tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Long Road to Ruin Ch. 05

The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 05


Disclaimer: This fanfic is based off the Neverwinter Nights community module by the name of "A Dance with Rogues" created by Valine. I fell in love with this story and felt compelled to write something that compliments it. This story is rated Mature (NC-17) for explicit content and graphic violence. All characters except Shiloh, Bastian, Rhys, Nicca, Narev and Essex are property of Valine.

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Afternoon Delight

The two men entered the dockhouse laughing. Rhys spied Shiloh sitting on a crate, looking as sweet and innocent as could be. Yet he could feel the undercurrents of her desire radiating from her, filling the large room with the musky scent of her passion. She seemed to know what she wanted and seemed more than eager to please. She flashed them a sweet smile and beckoned them towards her.

They hastened to her side, each reaching out to help her down from the crate. Shiloh immediately went down on her knees before the dark one. She tried to control her shaky fingers as she unlaced the drawstrings on his pants. Once loosened she shoved them down to his knees, and fisted the swollen black cock with both hands. It was quite large. She licked her lips in anticipation.

"Don't be shy now, honey," Rhys knelt behind her and raised her dress up, bunching it around her waist. "You wanted Ashur, now show him."

A groan escaped her lips. She did want this, but moreover she wanted that shiny copper ring she noticed he wore on his right hand. Shiloh adjusted her hold on the silken heat of Ashur's cock and urged the smooth head to her lips. Ashur grabbed hold of her head, moaning and entwining his fingers through her blond tresses. Shiloh spared him a brief glance, but returned her full attention to the thing of beauty in her mouth.

She slid her hand to the base, and her fist brushed the bare, slightly stubbly skin of Ashur's groin. Shiloh laved the head of Ashur's cock with her tongue, tickling the spot just underneath the head. Keeping her mouth wet, she slid her lips and tongue down the shaft, urging Ashur's hips closer to her mouth by squeezing a firm ass cheek with her other hand. She lapped at her palm, and then closed it and her fingers over the head of Ashur's cock, holding it up so she could nuzzle the hairless balls beneath. She ran her wet tongue over the wrinkled skin, sucking one then the other sphere into her mouth.

"Suck it, honey," Ashur moaned, gripping her head again.

A string of words spilled from Ashur's mouth, none of them coherent. The tone, however, sounded like cursing. So Shiloh figured by that, and by the way Ashur's hips kept rolling for her, that she was doing all right.

"Ah," Ashur moaned, his hips rolling easily under Shiloh's guidance.

Shiloh hummed and wetly sucked her way back to the tip. She decided to stop teasing. She felt herself growing wetter by the second. So she set to sucking, up and down, slurping, letting Ashur hear it, and letting her tongue rasp the sensitive skin. She cupped her free hand around those hairless balls and rolled them, pulled them, experimenting gently to see just how much Ashur liked what she was doing. He seemed to like it all. The cursing continued, and his hips started to snap, groin pressing against the hand Shiloh had clasped around the base of his cock.

"Oh, Gods, going to ..."

Shiloh growled, loving the low rasp in Ashur's voice. She spat on her hand and jerked Ashur's throbbing cock. That was it. Ashur cried out, hips twitching violently. Everything squeezed, and warm cum shot out into Shiloh's slurping mouth. She hastily licked him clean, savoring the pungent flavor of his release.

Ashur hissed, and Shiloh released him, a smile on her face as she licked her lips once again.

"Damn..." he moaned and staggered backwards. He leaned against a crate and caught his breath. "She does know what she's doing. That was fucking unbelievable."

"My pleasure," Shiloh giggled as Rhys pulled her dress up over her head. She hadn't forgotten about him being behind her. She enjoyed the feel of his warmth pressed so intimately against her back.

Ashur dropped to his knees before her, staring at her more than ample chest. "Holy fucking shit..." he groaned as he began to fondle each of her breasts. The firm round globes filled his large hands. He stroked and rubbed them, plucking her ever elongating nipples. A groan escaped her lips.

"What do I owe ya, little slut?" Ashur asked, his eyes boring into hers.

She leaned back against Rhys, her bottom bumping the large bulge in his pants. She playfully rocked her hips, rubbing her ass cheeks over the hardened piece. "I seek no gold. Perhaps a pretty bauble will satisfy me."

Ashur frowned at her, raising an eyebrow. He followed her eyes to the ring on his finger. Then he nodded. "Will this satisfy?" He removed the ring from his finger and placed it on hers.

"Quite nicely," she purred as she ran her hands all over his creamy chocolate brown flesh and gazed deeply into his cocoa eyes. "Though I believe I'm not through with you yet."

Her voice began to tremble slightly. She knew what she wanted to ask for. The imp inside her coaxed her to be bold and blunt, clearly stating her true desires. She sucked in a deep breath and captured his cock in her hands.

"What is it you want, little slut?" Ashur moaned heartily, enjoying her soft hands on his cock. It hadn't taken much to bring it back to full aching hardness.

"I want you to fuck me with this. I want both of you to fill me so full of cock that...." she trailed off as she wasn't sure how to finish her thoughts on what she desired. She knew she wanted to feel Rhys's cock inside her again. He had felt so incredible before. She wasn't sure how they would accomplish what she wanted, though. They wouldn't both fit inside her pussy.

Rhys opened the front of his pants and pressed his engorged monster between her ass cheeks, sliding it up and down along the channel. She whimpered as his heat seared her sensitive flesh. Meanwhile Ashur dipped his fingers into her steamy juncture and parted her dripping nether lips. He located her clit, rubbing it until it swelled beneath his finger, poking out from its hood. Shiloh writhed against Rhys as he pressed his cock against her tiny puckered hole. Then he fisted his cock and slid it between her legs, slicking the head with her copious juices. She let out a moan and widened her stance.

Ashur's fingers delved into her snatch as Rhys dragged his cock back to her ass. Ashur thrust two into her, feeling her tightness give a little. Her wet walls sucked at him, contracting around him. She moaned aloud, her head falling back against Rhys's shoulder. "Please," Shiloh heard herself beg.

"Soon enough, little slut."

"By the Gods ... Aaghh!" She cried out, back arching as Ashur's fingers sank in deeper.

"You like that, little slut." It was a pleased observation.

"Yes. More. Please."

A third finger joined the second. "You're tight, but you're fucking wet!"

Shiloh couldn't answer, too caught up in the feel of fingers and cock. God, but she wanted more! The stretch, the burn, it was wonderful, and Ashur had blessedly long fingers that would soon find -- She cried out again, writhing as Ashur found her hidden sweet spot. Two fingers, maybe three, sank in and pulled out and sank in again, and Shiloh ground down to meet them. She wanted more.

Rhys pressed his fingers against her tight back entrance, testing the clenched crinkled orifice. Shiloh jerked and moaned, hands reflexively clutching Ashur's wide shoulders

"Relax," Rhys murmured, breath hot on her temple. "It won't hurt if you relax."

The sailor's talented fingers dipped even farther to finger her channel. Shiloh tilted her head up to press her lips to Ashur's. Ashur kissed her back, sucking in her tongue as Rhys pulled his finger back and eased the tip of one finger inside her bottom.

Shiloh flinched and probably would have pulled away if she hadn't been held by both of them so firmly. The finger pushed further into her bottom while Ashur hooked his fingers over her sweet spot. Shiloh tried to decide if she liked it. She pondered the sensation then decided that she didn't not like it. Rhys pulled out the one finger and pressed in again with two this time. Shiloh yelped and squirmed. Ashur continued to kiss her, sucking her tongue into his mouth while Rhys scissored his fingers a bit inside her. Ashur mimicked the same motion inside her blossoming pussy, causing her to cry out.

She got used to two fingers.

Rhys pressed in three fingers.

She groaned at the less than pleasant tightness. This, she didn't like so much.

Both Rhys and Ashur pressed deeper, and the pressure hit something brutally exciting inside her. Her already dripping wet pussy ached for something more....what that was she didn't know. "Gods!" Her head fell back, and she writhed against Rhys.

"Ready for us both?" Rhys murmured into her neck.

"Rhys," Shiloh shuddered as both sets of those fingers pumped a little harder. "I really need......."

"Mmm. I know, sweet thing."

Shiloh moaned. Fingers pulled out. She groaned, clutching at Ashur, digging her sharp nails into the meat of his shoulder. Ashur hissed and aimed his cock towards her dripping slit. He pushed himself up inside of her, groaning as her heat engulfed him. He pulled her up onto his cock, firmly seating himself clear to the hilt. Shiloh moaned as he filled her up. She felt her tight wet walls stretch. They sucked at his length. Then he thrust, jerking and rocking his hips, spearing her, impaling her. Her lower lips tightened around his base as she squeezed her inner muscles tight. Ashur gripped her hips with his large hands and let loose a mighty groan. She felt so fucking unbelievable. Most whores that frequented the docks were dirty and used up, but not this new one. At least not yet....

Shiloh moaned as she felt the blunt head of Rhys's cock smear wetness around her puckered hole, then he centered it. And pushed. She hissed at the unexpected feeling, quite different from the fingers. She sucked in her breath, not sure if she felt pain or pleasure.

"Relax," Teeth nipped her shoulder. Another gentle push.

She actually felt the head pop in and let out a scream. It hurt...immensely. Tears welled up in her eyes. A second scream tore from her lips. She jerked her hips and pushed against Ashur's chest, but he held her firm, still thrusting into her pussy. Without a word, Rhys reached around and wrapped his hand around Shiloh's chest.

His hands cupped both her breasts, gently playing with her taut nipples. He whispered sweet words to her, hoping to convince her to relax. She groaned, sagging against Ashur's chest.

Rhys pushed in just a little farther. The cock, much thicker than the fingers, rubbed against the wall separating his cock from her pussy filled up with Ashur's meaty shaft. She squirmed with the intense yet frightening feeling of being stuffed full. It burned like the fires of the hells, but there was something delightfully naughty about it. She rocked her hips tentatively as she began to adjust to the new sensation.


Shiloh couldn't answer, far too interested in the dual assault on her ass and pussy. She pressed her face into Ashur's neck. By the Gods! Rhys pulled mostly out, then pressed back in again.

Shiloh concentrated on breathing, adjusting to the riot of sensations that held her pliant between the dueling cocks of Rhys and Ashur. They were being very careful with her, she could tell. One thrust in as the other withdraw, alternating filling her up. Rhys took his time, easing himself into and out of Shiloh's body, all the while plucking her nipples.

She turned her face away from Ashur's chest and moaned over her shoulder. "Rhys."

Rhys halted with a sexy little groan. "Hmmm?"



"I want ..."



Rhys's hand sharply pulled on the taut buds, finally elongating them as far as they would go. A shuddering groan ripped from Shiloh.

"Anything you say, honey." Rhys pulled back and shoved forward with more force.

Shiloh screamed from the pleasure/pain, clutching at Ashur. She ground her pubic bone against his, feeling her clit mash against it. She cried out. Her body, stretched and throbbing, now felt only the agonizing pleasure of the double invasion.

Rhys growled, fingers digging into Shiloh's hips. "Oh, yeah."

Shiloh's only answer was pitiful little pants and moans. She pushed down, impaling herself on both men's cocks.

Back. Forth. Back. Forth. Gasping, moaning. She writhed uncontrollably between them. Tears stained her face.

Behind her, Rhys's body strained, pumping into Shiloh's ass, his breath coming in heavy pants while sweat broke out on Ashur's brow. He grunted loudly and pumped into her more forcefully, spearing her pussy ever more intensely.

Pure glorious pleasure erupted between the three lovers.

Sweet Heavenly Gods! This was it!

Shiloh exploded around Ashur's cock, screaming out her release. Her pussy clutched Ashur's cock, and the sweet, hard ramming of his meaty cock scraped that sensitive spot inside her. The feeling was so intense, she exploded again.

"Ashur!" she cried.

"Fuck yeah!" Rhys groaned, slamming home then pulling out completely, erupting in a torrent of cum all over Shiloh's back. Ashur released a bellow and jerked his hips even harder. His cock pummeled her pussy. Pounding her relentlessly as his balls tightened and erupted. He pulled out and jacked his cock, spurting his seed all over her large breasts and belly.

Ashur slumped back, lying down upon the cool surface of the dockhouse floor. He fought to catch his breath. "Holy fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!"

The rasping expletives filled the dockhouse along with the scent of musk and cooling seed that permeated Shiloh's nostrils. She sank to the floor as well, her breasts scraping the cold stone floor. She let out a groan, her body trembling. Rhys collapsed upon her, covering her body with his larger one. His fingers snaked around her hips and delved into the depths of her wetness. He sought out her clit and centered his attention on it. He attacked it with a delicious gusto, finding the mass of nerves on the swollen nub. Shiloh shuddered and cried out. The sensitive bud surged, poking out further from within its protective hood. He manipulated it skillfully. She shook helplessly beneath him, her soft coos of bliss turning into screams of torturous pleasure.

Then he rolled her onto her back, and pushed her thighs wide apart. Crawling between them, he guided his engorged cock into her pussy, pushing into her with one mighty thrust. He took hold of her hands, pulled them above her head, and braced them with his own. He hovered above her, connected only by his cock within her, watching until she looked up at him. Grinning, Rhys pulled out and thrust back. She groaned. He did it again, and she shuddered from the deep impact. Her eyes drifted closed as he found a rhythm. She followed suit, arching, twisting, clutching. Oh, yes, clutching! And sucking! She concentrated on that. The stretching of her inner walls still hurt some -- he was big, after all! -- but the pain wasn't enough to detract from the pleasure.

He growled, and she opened her eyes to a glorious sight. Framed by that curly blond hair, his face was contorted in sheer pleasure. His belly contracted as his hips worked. Looking down, she could even glimpse that engorged rod, wet with her cream, as it dipped in and out of her channel.

It was all far too much!

"Ah!" she cried, riding the orgasm. She was beginning to recognize the sensation. That implosion deep inside that caused her entire body to tense and writhe.

Shiloh lay limp on the floor, trying desperately to catch her breath. Rhys was poised above her, breathing deeply but not quite heavily. She peered up at him through a sweaty haze. He was a treat to look upon. She had been fortunate that it had been he who had propositioned her yesterday afternoon. Though, she was sure she would've found an equally satisfying meeting with Ashur...if he would have consented to be her teacher.

Rhys smiled, a dark, possessive expression that curled her toes. She drew in a startled breath when he slowly pulled back his hips, withdrawing the cock that was still huge within her. Her heart skipped a beat. Wasn't there something missing? She knew the rudiments of sex. How in the name of the Gods was he still that hard after two intense orgasms? What did it mean that he was still erect? She glanced down the length of his body at his cock, opened her mouth to ask, but stayed her words.

He noticed and smiled. "Yes?"

She looked up at him, instantly lost in the azure pools of his gaze.

"Ask." He pushed himself back onto his haunches.

"Did you ... finish?" she asked, unsure she'd used the correct words

But he understood, smiling his amusement. Leaning back, braced upon muscular legs, he idly traced his fingers over the shaft of his cock. "You mean did I come? No, honey."

Her eyes were riveted on the long organ, fascinated by the bunch and pull of loose skin, the domed head when it was revealed. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, honey, you did nothing wrong. I am simply not through with you yet, little slut."

Shiloh's brow furrowed at him. She didn't like being called that. Rhys smirked and caressed her tenderly. She glanced back at his cock. His big hand surrounded the gleaming shaft. She licked her lips.

He chuckled. "Do you have more questions? Or ..." He leaned into her, breathing softly at her temple as she continued to stare at his cock. "... would you like to fuck again?"

He released his cock and reached down his body to grasp her hand. She watched in wonder as he folded her hands around his hot organ, amazed that something she couldn't even encompass with her fingers had actually fit within an opening of her body. And said opening, while admittedly sore, pulsed with a need to be filled once again. She giggled, smoothing her thumb over the head of his cock to smear the liquid. His groan made her squirm.

Impulsively, she squeezed, gratified to cause a shudder to race through his body. He groaned. His hand left hers, and she paused. "Keep doing that, honey," he demanded softly, his hands now burrowing in her hair to turn her lips to his.

Assaulted by his kiss, she could barely remember her name, let alone how to move her hand. But he pulled back and again demanded, "Don't stop."

Obedient, she squeezed, and he groaned. The sign that she pleased him encouraged her. She caressed his shaft as he again plundered her mouth, his long tongue twining with hers, coaxing her tongue to foray into his mouth, as well.

At length, with a growl, he pulled from her. He grasped her hips and swung her up until he dropped her across his lap, her legs to either side of his. Bursting with need of her, he placed one big hand across her buttocks and slid her forward until her hips were locked to his, her lower lips caressing the shaft she'd been forced to release. She moaned, instinctively rocking her hips to bring his hardness in contact with that little nub of nerves.

"That's it," He took possession of her mouth again, fisting a hand in the hair at her nape while sliding the other down her back to grip her ass.

They came up for air, barely. The only distance he'd allow between their mouths was hardly enough for air to escape their panting lungs. The hand left her hair to grip her hips. Again he lifted her. "Honey, reach down and guide me inside you."

Shuddering, she braced one hand on his shoulder, then obeyed. His cock was wet with both her juices and his own. As he lifted her, she placed him. He let her slip down just enough to lodge him snugly inside her.

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