tagRomanceThe Lonely Salesman Ch. 02

The Lonely Salesman Ch. 02


Chapter 2 -- Connie's Perspective

Philly was still sound asleep as I came out of the most restful and contented night of sleep I'd had in a very long time. I was still snuggled tightly against his body with my head resting on his chest. I didn't move a muscle not wanting to wake him before he was ready.

As I lay there his warm body felt so good touching mine. His arm that had held me tightly to him as we fell asleep last night now rested on the satin bed sheets just behind me. I looked up at his face. He looked so peaceful sleeping next to me.

In my mind I began reviewing the night of passion we had shared. Philly had made love to me like no man had ever before. His tender gentle lovemaking was something I'd never experienced. And when I had encouraged him to be somewhat rougher with my body he responded with passion and lust for me. Thinking back I knew that was a little out of character for Philly but he still found a way to accept my encouragement and provide me with the sexual fulfillment I so desired. I hoped Philly wouldn't be turned off by my desire for occasional somewhat rough sex.

I wanted so much for our newly discovered romance not to ruin our friendship. As I lay there with my new lover I felt my own passion and lust for him begin to build. I wanted him again, first thing this morning. I wondered to myself if he would find it exciting to be brought out of his deep restful sleep by my mouth. The thought of having his cock swell in my mouth while he slept turned me on.

I rationalized no man in his right mind wouldn't love being brought out of such a deep restful sleep by having his cock sucked. I decided to go for it. Slowly I lifted my head from his chest. Philly didn't stir. I carefully slid down the bed removing the comforter from his body as I did. He was still sound asleep as I uncovered his hips. His cock lay limp against his abdomen. Moistening my lips with the tip of my tongue I slowly lowered my mouth toward his cock.

I began my oral alarm clock with a slow sensuous lick from the base of his cock up along the shaft to the head. I kept my eyes on his face watching for a sign that he was coming out of his deep slumber. My lips quivered as I slid them down the length of his still limp dick. Having sexual contact with my sleeping lover made my juices flow and I could feel my pussy begin to moisten.

I licked again up the length of his shaft, parting my lips as I reached its head. Sliding my upper lip over the tip I used my mouth to pick his cock up from its resting place. The head slipped between my lips and into my mouth. The only contact between Philly and me was my lips and warm mouth around his cock. I felt it begin to react to my warm mouth and I could see his eyeballs move slightly behind closed lids.

Holding his cock in my mouth I slowly moved my head down taking more of it inside me. It continued to grow and I thought I heard him mumble something. His eye movement became more pronounced. I realized my oral wake up call had brought him out of his deep sleep, but that he was dreaming as I continued. I slid one hand up and took his stiffening shaft in that hand. I licked at the head and circled the corona with the tip of my tongue. A quiet moan escaped Philly's throat. His cock continued to swell and was now to a point where I could slide it deeper in my mouth without fear of bending it as I did.

My lips closed around the gland and as the corona slid past my lips Philly moaned again. Deeper this time and with more volume. I kept my eyes glued to his face watching for any sign that he was awakening. As I took more of him inside my mouth his eyelids moved and slowly opened. I had accomplished my goal. My lover was waking up and his instant smile told me he loved my oral wake up call.

"Morning lover." He spoke. "I thought I was having an incredible dream, but I see it was no dream baby."

I smiled at him with my eyes and continued what I had started. Knowing he was fully awake encouraged me to become more aggressive with my mouth and tongue. I grasped his now fully erect cock and licked every inch of the shaft. I again circled the corona and glands with my tongue. Lifting my mouth from the tip I let a string of saliva between his manhood and my tongue. As it broke I opened my lips wide and lowered my mouth around his cock. As it entered my soft wet mouth his eyes widened.

"Oh Connie that feels so fucking good, he said. "I love the way you suck me baby."

Philly's cock is a perfect size. It's long enough to tickle my throat but doesn't have the girth that I find uncomfortable inside my mouth. Withdrawing him from my mouth,

I said, Good Morning Philly, hope you don't mind it I started breakfast before you woke up?"

He smiled and giggled before saying, "Have all you want Connie, I'm all yours this morning."

I happily continued my good morning blow job and again licked around the gland and corona paying particular attention to the connecting tissue of his frenulum before licking the length of his shaft and onto his scrotum. Taking one ball between my lips I sucked gently on it.

Philly groaned before he said, "Oh god Connie that feels so good. Don't stop baby!"

I ran the tip of my tongue along the underside of his cock shaft until I again reached the tip. I parted my lips and exhaled deeply over the head of his erect and twitching cock.

"I want this in my throat baby." I said as I licked at the head. Very slowly I lowered my wide open mouth over the head and down along the shaft. As it touched the back of my throat I relaxed my muscles and pressed it deeper into my throat.

Philly moaned deeply and said, "Oh my god Connie, take all of it, swallow me baby."

His words encouraged me to swallow more of his cock. I could feel my throat bulge as the head of his rock hard erection pressed deeper and deeper into my throat.

"Yes, that's it Connie, take it deep in your throat!" Philly said.

I brought it back up and let the head slip from my oral grasp before I said, "Do you like when I deep throat it baby?" Knowing the answer to my question.

Philly responded, "Ohhhhhhh baby that feels so good. Please do it again please!"

Again I deep throated his rock hard cock. My lips pressed against the base of his shaft and my throat was stuffed with his cock.

Withdrawing him once again I said, "You want more baby?"

His instant response was, "Fuck yes I want more baby. Suck it fuck it with your throat!"

I started doing just what Philly asked. Fucking him with my wet mouth and hot throat. Over and over again I impaled my oral cavity on his rock hard cock. His hips started lifting from the bed to meet my mouth as I descended on him.

Philly moaned deeply again as I took both of his balls in one hand and squeezed them lightly. I wanted his hot cum, I wanted the flood of his first orgasm of the day deep in my mouth and throat.

He groaned as my tongue licked over the head and down the shaft to his balls. Each time I withdrew his cock from my mouth I stroked it slowly with my hand. He was soaked with my salvia, which made it easier for me to take him deeply inside.

Before I drove it deep in my throat once again I said, "Cum for me baby, shoot your hot thick cum in my mouth!"

My plea for him to cum in my mouth made his cock swell even more as it slid once again down my throat deeper and deeper. I took him, all of him.

He screamed, "God damn Connie." As his hand came to the back of my head.

I relaxed my throat muscles once more knowing what he was about to do. As the pressure of his hand forced him deep inside my throat I moaned deeply.

He gathered up a hand full of my hair and pulled me up off his cock only to push my mouth down around the full length of his swollen shaft.

He said, "Fuck yes baby, I'm going to cum!" As he pulled my mouth off his cock once again.

I said, "Oh god yes Philly cum in my mouth ba." His cock muffled the final word as he forced it deep inside my mouth again. I wanted to taste his cum, I wanted to swallow every drop his balls could provide. I wanted him to use my throat.

He screamed, "Ahhhhhhhhh." As his orgasm began and the first hot thick stream of his cum shot from the tip of his cock. If flooded my throat and I swallowed it instantly. Lifting my mouth a little the next shot filled my mouth. I held it there as I lifted again to let him coat my lips with his man juice. It tasted incredible. Hot, thick, sticky, and very salty.

Philly groaned deeply as my mouth, tongue and lips continued to bring him pleasure and extend his orgasm.

He produced more cum that I thought possible and I licked and sucked at his cock smearing it all over my lips and cheeks. I love the feel of his cum on me. I love the way his cock twitches as he cums. I love the way his hips spasm as he cums.

Philly moaned over and over again as his orgasm finally began to subside. His hips twitched every time my lips touched his dick.

I said, "I want every drop of you baby." As I squeezed his cock stroking upward to collect the cum that coated the shaft and the few drops I could squeeze out of him. Licking all of it from the head I moaned deeply as I took the head inside my wet hot mouth again.

As Philly started to regain control of his senses he said, "That's incredible Connie. What an incredible blow job."

I responded, "I love sucking cock baby. I think I'm a pretty good cock sucker."

"Pretty good is putting it mildly baby." He replied. "You give absolutely incredible head Connie. I can't believe how deep you're able to take it."

"Years of practice baby." I said smiling as I licked his cum from my fingers.

I continued, "And I love the taste of your cum Philly." "I could have that cocktail every day and night babe."

I slid my hands up his chest and dug my nails into the flesh. He cooed lustfully and his body shuttered as my nails reached his stomach and abdomen. He grabbed my hands and pulled them back up.

As he said, "Come up here baby and give me a good morning kiss."

I slid up his body letting my nipples rub against his skin. Philly moaned as my soft full breasts slid along his chest. Our mouths met and he kissed me deeply, his tongue searching for mine.

He licked at my face tasting his own juice as he said, "Hmmmmm. It tastes so good on your lips baby."

Unlike most other men I'd given my throat to, Philly amazed me by tasting his own cum from my lips and face. I kissed his lips, my tongue darted into his mouth and he gladly accepted it sucking what remaining cum he could from it.

His hands were in constant motion, touching me, caressing me, teasing me. I shivered under his soft gentle caresses.

Philly smiled at me when he noticed the goose bumps on my arms and used the very tips of his fingers to trace sensually up the back of my arms. My whole body shuddered uncontrollably and my nerve endings tingled under his sensual touch.

Our mouths met again, his kisses always start off very tenderly. Lips barely touching, tongues only darting toward one another. His soft hands running along my jaw on either side until he reaches my hair.

"I love touching you Connie, I love running my fingers through your hair." "I've thought about doing that since the first moment I laid eyes on you baby!" Philly said.

I feel like a china doll in his hands, his touches are so gentle so calming so incredibly sensual. Philly handles me like he is worried that I may break. So many men I've been with grope at my body, squeezing hard, pinching, but Philly was introducing me to another kind of lovemaking. A soft sensual kind that I was quickly becoming accustomed to and to be honest enjoying very much.

I didn't want to move from him, but since I woke him I offered, "Would you like me to make some coffee Philly?"

His reply made me feel so good, so wanted, so needed.

Philly said, "Connie right now the only thing I want is you right here with me." He continued saying, "Lay down baby and let me give you a massage."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Philly wanted to give me a massage. I thought only women gave their lovers massages. I gladly accepted knowing his soft hands would be all over my body.

I lay down on my stomach and folded my arms under my chin turning my head toward him I said, "If you'd like some oil baby there's a bottle in the night stand drawer."

Philly knelt beside me and reached over pulling the small drawer open to retrieve the small bottle of lavender scented oil. He smiled at me as he opened the lid and lifted the bottle to his nose.

"This smells divine Connie." Philly commented. He squeezed a puddle of oil into the palm of his hand and rubbed his hands together to warm the oil.

I reached around and pulled my hair to one side as his hands touched me. He started at the small of my back with his thumbs resting on my spine. Slowly he slid his hands upward spreading the oil along the length of my spine to the base of my neck. His hands moved to the outside edges of my back and slid down applying oil to my skin very skillfully.

I moaned a little and said, "That feels so good Philly."

Philly giggled and replied, "Connie I haven't even started yet."

Philly's hands moved back to the base of my spine and slowly he began moving them upward pressing his thumbs strongly against my vertebrae and making small circles out from my spine. Only his thumbs were working the rest of his fingers just slid along as he worked his way slowly back up my spine.

I moaned deeper as the muscles started to relax and he approached the top of my spine. Once there his fingers slid over the top of my shoulders and his thumbs continued the circular motion onto the muscles in the back of my neck.

"Hmmmmmmmm.." I said. As his thumbs worked their magic on my neck muscles.

Philly didn't say a word. His hands did all the talking as he began sliding them down again further out from my spine. His fingers and palms joined his thumbs. And I sighed as the oil warmed my skin under his skillful hands and fingers.

"That feels incredible Philly." I said.

Philly leaned forward and said, "Shhhhhh baby" wanted me to be still and silent as he worked my muscles. He clearly had knowledge of anatomy because his massage followed the length of each muscle rather than across it's fiber. I could feel every inch of my back muscles relax as his fingers soothed their length.

After working several times up and down my back he continued down onto my ass and hips. His circular motion there soothed the muscles and brought a tingling and moist feeling between my thighs. I wondered to myself how much more of this I would be able to enjoy before I had to have him inside me.

Slowly he continued down, working his magic on the back of my legs. One hand on each thigh and both working in perfect harmony. My legs relaxed and even though Philly had me be silent earlier I again moaned as his hands worked over my thighs. I love his touch. His firm strong hands that work so gently on my body. As he continued downward to my calves I was becoming more and more in tune with his movements expecting the circle motion first and then the long deep strokes of his fingers and palms along the length of my muscles. My legs felt like taffy in his hands. Taffy to be stretched and pulled then compressed again.

He slid further down and lifted one foot to concentrate both thumbs in a circular pattern along the soles of my foot.

I resisted pulling it away but said, "Ooooh Philly my feet are so sensitive."

My encouragement only made Philly massage deeper into the bottom of my foot. As his fingers slid onto my toes I giggled and said, "Baby I'm very ticklish there."

Philly again shushed me and whispered, "Almost done with this side Connie."

This side? I wasn't sure I could endure this incredible massage on another side. But Philly kissed the sole of my foot and said, "Turn over Connie."

As I turned he slid off the bed and walked over to slide the ottoman to the side of the bed. He stood between the bed and the ottoman and said, "Give me your head Connie." I slid up toward him as he sat down.

His hands cupped my head and he used his thumbs to slowly massage my facial muscles. Moving them from the middle of my forehead out toward my temples. It felt so incredible. I instantly relaxed totally and let him work his thumb magic on every inch of my face. His soothing technique turned me into putty. My neck muscles relaxed and his hands held my head firmly as he massaged my eye brows, my cheek muscles and both upper and lower lips.

I finally had to speak, "God Philly this is incredible, you could put me to sleep massaging my face this way."

His eyes looked down at me and he smiled before he said, "Relax baby, let yourself drift along with my hands."

He worked over my face for the better part of ten minutes. As I relaxed his fingers soothed my neck and I felt like one of those bobbin dolls I've seen in the back of some cars.

Just as I felt like I could fall asleep under his gentle facial massage he slid his hands further down under my shoulders holding my head up with his forearms. He lifted my shoulders slightly off the bed and slid me back onto it so my head again rested on the satin bed spread.

Standing up he slowly walked around to my feet again. As he walked around the bottom of my bed his eyes took in my body. He smiled as he stopped at my feet and said, "Absolutely incredible Connie." "You are so sexy, so sensual, so absolutely beautiful."

I cooed at his compliment and smiled before I said, "Philly I love the way you talk to me." "I love the way your words make me feel." "Please never stop telling me how much you want me baby."

I looked down the length of my naked body and into his eyes. The look of lust was there. I wanted him. He wanted me. We spoke in unison, "I want you baby."

Our bodies had joined the night before and earlier this morning, now I had the wonderful feeling that our minds and hearts were coming together also. That knowledge gave me a warm feeling in my chest I'd never felt before. And I loved the feeling.

Most men I'd been with before would have said, "I want to fuck you Connie." Philly continued to show me how romantic he is saying, "Make love with me Connie, sweet passionate love baby."

I lifted my arms toward him as I replied, "Oh yes Philly, let's make love together."

He slowly crawled up between my legs as I spread my thighs to offer myself to him. His body slid over mine as he moved toward my parting lips. Philly began lowering his mouth to mine then stopped. Our eyes were glued to one another. His searched deep into mine as my eyes searched his.

His lips inched their way toward mine until they were barely touching. His lips parted and his tongue slipped between them. Gently, slowly his tongue massaged my lips. I moaned deeply as the passion of our kiss warmed my soul. My tongue met his and they circled one another sliding further and further down until our lips met. Philly gave into his lust and pressed his mouth harder on mine. This kiss, this glorious kiss ignited a fire in our loins.

I felt his cock swell along my belly and his body weight began to press harder down on me. His chest touched my breasts and I moved my shoulders side to side rubbing my erect nipples through the curls of hair on his chest.

I wanted him inside me. I wanted his rock hard cock to fill me. I lifted my thighs and spread my pussy wide open. Philly moaned deeply and lifted his hips positioning himself just at the entrance to my steamy soaking wet pussy. He pressed forward. I reached up and grabbed his ass trying my best to force him inside. But Philly had other ideas.

He moaned and said, "Slowly baby."

His rock hard prick pressed against the lips of my pussy. I released my grasp on his ass and slid my hands between our hips spreading my pussy lips apart for him. Ever so slowly Philly pressed his cock inside. First just the tip, then the bulging head.

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