tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Loan Shark

The Loan Shark


My wife Emily and I were finally going to be able to have a quiet night alone for the first time in what felt like ages. We had dropped the kids over to her mum's house and had planned a simple night of dinner, bottle of wine and a movie. It felt like ages since we had enjoyed a normal couple night together. I suppose it happens to every couple after a while. We had been married for 6 years and together for 9. We have two wonderful kids which we both adore and everything was going great. Despite the two children, Emily still looked amazing, 5ft 7, petite with perky little tits, she had retained her figure well. She had aged slightly but, at only 29, she still looked young. Of course, as with a lot of people, this state of domestic bliss was shattered by the events of the global credit crunch. I lost my job about a year ago which lead to a chain of events which would change our lives, and our relationship, forever. At first, we were not too worried. We had savings and I was confident of finding work fairly quickly. Unfortunately, things don't always pan out the way you expect. The savings in our accounts became less and less and my attempts to find work, any work, added up to a total of zero job offers.

Eventually our savings began to run out and I was forced to turn to family and friends. Inevitably, their ability to help was stretched to the limit and I was forced to borrow money from a source that made me nervous just thinking about it. His name was Gary and he was a loan shark and local thug. Aged in his 50s, overweight but standing well over 6ft tall, he was physically intimidating. An attribute of which he was very much aware. The first time i went to see him he seemed entirely reasonable and even quite friendly. 'Borrow what you need and look after you family' he had said. I did, of course, but it didn't take long for things to start to go wrong. The interest rate that had seemed so reasonable when he had explained it had soon increased almost tenfold due to late payments. Pretty soon I was unable to meet interest payments and he went from reasonable and friendly to unreasonable and very unfriendly pretty quickly.

So sitting with Emily on the sofa that evening after our dinner, with a glass of wine and a film had, despite our situation, relaxed me for the first time in a long time. About 30 minutes into the film, with Emily snuggled up to me, my phone rang. I looked at the screen and saw that it was Gary. my heart began to pound a lot faster.

"Ignore it" Emily said.

I was very, very tempted to do just that as I did not want to ruin the perfect evening we were having. I was worried though. Ignoring Gary was likely to piss him off even more so I got up, paused the film and went into the kitchen to take the call.


"James, this is Gary, when the fuck am I gonna get my money?" he demanded.

"As soon as I have it" I began to plead, trying not to sound as nervous as I felt.

"You said that yesterday and so far you have given me fuck all. Don't mess me around or there will be fucking trouble".

"I'm not trying to mess you around" I stammered, "I honestly don't have it".

"Well then maybe you have something else you can pay me with" he sneered and suddenly put the phone down.

I walked back into the living room in a daze.

"What's the matter? Why did you take the call in the kitchen" Emily asked.

"That was Gary" I confessed.

"Gary Stone?"

"Yes" I answered rather weakly.

"Oh James, please tell me you haven't done what I think you have?"

I said nothing but just looked at the floor.

"What have you done? This guy is the local looney and trouble follows him everywhere".

"I know" was all I could manage.

"James, this is awful. I actually feel quite scared".

"So am I".

"How much money is it?" she asked.

"Several thousand".

"Several thousand! Christ, when does he want it by?"

"Last week".

Her face fell and I thought she would cry. She had very recently had her blond hair cut quite short and she looked rather like and elf. It made her look really cute but now, with her face etched with fear, she looked vulnerable.

Then the doorbell rang. I walked over to the window and saw Gary standing there.

"Its him" I said.

"Oh no James, this is serious".

"I know".

"Just ignore him and he will go away" she said with a distinct lack of conviction.

I was about to do just that when I heard him shout through the letterbox.

"Open up James, I can see you twitching the bloody curtains so I know you are there".

"I had better let him in" I said "I will only piss him off more if I don't".

Emily said nothing so I went to the door. My heart was pounding so much that I thought you could see it.

"About fucking time" he brushed straight passed me and into the hall way.

"Let's do this" he said and walked on into the living room. Emily was standing there quite clearly nervous. His face turned into a pretty awful smile as he looked her up and down.

"You must be this piece of shits better half" he said by way of an introduction.

He held out a hand and she shook it, quite clearly trembling as she did so.

"Why are you shaking?" he asked. "I'm not nearly as bad as my reputation" he laughed.

Again Emily said nothing but just looked at the floor. He looked her up and down again and I could see the look of satisfaction on his face as his did so. It had all happened so quickly that neither Emily nor I had thought much about what she was wearing. She was in her pyjama bottoms and a small t-shirt without her bra. Her nipples were quite clearly visible beneath the thin fabric of her top.

"Right then" said Gary. "Let's get this sorted. You owe me so I want something in return".

"Well, I have my car and our television is quite a good one" I stammered, hoping that he would take them and give me some more time to get hold of some money.

"What the fuck are you on about" he shouted, suddenly looking very angry.

"I want her" he said pointing at Emily, his hand slightly stroking his groin as he said so.

"My name is Emily and you are no longer welcome in this house" she suddenly said.

"Ooh, you're a feisty one" he said, "I'm gonna enjoy putting my cock in you".

Emily flushed red at the crudeness of the language and looked at the floor again.

"Take off your top" he demanded.

"No" she said but quite quietly and timidly.

"No one says no to me" he said.

Nervous as I was, there was no way I was going to let him talk to my wife like this. From somewhere I found the courage and began to walk towards him.

"Go sit yourself down and keep the fuck out of the way" he suddenly barked at me and raised his fist to emphasize the point.

"You created this problem and now I am just gonna take what is mine".

I looked over at Emily and could see the fear etched in her eyes. She shook her head slightly and I could see that she was nervous but I just sat down onto the sofa.

"Now Emily" he sneered, "Take your top off".

Slowly and hesitantly she pulled her top up and over her head exposing her breasts to another man. Her nipples were erect and she had goose bumps all over her breasts.

"Nice, very nice" he said, "What cup size are you?"

"Size B" she mumbled.


"B" she said again.

"Small but very pert, erect nipples though, you're not getting aroused are you Emily?"

"No" she short back very quickly.

"Hmm" he smiled, "Now take off your bottoms" he demanded.

Emily looked over to me and then pulled her pyjama bottoms down to her ankles and stepped out of them.

"That's better" Gary said, "I think you are getting the hang of this".

I could not believe that my wife was standing here in front of me with only her knickers on in front of this beast of a man.

"You are far sexier than I had ever hoped" Gary said.

I am not certain but I thought I saw a faint hint of a smile at the corners of Emily's mouth. He just sat and stared at her and, after a while, she put her fingers in the waistband of her knickers and pulled them to the floor. Gary just sat and smiled.

"Shaven I see, I like that" he said, "Now turn around".

She turned around so she had her back to him and was facing me.

"Touch your toes" he said calmly.

She looked at me, swallowed hard, and bent forwards.

"Pull your cheeks apart"

Her hands went round to her ass and she pulled them apart. I could see him smiling and stroking is crotch through his jeans.

"You can be a naughty little slut when you want to be can't you Emily?"

"Yes Gary" she said as she stood up still facing me.

"Emily, in light of the situation that we have here, I think that you ought to call me Sir".

"Yes Sir" she said.

"What do you think James?" he suddenly asked me.

My heart was going crazy now and my mouth was so dry that I could barely get any words out.

"Yes" I managed.

"Yes what?"

Yes Sir" I said.

I could not believe what was happening and what I was saying but I could just not bring myself to do anything about it. I was transfixed by the scene. My beautiful wife and mother of our children was standing completely naked in front of a virtual stranger. She was breathing heavily but still facing me.

"James get up and sit over here" Gary suddenly demanded.

"I sheepishly got up and walked over to the seat that he indicated.

"Turn around Emily" he said.

She slowly turned around to face him, her face seemed to now be a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

"Get down on your knees".

"Yes Sir" she said and then knelt down.

At the same time he stood up from the chair and pulled his jeans down to his ankles. I could see the bulge of his cock straining against the material of his boxer shorts which had a damp stain where pre-cum was already beginning to leak out onto them.

"Come towards me Emily, you little slut".

On her knees she slowly began to come towards him with her eyes firmly on the bulge in his pants. She drew up level with him her breathing heavy and her nipples erect. She stared at the bulge in his pants for a while and then looked up at him. He was looking down at her and smiled.

"Do you want to see it?" he asked.

"Yes Sir, I do" she replied quickly.

She then put her fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down, hooking them over his cock. Her eyes seemed to widen when she saw it. It must have been at least 8 inches long but still slightly soft.

"Touch it" said Gary.

Without hesitation she put her hand onto it and wrapped her dainty fingers around it. She looked over sideways at me and I shook my head to say no. She looked back at his cock and then up to his face before slowly putting his cock into her mouth. Gary closed his eyes and lifted his head slightly, enjoying the sucking that she was giving him. He began to slowly thrust his cock back and forth into her mouth and she responded by sucking faster and trying to take in as much as possible. His cock was far too big for her but she kept on sucking and was really beginning to let herself go. It was then that I noticed that my own hand had slid inside my bottoms and I was stroking myself. I could not believe how aroused I was. It felt so wrong to see my wife with another guy, especially someone as loathsome as Gary, but I could not help myself. As my cock grew to its full 4.5 inches I looked over at the beast of a cock in my wife's mouth and realised why it was making her so horny. Gary reached up and pulled his t-shirt over his head. His beer belly hung down and he was covered with cheap tattoos but the only thing Emily was concerned with was his cock. After a while she stopped and looked up to him again.

"Sir, will you fuck me, please?"

Gary looked over to me and smiled.

"Of course I will my little slut he replied.

Emily smiled and walked over to a side draw where we kept some condoms. She walked back with her little breasts swinging slightly.

"James get over here you piece of shit" he barked at me.

I walked over, glad that my small penis was not visible through my bottoms. Emily smiled and handed me the condom.

"It is our debt after all" she said.

Gary just grinned so I sunk to my knees with his cock at eye level . I had never been this close to another guy's cock in all my life. I never thought I would ever be this close, especially one that was going to be fucking my wife shortly. Trembling I opened the packet and looked over to Emily. I then took hold of his cock in my hand put the tip of it into the condom. It felt so huge, even in my hands. I rolled the condom down the length of his shaft. it was so tight that I doubted it would last long. He took Emily by the hand and lead her over to the sofa. He got her to kneel on it so he could take her from behind. He put his hands between her legs and then began to stroke her pussy, she squirmed a little and was enjoying his touch. Whilst she was distracted, he looked at me and grinned, then, with his free hand, he removed the condom and threw it over to me. I wanted to stop him and say 'no, this is too much' but I was too aroused to do anything, my head spinning. He then positioned his cock, bareback, at the entrance to her pussy. She pushed herself back against it and his huge cock slid straight in. She arched her back and began thrusting herself back and forwards.

"Oh My god, Oh My God" she kept repeating, "It. Feels. so. Big!"

She was completely lost in her own pleasure and very soon she started panting faster and faster, her body shook as she exploded on his cock. My mind was now full of confusion and arousal. I had feelings that I should not be allowing this to happen but, at the same time, I was really enjoying Emily so much pleasure.

"Sir fuck me Sir, please don't stop Sir".

Gary kept on and on, I leaned over so I could get a better view of his cock sliding in and out of her, her pussy lips at full stretch. He looked over at me and just smiled his awful smile.

"Keep fucking slut" he said, "I am gonna cum inside you very soon. You want that don't you Emily? You want me to cum inside you?"

I have no idea if she realised by this point that he had taken off the condom but she did not seem to care.

"Yes sir, cum inside me, please give me your cum".

With that his movements began to speed up and he began to grunt as he emptied his seed inside her. Emily rocked one more time as she had another orgasm, her eyes closed and her face flushed. My own little cock twitched as I came into a handkerchief I had found on the side.

With that, the room descended into silence apart from our heavy breathing.

"This will do for this weeks payment" Gary, finally said, "I will be back next week to discuss the next one".

He pulled his cock out from her pussy and I could see the cum oozing from her and dripping onto the sofa. Emily said nothing and did not turn around to face us. She just knelt, catching her breath. Gary picked up Emily's discarded top and wiped the end of his cock clean. He got dressed and walked to the door, looked around and then walked out without another word. I went over to Emily and put my arm around her.

"I love you" I said.

"I know" she replied.

Gary did come round for payment the next week but that is, of course, another story.

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