The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 44


Intently, The Baron watched every move Pia made. Lust held his eyes fixed on her while his skin heated with arousal, "Very nice, my dear bard. I'm glad I decided to keep you for my own."

Pia pulled a face as she looked away from Baron Ravenstower. Her cheeks flushed hotly. Shiloh knew Pia wasn't enjoying this. She knew she must do something to get them out of this situation.

"Do I get something to wear, too?" Shiloh smiled sweetly, pulling Baron Ravenstower's attention away from Pia.

"In a moment, girl," he frowned. "I'm not finished with the bard yet."

"What do you wish of me, M'lord?" She lowered her eyes, studying her feet.

"I wouldn't have pegged you for a submissive, my dear bard, but that will definitely make our play much nicer," he grinned, licking his lips while his eyes remained fastened to her breasts. He extended his hand, smoothed his fingers over the swell of the creamy orb then caressed her nipple; trapping it between his thumb and forefinger. She gasped as he tweaked her sensitive buds, "Nice...very nice. I will enjoy myself with you, dear bard."

Pia lowered her eyes, hiding the look of shame on her face; though Shiloh could see it plain as day. She cleared her throat, hoping to garner the Baron's attention to her. "M'lord, I think you'll enjoy both of us if you give me something sexy to wear as well. Isn't that what you wanted? To play with the both of us...I can't think of anything more enjoyable."

Baron Ravenstower flashed an incredulous look at Shiloh. He then nodded allowing a superior look to cross his face. "Though I find the bard more attractive, more amiable and obviously more manageable, you might be right about that. Therefore, you will both be my consorts. You may call me Lucius in private. In public you are to refer to me as M'lord Ravenstower. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal clear, M'lord Lucius," Shiloh curtsied before him then watched as Pia did the same.

Lucius extended his arm, handing a scrap of black to Shiloh. "You'll wear these for me."

Shiloh swiftly slipped out of her dress then smoothed the thigh high fish net stockings up her long legs. Next she slipped her feet into a pair of high heels. She smiled as she peered down at Lucius. The heels added to her height, making her a few inches taller than him.

Pia sneaked a look at Shiloh, grinning at her, "The stockings look nice on you, Shiloh."

Shiloh pranced around a bit, flaunting her big breasts and sexy curves, "These are sexy."

"You both look lovely, my ladies," Lucius smiled then wrapped his left arm around Shiloh's waist, his right one around Pia's. "Now let's play a bit." He simultaneously caressed Shiloh and Pia's bottoms then pinched both. Pia yelped sharply, swiftly moving away from him.

"M'lord," she hissed, rubbing her backside.

Lucius rolled his eyes, "You surprise me, bard. I thought you'd like it rough. I will take it upon myself to toughen you up. I intend to groom you to suit my desires. It seems to me that you require a strong firm hand. I shall fulfill those requirements. You will thank me for it in the long run, my lovely. Hear me now, ladies. You two will perform for me. You will start by kissing each other." Lucius stepped away from them, flashing an expectant look at them. "Get on with it," he stated in a matter of fact tone.

"As you wish, M'lord Lucius," Shiloh smiled at him before glancing at Pia. She watched as Pia licked her lips, slowly turning to face Shiloh, giving her a questioning look. Shiloh nodded, clasped Pia's hands within her own, pulling Pia closer. Shiloh initiated the contact between them, snuggling the luscious bard against her body. Shiloh wrapped her arms around Pia's body, capturing the bard's mouth with her own. Pia's heart beat rapidly as she gave into Shiloh's aggression.

Pia sighed, sinking into Shiloh's arms while enjoying the passionate kiss. Shiloh put her arms around Pia, kissing her deeply. Pia could feel Shiloh's warmth heating her pale flesh, reeling in the freshness of her sweet sensuality. Pia responded to Shiloh's kiss passionately, burning for her, feeling it rise up through her body. Pia's arms were wrapped around Shiloh. She pressed close to Shiloh, her fingers brushing through Shiloh's long blonde hair. Pia rubbed her breasts against Shiloh's, loving the feeling that made her nipples rise. Delicious warmth spread through Pia. The heat of Shiloh's mouth, the softness of Shiloh's touch was what Pia had desired for what felt like an eternity.

"Move to the bed, ladies. I desire to watch your carnal play," Lucius instructed as he dragged a large chair across the room, placing it at the front of the bed. He removed his clothes then sat in the chair. His swollen purplish-red cock contrasted sharply with the paleness of his skin. He fisted his member, nodding at the bed, "Don't keep me waiting, my lovelies."

Shiloh tumbled Pia onto the large bed, eliciting a gasp of surprise followed by a giggle from the bard. Reaching up, Shiloh removed the band holding Pia's hair up, allowing it to fall over her shoulders in a soft blonde cascade. Pia shook her head, making her beautiful natural blonde hair swirl. Shiloh gazed upon the bard longingly, her eyes drinking in Pia's beauty. The bard's voluptuous breasts held a light blush, a soft rosy glow that matched the blush on her cheeks. Shiloh watched as Pia spread her legs ever so slightly, giving Shiloh a special view of her pinkness. The look in Pia's eyes opened the floodgates for Shiloh. She couldn't hold back. Shiloh could feel the ache growing in her nether region. She could feel the heat as her pussy grew hot and wet. Pia looked so beautifully exquisite lying there before Shiloh.

Deep kisses and soft fondling lasted for what seemed like a lifetime. Chests heaved, nipples stiffened, pussies dripped, and clits throbbed. A pulsing ache surged deep through Shiloh's core, pushing her toward ecstasy. Shiloh shifted to her side, pulling Pia beside her, their lips still locked. With their breasts pressed tightly together, Shiloh's hand traced the creamy swell of Pia's bosom. Shiloh's touch remained soft and gentle against Pia's silky skin. The bard's nipples tautened further, aching as Shiloh teased her. 

"Oh gods," Pia moaned, reveling in the deep sensation. The soft heat of Shiloh's mouth grazed Pia's neck to her collarbone then to the upper slope of her breast, her lips sought Pia's pink peaks, blowing cool breath over the taut buds. Pia groaned aloud, her hips undulating in reaction.

"Do you know how often I've thought about you since our night at the Lion's Head Inn?" Shiloh's voice was just above a whisper as she caressed one of Pia's nipples. The bard met Shiloh's gaze with shining eyes.

"Mmmm yes," Pia purred as her own hands slid along Shiloh's creamy flesh.

Shiloh's mouth hovered over Pia's nipple; her tongue flicking the hard bud. Pia grabbed Shiloh's head, pulling Shiloh's lips to her breast. As the teasing warmth nibbled at her, Pia moaned. Pia's hands grasped the back of Shiloh's head. Shiloh sucked, nibbled, and teased the sensitive buds with her tongue. Pia's moans grew more intense. Pia threw her head back, as her back arched, with her fingers in Shiloh's hair she pressed herself against Shiloh, wanting to feel her touch more, aching for it.

"Pia, you are so beautiful," Shiloh purred as she slid her thigh between Pia's. The bard reveled in the feel of Shiloh's softness pressed against her moist area, where she burned with desire, pulsing with need.

"Shiloh, Shiloh," Pia moaned her lover's name. She could not hold back what she felt much longer. Pia reached for Shiloh, one hand sliding down to feel Shiloh's soft belly, enchanted by the sensual feel of touching Shiloh. Her fingertips skimmed the subtle curve of Shiloh's hips before grazing her mons. Pia lingered over the moistness of Shiloh's pink sweet spot, teasing her. Pia let her fingers swirl into Shiloh's wetness, pressing her fingers against Shiloh's clit then sliding her fingers into Shiloh's pussy. The swift invasion elicited a loud moan from Shiloh; her back arched as she blossomed.

Pia then pushed Shiloh flat on her back against the mattress, "Oh, Shiloh," Pia's voice dropped lower; her soft pants came slowly, deeply. Pia covered Shiloh, urgent now as she parted Shiloh's legs, moving to feel Shiloh's hot, wet pussy. Shiloh squeezed her thighs around Pia's hand, holding her hand tight, feeling like she was going to cum, wanting to feel the deep pleasure. Shiloh pushed Pia's hand away then pulled Pia's head between her legs. Shiloh moaned as she felt Pia's lips then tongue teasing her inner thigh, clit, then between her pussy lips. Pia nibbled on Shiloh's clit softly then slid her tongue into Shiloh's moist channel. Shiloh moaned as her body convulsed, readying for the moment Pia's tender ministrations would set off her orgasm. Pia licked Shiloh's sweet juices as she came, exploding in a torrent of musky heaven. Shiloh moaned louder, thrashing her head to and fro against the bed linens. "Gods, Pia," Shiloh gasped once her breathing returned to normal. "I haven't cum that quickly in a long time."

Pia smiled. Her blue eyes twinkled mirthfully before she planted a soft kiss on Shiloh's lips. "I've longed to do that for some time, ever since we parted."

"Oh my sweetness, anything for you," Shiloh purred as her world closed in around her. In that moment only she and Pia existed.

Their blissful embrace fractured as Lucius grunted loudly. Shiloh glanced over, watching him as he shot his release, splattering on his hand, his belly and the chair. A wide grin crossed his weathered face. "Wonderful, ladies," he spoke before he stood up. "You may dress now. I will call one of the guard's to escort you back to your rooms. I may call upon one or both of you later. Bard, be prepared to perform in the great hall this evening."

"Yes, M'lord," Pia inclined her head as she spoke. Then she slid off the bed, grabbing up her clothes. She swiftly peeled the boots down her legs, shimmying back into her purple pants and pink top. She wrapped her cloak around her shoulders before turning back to watch Shiloh slip her red dress on, leaving the black stockings in place.

Lucius embraced Pia fondly, giving her a pat on the bottom before sending her and Shiloh to the door. He bellowed to the guards who in turn escorted the two girls back to the room they'd shared the previous night. As the door closed behind them, Shiloh broke the silence, "Who does that pervert think he is wanking off while he watches us fuck?!?!" She slammed her fist against the door before grabbing a small three legged stool. She threw it at the wall with all the strength she possessed. It shattered into pieces of kindling.

Pia eyed her curiously, "My sweet, think not of his perversion, but in the beauty of our time together. Being with you again was wonderful. That can't be taken from us. You've come to rescue me. We will get away from here soon. Trust me."

"I do trust you, Pia. I hate it that some lowly Baron has the power to make me perform for him. I am happy to be with you, though. Being this close to you means the world to me. I really mean it. I've done so many crazy things since I saw you last, but you make everything right," Shiloh confessed. Her heart blossomed. A warm and fuzzy feeling sank into her belly as heat spread through her. She wanted Pia again. She wanted Pia to feel what she had felt.

Radiant bliss gleamed in Pia's eyes, "Let's get some rest before the Baron calls me for my nightly performance. We can snuggle."

Shiloh threw off her dress, removed the black stocking and heels then bounded into the bed. She wiggled behind the covers, waiting for Pia to join her. As Pia did so, Shiloh turned to face her, "The Gods must be in their heavens for everything seems right with the world at this moment."

"Oh Shiloh, that's such a beautiful thing to say," Pia nuzzled herself against Shiloh, feeling Shiloh's arms surround her.

Contented, Shiloh closed her eyes. She vowed to take care of Pia, even if it meant putting Baron Ravenstower in his place. She would make sure they returned to Betancuria.


Later that evening Shiloh found herself sitting on the floor at Baron Ravenstower's feet while Pia sang a ballad while playing her lute. Pia's eyes were focused upon Shiloh. A happy expression graced Shiloh's face as she listened to Pia's song. The words were so beautiful, so touching.

"I am a song of fierce power
roaring mightily from the depths
of my being.
Commanding the attention
of all those
near me,
Invoking fear, anger, impatience,
but sometimes also respect
for the power I can wield.

I am a song of magic
soaring and whirling through
the elements
Creating and exploring new worlds,
impossible realities,
multiple truths.

I am the strong song of motherhood
and sisterhood and womanhood
and selfhood.
I am the fiery song of the dragon,
perhaps feared, maybe hated,
certainly loved,
and I cannot be ignored.

My name is powerful.
I am Dragonsong.

"Bravo!" Baron Ravenstower bellowed from his throne. He clapped his hands together loudly. "Encore, bard, encore!"

Pia curtsied before Baron Ravenstower. She took a sip of wine from a golden goblet before starting the strum the haunting notes of a new song.

"Can you see me
Can you look at me
Can you venture through my eyes

Learning all that my life is, was, or could be

I never fully trusted anyone
Never wanted anyone inside my head
I never wanted someone close to my heart

Falling hurts
Letting yourself crash, painfully
Worse is to stay static and safe,
to be nothing, never having lived

Love, I don't mind dying
as long as I had the chance to love
for without that hope life
truly holds no meaning."

A chorus of clapping, hoots, shouts and whistles followed Pia's second song. She immediately launched into her third song, a favorite of Baron's.

"From childhood's hour I have not been

As others were; I have not seen

As others saw; I could not bring

My passions from a common spring."

"From the same source I have not taken

My sorrow; I could not awaken

My heart to joy at the same tone;

And all I loved, I loved alone."

"Then-in my childhood, in the dawn

Of a most stormy life-was drawn.

From every depth of good and ill

The mystery which binds me still:"

"From the torrent, or the fountain,

From the red cliff of the mountain,

From the sun that round me rolled

In its autumn hint of gold,"

"From the lightning in the sky

As it passed me flying by,

From the thunder and the storm

And the cloud that took the form

(When the rest of Heaven was blue)

Of a demon in my view."

The room erupted in a cacophony of shouts, hoots, and clapping. Pia bowed once more, giving way to the troupe of tumbling acrobats that took the floor. She seated herself at the Baron's feet, next to Shiloh, who leaned over, whispering to Pia, "Those were beautiful songs, my sweet. I love hearing your voice."

Pia flashed Shiloh a wistful smile. Just then the Baron tapped Pia on the shoulder. He leaned over, whispering in her ear. She bowed her head as pinkness flooded her cheeks. Shiloh glared up at him then grasped Pia's hand in hers.

"Remember your place, my lovely," Baron Ravenstower grinned at Shiloh. "The bard and I will be leaving the hall shortly. You are to stay here and dance for my people once the acrobats finish their show for the night. Remy will accompany you on lute."

"Wouldn't you rather play with both Pia and I, M'lord?" Shiloh made a pretty face at him. "You'll enjoy it more if it's both of us."

"Silence, wench," he hissed, glaring at her angrily, "Know your place!"

Shiloh's eyes narrowed. She bit her tongue, glancing away. She hated the thought of Lucius being alone with Pia. Shiloh inclined her head, sitting silently as he stood up, beckoning Pia to follow him. The acrobats left the floor, leaving it open for Shiloh and Remy. Begrudgingly, Shiloh followed Remy, listening to him as he strummed a lively tune. She closed her eyes, losing herself in dance as she began to move to the music. It was the only thing that kept her mind off what Lucius might be doing to Pia at this moment.

She danced several songs before racing out of the great hall up the stairs to the Baron's rooms. She threw the doors open to his office then ran across it to his bedroom door, yanking it open. She burst in, her eyes wild as she took in the sight of Pia on the bed, pleasuring herself while Lucius watched. "Stop," Shiloh cried as she made her way over to the bed. "Wouldn't you rather play with both of us, M'lord Lucius?"

"No, I would not," he bellowed, "Furthermore, wench, what gives you the right to burst into my rooms? You were neither invited nor called for. Return to your room, I shall see to you later."

Shiloh knew a reprimand when she heard one. She knew this was neither the time nor the place to oppose him. She bobbed a curtsy then allowed one of Lucius' guard's to escort her back to her assigned room. Shiloh fumed at the thought of Pia alone with him. Yet there was nothing she could do but wait for Pia's return.


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