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The Locker Room


Ever since I had moved home from college, I'd had this curiosity. I played hockey, but the team that I played with was two of my sisters and a bunch of women with an average age of 35 so I never really felt I had anything in common with most of them. I was about 24 at the time.

One evening, we had a new skater join us. She was a college soccer player and from what I could see she was in better shape than most, if not all, of us. Clearly she had skated before and wasn't a total newbie. It took a couple laps around the ice for her to get her legs under her, but once she did she jumped into the play as though she had been playing forever. For my entire hockey career, I had been playing as a goalie and even against men I had never had anyone get a hat trick against me... until she showed up.

After the scrimmage, I went into the locker room with my head hanging. I had always managed to hold my own against any other skater, but for some reason this one really got to me. "Don't be too hard on yourself, she's clearly not a novice like most of the people you play against", said Ryan, our team's goalie coach. Stu, our other coach, seemed to think she was going to be our bread and butter as a defenseman. "Mica, how do you feel about playing defense?", Stu asked our newest skater. "Well, I really like to generate offense and score so I'm not sure about being a defenseman." she replied.

Oh great, I thought. She's never going to come back because they are going to stick her on D when that isn't where she wants to skate. I really liked the idea of having a strong defenseman in front of me. Plus she was pretty easy on the eyes and that definitely helped take the sting out of the way she handed my ass to me during the scrimage.

The next week, I came in to practice a little bit late and was surprised to see Mica there. I was sure she was going to bail on our team because she didn't want to play defense and was going to get stuck there. I made my way to an open spot in the locker room to unpack my gear and begin dressing for the skate. I caught a glimpse of Mica's muscular legs as she pulled her breezers up and fished around in her bag for her shin pads. "No wonder she can skate" I thought as I glanced at her legs while she was standing with her back turned to me.

I started to dress and as I did I caught sight of her broad muscular shoulders. "Fuck, she's going to light me up all night long", I said in my head as I looked away from her and knelt down to fasten the straps of my leg pads. I looked in her direction and said, "I wasn't sure you were going to show up" to which she replied, with a wink, "I would rather protect your net than not play hockey at all.". During the whole scrimmage, I was mulling that wink moreso than playing goal.

I walked into the locker room after that skate with my head slung low again. I couldn't believe how this woman could manage to find every open spot I left in my net. Mica walked past and said, "Don't worry about it, you had an off game. Nothing a couple beers can't fix. Let's go to the Halftime."

"I thought you weren't old enough to drink", I replied. Mica calmly replied, "Don't worry about it." I was puzzled by her comment, but didn't think much about it as I finished undressing and headed for the showers.

As I was standing in the shower, letting the hot water wash away my lackluster performance in the net I looked around me. I had showered in this locker room hundreds of times before and had never looked in any direction but down to find my shampoo. Most of the women I played hockey with were older than me, married, and had children. Showering was simply a matter of getting rid of the funk associated with hockey gear.

Mica walked in and stood across from me as I was rinsing off my hair. She had her back turned to me and I caught myself watching soap suds and water run down from her shoulders and down her back until cascading off her round, muscular ass. She turned around and I knew I was busted. She looked right at me and gave me another wink, just like the one she had given me earlier when telling me not to worry about my less-than-stellar game play. I looked away, but then found myself again looking in her direction as she turned around. I watched as she shampooed her hair and rinsed it off, letting the suds run down her shoulders and over her six pack abs. This made me nervous as I had only seen bodies like this in sports commercials and movies. I wasn't totally out of shape, but my body wasn't nearly as toned as hers. I envied her build and frame as I watched her rinsing off. I knew I was staring so I told myself to break my gaze and get dressed.

I realized everyone else was done showering and letting the hot water wash away the aches and pains of practice, so I dressed, packed my gear, and headed to our sponsor bar.

I walked into the bar and saw Mica and the rest of the team sitting at a few tables that were pushed together. I looked around and saw the only open chair was next to Mica, so I sat down and waited for the cocktail waitress to come by. "I'll take a Miller light", I said. Mica ordered a Bud light. I was not going to tell the waitress she was underage and Mica's confidence made it seem like she had walked into plenty of bars and ordered drinks without ever being carded.

As the waitress walked away, Mica leaned over to me and said, "Thanks for not ratting me out. I love a beer after hockey". The waitress came back with our beers and the whole team descended into talk about an upcoming tournament. I was a bit dejected about all the tournament talk as I was not going to be playing in it. Our team's manager had decided that only one goalie was needed and offered the chance to our other goalie. Maybe it was this that fueled my choice to continue drinking beer long after I should have stopped.

One by one the team finished their drinks and left; work and school and kids were coming up in the morning for most of the team. As we sat and enjoyed our beers, Mica whispered to me, "Is everything okay? You seem a little distracted." I replied by saying, "I'm pissed about not being allowed to play in the next tournament because one person doesn't want to have me play". I proceeded to tell her that our team's manager was not a fan of my family and seemed to take every opportunity available to cut me off from the rest of the team. "That's bullshit", Mica said, "I scored a hat trick on you, but when I was on the other end of the ice against the other goalie I scored five goals. I think teams should take two goalies all the time in case one gets hurt or just has a bad game." "That's what I think too.", I said. Mica put her arm around my shoulder in the kind of "half-hug" you would give a teammate.

"Well, it's getting kind of late, I should get home. I'll see you at practice next week, right?" Mica asked. "Yeah, I'll be there. Even if I don't play in a tournament, I should support my teammates."

"That's the spirit", Mica said. "I'll see you next week".

The next week, I played like I was possessed. My anger at being excluded from the tournament team only fueled my desire to stop every shot thrown at my net. I left the ice without having been scored on, even by Mica. As I entered the locker room, Ryan and Stu both told me how well I played. Stu even said he would like me to possibly go to the tournament, if my work schedule allowed. I hadn't played that well ever. I was the gossip of the locker room.

Our sponsor was having an event and was going to be super busy that night; knowing this most of the team brought beer to drink in the locker room. Between Mica and I drinking beers and having a good time, it wasn't too long before we realized we were the only ones left in the locker room. "Wow, I was so caught up in conversation I didn't realize it was just the two of us left here.", Mica said. I sheepishly countered with, "Oh I should get dressed and head home". "Don't be ridiculous." Mica scoffed, " You can't go home smelling that bad. Everybody else took a shower while we were drinking beer so there should be plenty of hot water. We should get cleaned up."

While Mica turned around and was looking for something in her bag, I quickly and quietly removed the rest of my gear and headed for the shower hoping to get in and out fast. Mica was a half-step behind. The showers were warm and welcoming.

I was standing under one shower when she entered and turned on the remaining seven showers in the locker room. I turned to her and said, "There's only two of us, why do you have all eight showers turned on?". "The steam from the hot water is very relaxing for sore muscles."

As Mica was letting the water run over her muscular shoulders, down her back and over her sculpted ass; without looking back towards me she said, "I've noticed you staring at me for the last three weeks, do you like what you see?". "umm, uh, dddd, uhh" was all I could stammer out. I was so embarrassed at getting caught. "It's okay, lots of people look at me in the shower." Mica said, "but for the last three weeks I've been looking at you in the shower." "WHAT?" I was totally dumbfounded.

"Are you kidding me? You have that nice little apple bottom from skating, you have the biggest perkiest boobs I have ever seen, and to top it all off, you are a red head! I looooove red heads" With the last part of the statement, Mica let out a little "mmmm" sound to accentuate her approval.

I was hoping for this, but so surprised to hear the words actually coming out of Mica's mouth. Without having a chance to think any more about it, I saw Mica moving towards me. Without a second's hesitation, her mouth was pressed to mine. Her lips moved in a way that opened my mouth and as my mouth opened, her tongue jutted out from between her lips and brushed against mine. I felt my knees begin to buckle, and almost as if she felt or sensed it, Mica's muscular arms held me up.

I broke away from the kiss just long enough to give Mica a confused look. She looked me in the eyes and said, "I've just been waiting to get you alone. I knew with the way you looked at me and the way I found myself looking at you that this was going to happen. I have been thinking about you all the time." She still had her arms wrapped around me, supporting my still wobbly knees.

My stomach felt like it was swirling around in circles and my heart was pounding as hard as it did when I was playing hockey. I panicked at how much her kiss and the feel of her body pressed against mine was turning me on. "I gotta get showered and head home", I quickly said. Mica pulled away from me and grinned, "At least let me help you get cleaned up". I was helpless to do anything but nod. My head felt like it was spinning, my knees were still shaking and I could feel the urgency of the throbbing I was beginning to feel between my legs. Mica bent over and grabbed my shampoo from the floor of the shower, poured some into her hands and began to work the suds through my hair. Even her washing my hair was driving me crazy. As I rinsed off my hair, she grabbed her shampoo and said "now you do me" with a wink.

I ran my fingers through her long curly locks as I rubbed the suds of the shampoo into her hair, deeply inhaling the scent of her shampoo. Mica rinsed off and grabbed my body wash, then turned back to me and said, "now we better get the rest of you clean". She poured the body wash directly into her hands, and standing behind me, she rubbed it on my aching shoulders and back. My muscles relaxed instantly and I let out a soft moan without even realizing I had done so.

She reached around me from behind, I could feel her nipples grazing my back as she reached around and rubbed soap all over my breasts. She slowly ran her fingers in circles around my nipples and cupped my breasts in her hands, supporting their weight. She leaned forward and gently let her lips graze my neck as she continued to work the soap down my stomach and towards my pussy. She came within an inch of my eager pussy, then pulled her hand away. She ran her hands down my back, over my ass and let her soapy hands venture over my cheeks and in between them. I tensed up a little and feeling this, Mica moved her hands away.

I instantly wanted her hands back on me. I couldn't find the words to say I wanted her to touch me, so I grabbed a hold of one of her hands and guided it towards my pussy. I finally managed to stammer out quietly, "you missed a spot". Mica's hands moved around my slit, gently soaping me up, then cupping her hands to run water over me. "Mmm" I moaned again, this time louder than the last. Mica giggled and said to me, "Will you wash my back?".

The way she bit her lip ever so slightly when she asked this must have been her way to green light my exploration of her body. I soaped her back and neck, massaging as I cleaned her. I allowed my hands to meander over her ass, which I had been checking out for the last 3 weeks. Since I was still nervous I followed the lead she had established when she was helping me get cleaned up.

I let my hand slip in between her cheeks and then traced the countours of her back and around her ass. I eagerly ran my soapy hands over her breasts and down her abs towards her pussy. Feeling the smoothness of her clean shaven pussy made me glad I had taken the time to shave my own earlier that day. I pulled her back towards me, placing my lips on her neck and planting small kisses all around it. Her body was backed up to me. The heat from the showers and the heat from her body touching mine was making my head swim. She turned back towards me and kissed me, harder than she had the first time. My pussy throbbed and ached as our tongues touched.

We stood under the hot spray of the shower, kissing each other furiously as we continued to pull each other in closer and closer. As much as the steam was melting away the soreness of our muscles, her touch was melting away any inhibition I had before I got in the showers that night.

She slid her hand down and gently slid her finger around my pussy, finding that the showers weren't the only thing that were pouring that night. She slid her finger inside me and felt the wetness that was dripping from me, "Someone's ready", she said with a grin. I bit my lip and moaned as she continued to slide her finger in and out of my wetness. She slid her finger out of me and rubbed it in circles around my clit. I felt like I was going to explode right then and there. I wanted to touch her the way she was touching me, but as I reached down towards her pussy she stopped my hand and said, "I'm not done with you yet".

She broke away from me and began to turn the showers off. The cold air of the locker room mingled with the heat and steam of the shower. It made my already hard nipples stick out even further and the cool air hitting my warm, wet pussy produced a sensation that I had never really felt. Mica took my hand and lead me to the locker room where she sat me down on one of the benches.

Kneeling on the floor in front of me, she kissed me again. I whispered to her, "what about the maintenance man? He's got to be ready to leave by now." Mica winked at me and said, "I took care of it, you'd be amazed what a 12 pack can buy you, it's just us in here." With that, she kissed around my neck while her fingers stroked my clit. She bent her head down slightly and took one of my nipples in her mouth, sucking and flicking it with her tongue. Her finger was now sliding in and out of me in rhythm with her flicking of my nipples.

It felt so amazing I was certain I was going to explode at any second. Mica reached down with her hands and spread my legs apart. She leaned back and looked me up and down, nodding in approval. She leaned in ever closer to my eagerly waiting pussy and began to lick all around my lips. Every few strokes of her tongue, she'd lightly flick my clit with the tip of her tongue, sending waves of pleasure through me. I kept arching my back and pushing myself towards her, but she inched back every time I did. She continued her teasing of my clit for what felt like forever.

I was aching for her tongue to take me over the edge. Suddenly she leaned in to me and stuck her tongue in my hole. She worked it in and out of me, letting out little moans as she tasted me. She pulled back again and slid two fingers into me and took my clit in her mouth, sucking it gently. Just like with my nipples, she worked in a steady rhythm, pumping her fingers in me everytime she flicked or sucked on my eager swollen clit. I reached down and grabbed her by the shoulders as I felt my orgasm building. As she continued to fuck me with her fingers and her tongue I found myself grabbing her hair, her shoulders, whatever I could get a hold of to steady myself. My thighs began to shake and my muscles began to spasm. I found myself putting my legs over her shoulders to give her all the access she needed.

As she eagerly lapped the juices from my pussy I knew I was about to cum. I pushed myself towards her, begging her not to stop. She obliged by licking and sucking and pushing her finger in me faster and harder. I grabbed her head with both hands and pushed myself towards her open mouth one last time, my orgasm now taking hold of me. I felt my pussy tighten around her fingers and my clit tingled as my juices poured out of me and into Mica's mouth. My body jerked as I reached orgasm, but Mica continued to lick and suck until she was sure she had gotten all the juices lapped up.

I crumpled over on the bench, gasping to catch my breath. Mica leaned forward and kissed me, the taste and smell of my pussy still present on her lips. My pussy was still throbbing and my heart was still racing as I laid there trying to compose myself.

"I take it you liked that?", Mica asked with a wide grin on her face. I couldn't even speak, but I nodded emphatically. My mouth was watering as I thought about tasting her.

I lowered myself onto the floor and Mica took my spot on the bench. I kissed her eagerly and anxiously. I had never done any of this before and as relaxed as my orgasm had left me, I was nervous. I kissed Mica and allowed my hands to rub over her breasts. As I felt her nipples harden under my touch I grew even more excited. I kissed my way down her neck and took her nipple in my mouth. As my tongue touched her nipple I couldn't think of anything but burying my face between her legs and feeling her orgasm from my touch.

I looked down, taking a few seconds to take in the look of her shaven pussy and the wetness that was dripping out from her lips. I parted them with my fingers and put my fingers inside her. The feel of her pussy around my fingers, the wetness that was coming out of her with every movement, it all made me want her more. I slid her lips apart again, this time eying her swollen, pink clit. I slowly moved my face towards her, licking it softly.

Mica's head tilted back and she placed her hand on top of my head. Holding her lips apart so I had full access, I slid my fingers in and out of her while flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. I was still unsure of what I was doing, but Mica's hand pushing my face into her let me know I was doing okay. The smell of her body wash and of her wetness mingled around me.

I buried my face in her pussy so much that I could only breathe if I pulled away momentarily, and when I pulled away Mica pulled my head back towards her again. I leaned back and took a breath and then stuck my tongue in her as far as I could. I lapped at her wetness and then moved back to her clit. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked on it. I could now tell she was getting close to orgasm and I was dying to give her one. I plunged 2 of my fingers into her pussy and found her g spot. With every flick of my fingers I also sucked or licked her clit. My rhythm grew faster and faster as I built her up. Her fingers were entangled in my hair and her hips were grinding into me. I licked and fucked faster and faster until I felt her pussy tighten and I knew she was going to cum.

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