tagIncest/TabooThe Long Trip Ch. 04

The Long Trip Ch. 04


Back on the road once more Lyn drove with her son Steve next to her. Her husband Ron was still asleep in the back seat and was completely oblivious to the fact that his wife and son had just been fucking each others brains out on the car bonnet a few minutes before.

As she drove, Lyn couldn't believe how satisfied her son had made her. Steve's cock was no larger than his father's, but as a younger and much fitter man he could sure get it harder and last longer than his dad. Lyn still loved Ron but she also loved her son and she certainly loved his young hard cock, especially when it had been pounding her hot wet pussy to orgasm. In her mind Lyn knew that as addicted as she was to Steve's dick she wouldn't be able to stop what had now become an inevitable affair with her virile young son.

Steve sat there next to his incredibly sexy mom wondering why he had got so lucky but also thanking god that he had. As he looked down at his hand smoothing gently up and down his mom's silky thighs he knew that the fuck they had both just enjoyed so much was the first of many they would have in the future.

After several more miles of their journey to Suzy's house in San Francisco, Ron woke up and suddenly sat bolt upright in the back seat. Steve, with lightning reflexes managed to pull his hand from his mom's inner thigh before his waking dad had the chance to notice anything.

"Everything ok you two?" Ron asked sleepily rubbing his eyes and stretching.

Steve nervously sat down deeper into the front seat as Lyn replied, "Fine honey, have a nice kip?"

"Yeh great, you had enough driving? I'll take over if you want," Ron answered.

Lyn had the sudden anticipation of getting in the back seat with her son again and quickly replied, "That would be great dear, I'll pull over and me and Steve will swap places with you."

Both Lyn and Steve's hearts missed a beat when Ron said, "I was thinking one of you could stay in the front with me for company."

Neither Lyn nor Steve could think of an excuse why not and after pulling off the road Steve got into the front seat next to Ron and Lyn was relegated to the back seat once more.

This time Lyn sat directly behind her husband's seat so she could see her gorgeous young son through the gap in the front seats. Ron once more couldn't see his wife even in the mirror so as Steve turned sideways in his seat, to glance into the back of the car, he was rewarded with a view of his mother's long legs that his father couldn't see. Lyn stared straight into her son's eyes with the wicked look of a dirty slut as she leant back in her seat and pulled her short skirt up to her waist.

Steve took a sharp breath as his mom's soaking wet shaven pussy came before his hungry eyes. He was sure he could taste that sopping cum soaked slit as he ran his long tongue over the lips of his open mouth. For a few seconds it was all he could do not to jump over the seat and bury his face in that wonderful cunt.

Ron had settled back into driving mode and tried to make trivial conversation with his son sat next to him. "How long is it since you've seen Suzy? I can't remember the last time you two were together," he asked glancing over at Steve.

Steve was already in another world as he took in the sight of his slut mom rubbing her hot pussy for him.

"Hey, did you hear me?" Ron asked sternly.

Once more Steve ignored his father as the mesmerising view of his mom's clit glistening before him made him oblivious to anything else.

"STEVE!!! WHATS UP WITH YOU BOY?" Ron shouted, once more taking his eyes off the road ahead for a few seconds.

"Uh... what?" was all Steve could utter, slowly dragging his eyes away from his mom's crotch.

Ron was already pissed at his wife and son for not being much company on the trip so far but this bout of ignorance made him more so. "What the fucks wrong with you?" he spat seeing his son once more taking his attention elsewhere other than him.

The blood from Steve's brain must have all gone to his dick, as it was once more achingly hard in his jeans. He was conscious enough to put his hands across his lap to hide the throbbing bulge from hid father's eyes, but not enough to come up with any reply other than a grunt.

Lyn was laid back spreading her cunt lips apart with two fingers as she teased her sensitive clit with little circles of the tip of her finger. As satisfying as the fuck with Steve had been, she could still feel another rising cum building from deep within. With Ron completely forgotten she took no notice whatsoever of his moody comments to his son. All she could think of was how much she was going to spray the back seat with spunky cum juice when she made herself cum for her son's eager eyes.

"For fucks sake son, where's your head at?" Ron growled at Steve.

"Uh, oh sorry dad what did you say?" was all Steve could muster as a reply.

"I asked you when was the last time you saw your sister, but it looks like the fucking question was too hard for you...shithead!" Ron snarled.

"Um, last summer I think," Steve droned as his head was already turning back to the lewd show in the back seat.

Lyn grinned at her stunned son as she neared her next big orgasm of the day. Never in her life had she cum so many times as she had with Steve, from the moment she had first sucked his hard cock it felt like she had been in a constant state of arousal and even having him fuck her hadn't made her any different. Her aching cunt was probably going to be sore for a week when she did finally calm down, but she still needed to cum again, and soon!

Ron had gone back into his small talk and had decided that he would talk to himself anyway even if Steve wasn't paying him any attention. It was quite amazing that Ron hadn't realised at least a little of what was going on, as Steve was now continuously glaring over the back of his seat.

Lyn suddenly had to bite her lips together to stop herself crying out loud as her cum hit her hard. Lifting her juddering hips off the seat she shuddered hard and squirted hot sticky cum juice from between her fingers onto Steve's outstretched hand, as he had sneaked it in the gap between the seats.

Steve's rock hard cock lurched in his jeans and squirt of watery boy cum filled his crotch without him even touching it. Stifling a groan with a poorly disguised cough Steve relaxed back into his seat.

Ron drove on completely ignorant and unaware as Steve lifted his wet hand to his mouth and licked off his entire mom's boiling cum juice from it. The heady mixture of salty mom-juice mixed with his own cum swirled around his mouth and made him hum with delight.

Lyn slumped down into her seat like a well-used whore as Steve had taken his eyes reluctantly from his mother's red pussy to the face of his ignorant dad.

Both mother and son had the same thought, how much longer could they keep this up before they both returned to normality?

Ron decided to himself that for the last part of the journey he would just drive and forget the other two were even with him. For all the company they had been he may as well have been by himself anyway. For most of the rest of the journey both Lyn and Steve relaxed and contemplated the future.

Driving into the heart of San Francisco Ron knew his way to Suzy's house and all three of them were now up and alert, looking forward to seeing her again. Suzy lived in a nice two-bedroom house with her childhood sweetheart Jake, nearly 9 months ago, at 19 years old; she had left home and moved away to start her new life with him. The point of this whole trip had been to pick her up and take her home for a few months as Jake had a short contract job in India. Suzy didn't want to spend such a long time alone and she also wanted to spend some time with her family.

As Ron drove the car onto the driveway at Suzy's house nobody was expecting the surprise that awaited them as they saw her standing on the porch waving to them, very pregnant! Ron's bottom jaw had hit his boots and he just stood there watching Lyn run towards her, screaming. Steve kept quiet and just let all the excitement happen, for him it was no big deal. The family spent hours catching up and it turned out that Suzy was 8 months pregnant and had deliberately kept it from them once she knew that she would be seeing them. Lyn couldn't stop talking and asking questions about the baby, basically making mother and daughter talk.

Ron made the decision that they should spend the night there and make their way back the next day suitably refreshed. Lyn and Ron would have the main bedroom and Suzy the spare room, leaving Steve to crash on the couch. All thoughts of sex had gone from Lyn's mind in all the excitement but Steve still had carnal desires for his mom coursing through his mind. Never mind his pregnant sister all Steve could think of was what a lucky bastard his dad was to be sleeping with Lyn.

The evening was spent sitting around chatting, eating and sinking a few beers until bedtime. Steve lay out on the couch and strained his ears to try and hear what was going on in his parent's room.

Lyn and Ron went to bed both proud soon to be grand parents. Lyn couldn't remember feeling so happy until the sudden memory of the journey down there returned and an even larger grin covered her face.

Ron fell into his usual deep coma but Lyn was too excited to sleep so she laid there next to him looking up at the ceiling and thinking about her lovely family. Steve laid back on the couch, his hands propping up his head, thinking about his mom and how much he loved fucking her tight wet pussy.

At about two thirty in the morning Steve still hadn't slept and was feeling as horny as he had ever been. It was no good, he needed to be with his mom again and as quietly as he could he got up and went to the door of their room. Gingerly he turned the doorknob and peered his head around into the darkness.

Inside Lyn was wide-awake as well and turned her head towards the light from the crack in the door. Straight away she could make out Steve's outline in the doorframe and immediately put her fingers to her lips and quietly beckoned him over.

"Shhhh... we'll have to be quiet," Lyn hissed

"Why? Dad wont wake up," Steve replied quietly reaching for the bedclothes.

"I know that silly boy, but Suzy's next door and we don't want her waking up," Lyn answered as her naked tits were revealed to her son's eager eyes.

Steve knelt down by the side of the bed and drew a hardening nipple into his sucking mouth. Lyn gasped and took hold of her full fleshy globe and squeezed it up towards her son's slurping lips. Steve hummed as his tongue rounded the hard stud and licked the knobbly areola making the little goose bumps stand hard.

"Ohhh fuck," Lyn hummed back, "You do that so well hungry boy."

Steve kneaded his mothers aching tits with his youthful hands and sucked on each teat in turn making her mew in satisfaction. Ron slept soundly, snoring into the pillow as his wife and son began their naughty foreplay not a metre from him.

"Oh son, we have to stop, Suzy will hear us," Lyn groaned reluctantly.

"Lets move into the other room, she might not hear us in there," he whispered back.

Lyn made no reply but just slid silently out of her bed and took her son by the hand. Steve followed his mom holding tightly to her hand as she led him into the other room. No sooner had Steve quietly pulled the bedroom door shut than his mom's mouth was on his and her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck. Lyn hopped up and wrapped both legs around her sons back as he held her thighs, lifting her towards the couch whilst not breaking their lusty kiss.

Steve laid his horny mom back onto the couch and slid his face down through her heaving cleavage and down to her soaking cunt. His long tongue once again contacted the sweet wet lips of his mom's hot pussy and began to lap up the bubbling juices.

"Oh you sweet boy, that's heaven," Lyn mewed as she took hold of the back of his head and pressed it into her swamped cunt.

Suzy was wide-awake as she had been every night that Jake had been away. Suzy was also very horny, and she had been since the start of her pregnancy. Her tits ached and had swelled full of milk in anticipation of breastfeeding but most of all her cunt was constantly wet and throbbing with lust. Suzy felt that she would never feel satisfied sexually as long as her condition made her as horny as this. No amount of finger fucking and clit rubbing seemed to quench her desire; she needed cock and lots of it!

In the next room Lyn was now riding Steve's rock hard cock for all she was worth, fucking the shit out of him as he laid back and squeezed her bouncing tits in his young hands. He loved the feeling of her sloppy wet pussy grasping at his fucking cock with every stroke. She still couldn't believe how hard he could get his cock, it felt like warm steel spearing her body with glowing hot waves of orgasmic lust.

"Oh, oh, oh oh," Lyn chanted as she bounced hard on the rigid spike stabbing her quaking body.

Suzy's attention turned from her boiling pussy to the noise she thought she heard in the other room. Was Steve having a sly wank? No, she didn't think it was his voice. Now she sat up as another noise met her straining ears.

"Oh God, oh fuck, I'm nearly there again, oh fuck, you lovely boy gonna cum, gonna cum on your cock," Lyn groaned as a rumbling orgasm built in her heaving sweaty body.

Suzy definitely heard something then and she slid her legs around over the side of her bed.

Lyn, having had her first cum, slid her hot pussy off her son's hard shaft and turned around on the couch. "Fuck me like this again you nasty little boy, come on fuck mommy's hot pussy," she ordered, wiggling her sexy ass at him.

"Holy fuck mom, your pussy looks so gorgeous from here, how can I ever resist it?" he replied moving into position behind her.

"You don't have to resist it, just fuck it!" Lyn chided bending forward and spreading her ass cheeks with both hands.

Suzy knew she could hear voices and as she opened the door gently she expected to see Steve wanking a hard cock whilst watching one of Jake's porno films. As her eyes met the sight before her the heart in her heaving chest did somersaults. What a picture, there was her mom bent over the end of the couch, completely naked having her pussy fucked hard from behind by her own son.

Suzy's first instinct was to scream at both of them but as her hand was over her open mouth she stopped herself doing so. The throb in her soaking pussy told her that she found this most incestuous of sights incredibly horny and before she knew it one hand was on her aching tit and the other was shoving two fingers up her squelching cunt. A monster cum raged through her like a tidal wave and the built up passion inside released in a flood of hot juice down her legs.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me rigid you hard cocked little bastard," Lyn spat as she turned her head to look at her son.

Lyn looked past her son's shoulder and a bolt of shock hit her like a baseball bat. Lyn could see her heavily pregnant daughter leaning on the doorframe, mouth open, fingering herself whilst looking straight at them. Lyn's first reaction was to try and jump away from her humping son and she cried out, "Suzy, Suzy.... It's not what you think.... Oh God, Suzy."

Suzy took no notice of what her mother was saying as she slowly walked towards them. Still rubbing the front of her dripping pussy she neared the naked couple on the couch. Steve had stopped still in shock and was still kneeling in position as his mother had turned around on the couch and was trying to cover her exposed nakedness.

Standing in front of her mother and brother Suzy put one hand up under her full tit and leaned forward lifting it towards Steve. "Suck it dear brother, suck my fat fucking tit," she drooled looking him straight in the eye.

"Suzy, don't, you can't... I mean he's your brother," Lyn stuttered.

Ignoring her begging mother Suzy moved closer to Steve as he opened his mouth slowly and took his pregnant sister's pointy nipple between his lips. "Oh fuck that's good," Suzy groaned. "I don't think you're in any position to say what's right and what's wrong you old slut," She ordered, answering her mom but looking down at her dribbling brother.

Lyn sat back on her ass and watched the lewd sight before her, suddenly realising that Suzy wanted to have her fun too.

"Holy fuck girl, you're a horny little bitch aren't you?" Lyn sneered.

Suzy turned her head towards her mom and lustily replied, "Hot as I've ever been, so get over here and suck the other fucker."

In a couple of seconds both her mother and brother were sucking hungrily on Suzy's fat milky tits. Lyn hummed and Steve squelched as they feasted on the stiff nippled tits in their greedy mouths.

"Lets see who is the first to milk me," Suzy groaned as she rubbed the back of the feeding couple's heads.

Lyn's fingers were busy rubbing her own aching clit as she suckled on Suzy. Steve could tell what she was doing and slowly put his hand on top of his mom's and fingered her hot pussy.

Suzy was so horny, her milk was on the point of erupting and so was her orgasm. Both coincided and she filled her eager suckers mouths with hot sweet milk as she crashed into a convulsing cum. Lashings of cunt juice squirted from her steaming pussy as she fell towards them crying out, "OH YES FUCKING CUMMING SO HARD."

Both mother and son looked at each other and seemed to know what the other was thinking. Together they pulled the sagging Suzy onto her back and laid her on the couch. Steve moved her legs as far apart as he could get them and placed his rampant cock on her wet pussy hole. Just as he pushed forward with his hips and speared his hard prick into his quaking sister's cunt, Lyn squatted over her face and lowered her dripping pussy onto Suzy's open mouth.

Steve fucked hard into his sister's slippery hole and Lyn rocked her hot clit over Suzy's licking tongue. Lyn reached down and kneaded her daughter's big tits, squeezing fresh milk from the dark nipples. Steve reached forward and took his mom's bouncing tits into each hand and played with her aching studs. Suzy's hands came around her big round belly and placing them either side of her pussy lips and massaged them against her brother's stabbing cock.

"That's it my dear slut daughter, lick my fucking cunt and make me cum on your face," Lyn chanted.

"Gonna cum soon mom, gonna cum and fill her cunt," Steve drooled fucking into his sister harder.

"Yeh fill her up boy, oh fuck she sucks cunt so well I'm gonna cum too," Lyn groaned.

Suzy hummed into her mom's pussy as her next orgasm approached rapidly. By shear luck rather than timing all three of the sweating family got to orgasm at the same time groaning and thrashing their fucking bodies in the incestuous ecstasy of a massive cum. Boy cum filled Suzy's pussy in torrents and her mother's boiling cunt juice filled her mouth with heavenly flavour at the same time and almost made her choke.

Suzy sat up and turned over to face her horny mom, moving on to her knees she put her ass in the air as her bloated belly fell underneath. Looking straight at her mother she asked, "Can he keep it hard enough to give me more, you should know mother he's obviously been giving it to you for a while?"

"He can keep it as hard as rock for as long as you want, but before he gives you more he needs to finish fucking me," Lyn replied.

Steve just sat back on the couch and let his mother and sister argue over his still hard cock. Suzy relented and Lyn moved towards him to take her turn once again on her son's hard tool.

Pushing him onto his back, "Fancy something a little different this time boy?" Lyn purred.

Steve smiled and held his hard cock to attention as Lyn hovered over him and Suzy moved around to his head.

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