tagNonHumanThe Lone Wolf Ch. 02

The Lone Wolf Ch. 02


Sorry for the rough ending on the first one, and sad to say this one is no better in fact, my editor yelled at me for leaving it off here. But more is still to come.

Thanks Lorelei, you know who you are.

"Come on Erik, we don't have to be long baby." the voice was female, and she could hear the sound of lips locking together. The red wolf huffed and was about to move on when she smelled him. His scent was coming from the direction of the female voice. Her wolf saw red and stepped around the brush to see him. She could see a leggy blonde wrapped around her mates form, but before she could growl he pried himself away.

"Danni, I can't. You should go find some other wolf to play with." He was about to turn around when the blonde grabbed him again.

"I don't want any other wolf Erik, I want you." She pouted and pressed herself against him.

"Too bad Danni, you can't have me." He pulled away and started walking in Val's direction. Her wolf backed up slowly.

"I can, and I will Erik." The blonde jumped on to him pushing him into the grass, her lips all over him. Val couldn't hold back the growl that escaped her and she turned, racing off into the woods. She came back to the willow, and huddled behind it. She shifted back into her human form and pulled her knees into her chest. Her heart breaking. She had waited all these years, she went through so much pain, just to have her mate be with someone else. In her mind her wolf whined and pleaded to be let free to kill the woman that dared to kiss their mate. Instead Val curled into a ball and cried.


Erik couldn't believe Danni's audacity. She actually knocked him to the ground and was all over him. That's when he heard it, a very low, very angry, very female growl. His wolf stood up and yipped inside his head. He threw Danni off of him and growled at her. "I am not yours." and looked around for his mate. He knew she was there. He shifted, not caring about his clothes and put his nose to the ground. He found where she was hiding, watching him, and felt ashamed that she had to see that. He could smell the pain that was radiating off of her and followed her scent back to his spot.

He stopped and looked around but he couldn't see her. He put his nose to the air and sniffed, then heard something. Cautiously he scooted back into the brush and walked around the willow tree just out of sight. Once he rounded the tree he could see his mate, curled into a ball and crying. He was mentally screaming at himself for even thinking that sleeping with Danni was a good idea when he did it. He heard Danni howling in anger back where he left her and saw his mate stiffen. He growled knowing that she thought that was a howl of ecstasy and not one of anger. Her head whipped in his direction and he cursed himself.

Slowly he stepped from the brush and into her view and looked at her. He whined and inched forward. He could see her pressing herself further into the tree and he crouched low to the ground and inched forward whimpering. He kept inching forward making small reassuring sounds. Her eyes never left him for a moment, watching his slow approach. He was almost at her feet when he heard something in the woods. He sat up swiveling his head and cocking his ears trying to find the sound.

Val had heard it too. She was watching the wolf come closer, watching him try to reassure her with his soft growls and whimpers. She knew who he was, he was her mate, the one the female had been all over moments ago. Her wolf could still smell that female on him and was snarling to be let loose. She wanted to rub her body all over him and scent him as hers. Val shook the thoughts aside and watched him turn to face the bushes he had come out of. There was some twigs snapping, and then a blonde wolf leapt into the clearing. The blonde wolf snarled and Valerie knew who it was, it was Danni, the female who had been all over her mate. She couldn't keep a reign on her wolf, and it burst forth, shifting her to stand in between her mate and the blonde wolf.

Danni stared at the beautiful red wolf as it stood between her and Erik, its lips peeled back and snarling. She knew that she should stand down, but Erik was hers. She had been with him off and on for years, and she knew she was about to go into heat soon and wanted him with her, she would fight for him if need be, and she always got what she wanted. She snarled back and barked at the red wolf telling her to stand down, but the red wolf stood there growling, hackles raised.

Erik watched the scene in amazement. He knew he had hurt his mate, and she was upset seeing him with Danni. He was floored when he saw the red wolf jump in front of him, it was her, his mate. She stood there tall and proud, growling at Danni. Even with the seriousness of the situation, Erik couldn't help but feel a small spurt of male pride. He sat back on his haunches and smiled, well a wolfish smile anyway, and his tongue lolled out of his mouth.

The blonde wolf lunged at the red wolf, hoping she'd retreat, instead the red wolf snapped viciously at the blonde one, barking out her frustration. Danni retreated a few steps and circled over to the left, watching the red wolf with hate filled eyes. Val stood her ground and watched Danni pace, waiting for the next attack. She didn't have long to wait, and this time she swatted at Danni and caught her jaw with a powerful strike, sending the smaller wolf flying to the ground. The blonde wolf was furious, as she stood and shook out her fur. She wasn't going to let this Bitch come between her and Erik.

Valerie had just about enough from this blonde bimbo. She crouched low and waited for the lunge she knew was coming. This time she propelled forward and caught the blonde in the shoulder, rolled her onto her back and stood over her growling. Her jaws clamped tight around the other wolf's throat waiting for submission. The blonde bucked and tried to throw off her opponent, snarling as much as she could. "Submit Danni, submit to my mate. She beat you." Val's heart soared at his words, he called her his mate! She knew not to let go until the other woman relented and waited until she went limp, her eyes downcast. Val released the wolf and backed up a few paces to sit beside her mate.

The blonde wolf shifted. "This isn't over Erik." She snapped at him, and he smiled. "You are mine!" She whined, staring at him.

"I was never yours Danni. I am not your mate." He shrugged, running his large hand down his mates back, luxuriating in the feel of her soft red fur. "You know that. You will find your mate Danni, and when you do you will see how foolish you are being." Erik chuckled at the look of outrage on Danni's face. "You should go. I have to apologize to my mate." He said before he shifted back into his wolf form and ran his head across the top of his mate's.

Val watched Danni huff and shift back, and race toward the compound. She could feel Erik's gentle licks and feel his heavy head as he checked for wounds to heal. She knew she had none, but liked his attentions. He shouldered her, and she turned her wolfish eyes on him. His wolf was large, and broad, much like the man. His fur was long and shaggy, but still soft. She could still smell Danni all over him and growled. She lunged at him, catching him by surprise, and knocking him onto his back. Before he could move, she was rubbing her body against him. Replacing that vile woman's scent with her own. She looked down at her mate and scented his neck, happy that she was the only other scent she could smell mixed with his own.

When the red wolf had knocked him over, he thought she wanted to play, but as she rolled over him, he realized he must still smell like Danni. He let her do what her wolf needed to do, and growled low with arousal as she stood over him and stared down with her beautiful light green eyes. She backed up off of him after she had scented his neck and allowed him to stand. He sat for a moment curious as what to do. He knew he had to make amends for the position she found him in earlier, and his wolf wanted nothing more than to prove his dominance over her and mate with her now. The red wolf looked over at him and leaned down to clean her paws, but still watching him. He stood and walked over to her, circling.

Val watched him closely as he circled her. She was curious as to what he was up to and felt her heartbeat pick up as his breath came down on the back of her neck. His tongue licked her there and she growled out her warning. She was, after all, still angry at him for the position she found him in. She felt the shimmer of power behind her and knew that he has just shifted back to human. "I'm sorry little one." His voice rumbled in her ear as his hands rubbed at the fur on her back. "You should not have seen me as you did, especially for our first time meeting. Outside of dreams."

She cocked her head to the side to see him, "Yes little one, we shared a dream earlier. It is common among mates to see each other, well it used to be. Not so much anymore times have changed a bit and it seems to be taking longer for us to find our mates." He laughed deep in his chest at the look Val gave him. "I am not yet old little one, you need not worry. I'm a young pup compared to some." Val's wolf chuffed and stepped away from her mate to drink from the pond. "You are not going to make this easy on me are you little one?"

Val stopped drinking to look up at him for a moment and then resumed drinking. " I Guess I deserve that." He laughed quietly again and stood up looking out over the pond. "You were one of the human women turned weren't you?" Val choked on her water and huffed indignantly, turning her muzzle to glare at him. "No? You were rescued from that house weren't you?" Val tilted her head and sat back on her haunches. "Yes, but you were never human? How did they manage to capture a she wolf?" Erik mused as he stared at his beautiful mate.

"Erik!" He heard his brother and knew she did too, but he didn't want to take his eyes off of her in fear that she would run and he wouldn't be able to go after her right away. "There you are." Ayden breathed as he got closer. Erick took a moment to look up at his brother's approach. "I've been looking everywhere for you, what the hell are you doing back here all by yourself?" Erik wildly looked around for his beauty but she was nowhere to be seen. His shoulders slumped and he glared at his brother. "Leon says that they have battle strategies lined up for tonight if you want to do your job."

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