tagMatureThe Lonely Neighbor

The Lonely Neighbor


She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her body. She stopped to admire herself in the mirror, rubbing her lacey bra and flat stomach. She paused and appeared lost in thought, before she continued removing her clothes. Her pants came off, followed by the bikini-cut panties and finally her bra. She stood naked again looking in the mirror, and then she walked out of her room and into the bathroom for her shower.

"Damn", I thought to myself as I watched my neighbor from my window. "What I wouldn't do to taste her."

My neighbor was named Julie, a petite brunette who was married and had two kids, both of whom were off in college. Her husband works for weeks at a time, away on construction. I had fantasized about her since she and her husband moved in next to us a few years ago. She had smallish breasts and a wonderful ass, which she always showed off when she sunbathed in her back yard. I did odd jobs for them from time to time, cutting their grass, painting their deck, etc. Once I had discovered that my window faces directly at her bedroom, I watched her room at all hours of the day. Now that her husband worked away I had caught her undressing many times. She seemed to wear sexier clothes, and sometimes very little, around the house. All I knew is that I had to get in her pants. A chance had to come sooner or later...

That sweet chance came about three weeks later, as I lay on my bed watching her bedroom. I was absently reading a music magazine and glanced up occasionally to see if she had entered the room. About 3:30 she did and seemed to be sitting on her bed watching TV. After about half and hour she spread her legs and began un-doing her pants.

"Shit", I breathed. "She’s finally going to masturbate."

She un-did her pants and pushed them down to her ankles and began rubbing herself through her panties. From this distance I could make out what she was doing but not with great detail. My heart began pounding as I frantically began thinking how I could get over there. When I came up with a plausible idea, my cock was already rock-hard and struggling to get out of my jeans. I raced downstairs and out my door and ran down the short distance to her house. Before all this gets out of hand, let me roughly describe myself. I am 18, about 6'2, about 210 lbs. with an athletic frame, with short blond hair and dark blue eyes.

I arrived at her doorstep, out of breath and with the front of my pants sticking straight out. I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. I didn't hear anything for a minute or so and rang it again. Immediately after I heard her walking towards the door. The door slowly opened and she peered around it, clad in a robe, what was underneath was anyone's guess.

"Uh...Brad," She stammered. "What do you need?"

"Hi, Mrs. Bennett, you asked me to mow your lawn and I'm free for a few hours..."

"Uh...come in, I'll be right back, I was taking a shower and..." She trailed off as I stepped in and she saw my erection pushing out of my pants.

I knew it was now or never, so I closed the front door, and took a step towards her. I slid my arm around her and kissed her deeply. She was surprised and stiff at first, but she did not protest and after a few seconds responded with a deep French kiss. When we broke off, she was out of breath, "My god, Brad, what has gotten into you?" She said breathlessly.

Again, I told myself this was what I've been waiting for and said as confidently as possible, "Well, Mrs. Bennett, I was watching you masturbate from my bedroom."

I swallowed hard and waited for her response. To my great relief, she smiled weakly and blushed.

"Were you really? God, I didn't think a man would ever touch me again."

"I've been watching you for years, I've always thought you were beautiful."

"Really? You like older women? You know I'm 41."

"Yes, of course I like mature women, they're sexier then the sluts in high school."

"Hmm...well would you like to come upstairs?" She smiled coyly, but still red with embarrassment.

I followed her upstairs and into her bedroom. She removed the pink robe and revealed a black bra and panties. She unsnapped her bra and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Come over here, Brad, and make me feel sexy again."

I wasted no time, and began undressing. I got down to my boxers and sat down next to her. I lowered my head to her pink nipple and took it into my mouth. As I kneaded her other breast, she began moaning and breathing heavily. When I was finished with her breasts, I gently pushed her on her back and spread her milky thighs. She immediately brought them up, giving me total access to her pantied crotch. I began stroking her inner thighs and gently rubbing her crotch, which was already damp. I leaned back for a moment, and she quickly raised her legs and slipped her panties off, revealing a nicely trimmed patch of pubic hair. I slipped a finger in and began exploring her vagina. She was very tight and already her juices were flowing. I slipped the finger out and dropped my face to her cunt and began lightly licking the lips. She squirmed with pleasure and I slipped my tongue in and found her clit and began teasing it.

"My god, it's been so long..." She moaned

I took my time with her pussy and she came many times. I was pretty inexperienced in everything at this point, but especially pussy-eating. I fumbled my way through, and luckily for me, she hadn't much experience either. After that, she slipped off the bed and kneeled in front of me. She reached into my boxers and pulled out my rock-hard cock. Fully erect it is about 7 inches. She obviously knew what she was doing here. She sucked me off like a pro, teasing my head and taking my balls in her mouth. When she finally let me cum, I shot a huge load down her throat. After that mind-blowing experience, I was ready to return the favor. She knew what was coming also, as he climbed back up onto the bed and spread her legs wide. I positioned myself and rubbed my still hard cock around her wet opening. We needed no words here, as I slowly pushed my penis into her tight hole. As I mentioned earlier, I did not have a lot of sexual experience here, but Julie's little wet cunt was the best I had I felt. Once I had my entire shaft inside her, I began ramming it in and out of her. She bucked and came up and met me, forming a rhythm, which was not going to last long. As we came closer to orgasm we lost our rhythm and began fucking each other like crazy. She screamed out and rubbed her pink nipples furiously. I just tried to keep ramming that little cunt. Finally, we couldn't hold it any longer, and I exploded into her. She came harder than I had ever seen a girl cum, and screamed with delight. I collapsed next to her and we lay there breathing heavy for what seemed like hours. After we had recovered, we took a long shower together, where we took turns going down on each other. We finally washed up and got dressed. We had said barely 10 words to each other since we began and I was worried if this was going to happen again. My fears were allayed, however, when she leaned over and whispered how much fun she had and she wanted to do this again...soon.

"When we have more time, we'll talk in detail, Brad. I need to do this again soon."

"Great" I said, and we exchanged emails so we could talk at any time of the day or night.

"My husband is always gone, and your parents both work, so I think we'll be seeing a lot of each other in the near future." She smiled sexily, and led my to the door. We kissed deeply and I squeezed her firm ass before departing and walking back to my house.

To be continued...

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