon, I missed it. What the...? What has happened to Cloudy?"

"It appears she's been Bigcockonoved."

"She is drenched."

"That she is Tatelou, would you like to pick up on some of the play by play."

"Certainly Edward. It appears that Liar is maintaining his lead, thanks to what appears to be some intricate lube work by their oiler Chilled Vodka. Vodka brings his years of experience as a voyeur to closely watch Liar's cock and keep it well lubed. This team is working flawlessly, so well in fact that the fluffy is actually sleeping."

"Sleeping Tatelou?"

"Yes Edward, remember, they have been at it for several hours now, and the fluffy's only job is to wait for a failed erection. The top teams will only rarely use a fluffy. In fact, I have made arrangements for a couple of fluffies to demonstrate their techniques for you and Belegon."


"I see I woke you up Belegon, nice of you to join in the commentary. As I was saying, here are two fluffies to demonstrate their techniques. Gentlemen now if you would just take... Oh my, I see you already have.

"Now Edward, the idea here is simply to bring on an erection, not to take the competitor to orgasm. As you can see, her mouth muscles are well developed and that suction, combined with her hand motion should have intense... Oh hell Edward, you are not supposed to come. And you too Belegon, what's the matter with you two, it's like you've never received a blow job before."

"But, Tatelou..."

"You haven't?"

"Well, nothing like that."

"Ladies, I must apologize for my two perverted colleagues here, they just don't know how to act when a fine woman gets a hold of them. No ladies, I don't blame you, I wouldn't swallow either, at least not from these two.

"Back to the Marathon, I see both Chinese teams are mounting a run at Liar. Just look at those guys thrust, at this rate they should catch... wait, something has happened. Yes, one of the Chinese men has slipped out."

"Yes Tatelou, the oiler over lubed him and his slipped out just before a massive thrust."

"Edward, it looks like he is injured. He is in incredible pain! Cloudy, Cloudy, can you get a better look?"

"I am here Tatelou, and yes he is injured. Apparently as he slipped out of his partner's pussy, he was unable to stop his next thrust and it impacted just centimeters above her hole. Both of them are injured, she is badly bruised and let's hope he hasn't fractured his cock.

"I am getting a closer look... oh no Edward, he has fractured his cock, an extremely painful accident. This team is definitely out of the competition, and depending upon the condition of his cock, the Chinese competitor may have suffered a career ending injury."

"That is too bad Cloudy, but it just goes to show that even with the miniscule cock size of the Chinese, this is a dangerous sport. Tatelou, have you ever seen anything like this."

"Well I have heard of this, but never in a major competition. Edward, we have another report from Cloudy."

"Thank you Tatelou, there is now some commotion in the second Chinese team's area. The fluffy is moving into action. This is highly unusual for this team, in fact I can't remember a time the Chinese have ever used a fluffy in the modern Marathon."

"Please continue Cloudy, unless it is only a short delay with the fluffy, the Chinese may have lost all chance of a medal at this year's Olympics."

"Edward, apparently the second Chinese team heard what happened to their fellow competitor and the man immediately lost his erection. And from the feel of it, it was a major erectile failure."

"The feel of it?"

"Yes Tatelou, the fluffy was a bit slow getting into action, so I stepped in for a moment."

"You've stepped in for the Chinese fluffy now?"

"Yes Edward, believe me, it's no big deal."

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