tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Long Road to Ruin Ch. 17

The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 17


Disclaimer: This fanfic is based off the Neverwinter Nights community module by the name of "A Dance with Rogues" created by Valine. I fell in love with this story and felt compelled to write something that compliments it. This story contains explicit content and graphic violence. All characters except Shiloh, Bastian, Rhys, Nicca, Narev and Essex are property of Valine.

Madness and Redemption

Hours ticked by slowly as Shiloh waited for Vico to return. Her fury at finding another female in his bed had not subsided. How could he do that to me? After everything we had shared? How could he after I had made the heartfelt admission of my love for him? She had hoped he would feel the same, but it was more than obvious that was not the case. Vico's heart had no room in it for love, especially a love for her.

And as much as she longed to sink her poison blade into his black heart, she also knew that was not to be. He was much physically much stronger than she, and much more skilled. Her time would come, though. Revenge would be hers.

Taking a seat in one of the overstuffed leather chairs, she continued to wait. She wondered where he could be. His heavy armor was back in the armoire. So many questions rattled around in her mind, yet she had no answers forthcoming. First and foremost was how could he do that? Didn't she mean anything to him? Shiloh wiped away her tears. It became obvious to her that she didn't mean as much to him as he did to her. Shiloh didn't know why she even lingered here. Part of her knew she had to be crazy for waiting here for him. She knew a fight would ensue when he found the dead girl. She shouldn't have acted so rashly.

Shiloh returned to the altar and stared into the sightless eyes of the girl. Where was she from, she wandered. Hadn't she said that a man gave her to Vico and she'd never met him before? Her heart ached. Had he been gentle with her when he took her maidenhead and made her a woman? A sob slipped from Shiloh's lips. Her tears flowed. How could he? Somewhere deep in her heart she knew he had to have other women. Vico was a very physical person in everything that he did, from the way that he fought to the relationships he had with women to the way he dealt with everyone else. There were moments when she was given brief glances into the person beneath the brooding and the insolent grin and she cherished each and every one of them, so few and far between. She remembered that fleeting hurt look on his face when she had told him she had left his bed to find Rhys.

The need for revenge still plagued her. Her eyes fixed upon the symbols on the altar. She had never seen anything like them. They fascinated her on a level she did not fully understand. She was sure that Vico did. This was his blood stained altar. Part of her wondered why something so foul existed here in his home, but deep down she knew. He was bound to some higher power. It fueled his evil actions. Shiloh wanted that. She craved to know what that power was like.

The symbols began to move and change into something she could read. She whispered her blood oath again before repeating the words that appeared before her.

"I pledge my very soul in exchange to right the wrongs committed against me. I take within me your power and give to you my obedience. I accept you as my lord and become your willing servant."

Shiloh felt stronger as power tingled through her core. She drew her knife and slashed her wrist wide open, dripping the blood upon the altar. It hissed and sizzled. Dark flames consumed her and swept her away to a void of blackest pitch.

Flame flickered to life at the end of black and red tapers. She stood before an altar much like the one she had knelt before in Vico's home. But in this case, there was no body upon the altar. Silken cords crisscrossed it. She felt a... presence... join her nearby the altar. It was shrouded in darkness. Yet a familiar voice entered her head.

"You will do nicely, my little servant. There is one more thing I require to seal our pact."

"Tell me what I must do." Shiloh eyed the darkness before turning back to the altar. Somehow she already knew. It wanted to possess her body.

The shrouded figure materialized before her. He took the form of a very large man, at least seven feet tall, with long blue-black hair loose around his broad shoulders and piercing red eyes. He was too handsome to be true. She looked up at him and her heart beat faster. He took her hand gently rubbing her knuckles. Shiloh licked suddenly dry lips and gulped in fear. He was no bigger in height than Rhys, but his presence was much more ominous.

"Who are you?" Shiloh asked as she stared deeply into his eyes.

"You know who I am. I am your vengeance if you but give me what I ask for. I am your conscience and your soul. I will never leave you," he whispered to her as he swept her into his waiting arms. He kissed her long and deep until she was breathless. Then he worked his way down her body. She caressed him, yielded to his kisses. "I require that you be bound," he said softly, still kissing her.

Shiloh found it extremely hard to think. He had shot her arousal to the stars. "Bound? As in tied?" She looked deep into his red eyes. She found the thought of being helpless with him overpoweringly erotic. She looked over at the altar. It all made sense. She would show Vico. She would show them all. She smiled softly. "As you wish," she whispered, his name forming within her mind. "Bastian, I am yours, your willing slave."

He placed her gently upon the altar, which was large enough for her to stretch out completely upon. He reached and pulled the silk cords from the edge. He tied her wrists, spreading her arms over her head. Then he bound her ankles, spreading her legs wide. He began kissing and licking her body. Tasting her, arousing her. He bit gently on her hard nipples. Shiloh quivered and moaned as pleasure shot through her.

Then he moved down her body to her clitoris. His mouth and tongue stimulated her until she was writhing, moaning, straining to his lips. Then he gently bit her clitoris and she climaxed; her body rigid as wave after wave of pleasure poured through her. He knelt between her legs. Then she saw the size of him. His erect cock was enormous. Long and thick. Her eyes grew wide and she shuddered at the sight of it. Surely he would kill her with that. It would never fit inside her!

Bastian noticed her fear and kissed her gently. "Do not fear me, little one. It will fit and you will enjoy it. You will even beg for more! Trust me."

Shiloh eyed him, unsure of what she'd gotten herself into to. "I can't do this. Please let me go."

"Calm yourself, my pretty one. I will not hurt you. Trust me," he continued to soothe her, gently stroking his hands over her body. Kissing her. Caressing her. Running his tongue over her sensitive nipples and feasting upon her engorged clit. Shiloh relaxed as he brought her to her first of many climaxes. She moaned her pleasure and trembled beneath him. Boldly she met his eyes; eyes that began glowing, turning redder. He moved to enter her, letting himself swell to his full size. He positioned the hot tip just at her lower lips. He was burning hot. She was aroused, wanting. He pushed just the tip into her. Shiloh moaned. It felt like he had pushed his fist into her. He was huge! She looked up, caught by his burning red gaze.

"You will scream for me," he plunged his entire, long, hard, massively thick cock completely into her. She arched her back, screaming at the pain of him tearing deeper into her than she thought possible. Then he did it again and again as she thrashed and screamed. She fought the bonds as he ripped deep into her over and over.

The intense pain of him penetrating her so very hard and deep had her begging him to stop. But, in spite of it, an intense pressure steadily built within her. Her pain had shifted to a whole new level. Suddenly the pressure burst and she bucked her hips, shrieking in climax, her body throbbing, writhing as the pain and pleasure wove together into an intense, long, hard orgasm.

Her body trembled after what seemed like an eternity beneath him, but Bastian remained massively hard in her. Her eyes locked on his glowing red gaze.

"Again," he demanded, feeling her muscles clench around him. This time, he withdrew almost completely out of her. Only the hot, huge head of his cock remained. Then he plunged hard, twisting deep into her. She howled. Each measured thrust twisted into her, intensifying the pain-laced pleasure as she thrashed, screamed then climaxed. Over and over again until she couldn't scream any more. She could only whimper and climax. Hard, sharp, deep twisting thrusts brought his orgasm bursting into her. He pulsed burning hot, hard, deep into her.

She lay limp, quivering, and sated. He gazed down at her. "You shall have your revenge, little one. You have pleased me more than I had hoped. I release you and lend to you my power. Use it wisely," Bastian's red eyes glowed as he stared down into her sparkling blue ones. Dizziness swept over Shiloh as she returned to the position she'd been kneeling in before Vico's altar. Her groin hurt worse than ever before and tingled in ways she had never known as well. She felt fulfilled and ready to face her two-timing lover. He had better have a good explanation or else she'd take his balls as a souvenir.


Shiloh's long legs ate up the distance as she took the stairs two at a time. She all but sprinted into the hideout, nearly slamming into Tarleth.

"Slow down, Shiloh. Where's the fire?" Tarleth teased her with an infectious smile.

"Sorry," Shiloh giggled. "I was in a hurry to find someone."

Tarleth nodded at her. "Oh, Alfons told me to tell you that he wished to speak to you if I saw you come in."

"Thank you. I'll go in now," Shiloh ducked into Alfons's office and confidently swaggered her to him. Her hunt for Vico would have to wait a few minutes or maybe not. Alfons would likely know where to find him. "Good evening, Alfons. Tarleth said you wished to see me?"

"Yes, Shiloh. That I do," he flashed a look at her that made her want to shrink into the woodwork. "You are not to attack anyone within this base. No matter what the circumstances are, you are to come to me first. Are we understood?"

Shiloh lowered her eyes, and attempted to gain control of her anger. How dare he put those constraints on her? She sucked in a deep breath and met his eyes levelly. "I understand your concerns, Alfons, and will endeavor to abide by them. However, Paurie had that coming to him. I will be no man's little whore. I will tell you exactly what I told Master Nathan. I am not some brainless little twit who can be manipulated into doing such a thing and by my actions; I think I have shown that I will not stand for that. I may not be 'Miss Little Innocent' any longer, but I refuse to be 'Miss Little I'll-do-whatever-you-want-me-to-do.' I'll make my own decisions on who I sleep with and that shall not be anyone's business but mine."

"Very well, Shiloh. You should be able to make your own decisions concerning that, but tell me one thing. Why would Vico order that Paurie be killed? What is going on with the two of you?" Alfons asked, eyeing her suspiciously.

"There is nothing between Vico and I. He thinks he owns me. We've been through this before the day I attacked him a few weeks ago. We have forged an uneasy peace due to the fact that I stabbed Paurie. I think it impressed him." Shiloh replied, staring him straight in the eyes. She tried her hardest not to flinch or let her body language show that she wasn't telling the truth. "I was in the process of looking for Vico. I must speak to him. Would you happen to know where he is?"

"Last I saw him he was playing dice. No fighting this time," Alfons warned her, shaking his finger at her.

Shiloh smiled at him sweetly, batting her lashes at him. "I have no intention of it, Alfons."

"I'm not playing games with you, Shiloh. Stay out of trouble and remember what I told you." He shook his finger at her.

Shiloh hugged him, catching him by surprise. She planted a soft kiss on his cheek, causing both him and Cata to raise an eyebrow. Then she dashed out of the room and into the main hall of the hideout. Vico was indeed playing dice with Kenny, Dara and Mando. She strolled over to him and smacked him as hard as she could in the back of the head then dashed toward the door.

"Fucking cunt," Vico growled and gave chase, following her down the stairs to the panel door. He caught her and threw her over his shoulder as he reached for the lever that opened the hidden door to his home. Steeping inside, he closed it, locking and barring it. "Would you care to explain what that was all about?" Vico glared at her and set her on her feet.

"Would you care to explain what she is doing here?" Shiloh pointed to Shandy's body, which still lay upon the altar.

"What the fuck!" The oath slipped from Vico's lips as he crossed the room quickly and stared down at the dead girl upon his altar. "What the fuck did you do?"

"What the fuck was she doing in your bed? If I can not fuck another man then I'll be damned if I let you get away with fucking another woman! You had better have a damn good explanation or else I'll cut your dick off!" Shiloh retorted, her eyes flashing from blue to vibrant red.

Vico stared at her, taking in the change. What had she done? "I do not have to justify myself to you, little slut. I'll fuck whoever I please!"

"So be it!" Shiloh lunged at him and let loose her fury. She felt her nails extend into razor-sharp talons. She slammed her slight weight into him, forcing him against the altar. He brought his arms up to block the worst of the raking of her claws upon his flesh. She dug them into his forearms, grinning as he hissed in pain.

"Demonspawn harpy!" Vico growled as he pulled his wicked sword and swung at her. She ducked him, and slashed at his thighs, ripping the fabric of his pants as her talons raked his flesh. He hissed as she sank them in and attempted to use his sword to push her off. He could tell she was possessed by something. It made him wonder what kind of deal she had forged and with whom. Though he loathed the thought of hurting his girl, he knew it was best for the both of them.

As he moved to strike at her, Shiloh let out a blood curdling scream. Every inch of her eyes turned blazing red, her skin took on a reddish-bronze appearance. She caught hold of Kinslayer as he swung it and jerked it from his grasp. She threw the sword end over end, causing it to lodge in the wall near the fireplace. Vico growled at her and switched his dagger from his left hand to his right. Whatever had taken her over had lent her its strength. Her claws came at him again, raking down his chest and leaving open gashes in his tunic that exposed the wounds below.

He grunted harshly as she tore chunks of flesh from him, digging in deep as she sliced his skin. Shiloh grabbed hold of him and flung him to the floor. Then she pounced, straddling his chest. He slashed at her with the dagger, sinking it into her shoulder. He cursed a foul oath for having missed her heart. Shiloh cackled evilly, taunting him with her laughter. She knocked the blade from his hand and spit blood into his face. It sizzled upon his skin, burning him. But Vico would not give up. He chanted a few soft words and brought to existence a mass of sucking red energy to his hand. He slammed it to Shiloh's chest and watched as she jerked, screaming in pain as the magical force tore gashes in her flesh. Blood ran in rivulets that coursed down her body, pooling between her legs on his abdomen.

But Shiloh refused to lose to him. She cursed him in a coarse guttural tongue. She would have her revenge. It was the only thing that mattered. Vico would pay for raping her. He would pay for abusing her the way he did and mostly he would pay for making her love him then betraying her with another woman. Revenge. Sweet revenge! She would have it and he would not stop her.

She unleashed a maddened cry with Bastian's name on her lips. He materialized beside her, watching her intently with his piercing eyes. His blue-black hair gleamed in the firelight. He spoke eloquent words in an abyssal tongue that were music to her ears. "Hypu qa fu iaej xowjymywu. Hypu qa fu gyx dkaab. Doqgu yz yq ozb du azu cyqg fu."

Shiloh understood him perfectly and repeated his words back to him. "Give to me your sacrifice. Give to me his blood. Bathe in it and be one with me."

Bastian moved away from her, letting her finish Vico off. And Shiloh happily obliged him. She went straight for Vico's throat, ripping his flesh until blood poured from him. He gasped for breath, his eyes rolled back in his head, and he ceased to move. Yet she continued in her assault, tearing his clothes from his body. She stripped him naked and tossed him upon his own altar, extending her hand out to Bastian. She beckoned him to her. She backed up against the altar. She could feel the fading warmth of Vico's body pressed against her backside. "Qolu fu!"

Bastian smiled at his little pet and her words. 'Take me' was her oath to him. He leaned down and kissed her hungrily. She yielded to his kiss, tasting him, feeling the tightly held passion. He had his hands on her shoulders. "You have done well, my pet. The blackguard is a worthy kill," he spoke quietly. "You have pleased me."

"I am happy to have pleased you, my lord," Shiloh rested her head against the swell of his pectoral muscles. "How can you be here, though? I don't understand."

"You called me and summoned me," his eyes glowed brighter. "His blood sustains me here as does your offering. Give to me what I would have of you. Serve me and only me."

"Y of iaejx!"

"Yes, my pet, you are mine." Bastian confirmed his claim as he stripped the blackened robes he wore. His cock hung long and thick, corded with ropy veins and cushioned on large, firm testicles. Shiloh reached out to gently stroke him. She had had him once before and wanted his magnificence again. The massive organ began to swell and harden, growing to enormous proportions.

He lifted her in his arms and swept her away to his altar, lying her upon it once more. He leaned over her, kissing her breasts, gently biting her nipples. She moaned softly in pleasure. He again looked into her eyes. "I must bind you," he said softly. Shiloh grinned and offered her wrists to him. He tied her, spread for his taking.

She tugged a bit to test her bonds, and then looked up into his crimson eyes. "Yes..." she whispered. He moved over her and pressed his engorged cock against her clitoris. Another soft moan of pleasure as he rubbed the hot tip against her. Then he began pushing into her, slowly spreading her wider to accept his monstrous member, slowly forcing it into her. She jerked and gasped as he penetrated her. Her wet walls clenched his girth. Then he began pushing his steely shaft as far into her as he could. She writhed, moaning, as the huge erection forced her wider, stretching her painfully. Then he thrust hard, dragging it along her channel. Shiloh arched and screamed pitifully. Again and again, he rammed his cock completely into her writhing body with each powerful stroke. Overwhelmed by him, she bucked her hips and squealed breathlessly, her body stiff and convulsing with orgasmic spasms. He slowed his thrusts just enough to savor the intense spasms of her body around him.

As her orgasm began to fade, he resumed his plunging assault. She writhed, moaning throatily, as he caused her body to blossom once more and pushed her to intense convulsions of climactic bliss over and over again. Bastian ravaged her until her screams were hoarse and her body shook in constant orgasm. Sudden, sharp thrusts pounded his explosive climax hard and long into her, filling her with his seed. He paused, allowing the echoes of their intense climax to fade.

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