The Literotica Olympics Day 18


Svenska and CV looked each other up and down like a couple of Diva's realizing they had worn the exact combination of clothing.

"A monkey. Slut. Gay muslim priest in drag. Me, me, me. Sven," CV dared to say.

"Stuff it!" Svenska folded her arms and growled, "SVEN is a man's name." She looked him up and down, "but I guess you wouldn't know the difference, so I won't take it out on you. This time. Nice dress though, I see you got it from my website."

A crowd gathered at the stop, a second trolley rolled up, and like a Tokyo subway, a thousand Litsters pushed, and shoved, and crammed their way into the 3 x 6 foot door.

Destinie21, who was on a shopping spree to fulfill her pregnant wife's insatiable cravings, had only stayed in Athens to find Baklava. She sat in her typical pose, head on the seat and ass in the air near the front of the trolley, trying to read posters of poetry written by JTHSerra, which were plastered above the windows. Suddenly, she overheard two men, Remec, a Jim Morrison look-a-like, and Rumple Foreskin, apparently a porn star, discussing the day's events. She shifted her position and sat up straight, her ear toward them.

"I heard there'll be lesbians in this event," Remec's cock was heating up and he tugged on the crotch of his leather pants.

Destine's eyes widened.

"Lesbians?" Rumple scratched his chin.

"Yes, Lesbians."

"Lesbians have always been good for ratings," Remec's eyes peered over his sunglasses.

"Yes, Lesbians have always been good for that."

The word lesbian kept ringing in Destinie's ear. She looked at her watch. 'Hm, if I go to the event, I will still be able to make a later flight to Rome, pick up the tiramisu, fly to France for the crème brulee, get lobster in Cuba and make it home before midnight tomorrow. Of course, the wife will be a little bitchy by that time. Maybe not,' she reconsidered.

"Lesbians are cool," Remec stated.

"I think you mean Lesbians are hot," Rumple corrected.

"Lesbians can be hot if I'm in the middle."

"No worries, Lesbians love a good hard . . ."

The word lesbian hauntingly taunted her, repeating over and over like a wicked spell.

"Fuck it. I'll deal with the wife," she blurted out, stepped off the trolley with the crowd, paid three hundred Euros for a choice seat from a scalper, and entered the roaring stadium.

4:05 PM

"No one will forget 'that' fine karaoke performance by Joseki Ko singing the Literotica theme song, Lady Marmalade. Least of all me," Abstruse, cigar in hand, swiveled her chair around to camera three. "Voulez vous couchez avec moi," she purred, flipped her hair and gave a sly wink to TV land before getting back to the event.

The Literotica crowd was wild and getting hotter as the competitors walked into the stadium to take their mark.

"Hi, Lauren," Abs, who had been stalking the young lady for months, leaned back in her chair and uncrossed her legs.

"Hi, Abs," Lauren Hynde, a young, Portuguese woman with intense blue eyes exchanged as she, and her handsome British team mate Sub Joe led the line into the stadium.

Abs eyes followed Lauren's ass, and completely preoccupied with all the beautiful bodies entering the field, she ignored the sound of rustled feathers in her ear.

"Hey Honey," Abs ran her fingers seductively across the large, thick Romeo y Julietta between her lips.

"Hi Abs," Honey smiled flirtingly and waved.

Pluck, cackle, and then snap went the sound of webbed feet pounding against one another just out of sight of the camera. Abs turned around and stared at Minsue, the producer, who was looming over her in the shadows.

"Ah, Gosling."

"Good God, A/J. You're not just here for the coffee, you know. This is live, stop drooling and get to work or I'll snap my whip," Minsue threatened.

"Oh, stop quaking and have a taste of my love cigar," Abs formed a circle with her lips, and smoke rings blew in the direction of the Gosling, who was not impressed.

"Lordy, Lordy," escaped from the Gosling's beak. "I'm going to spank you if you don't watch out."

"Bring it on, sister," Abs smiled, and spread her thighs wide.

Minsue rolled her eyes. "I'll fill your box later, just get to the event."

"Oh, promises, promises," Abs turned to camera two and began speaking to TV land.

"We're here in Athens' stadium, at the first, and perhaps only Literotica Olympics, where there are four teams about to behave like filthy whores in the 100 metre dash. This is a quick event, so keep your eyes open, or you might just miss it."

Down on the field, Angela 146 plugged in the giant purple vibrator. "On your mark!" She shouted.

"WHOOP!" Crimson Maiden shook her humungous, red pom poms.

"Fuck and cum, fuck and cum, fuck and cum!" Chanted Pussy Chaser.

Claire Blossom lifted her arms to start a human wave in the stands, but the people surrounding her in the bleachers were European football fans, and gawked at her strange and foreign action. Having foiled her fun, Lucifer Carroll snickered at the success of his devious plan to ruin her. He crossed her name off his list of people to put through hell.

Abstruse stared into camera two.

"Lauren and Joe don't seem to be putting themselves into any logical position," Abs squinted and began her commentary. "It looks like Lou was trying to help Honey tighten the belt of her strap on, but look! The crowd is going wild. Lou has ripped it off Honey's body and is twirling it like a lasso over her head. She has thrown it to a mob of her cheering fans and they are fighting for it.

"Burley has positioned herself in front of Dirty Lover's pole, and Liar has one eye on Black Tulip's pin-up girl pose. Looks like Tulip is already proving that even a teacher can behave like Literotica's slutipriminatta, Tatelou."

Abs leaned into the mic and with her tongue drooling, she turned and fixed her eyes on camera three, "I might just need to change my panties."

"Get set!" Angela raised her right hand to the switch on the giant purple people eater.

Abs looked around into the audience. "Pop already has his cock out. Looks like the anticipation is way too much for the old pervert."

"GO!" The vibrator buzzed through the speakers, and the couples were off.

Abs was speechless. Her jaw dropped staring at Lauren, then at Honey, then at Lou, then at Tulip and then at Burley. Minsue, whose eyes were affixed to the poetic and musical movements of Liar, didn't notice the sudden lack of commentary.

"So, how do you want to go about this?" Joe said calmly loosening his bow tie and undoing his Technicolor dream coat.

"Well, we're here to win, and if my calculations are right, I have the chart handy if you need to see it," she turned around so Joe could unzip her black Christian Dior evening gown, and eyed the three couples beside them. "Honey is kissing Lou at a rate of 1.3 seconds a tongue thrust, and with a total tongue force equal to 30.1 kilos times pi, Lou should cum in about, oh 15 minutes."

Joe, otherwise known as Rain man, unzipped her dress and it fell to the Astroturf. "Hm, I didn't account for the pi, but was considering a calculus factor in determining the speed at which Liar's cock raised, plus XY divided by the speed of light, which equals the amount of blood pumping to his cock."

Joe undid his trousers, and pulled his cock out stroking it at a rate of one slide per .7 seconds. "He will come 13.76666 seconds after Lou, and Dirty Lover is already behind, but if, in 3.2 seconds, Burley stops dancing around him like a drunk and horny chicken, they just might have a chance."

Lauren unclasped her lavender Victoria's Secret bra and drew it over her shoulders, then removed her matching panties. "If you fuck my ass, I will cum on no more than seven minutes."

"In. As 'in', if I fuck you 'in' the ass, I'll cum 'in' 7.6321," he corrected her.

Burley glided her tongue along her ruby red lips, the tips of her fingers pinching DirtyLover's nipples as she descended to her knees. She kept her eyes on his wonting expression as his rigid cock slid over her pussy, skimming across her navel, and between her full breasts. She paused, the head of his cock pressing against her chin, then opened her mouth and rolled her tongue around the head of his cock, slipping it between her moist lips, guiding him across her tongue, deeper into her mouth. Her lips closed around his shaft.

"Ohmygod yeeeesssss, aaaaaiiiiieeeeooo, mmmmmmmm, aaaaooooo, eeeeh, ooooooaaahhhh, oooouuuuuuw" his eyes shut feeling blood rushing and cum swelling.

Dirty Lover's hips lunged forward. He grabbed her hair, pulling her mouth closer to his body, the head of his cock dancing against the back of her throat. She moaned.

Honey's lips pressed against Lou's, and her tongue swirled lustfully into her mouth. Reaching one hand between their bodies, Honey fought the button of Lou's jeans and roughly yanked down her zipper. Wildly, she pushed Lou to the ground, tore her jeans, and ripped her off her panties. It seems she had learned much in an hour with Colly.

Lou dug her elbows into the grass, her ass raising in the air, nipples searing from her t-shirt, her dark hair falling across her eyes. She turned her head around. Honey knelt behind her, raised her hand and stung her fingers across Lou's ass. Lou smiled. Her eyes sparkled and her body braced as Honey's hand again, again, again, flamed across her swelling flesh.

Tulips arms weaved like tendrils around Liar's broad Viking shoulders. He lifted her from the ground. Her thighs swung around his strong hips, her stiletto's dug into his legs. Holding her buttocks in one hand, he clutched his raging manhood, slid his princely, bulbous crown across her bud of joy, soaking through her wet lawn, peeling her leaves open and then pressed into the sweltering garden of her wonting love trap. Like a wild cougar, her nails clawed at his back. His cock sunk deeper inside of her, sliding and storming, digging in and out as her breath let out small screams.

With one knee firmly pressing into the ground, his bare foot near Lauren's face, his stiff cock already painted with Lauren's juices, Joe spread her ass, circling his head around her rippling hole.

She cried out, her clit swelling as his cock stretched her open. He pulled her long dark hair. Her back arched as he drove his hips forward. Her body swallowed his surging cock, her pussy soaked and dripped down her thigh. She reached her fingers to her pussy, swimming them around her clit, curving them through her lips and diving into her hole.

Joe's breath scattered, his flesh pounded against Lauren's ass, the moisture of sweat sticking between their bodies as he furiously stormed into her, hammering, pounding, his cock welled and surged.

Lauren glided her soaked fingers through her pussy, spiraling the tips around her clit, her body shivered winding faster and faster as Joe plunged in and pulled back. His cock throbbed, and she moaned feeling the aching swell of her orgasm charging through her body. Joe gabbed her hips and boiling to cum he thrust harder, deeper.

"Yes. Yes Einstein!" she yelled as she came.

"Take it like Nikolay Ivanovich Lobachevsky," he yelled and exploded. His cum dripped through her ass.

The sounds of moans could be heard all throughout the stadium, but there was an unutterable silence from the control booth.

"A/J," Minsue panted.

Abs shook herself and in disbelief turned around to camera three. "Um, sorry, I was mesmerized there for a second. Good god," she tried to catch her breath. "That was, um, hot."

"Good, God," she said again. "Good, god, well, it isn't to hard to figure out who won the gold in this race. Good, god," her eyes widened and she looked back to the field, trying to catch her breath. "Good, god," was all she could mutter.

The Gosling poked her beak in front of the camera, "Stayed tuned for the highlights of the days events right after this commercial brought to you by our sponsor, 'Starfucks', where a latte offers more than a frothy mouthful.

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