tagBDSMThe Longest Shower

The Longest Shower


(Author’s Note: I’d better get over this thing I have for surprising my victims in their sleep before it becomes a cliché. That said…)

Yep, this is it, Melanie thought. I've really had it with her.

Her nineteen-year-old roommate, Cassie, lay sprawled on her bed, still wearing the short leather skirt and belly-baring bustier she’d been wearing the night before. One of her firm breasts was almost outside the low-cut bustier, the nipple barely concealed. Her long strawberry-blonde hair desperately needed to be washed and combed; her mascara and lipstick were smeared. She smelt of both liquor and sex.

Melanie shook her head. Could there ever have been a better poster girl anywhere in the world for Cheap Sluts Anonymous? She seriously doubted it.

Cassie had been a plague to Melanie from day one. While Melanie had classes and a job, Cassie ignored her own responsibilities in favor of partying and picking up guys. Cassie had even flirted with Melanie’s date two nights before and the girls had fought and screamed at each other. Melanie was on the verge of packing the young woman’s things and tossing her stuff out the window for her to find when she came staggering home from her next party.

If she doesn’t learn some self-control she’s going to ruin her life, Melanie thought. Her full lips curved into an evil smile. Perhaps I can help her with that.

Melanie knew that Cassie thought her a stick in the mud, always showing up for work and her classes consistently on time, studying regularly and so on. Now she was about to learn she had been mistaken in her judgment of her roommate. She doesn’t even have a clue what self-discipline is, Melanie thought disgustedly.

With cat-like silence, Melanie slipped back to her own room and retrieved from under her bed the black suitcase that Cassie had never seen She sighed with pleasure as she examined its contents; a ping-pong paddle, rope, velvet cloth (primarily used as a blindfold), a suede flogger, her favorite belt, a g-spot vibrator, leather restraints for wrists and ankles, a tube of KY jelly and a butt plug. And of course, plenty of clothespins and some duct tape.

Melanie particularly liked the design of the restraints; they were made so that a rope or chain could be connected from them and the sub could be turned around or over while still restrained; Melanie regularly kept a rope tied to them for this purpose. One of these days, she thought, I’m going to have to get a good cock cage. But she wouldn’t need that today.

Carefully, she snuck back to Cassie’s bed. Poor little slut, she didn’t have any idea what was about to happen to her when she laid down last night, Melanie gloated silently. She thinks she’s so cool and mature, fucking guys left and right, but now she’s about to truly lose her innocence.

Cassie’s arms were already restrained, the cuffs tied to the bed, and Melanie was putting the ankle restraints on her when she began to awake. “Huh? Mel? What’s going on?” she asked as the ankle cuffs snapped shut and then were also tied to the bed. Melanie stood up and smiled down at her as Cassie tried to move her arms and legs, finding she couldn’t.

Sleepy green eyes wide, she struggled against the cuffs as Melanie just watched her with that evil smile. “Mel? What are you doing?” she asked. Still half-asleep, Cassie was confused and rapidly becoming frightened.

Melanie reached under her own sleep shirt and slipped her panties down, noticing that they were wet in the crotch. It had been so long since she had anyone at her mercy like this. Taking the panties in one hand and the duct tape in the other, she waited for Cassie to speak again. When she did Melanie roughly shoved the panties in Cassie’s mouth. Her expression now cold, Melanie tore off some tape and put it over her roommate’s lips before she could spit the panties out.

“It’s time you learned a little discipline, slut” she said softly. Cassie struggled, her eyes wide, and Melanie smiled wickedly again before reaching down to turn the girl over. Cassie continued to wiggle and squirm, still not understanding what her roommate was doing. Melanie felt her own cunt juicing at the sight of the helpless young woman struggling. Oh, this was going to be so much fun, she thought.

“Hmmmm. Should I beat your hot little ass with the belt? Paddle you? Or use the flogger? I bet you’ve never been flogged.” These questions produced some fearful-sounding grunts from Cassie, who was still shocked at her roommate’s sudden change in behavior. “I’d spank you, but a slut like you has probably been spanked before. Not a real spanking, though. Just those love taps vanilla people call spanking… Nah, I think I’ll start with the paddle.”

She pulled Cassie’s skirt up and then laughed. “Panties?! What does a slut like you need with panties? Or maybe you’re just a wannabe slut? Ha! Well, you’re going to be a real one before I’m done with you.”

With one hand she yanked the flimsy nylon panties down the girl’s shapely thighs. “Mmmm, nice ass. No wonder you like to flaunt it so much,” she said, caressing the girl’s round bottom with one hand, getting the paddle out of the suitcase with the other. “But I think it needs some color.”

Cassie made sound of protest, still wiggling and squirming. Fear? Anticipation? Both? Melanie grinned widely and cupped Cassie’s labia in her hand. Wet and sticky from the guy (or guys?) the night before. “Damn, girl, you didn’t even clean your pussy before you went to bed? Pathetic!”

WHACK! Cassie cried into the makeshift gag and her body jerked, the hot after burn of the stinging blow surprising her. Melanie chuckled, bringing the paddle down across the other cheek. Cassie cried out again. Fully awake now, she was both frightened and angry. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Melanie spread the blows all over the girl’s ass, unmindful of how wet she herself was getting from watching the struggle and the red color forming on Cassie’s perfect bottom.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Cassie couldn’t believe how the burning spread over her butt, nor how much each strike still stung even when hitting a spot that had already been hit. “Mmmpf! Nmmmm!” came her grunts of pain, but Melanie barely noticed. Her focus had narrowed to Cassie’s ass, watching it color up and bounce delectably after each blow. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHCK! WHACK! Oh, God this hurt so much! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Tears flowed down Cassie’s cheeks, knowing that Melanie couldn’t see them. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Melanie kept right on pounding her bottom, getting it to virtually glow red all over. The burning had become so intense that Cassie felt like her ass was blistering.

Cassie’s breath was hitching in sobs and she didn’t even struggle anymore as Melanie rained more blows on her bottom with the paddle. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The sound of the paddle striking her tender flesh reverberated throughout the room, arousing Melanie further. Please, when will this be over, Cassie thought. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Melanie stopped and Cassie sobbed quietly. “Tsk, tsk. That’s all you can take before crying like a baby? Like I said, no discipline at all,” Melanie drawled scornfully.

Again she cupped Cassie’s soft mound; there was fresh moisture there now. She wasn’t the least bit surprised, but pretended to be anyway. “Crying like a baby, but your pussy’s gotten all juicy! What a total slut. I bet you’d like me to lick it up wouldn’t you, slut?” Cassie whimpered. “Well, it ain’t gonna happen, babe. Be damned if I lick up God knows how many guys’ cum from your sloppy cunt.”

Cassie’s sobbing lessened as Melanie simply watched her, waiting for her to calm down. Softly, she told her, “You may not believe me, but a lot of this is for your own good. Maybe your parents didn’t punish you right, but I’m going to.” Her voice suddenly took on a mocking tone. “And you’ve been such a pain in my ass that I’m going to damn well enjoy giving plenty of pain to yours. Brace yourself, girl. I’m just getting started.”

Cassie started to struggle again and then whimper when she felt the tails of the flogger caress her thighs. Melanie laughed softly, mockingly. “Relax, slut. If the paddling turned you on, this’ll be even better.”

Melanie lightly struck the girl’s thigh but Cassie cried out like she’d been hit hard. Melanie laughed again. The second blow did strike very hard. Cassie screamed into the panties in her mouth and then felt the tingling rush that came after the sting of the whip. The next blow went over both cheeks of her still-red ass, not as hard as the second. Then a harder strike landed on her lower back.

Melanie started working her way back down varying each strike’s direction, strength and sting. Sometimes the tails fell sideways on the girl’s skin, sometimes pointing up or down. Back down to her thighs and then back up again. Over and over, the flogger struck her in a different way each time, until Cassie was no longer weeping. Now she was moaning at the strange confluence of pain, pleasure and arousal. The pain was becoming too much, but she didn’t want it to end.

Finally, sweating and tired, Melanie stopped. Cassie groaned both in disappointment and relief. After a few moments, Melanie turned the young woman over on her back, enjoying the grimace of pain as the sheets rubbed her freshly stinging backside. After letting them both take a quick breather she reached over, unfastening Cassie’s bustier, allowing it to fall open completely, revealing her C-cup sized breasts.

“What pretty tits. Wonder how many mouths sucked them last night?” she said as she idly pinched a nipple. Cassie shuddered. “Oh, like that, do you?” Cassie moaned as she twisted it. Chuckling, Melanie said “I have just the thing for these.” Cassie eyes widened again as Melanie reached for the clothespins.

It required only a little suckling and nibbling to make both nipples erect. Cassie was writhing; apparently her pert nipples were quite sensitive. Good, Melanie thought. Very good. With that same wicked smile, Melanie applied the clothespins to the girl’s nipples, making her whimper. Slowly now, she ran her hands down the girl’s body. So nice, shapely, young and firm. Cassie moaned, wanting more now. Melanie’s fingernails suddenly raked down her sides, eliciting more muffled cries from the bound girl. Then she shivered as Melanie’s tongue ran around and inside her navel for a moment before withdrawing.

“I bet that wet cunt of yours wants some relief, doesn’t it?” Melanie mocked. Cassie whimpered again. “Even though you probably got your brains fucked out last night you’re all wet and ready again. From a paddling and a good whipping too. I knew you were a total slut.”

Deliberately, Melanie yawned and stretched. “Well, I need a shower. I think I’ll have one and then you can have one. God knows you need one, girl.” Cassie protested as vehemently as she could.

“Hmmm? The slut doesn’t want me to leave her like this? Is that it?” Cassie nodded, her eyes pleading. “Really, now, after all the sex you’ve had lately you shouldn’t need any more. Do you ever get enough?”

With a dramatic sigh, Melanie said “Oh, okay” and reached down into the suitcase again. Cassie tensed, wondering what her roommate would do to her now. Melanie came back up with the g-spot vibrator. “Does this look good to you, slut?” Cassie moaned affirmatively. “You’ll have pay for this later with your tongue. Are you willing to do that? Pleasure me with that slutty mouth of yours? As much as I want?” Cassie nodded enthusiastically.

“Okay then.” Grinning wickedly, Melanie shoved the vibrator up into Cassie’s soaked pussy and then pulled her panties back up after turning the vibrator on high. Cassie immediately began to shake with an orgasm and groaned loudly.

“Well, now for my shower,” Melanie said and left Cassie, still bound helplessly, with her nipples clamped and the vibrator buzzing away in her cunt.

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