tagNonHumanThe Long Kiss of Night Ch. 02

The Long Kiss of Night Ch. 02

byJames Cody©

At Play in the Fields of the Divine

A canticle of angels sang and fucked as I watched from my perch atop the giant skull of some creature a long time extinct. I smiled as their wings fluttered and they used the feathers to tickle the asses, balls and pussies of their brethren. It was not unusual to see such a gathering of holies near the Abyss. Whenever the living gathered and celebrated in song it was an aphrodisiac to angels -- by their beatific nature they responded with their own songs sprinkled amidst their throes of ecstasy. Only an orgy of a hundred angels could come simultaneously; the combined joy would echo in the world of the living as a break in the clouds and pillars of sunlight and rainbows would inexplicably decorate the sky. If the moon had risen, the living would witness a display of Northern lights.

Such are the things I am privy to witness. But the distraction was short lived as Moonwyn nudged me. She was snorting fire -- a sure sign that a breach had formed in the Abyss and something had leaked through. With and easy flip I landed on the saddle I fashioned from my own bones. I tugged Moonwyn's reins and launched her at the angels still drunk with their own come. A pretty one saw me and yelped as she witnessed Moonwyn's skin liquify and appear to puddle at her shoulders and then reform as large bat-like wings. I laughed as I pulled her head upwards and Moonwyn flapped her giant wings -- spaying the angels with moist droplets of blood as skinless muscles bulged and surged. We circled them for a few moments, giving me time to wink at the one who'd first noticed us. She gave me a look that was a mix of lust and hate and then the others huddled, covering themselves with their fine white wings. I exhaled smoke from the cracking scars that riddled my body and Moonwyn lunged forward with a thunderous beating of her wings.

Once upon a time there was a man named Gabriel and he thought himself a righteous warrior of God. But a faithful night, in the forest of Syrok, he was initiated and recruited by Hell after having been singled out by Heaven. That name was nothing but a memory now as I crossed lakes of boiling blood and forests of moaning trees. I had crossed the Abyss after my fly by of the angels and had entered into the realm of Hell.

As Moonwyn flew towards the Eastern horizon we soon came upon our quarry: a random thought of hope had entered and was illuminating the local flora and fauna of demons who scurried back to dens of despair. I saw one who looked upon the hope and try to touch it. The demon's body suddenly blistered and it howled with fury as flowers grew where it had touched hope. It actually started to dance! At once I nicked my finger with my knife and shook my hand, watching as my blood flowed from the cut and congeal to form an arrow before the cut sealed itself. I steadied Moonwyn, unhooked my bow from the back of the saddle and nocked the arrow. Hope could not be allowed to flourish. The bow tightened with an audible moan of ecstasy and I let loose the arrow. The demon saw it flying but did nothing when it pierced its eye. My blood was liquid again and it sprayed the demon as its own ichor flowed forth. The two liquids erupted in blue flame and the demon was consumed before it could spread a song of hope. Scavengers feasted on the crispy remains.

We set upon our pursuit of the thought and found it circling a grove of petrified victims -- damned souls for whom Hell was a frozen moment in time when they were at their lowest. They had defined their existence with a single act that brought pain to themselves and others. Hope is always drawn to the hopeless. I saw it near a man who was mangling a child out of revenge against his wife till he realised the child had been his in the end. Hope gathered, ready to bathe the victim -- it had the aspect of clean water till I drove my sword in to it. It was said the blade was forged in the centre of the Earth before the age of Man and tempered in a puddle of God's tears. All I knew was that the night was ripped with a piercing scream as hope broke apart and crumpled to dust as it does so often. My blade hummed for a moment in satisfaction before I slid it back in to the sheathe across my back.

Moonwyn shivered for a moment and I patted her powerful neck. With a tap of my heels she settled back on the ground and her wings melted and reformed as her skin. She was tired of the flight so I trotted us back to our lair. We followed a branch of the Styx that led to the Abyss and our home. I pulled her reins and halted our progression as I noticed something in the water. I dismounted her and walked to the edge.

Peering at the liquid I saw my reflection. But it was a warped reflection for I saw the man I once was and the life I could have lived. I'd forgotten the Styx would torture onlookers with their deepest desires. I saw Gabriel in a woman's embrace and she kissed him while he fucked her with abandon. That much was still true. I laughed as I saw the image of the woman giving birth to what would have been Gabriel's daughter. Annoyed with these phantasms, I reached under my cape and unsheathed my dagger. It was a long silver and ebony blade with a hilt composed of intertwining snakes and crowned with four cobras. I ran the edge of the blade across my left wrist and let a few rivulets of blood fall into the water. The wound sealed within seconds while the blood pooled under the surface of the river and took my aspect and proceeded to slaughter Gabriel and his wife and child. I was the hunter and guardian of the Abyss now and I would not have it any other way. Their spilt blood pooled with mine and was finally carried away by the current.

I mounted Moonwyn for she was now rested and ready for a gallop. I pointed her toward the Abyss and jabbed my heels in her sides. She snorted happily and bolted with all the power and speed she could muster. As her hooves drove in to the ground of Hell, moans and grunts escaped the indentations she left -- if we had stopped to peer in them we might see an eye, a mouth, or perhaps even a whole face appear for a brief moment from the disturbance. Hell was built upon the souls of the damned. A death hawk was pacing us from on high, playing at diving at us and then pulling up at the last moment, unleashing its terrible squawk. Each time it made that sound, a living child was having a nightmare. The hawk finally perched itself in a tree of woe not far from the cave entrance that marked my abode. Woes only grew in overlapping patches of space and time shared with the Earth realm. Tears and blood were its main fertiliser, so their must have been a battle in this place some when in the past or the future. Time meant very little here. I dismounted Moonwyn and removed the saddle. She looked at me and I nodded. She bucked a few times and hurried south to go and run with a herd of poltergeist that often roamed near the Abyss. It was then I noticed a golden hue emanating from my cave.

I drew my sword and entered the cave. The glow was intense and warm as I neared it, but since this was my home I took a deep breath and blew lightly like I would for a candle. There was a surprised gasp erupting from deeper inside as the glow subsided and mine were the only eyes allowed to see. I heard a ruffling of wings -- an angel was in my home.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from a Holy?" I asked as I sheathed the sword. Six wings batted back and forth in search of my voice and the angel faced me. A seraphim. She was a bit shorter than I was and though her neck and limbs appeared delicate, I knew a seraphim was a powerful adversary, even on this side the Abyss. Her blond hair was neatly tucked under a helmet and she wore the mandatory golden breast plate and boots and brassards. She carried two knives and had a bow and quiver hanging from her side. Her beautiful blue eyes peered in the darkness as she struggled to summon her glow. Angels were so proud of that trick.

"I know you," I whispered, making sure that the sound vibrated from the walls themselves. I snapped my fingers and globes of light ignited from the ceiling. I could see in the darkness of my own creation but I saw no reason to hide from her anymore.

"Yes," she said with a melodic voice, more used to singing than simple speech. "We saw each other earlier before you hunted that poor hope."

"Such is my purpose," I emphasised as I leaned against the wall and observed her. I could not help but notice how bulbous her breasts plate was. Then I remembered I had seen her naked just a while ago. That had been a splendour to behold. "Since you're primed for battle I gather this is not a social call?"

"There has been a breach in Heaven," she said, though not without difficulty as I stared at her intensely. "Stop looking at me like that."

"It's no different from the way I looked at you before. Why should you be more modest now that you're dressed?" I took a step forward and caressed the feathers of the wing closest to her thighs. "So a lost soul has invaded the great garden." She glared at me for referring to the home of the Holies as a mere garden. But she then closed her eyes for I was gently caressing the main phalange of her wing. I blew on her wing and goosebumps erupted across her skin and her glow came back. I wanted to fully witness her enjoy the way I touched her as we discussed business. "The breach must have been on the border of Heaven and the Abyss itself for me not to have sensed it. And they sent you to fetch me?"

Her opposite wing swooped around to touch my arm. Her feathers, mobile like fingers, traced the scars that had been my binding contract to this existence. They opened and seemed to sigh as she tickled them. "I am to fetch and escort you through Heaven as you hunt the soul," she declared as she bit her full lower lip. "Because of your earlier behaviour, it is believed you cannot be fully trusted or controlled."

"They're right," I whispered while I moved close to her. Again a look of lust flashed across her eyes, but only lust this time. I stared at her cleavage: she wore a short. silk-like dress beneath the armor and the straps ended in a V behind her neck. I nonchalantly ran a finger across the crease between her tits. Her skin was golden and warm and I knew her nipples must be hard to the point of discomfort under her golden armor. "When was it sighted?"

"What?" she asked as she closed her eyes and distractedly began to wrap her wings around me and lean forward for a kiss.

"The lost soul we should be hunting -- when was it last seen?"

"Oh!" she exclaimed as she realised what was about to happen. "I... Stop that!" She jumped back and her wings fluttered nervously. "We should be leaving now as it has a head start."

I smiled as she struggled to regain her composure. "I agree. By the way, I can't wait to lick your tits," I added as I flicked my tongue at her.

"You are a vulgar bastard, aren't you," she declared as she straightened her feathers. "I can't believe you once bore an angel's name."

"Hmmm... And now I stand before you Heaven and Hell's bastard son." I took an exaggerated bow and took my leave. She followed me and cursed me in her angelic dialect. Once outside, she spread her six wings and she was aloft -- I must admit it was an impressive sight. I slipped my battle gloves on, though not before kissing the finger that touched her skin to absorb her taste. She noticed and sprinted away. I whispered Moonwyn's name and she swooped down towards me; I leapt in to the air and landed on her bare and skinless back. My mount enjoyed the intimate pressure of my weight against her exposed inner flesh. In a few flaps of her powerful wings we'd caught up to the seraphim.

"What's your name?" I called over the roar of her wings. We were approaching the border of Heaven and the Abyss. We would not be able to speak during the transitions and since in Heaven the natives tend to sing -- I do not sing. Well.

"I'm Enya'el," she shouted as she looped around me and flew in a figure I recognised as an incantation to form a transition -- she then streamlined her wings along her body and dove as a pool of light formed below us.

Her disappearance was accompanied by erratic eruptions of light and resounding thunderclaps and the portal was gone. I looked over my shoulder at the permanent crepuscule that was the Abyss and plunged in the manner of Enya'el. As I neared the transition I was generating, tendrils of light reached out for Moonwyn and me. The light was searing and cold at the same time as it melted and joined with our nether-flesh.

From a flash of blinding brightness to a darkening blink when I was overwhelmed by the feeling of being everything and nothing at the same time, we burst through the transition into the blue skies of Heaven.

I've never gotten used to the feeling of pure bliss that strikes like lightning to the eye when I enter Heaven. An orgasm of mind and body rattled me and I was close to falling off Moonwyn, who of course was quite content with the bliss of the open sky free of floating corpses and tears falling like rain. Enya'el was stationary and patiently awaiting my malaise to pass.

"Are you ready to cross the heavenly path and find the unwanted and unleash your wrath?" she sang. The singing -- from an angel it was truly a beautiful thing to hear and especially from Enya'el as the music of strings and horns echoed in the sky to accompany her words and the bulging of her bosom. The was even a chorus in the wind. It was the sounds of the blessed.

"Show the way to my quarry fair maiden, I will cast the unclean from your heaven," I wondered for a moment if I was referring to the lost soul or to myself.

But the quandary was fleeting as I pushed Moonwyn ahead of Enya'el as I perceived what could only be called a scent of madness flowing from the western horizon. The sky was a pure blue but clouds and the brightly coloured fairies and birds were not traversing the trail the lost soul had left. The grass lands of the plains of happiness were a mixture of blues, greens and oranges. The ground was permeated with ebbing rainbows that shifted and morphed to the music carried by the wind -- but I had found the physical trail of the lost soul, a line of dead ground from which the stench of sulfur erupted. Within the borders of the trail rose what looked liked charred remains of tattered limbs reaching out of the ground itself. Frail wisps of ashen flesh were carried aloft by the winds -- they had lost their mellifluous rise.

Enya'el had caught up with us as we came upon a lake of wine that was turning to vinegar. Horned Land beasts similar to deers of almost painful beauty had been drinking at the water hole -- they were now screaming in agony from the acidity that was burning them from the inside. Enya'el flew over them, singing an incantation in the angel dialect I recognised to be a healing song but even as her melodies worked to realign the essence of the animals their sizzling flesh was too damaged and they agonizingly dissolved with grunts and moans. Enya'el finally stopped singing; she knew it was useless to heal them just to watch them begin suffering a second time. I watched her tears as their moans overtook the musical winds -- I took my dagger and drew the blade across my cheek, covering it with my blood. I then blew on the knife and threw it at the dying herd. The weapon spun towards the animals under Enya'el's startled gasp; each animal the blade touched as it danced disappeared in a burst of scarlet light. Within moments they were all but memories and my blade was back in my hand.

"What was that madness?" she hollered at me. "Could I not morn their sadness?!" Her wings glowed and her eyes burned.

"Do not question my sincerity when I granted them mercy," I responded with a soulful baritone. "I watched you helpless to ease their suffering; I should have taken them away from the beginning."

We hovered over the lake in this manner for a few moments, glaring at each other until I heard a rumble and saw the centre of the lake begin to bubble and swell. I yanked Moonwyn and she gave a mighty beat of her wings, startling Enya'el as it hurled us in opposite directions. A split second later the vinegar erupted and it flew up from its centre: the lost soul. But as I eased Moonwyn in a banking turn around the lake's shore to join Enya'el, I gathered a better idea of what we were facing. It was more than simply a lost soul, it was an incarnate. It rose above the lake, two massive metallic wings as acerated as the finest blades holding it aloft. It had the shape of a man though it's skin was black and glistening with a stinking mucous. Its muscles were tight sinews that rippled with strength and power; between its legs there was an erect cock nearly as long and think as my arm; it had no features except its eye sockets from which fires embered. And I couldn't help but notice it was nearly three times my size. Enya'el was shaking the dirt from her wings when I landed -- the incarnate appeared somewhat cautious as it flew to the opposite shore and observed us.

"What manner of lost soul could precipitate such a role," she whispered as she pulled her daggers from their sheathes. "The power to create such a monster -- it is a wonder."

"There is no mystery as this act was voluntary," I answered as I drew my sword. "A mad soul was unleashed to possess an angel purposely."

Moonwyn scorched the air with the raging flames from her nostrils and we lifted into the sky in an arcing course and we dove to face the incarnate head on. At the apogee of our climb I signaled Enya'el to draw her bow and arrows and to flank the incarnate. She took flight with the muster of her six wings and banked the lake -- the incarnate took flight as well to meet my charge. Its wings gleamed in the sunlight and I knew they were enough to take my head. As it neared I saw it shift its position so the wings could shear through Moonwyn and me like a knife in butter. But at the point of spitting distance I yanked Moonwyn to the left -- she tucked her right wing close to her flanks, spun in mid air and did the same with her left wing. When her rear quarters faced the charging incarnate she spread her wings and unleashed the fury of her hind legs. Her hooves connected with the incarnate's head and sent it realing backwards. I looked over my shoulder and saw the two arrows Enya'el has knocked sink in the creature's side. But I underestimated the incarnate's wingspan -- like hooks they sank into my shoulders and I was pulled from Moonwyn and carried by the incarnate as it tumbled and screamed.

We crashed on the lakeshore and as we rolled I pushed with my legs and launched the incarnate into a boulder. I sank my fingers into the ground and halted my progress, I then pivoted and drew my sword in time to see the beast lunge at me with its acerated wings outstretched to slice me to shreds. I gathered my strength and leaped over the onslaught -- it was not the most elegant summersault but straight enough that my sword traced a near perfect arc and slashed the creature where the wing met its putrid flesh. Ichor gushed from the wound and showered me as I landed on my feet -- I turned to face the incarnate and witnessed it hook the tip of its other wing in the ground and use that as a fulcrum. Before I could react the creature had gathered speed and it crashed its legs squarely in my chest. I lost my sword and felt a sudden stabbing pain as something in my chest ceeded beneath the blow. I was then thrown against the same boulder as the incarnate just a few moments earlier. Winded, I lifted my head and felt the beast pin my arms to the rock. Then I gasped and moaned as it used its massive organ as a spear and jammed it in my gut half a dozen times. I managed to throw it off me in time to see my tattered innards fall to the ground. I vomited blood and sought to gather my insides but the incarnate was already primed to finish its attack. Luckily for me Moonwyn cut it off and fought it with wing and hoof. Above us I saw Enya'el's shadow and saw 2 other arrows strike the same wound I gave the creature a few moments ago. The incarnate screamed and launched itself at Enya'el with fiery fury. Moonwyn chased after it and they fought viciously.

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