The Lone Wolf



Valerie opened her eyes and looked at her door, she could hear Sam and Alana talking. "What the hell happened out here?" she asked as she opened the door and saw pieces of pottery littering the hall.

"I bumped into Alana as she was carrying some tea up to Gina. Your box of clothes is down stairs." Sam inclined her head to the stairs.

"Can we go for a run? My wolf really needs to run right now." Val looked over at Alana.

"I don't think there would be a problem." The girl stepped closer and Val noticed that she no longer smelled like her mate, instead she smelled of Pierre and Sam. "Come on, if you come out the back door you can run in the woods behind the house, in front of the house is the training fields, and they are chalk full of Zetas right now." Alana gestured to the steps and Val followed listening to her talk.

"How old are you?" Val suddenly asked.

"I turn eighteen in a month, but everyone treats me like I'm ten... I'm the youngest of the Comeaux line, and so I'm like everyone's little sister." She sighed and headed to the back door. The woods seemed so calm and quiet, and so terribly inviting. Val smiled at the girl and threw off her towel and shifted. She loved to roam the woods in her wolf form, ever since she could do it, and was free to do so. Val slammed the door on the dark memories that threatened to surface, and took off in a sprint.

Soon Val stumbled across the place she had seen in her dream. The cool pond and the beautiful willow. She approached the willow, and found his scent against the base. He had been here recently. She followed his trail with her nose and it led her around to the training fields. She could see who she thought was him, but her wolf knew that it wasn't the man that she was seeking. She fell back into the shade of the woods and started to circle around the fields looking for her mate. She heard voices up ahead.

"Come on Erik, we don't have to be long baby." the voice was female, and she could hear the sound of lips locking together. The red wolf huffed and was about to move on when she smelled him. His scent was coming from the direction of the female voice. Her wolf saw red and stepped around the brush to see him. She could see a leggy blonde wrapped around her mates form, but before she could growl he pried himself away.

"Danni, I can't. You should go find some other wolf to play with." He was about to turn around when the blonde grabbed him again.

"I don't want any other wolf Erik, I want you." She pouted and pressed herself against him.

"Too bad Danni, you can't have me." He pulled away and stared walking in Val's direction. Her wolf backed up slowly.

"I can, and I will Erik." The blonde jumped on to him pushing him into the grass, her lips all over him. Val couldn't hold back the growl that escaped her and she turned, racing off into the woods. She came back to the willow, and huddled behind it. She shifted back into her human form and pulled her knees into her chest. Her heart breaking. She had waited all these years, she went through so much pain, just to have her mate be with someone else. In her mind her wolf whined and pleaded to be let free to kill the woman that dared to kiss their mate. Instead Val curled into a ball and cried.

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