tagGroup SexThe Long Weekend Ch. 40

The Long Weekend Ch. 40


Monday After Lunch

Jake and Annie arrived back about the same time and not hearing any noise from the dock area decided to check out what has been done.

As they walked down the drive to the path, Jake's was using his left hand to hold her left hand to steady her on the uneven surface. As they walked his other hand was on her ass to also balance her but it was working the hem of her dress up so he could feel her naked flesh. She continuously looked down to watch where she stepped so as not to turn her ankle. She came to an abrupt stop when she felt Jake come to a halt only part way down the path. She looked up at Jake and saw that he was staring off to the left. She turned her head and like Jake was stunned to silence to see her son Jr. and his friend Danny, naked on the blanket, next to Danny's mother who was naked from the bellybutton down.

Kathy had already been penetrated by her son twice and Jr. once but was still on fire. Her lust had risen to new heights by the threesome and she was still not satisfied. After sharing Jr.'s cock with her son, Kathy was even more excited. It was the first time she had seen a man or boy suck off another man. The instant replay in her mind of her son receiving the first jet Jr.'s cum into his mouth before sharing the ejaculate with her was so dirty yet so titillating. Danny had rolled away chastened by what he had done and with a myriad of thoughts running through his head. What would his mother think? What would Jr. think? Was he gay? Was he bi? Did it matter? Could he look Jr. in the face again? Would Jr. tell others? Kathy knew none of his angst; she just knew she wanted more.

Kathy turned around and kept working Jr.'s soft cock, trying to bring it back to life and she knew her mouth to cock resuscitation skills were superb. She took all of him into her mouth and began gently sucking and urging the adolescent blood to return. She held him firm with her lips as she swirled her tongue over the abundant mouthful before letting it slip out of her mouth. She leaned further down and took one of smooth aching balls slurped it noisily as she left a coating of saliva over its surface. She then inhaled slowly around it, drawing the cooling air over the dark pink sack and sending a tingle through his body to his brain. The synapses triggered a neural response to his libido and Jr. began to squirm as he sought to increase the intensity of the stimulation. Kathy sensed his increased interest and shifted her body around into a '69 position so that her abused vulva was now facing Jr.

Jr. looked up to see two trim tanned buttocks framing a hairless ass and crotch. He saw that he had paid special attention to her morning shave and left nothing unattended. As she straddled his body, she had to splay her legs wide open and intentionally presented her throbbing sex to him. Jr. saw on her crotch the dry and the still wet slippery residue of the hours' sexual releases. Her inflamed and extended labia appear to Jr. as having recently been pumped and he knew that he had done some of the pumping. The heady aroma wafting on the wind to him further stimulated his libido and the offering in his front of his face was tantalizing. Jr.'s eyes were drawn between her legs as he saw her index and forefinger spread the tender soft lips apart offering a direct inspection of the dark red fleshing interior opening. He accepted the offer and Danny watched as Jr. brought his hand to her vagina and began to assist her fingers in opening herself up.

Danny's mother kept up the attention on Jr.'s cock while she made her enticing offer and urged him on by wiggling her ass and inviting his fingers to penetrate and stimulate her. Danny watched as his mother responded to Jr.'s touch and he saw her sag gently as his new friend's fingers entered the distended vagina before being turned over his hand so that he could access and stimulate her g-spot. Mrs. Palmer gyrated her hips in unison with her young lover's digital intrusions. She let herself get swept away and realizing that the cock in her mouth was now firm enough, long enough and leaking enough for a good fuck session, she crawled down his body and onto the blanket. She lowered her chest to the ground so that the soft blanket accepted the weight of her breasts and she rested on her elbows with her ass up in the ready, ready for a dogging.

Jr. had recuperated enough and as Danny watched, he mounted Danny's mother again from behind. His swimmer's stamina had kicked in and he had begun the exquisite thrusts Kathy needed when she looked up the hill and saw Jake and Mrs. Sullivan approaching. She smiled to herself as she pushed her ass back to take more of Jr.'s penetrations.

"Don't stop Jr., let them watch" Kathy lustily requested as she wiggled and drove herself back up onto her lover's cock.

Jr. was startled as he had not seen the two and when he realized what she meant, he was unsure what his mother would say and hesitated in his mating thrusts. He saw Jake and his mother through the trees watching the coupling, and although he had recently cum, his teenage urges drove him to continue. He drove his hips in and out while he smiled and stared at his mother. While Jr. was driving into her, Mrs. Palmer was looking directly at Jake, beckoning him to ome forward. She had deep throated his father yesterday and today she wanted the son.

Jake made sure that Annie was on solid footing before he turned to her and excused himself. He turned quickly and strode over to Kathy and knelt in front of her. Resting on her elbows she used her hands to reach for the bulge in his jeans. She sought his zipper and with Jake's help on his belt, she lowered it to expose his underwear. She mouthed the bulge in his briefs and explored the soft cotton between the seams with her tongue. She could feel the outline of his flared mushroom head and the stiff ridge on the underside. She watched as Jake eagerly peeled down his underwear to expose his hard cock.

Mrs. Palmer was relieved the son was not as well endowed as his father. She felt him place his hands firmly on her shoulders to make sure she stayed down. She had no intention of rising up except for the fresh air she inhaled along with his cock. Her mind was racing. She was being pummeled by the reenergized cock of the son of her new friend. Her new friend who yesterday had eaten her out as she herself took down her throat the biggest cock in her life was the father of the boy who she was sucking off.

Annie stood and watched the unfolding scene in front of her. She was mesmerized by the frenzied action of Jake, Kathy and her son. She saw Danny lying to the side with a growing erection as he too watched the frenetic orgy. Annie yearned to help her son so she walked behind him and put her hand on his shoulders then pressed his head back into her abdomen. She soon knelt down and pressed her body into the contours of his muscular back. She reached around him to play with his nipples as he drove his now painfully hard cock into Mrs. Palmer.

"Jr. you look so sexy, so masculine." Annie whispered in his ear, not knowing that he had just had a blow job from the young boy lying beside him.

Annie slid her hand down over his hips, caressed the cheeks of his flexing buttocks and reached between his legs. She felt and squeezed his pendulous hairless balls before reaching further to touch his pistoning cock. She held her palm under its impressive length as she used her index finger to stroke Kathy's clit. She passively jerked him off into the cunt of her girl friend.

She sensed Danny stand up behind her and press his cock into her back. She pressed back and felt the hard vertical shaft between her shoulder blades and the wet residue left from his recent climax against the nape of her neck. She watched as his hand traced a path from her head down her neck to eventually reach over her shoulder to undo a few of the buttons on the low cut bodice of the spaghetti strapped sundress. He bent over and peeled the straps off her shoulders then bow to worship her with kisses and nibbles on the back of neck and the tops of her shoulders. He pushed the straps of white half bra off her shoulder and down to her elbows with the dress sleeves. He watched as the bra supported but could not hold the large tanned orbs and how gravity let them pill out and hang deliciously down in front of her.

Her arms were effectively immobilized and she was only able to reach around her son, while Danny knelt down, reached down and lifted the hem of her dress and began to play with her ass. She allowed his fingers to probe the furrow of her butt and touch her sweet virgin rosebud. His fingers rimmed the brown spot before extending down to pinch and fondle her labia.

Danny peeled her away and lay her down on the blanket so she could look up at both everybody. He got between her legs lifted the front hem of her dress and began to eat out her wet pussy. He had her squirming as he licked the bare inner thighs. He raised himself up and pushed her dress up to her stomach exposing her red abused sex for Jr. to see. He leaned forward, planted a kiss on her lips as he undid a few more buttons. She thought she tasted cock, her son's cock, on his lips but dismissed it as just an over active imagination. She let him pull the bodice aside before he reached in and scooped her breasts out from the partial confines of the lacy half bra. He held her large breasts in his hands and began to knead them and thumb the erect nipples. He watched as her areola began to swell and firm up to respond to the nipple play. He took his time, almost tormenting Jr. with his slow love making to the half dressed mother laying prone and waiting in front of him.

She could still only had limited movement in her arms and so Danny pulled her dress and bra further down to arms allow her to wriggle free. When she was at last she from her restraints she stared at the glazed look in her son's eyes. She saw his flush face, his straining neck muscles as he repeatedly drove his cock into the woman on her hands and knees in front of him.

She turned her head and saw her friend Kathy beside her and reached to play with the pear shaped hanging breasts. As she kneaded and milked, she tilted her head back and to see her son's friend Jake, was getting the cock sucking of lifetime. As she began to vigorously squirm and gyrate against Danny's talented teenage tongue she let him know she was close. He withdrew his tongue, sat up and opened a new foil package. Right beside his knees was Jr. who was fucking Kathy his mother, he waited until Jr. saw him, then slowly slid the shiny new lubricated condom on his cock. We watched as Jr. realized that he was about to slide his cock into Mrs. Sullivan. His own mind raced with that since he had met her he wanted to do her and now he just about to do her. He also thought that he had just done the son, now he was doing the mother.

Annie couldn't believe the incessant assault on her senses. Her body was in total overdrive as she watched her son impale her new friend on his hard thrusting cock. Meanwhile, Danny's cock passed her labia, penetrated deeply and began plowing into her waiting cunt. Since she had been married, no man or boy other than Sr. or Jr. had fucked her and her she was fucking a teenager right in front of her own son. She looked down her almost naked body to watch the young boy's steel hard rod, slip inch by inch into her until she was full. She felt Danny start to hump up and down, holding her waist and slapping his groin against her ass as they went into a reckless rhythm.

Annie took all of Danny's cock into her vagina as she continued to watch her son abuse Mrs. Palmer's cunt. She turned her head to the left and saw the woman beside her sucking hard on Jake's cock. Trying to draw out his teenage cream, she saw Kathy was pumping Jake's shaft while licking the head. Jake and Jr. had the same rhythm going as they had on Sunday morning with Samantha the Double D taxi driver. It was so well coordinated that Annie was now convinced that they had done MFM many times.

Annie continued to milk Kathy teats while getting fucked. She looked at Danny whose face was red with determination and lust. She looked at her son who face was contorted with trying to hold back his cum. She felt Danny reach under her bum to raise he legs up over his shoulders. As she raised her legs, and further splayed her hips, she realized that Danny had taken her one leg and held it against her son. Jake had watched the aggressive move and was surprised but accepted the force of his mother's ankle on his shoulder. The position allowed his closest hand to caress her leg and she watched as his fingers begin to slide down her thigh. She was spread so far apart that her son had no problem thumbing her clit as Danny drove his cock into her saturated vagina. Jake made sure that his fingers were well away from Danny's cock.

With Annie's one leg up on her son, Danny's arm was free to reach under Jr.'s crotch in search of his mother's clit. In reached blindly and first found a pair of tightening balls swaying back and forth. He felt Jr. tense and hesitate but not stop. Danny continued exploring and found, with the palm of his hand Jr.'s long hard shaft. He followed it down until he felt the bulbous head withdrawing to the entrance of the flared red vulva. Danny continued his groping and soon found his mothers unsheathed clit. He fingered and squeezed his mother's most sensitive nub as Jr. continued to fuck her.

Kathy felt a monumental orgasm coming on. She took a deep breath but found that her body was so tight that it was barely enough. Her clit spasmed which sent her vaginal muscles into contraction which squeezed Jr.'s cock and put him over the edge.

With a long hard push into Mrs. Palmer, Jr. drove his cock as deep as he could. He held her there as his mother felt the release and pinched her friend's nipples hard. Kathy gripped Jake's cock and pushed any loose skin back to the scrotum, fully exposing the silky dark red shaft and featuring the wide mushroom head. She put her lips around the corona and began to suck and pump simultaneously. Jake came copiously and deeply into her mouth.

Jr.'s face exploded in release and his mother watched as he experienced an intense orgasm lewdly in front of her. His joy was what she needed. She rubbed her own clit as she felt, through the thin condom, Danny's seed erupt out of his body and flood into her. The heat of the teenage cum, help burst her through the last barrier of orgasmic resistance and her body was flooded with one hundred thousand sparkles of pleasure.

She came intensely watching her son cum at the same time into another woman.

The heavy breathing and gasping for air, the pounding of sweaty flesh gave way to quietness as the orgiastic frenzy came to a stop. The bodies of the celebrants lay in a contorted pile as they thought about what just happened and how wonderful it all was.

Jake was the first to move. Kathy, her son Danny and Jr. were too stated and exhausted to move, while Annie luxuriated in the afterglow. Jake still on his knees, turned to the side and offered his still firm cock to Annie. Annie was tempted to accept the wet sagging member but instead pulled herself up, turned around and lay between her son's legs with her head on his abdomen. Jr.'s wilted cock lay on his stomach and was very happy not to be pressed into service right away.

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