tagLoving WivesThe Long Road Details

The Long Road Details


The Long Road Details: This is a more detailed account of the true story The Long Road that have rewritten with sexual details that my wife of 20 years told me later. In the first story she left out some details of the actual sex because she was tentative about telling me everything and I was in such a rush to fuck her after another she had sex with another guy. I also decided to further explain what I was feeling at the time. FYI for those who did not read the first story: I had always enjoyed my wife's stories of her sexual past and we had used that and stranger sex to heighten our sex life. This is not a cuckold story but me trying to maintain control over a bored house wife I had been married to for 20 years.

Terri had been playing mixed doubles with a guy at the club named Steve. Unknown to me at the time, Steve had been hitting on her and she loved it. She kept this secret from me because it was hotter if she was a bad girl and she was unsure how I really would react to a real suitor. Over several weeks, they talked on the phone or email every day. Over a month his emails became more and more daring and she did nothing but encourage him.

Steve's email: "Hey I may have to find a new club out of embarrassment, but would you ever fool around on your husband?"

Terri's email: "Maybe! We have an open relationship."

Well, this was not entirely true. We had discussed things like this but had never actually said that it was open. In any case, I had always made it clear that I wanted to know everything that was going on. But she looked at the sex talk and that I was always talking about her with other guys as a green light. To her credit, she never questioned me on any of my business trips and seemed completely unjealous.

At the club, Steve was one of those guys that exude confidence. Much taller than me, drives a Mercedes and seemed successful and gets what he wants. And now he wanted to fuck my wife. She likes strong domineering men and over the years she saw me more of a friend than a good lover. She wanted him in the worst way and began to feel she was falling for him. Even before their first kiss she knew she would do anything he asked.

I travel quite a lot for business and one night while they were talking he told her take off her clothes and lay down on our bed.

"Are you naked now?" he asked.

"Yes, are you?" She replied.

"I have my cock in my hand right now. Spread your legs." He told her.

She complied and began to rub and finger her pussy. "I am so wet, I want you so bad. Are you hard?"

"Yes and its big and hard." He told her as he stroked his dick and listened as my wife played with her pussy.

"Steve, I want you inside me." She pleaded as her pace began to pick up. "I want to suck you and feel you cum inside me."

He moaned and shot his load on my wife's tennis towel he had playful taken from her bag during one of their matches. It smelled of her perfume and sweat. When she heard him cum she came with him as she lay on our bed with her legs still spread and her pussy glistening.

Phone sex was something I had never asked for and she felt naughty and turned on that she had done it in our bed with another guy.

The next night after I returned home she was still horny. "Do you want to fool around?" She asked as we sat watching TV and drinking a glass of wine.

I should have known something was up at that time since she rarely initiates sex anymore. Of course I said yes and went straight to bed. She came out of the bathroom wearing her tennis skirt with no underwear on. After kissing for just a few minutes she pulled me on top of her. As we began to make love I asked her if she would like wear her skirt at the club with no panties and get fucked by one of the guys at the club.

"That would be nice." She said.

I described her getting touched on the thigh and a guy moving his hand up her skirt. She immediately responded with a moan. I was encouraged with her response and kept going.

"He is fingering you and you reach over and feel his hard dick through his pants." She raised her legs higher and began to thrust against me.

"He takes you to his car and you pull down his shorts and start sucking him until he can't stand it and he lays you down on the seat and lifts your skirt up and he fucks you right in the car." She was getting close now.

"And he cums all in your pussy."

At that she came very hard and for longer than normal.

"You like being bad don't you?" I said naively.

"Yes, I like being bad. It just feels so good." She confessed.

I had no idea she was really being bad and had cum thinking of Steve's big dick and him cumming inside her. As we lay in bed and talk about various things she mentioned Steve from the club.

"Did you know that his wife is 41 and pregnant?" She asked.

At this point had no idea that her mentioning Steve was anything except random gossip. I should have known she was at least thinking of him during sex.

Over the next week Steve continued to romance my wife. On Saturday we both played tennis at the club and my wife and Steve watched as I finished my match. As I walked up to them my wife was facing Steve and talking with him and laughing. She had one leg up in her chair and gently massaged her calf. With the one leg up Steve had a clear view of her panty clad pussy. I began to pay attention now and had an unsettling thought that something was going on right in front of me. I told her that I was going home to mow the grass and usually she would come along also. But this time she said she was going to stay and massage her sore calf for a little while.

After I left Steve mentioned that he could see her panties.

"I know, I was hoping you would notice." She said with a grin.

"Pull them to the side." He commanded her.

"I can't, somebody might see."

"Nobody is here right now."

"OK." She looked around to make sure no other players where in sight and moved a hand down while leaving the one leg up. She slightly spread the other leg wider. She pulled the thin fabric to the side and watched him look at her pussy. The warm sun and slight breeze felt good and he she felt a sudden gush of wetness as he absent mindedly licked his lips.

"That's enough for now." She giggled.

"I am going to fuck you so hard." He promised her.

She soaked through her panties at the thought.

I rushed home with an uneasy feeling. Instead of mowing the grass I rushed in to look at her computer that was left on. I went through her browser history and saw sites about cheating husbands, why husbands cheat on their pregnant wives and contraceptive sponges and where to buy them. I had a vasectomy so I knew then what was going on.

This was a very confusing thing for me. While on one hand the thought of a hot wife was exciting the reality of her keeping everything from me was unbearable. That week I could barely eat. My weight dropped and I would drink more than usual. I tried to keep a normal demeanor as best I could, and she never noticed, probably because she was too caught up in her new love.

That week I kept tabs on her computer and searched for the sponges in her purse. I needed some kind of proof. I found nothing but that weekend I blew up at her.

"I know everything! I know you are fucking Steve behind my back."

She denied it. I wasn't sure but was merely bluffing. I went through the list of evidence I had gathered.

After calming down some she said, "I am not fucking him. I just like the attention."

"What about the sponges?" She knew that I had somehow found out everything at this point. She sank back in her chair with a look of resignation. I didn't know if she felt guilty, sad for being deceitful or was upset that she might not get fucked after all.

"I haven't bought them yet!" She cried.

Once we got home she emailed Steve and asked him to stop emailing her and that we were going to therapy. How had I screwed up my fantasy? I resigned myself that maybe I was just too jealous to handle it. Maybe this was for the best.

The next morning I woke up hard. I lay in bed and couldn't get my mind off the thought of what might happen if I wanted it to. I searched my feeling and I thought if I was told everything I would be ok. We talked and decided to tell each other the truth and only the truth.

She confessed, "I miss Steve's advances."

"You know his wife is pregnant and he is probably not getting a lot of sex at home. He is going to want to fuck you a lot." I warned her.

I warned her because I know she doesn't like a lot of sex. She gets sore after sex and only gets horny once in a while. Well, it turns out that is just with me after being married for so long. For him she was in a constant state of arousal. A little strange cock seems to be her cure.

"Maybe. Some men like pregnant women." She replied.

Maybe is all she could say? Was she up to getting fucked a lot? Was she possibility going to be serving him whenever he asked? I expected her to say it would be a onetime fling, a mid-life crisis or something. Again I was turned on and feeling that I was losing control of the situation.

"You can have sex with him as long as you tell me everything." I said.

"Really? What about when you see him at the club. Won't it be hard knowing we have been making out and everything?"

I wasn't worried about my reaction to the everything part. But I was unsure of my reaction if I saw them acting as lovers.

"No. I have just one request. Can I have sex with you when you return?"

"Sure. It will be your dream come true."

"Yes it will." I hoped as I high-fived her.

I had placed a program on her computer that allowed me to record her emails. She wasted little time.

She emailed him and said that she was not going to therapy and he could email her again.

"I am glad you are not on lockdown." He replied.

"Ha! I'm back to friends with benefits status!"

"Come by and visit today."

"I was hoping you would ask! I have a haircut appt. at 11 so I could get there at 12:30ish? Good?"

Here it was. He wanted her right now and she was hoping he would ask! She had been worried that her earlier emails about me and therapy would deter him. It would have raised question in my mind if I had been him, but he never even flinched. He was determined to fuck my wife.

I walked into the bathroom as she was getting ready and she told me she was going to see him at his office, which I already knew from her emails.

"What are you going to wear?" I asked.

She hesitantly replied, "I am going to wear this top and a blue jean skirt."

"That would be good. Go without panties." I blurted out without thinking.

"I can't do that! This is why I don't want you in here." She protested. "Listen, if Steve and I don't screw I am not having sex with you when I get home."

She was not a fan of afternoon sex, at least with me, and wanted me to know I would be out of luck if she didn't feel obligated to fuck me and satisfy my fantasy.

I had a feeling she would be fucking us both since I could see how excited she was. There is something strange about telling your wife not to wear panties so another guy can have better access to her pussy. Kind of odd, but hot, knowing that I might be helping her get laid!

She looked great as she was getting ready to leave. I wanted to lift up her skirt but I knew I would find out soon enough if she had taken my advice.

She emailed him to tell him she was on her way. He replied that she should call him on her way over.

"Hey I am on my way over and I don't have any panties on!" She giggled into the cell phone the way she does when she is kind of embarrassed but excited.

"What do you want to do?"

"I don't know, we can do whatever you want to do. I am yours." She replied.

Once she arrived he wouldn't even look at her. He just kept his head down looking at his papers. She sat down across from his desk and crossed her legs letting the skirt ride up high.

He looked more nervous now. That air of confidence seemed to be wavering somewhat in the reality that my wife was there to fuck. Terri sat there and talked to him. She was shaking all over from the sexual excitement in the room. She felt like some kind of hooker that was there to service a successful client.

Finally they both seem to relax and he asked, "So, do you want to kiss me?"

"Yes." Is all she said as he came over and took her hand and lifted her out of the chair.

She is a good bit shorter than him and she loved the way he put his arm around her waist and pulled her in and up for their first kiss. She melted in his embrace and eagerly returned the lustful kiss. After kissing for a few minutes he took her hand and placed in on his dick that was tenting his dress pants.

She stroked him and rubbed the fabric that covered his balls, running her hand down the entire length of his hard shaft. He was big and her excitement flooded her pussy.

After kissing her for a few minutes, he sat her back down in the chair and he sat across from her in another chair. He reached over and lifted her skirt to look at her pussy. She had freshly trimmed it so that her lover could see her pussy better. She put on leg up as he circled her clit and lips. She leaned back as he slid two fingers deep inside her wet hole. It had been years since she had been this horny and her pussy lips spread as he pumped them in and out of her.

He pulled his fingers out of her warm snatch and pulled his hard cock out. She was please to see that it was bigger than she had ever hoped and watched as his fingers were glistening with her juices and he started to pump his cock.

"Play with your pussy." He commanded her.

She placed two fingers inside her pussy and then raised both feet into the chair and spread her legs so he could better see her wet pussy.

"Do you like watching me play with my cock?" He asked her.

"Yes." That was the only word she could speak, she was too turned on to talk now. She had the unsettling thought that he might back out and she would have to just watch him jerk off.

She took his hand and pulled him from his chair. He stood in front of her. She took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it. She wanted to suck him and opened her mouth to take him in. She tasted his precum as she sucked it and moved her hand up and down the long thick shaft. She noticed his dick was much bigger than mine and his balls hung lower from their weight. She played with his balls as he began to hold her head and thrust into her willing mouth.

He moaned and she was afraid that he would cum. She stopped, not because she didn't want him to cum in her mouth, but she had other plans. She rose and kissed him again as she continued to tug on his cock and he put his fingers inside her again. After a few kisses she sat and continued to suck him and just as before, she stopped before he came. He then stopped and removed all his clothes. There my wife sat with her fingers in her pussy as she nervously realized he was going to fuck her now. There was no turning back even if she wanted to. She was finally going to have another guy fuck her after all these years of marriage.

At this point he pulled her up to his strong embrace and raised her skirt all the way up. He rubbed her ass as she ground into him. He slid his fingers into her again from behind and moved her to the desk.

She sat on the edge of the desk and lay back with her legs spread open submitting fully to him.

"Fuck me. I want you to fuck me." She pleaded.

He leaned over her and she could see how hard he was. He wanted her so badly and she wanted him.

He took both of her legs and placed them on his shoulders. She felt as if her pussy was aching for him. She braced and held on to the edge of the desk as his dick slid inside her. He moved it in slowly with just the head inside her. She had never wanted a cock more than now. He slid it in spreading her wet pussy. He began pumping his cock in and out slowly. He looked down as his dick was going inside her and she sat up on her elbows to see his dick shining with her juices.

He began to pump more forcefully and she felt him going deep inside her with each thrust. She lay back on the desk and arched her back in shear bliss. He began to moan and was punishing my slut wife's pussy. It was the hottest thing my wife had ever experienced. "He just drilled it in!" Would be the words she would us to describe his thrusts to me later. His balls slapped against her bare ass. She wanted to spread her legs wide for him but he had a firm grip on her legs holding her in place as a faraway and contorted look overtook his face.

With a final push he held her by the hips and pushed his hard cock deep inside her and held still as he came. His cock moved with each stream of sperm he shot inside her. He moaned so loud that she was worried that someone in the other offices would hear and realize what she had done when she had her walk of shame down the hallways.

He held her there and continued to slowly pump in and out as his cock slowly began to soften. Even in its softened state it filled her up until he pulled back and his cock plopped out with an auditable sound. She reached down and touched her pussy. Her gash was wide open and he was leaking from her. He pulled her upright and cum pooled between her legs and the desk.

"I can't go home to my wife with this mess on my dick." He told her.

She knew what he wanted and leaned down and licked the cum and her juices from his shaft. She sucked him and milked the remaining cum from his cock. This was the first cum she had tasted in twenty years. She loved it. He pulled her up off the desk and her ass as skirt slid across the sperm pool cleaning it up.

"That was great. Thank you." My wife said.

"No, thank you. I love your little pussy" He lazily said as only a guy who just came can.

"I guess so. You just came inside me." She laughed.

She straightened her hair and pulled her skirt down. He stood there naked admiring his conquest. She kissed him and said she couldn't wait to come back and shut the door behind her. It might have been her imagination but there were two guys and the secretary in the reception office that seemed to look at her a little too long. She thought about the wetness that she could feel on the back of her skirt and running down her leg.

But she didn't care, she was his and she was in love. He had not only seduced my wife but she was his willing slut. Doing things she would not tell me about because I might want the same.

I paced the floor looking at the clock. I couldn't eat lunch knowing she was arriving about 12:30. Time passed slowly until she arrived back home.

I walked into the bed room and she followed me. I started stripping off my cloths to reveal that I was completely hard. She laughed and started to lower the blinds. "Well its official!" she said.

"Tell me everything!" I implored. I hoped she would not be shy and would tell me all the details.

"I think it was the lack of panties that did it." She laughed.

I was so turned on. "You went panty less?"

"Yep. I took them off in the car." She giggled.

She smiled like a little girl. She was so excited and happy. I was torn once again. I couldn't believe it actually happened. Part of me couldn't believe she had let another guy fuck her. Part of me wanted to call her a slut and throw her out. She had taken her panties off! That had been my suggestion! That's so hot but I had basically set it up to where my wife was sure to get fucked. My dick was so hard as I stroked it and I had to know more. She wasn't sure how I would react and was scared I might not really want to know the hardcore truth.

"I was so nervous. I was shaking when I went into his office. We talked for a while and I calmed down. He asked me if I wanted to kiss him. I said sure! He came over and we started kissing. He asked me to touch him so I rubbed his cock through his pants." She confessed.

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